现在,[ DS ]对Truth Social网络感到恐慌,其他科技平台忙于审查和封锁,而 TS 则允许真相传播。乌克兰是另一个陷阱,它现在成了头条新闻,很快腐败就会公开化。没有什么可以阻止即将到来的一切。


Ep. 2709a – The [CB] Just Said the Quiet Part Out Loud, CBDC Will Control The Population

Ep. 2709a-[ CB ]大声说出安静的部分,CBDC 将控制人口

Ep. 2709b – Ukraine Is A Money Laundering Machine For The [DS], Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Ep. 2709b-乌克兰是洗钱的机器,没有什么可以阻止即将到来的一切

X22 报告发表于2022年2月22日


The D’s are following their old playbook, the wealthy do not pay taxes, but this is backfiring on them. The [CB] says the quiet part out loud, the CBDC will be used to control the people in the new economy, this has already failed. Trump signals that fuel is going to double or triple.

D’s 在沿用他们的老套路,富人不交税,但这对他们来说是反作用。[CB]大声说出了安静的部分,CBDC将被用来控制新经济中的人,这已经失败了。特朗普发出信号,燃料将翻倍或翻三倍。


The [DS] is now panicking over Truth Social, the other tech platforms are busy censoring and block while TS is allowing the truth to spread. Ukraine was another trap for the [DS], it is now in the headlines, and soon the corruption is going to be brought into the open. Nothing can stop what is coming. The [DS] infiltrated the country and now the patriots are destroying their system. 

现在,[ DS ]对Truth Social网络感到恐慌,其他科技平台忙于审查和封锁,而 TS 则允许真相传播。乌克兰是另一个陷阱,它现在成了头条新闻,很快腐败就会公开化。没有什么可以阻止即将到来的一切。[DS] 渗透到了这个国家,现在爱国者们正在摧毁他们的体制。


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