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July 12, 2022 2022年7月12日

Thanks to UK blog reader Karen for forwarding this amazing story about a child trafficking victim who went on to become UK Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah - all under a false name and identity. The TRUTH is coming out now for all to see.



The MSM is finally turning on the train-wreck that is Joe [B]iden. Check out his absurd retort to the reporter who had the guts to call out his total lack of support from within his own Democrat party. And that mask - so fake.

MSM 终于打开了拜登的火车残骸。看看他对记者的荒谬反驳吧,这个记者竟然有胆量大声说出他在自己的民主党内完全缺乏支持。还有那个面具,太假了。


The Masked One cannot argue with CNN's own poll that shows him tanking within his own party.

面具人无法反驳 CNN 自己的民意调查,调查显示他在自己的政党内部遭到挫败。


The MSM are turning on their masters because their ships are now so full of holes, mass sinkings are imminent. BOOM.

MSM 正在攻击他们的主人,因为他们的船现在满是漏洞,大规模的沉没迫在眉睫。砰。


As Senator Jim Jordan said in this post - imagine if all the outrageous activities currently happening with [B]iden occurred on President Trump's watch.

正如参议员吉姆 · 乔丹(Jim Jordan)在本文后面所说的那样,想象一下,如果目前与拜登发生的所有令人发指的活动都发生在特朗普总统的任期内。


A reminder of why we cannot trust the MSM for 'news'. All 'news' outlets around the world receive their 'talking points' for the day at 4am. The [D]eep [S]tate narrative MUST be kept uniform to ensure that humanity remains mind-controlled and enslaved. I would not be at all surprised to see this exact headline in NZ 'news' today. As soon as humanity fully breaks free from the DS media stranglehold - it's over. FOREVER.

提醒我们为什么不能相信 MSM 的“新闻”。世界各地的所有“新闻”机构都在凌晨4点收到当天的“谈话要点”。国家的叙述必须保持统一,以确保人类仍然受到思想控制和奴役。如果今天在 NZ 的“新闻”上看到这样的标题,我一点也不会感到惊讶。一旦人类完全摆脱了 DS 媒体的束缚,一切都结束了。永远。


It's the same with [G]oogle, [T]witter, Fakebook. All of it is...fake.

谷歌,twitter,Fakebook 都是一样的,都是假的。


Common sense indicates that this Anon is correct: if the judge won't release Ghislaine Maxwell's client list, they must ALL be in on it. Indeed. 常识表明这个匿名者是正确的: 如果法官不公布吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦尔的客户名单,他们肯定都在名单上。确实

An important reminder of the TRUTH about Planned Parenthood centers in USA. They were set up as 'baby extermination centers' to rid USA of the black population. PP founder Margaret Sanger was completely open about her agenda. Roe V Wade has never been about abortion rights - overturning it ended the biggest baby genocide operation in USA history.

这是对美国国际计划生育联合会真相的一个重要提醒。他们被设立为“婴儿灭绝中心”,以消除美国的黑人人口。人民党创始人玛格丽特•桑格(Margaret Sanger)对自己的议程完全公开。罗伊诉韦德案从未涉及堕胎权——它推翻了美国历史上最大的婴儿种族灭绝行动。


There may be evidence that Shinzo Abe's death was faked. Check out these photos. Fake blood packet?-


Excellent news - German and Dutch farmers have joined forces at their shared border. Go them...!好消息-德国和荷兰的农民在他们的共同边界联合起来了。去他们的... !


Yep, I agree with this memo.



Finally, here is a great piece of inspiration from an Anon. Enjoy.



...We will win this and take back our country!! God wins always!! Have faith and keep holding the line, I know it’s a tough sell after 6yrs of this epic battle but we are at the end. DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!!! THIS IS IT, THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR IN THIS DIGITAL WAR!! Can you not feel the shift happening?? I can, and it makes me smile. I have been holding the line since 9/11. I signed up for the Marines and was denied at 18yrs old due to a ear problem I had when I was young and it broke my heart. That was my only life goal!! They called me back after 9/11 and asked if I was still interested?? Too late, I took the red pill by then....

我们会赢得这场战争,夺回我们的国家! !上帝永远是赢家! !要有信心,坚持到底,我知道经过6年的这场史诗般的战斗,这很难让人接受,但我们已经走到了尽头。现在不要放弃! ! !就是这样,这就是我们在这场数字战争中为之奋斗的东西! !你感觉不到变化吗?我可以,它让我微笑。911之后我就一直守在这里。我报名参加了海军陆战队,但是在18岁的时候因为我年轻时的耳朵问题而被拒绝,我的心都碎了。那是我唯一的人生目标! !911之后他们给我回电话问我是否还有兴趣?太晚了,那时我已经吃了红色药丸。

We red-pilled Light Warriors are supporting the Alliance - on and off-planet - as they liberate humanity. TRUST the plan. Evidence is now overwhelming that the [D]eep [S]tate is in full retreat.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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