2022年4月20日: 疯狂的地球世界|星际飞船地球

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 April 20, 2022 2022年4月20日

2022年4月20日: 疯狂的地球世界|星际飞船地球

We know the truth about everything is coming eventually, but in the mean time in this world of smoke and mirrors, complex military operations, info wars and propaganda, it’s difficult—and frustrating—to extrapolate sometimes.


The attacks on the White Hats never stop and it’s confusing some people who don’t know what to make of it. It helps to remember… just because it’s in print or on video or appears in any fashion does NOT mean it’s true. The enemy is cornered, vicious, and has nothing left to fight with so they are lashing out in the only way they can; lies. It’s all part of a script, anyway.

对白帽子的攻击从来没有停止过,这让一些不知道如何解释的人感到困惑。它有助于记住... ... 仅仅因为它在印刷或视频或以任何形式出现并不意味着它是真实的。敌人已经走投无路,残暴无情,没有任何东西可以用来战斗,所以他们只能用他们唯一能用的方法猛烈攻击; 谎言。无论如何,这都是剧本的一部分。

Of course the “watch the water” issue is front and centre, and as always, there are differing opinions and finer points to finesse. Dr. Lee Merritt, former Navy surgeon and outspoken doctor on the scamdemic, tells us more about the snake venom aspect and the fact that there are similar compounds in the Human body. Her personal opinion is that it would not be possible to poison the majority of public water supplies.


When we look at how the dark has bribed and blackmailed nearly everyone else on the planet to install back doors, surveil us, sell our ‘private’ information and use covert weapons on us and hide the fact they are eating our children… I wouldn’t say anything is impossible or beyond their ability.

当我们看到黑暗势力如何贿赂和勒索地球上几乎所有其他人,安装后门,监视我们,出售我们的隐私信息,对我们使用秘密武器,隐瞒他们正在吃我们的孩子的事实... 我不会说任何事情是不可能的或超出他们的能力。

I do believe, however, that since the Earth Alliance has known what they’ve been up to for a long time, they have neutralized many weapons the psychopaths were using to attack us. This is all the “movie” to wake the population under the spell and I don’t feel any further action is required on my part. We know the air, water, and food chain is toxic, and that the medical industrial complex is about death and dying, not wellness. I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing to stay healthy and protect my family. Stress can weaken and kill you.


Dr. Merritt interview with Alex Newman is 44 minutes and excellent listening. You can watch on Telegram or go to Dr. Merritt’s website, The Medical Rebel.com and I think it is there. Link to Telegram.

梅里特博士对亚历克斯 · 纽曼的采访是44分钟,而且非常好的倾听。你可以在 Telegram 上观看,或者登陆梅里特医生的网站,The Medical Rebel.com,我想它就在那里。链接到 Telegram。

2022年4月20日: 疯狂的地球世界|星际飞船地球

Big news was the vote in Florida regarding Disney’s “special privileges”. They are no more, and the libs are screaming about how the taxes for the Orlando people are going to go up $2,200 or something and so many jobs will be lost. I guess that’s more important than pedophiles and pedovores trafficking, torturing, and eating their children.


Some folks get it. Go, Patriots! Must watch.

有些人明白了,加油,爱国者们! 必须观看。

We hear big stuff is coming any day now about the election fraud. Bye-bye Biden.


Now you see it, now you don’t. Green screen extravaganzas are the hallmark of Biden administration events. Link to Telegram.

现在你看到了,现在你看不到了。绿屏华丽表演是拜登政府活动的标志。链接到 Telegram。

The green screen missing foot strikes again!


2022年4月20日: 疯狂的地球世界|星际飞船地球

I guess the White Hats figured this would rankle the Patriots and wake a few people up. Apparently the psychopath Fauci was nabbed by the military.


Military Denies Fauci’s Request for Tribunal Extension


There are a lot of odd things and “firsts” going on.


Gina Hill shared this remarkable capture.

吉娜 · 希尔分享了这个非凡的捕捉。

Did you see this video footage from Vegas? Clear as a bell. Link to Telegram.

你看过来自拉斯维加斯的视频片段吗? 非常清楚。链接到 Telegram。

Crafts over Vegas, March 15, 2022 https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3411138/doorbell-camera-captures-insane-video-of-ufos-over-las-vegas

2022年3月15日,拉斯维加斯上空的手工 https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3411138/doorbell-camera-captures-insane-video-of-ufos-over-las-Vegas

Pleiadians say GF has an etheric base in the mountains and have been landing crafts at Nellis AFB. They can appear however they want and are trying not to create fear. They can instantly change their appearances to blend.

昴宿星人说 GF 在山上有一个以太基地,并且一直在内利斯空军基地登陆飞机。他们可以以任何他们想要的方式出现,并且尽量不去制造恐惧。它们可以立即改变外表,融入环境。

Yesterday at 7:00 p.m. a freaky experience had me powering off my phone—a FREEDOM phone, no less. It’s supposedly free of tracking, etc. but it appears to listen. This is a first. I was listening to a Michael Jaco video about the Egyptian connection, Ireland, etc. and suddenly the phone, which was next to my iPad, turned on, and a female voice [assistant] started echoing what had just been said in the video at the 27 min. mark and the text of the dialogue was displayed on the phone. She said she was going to do a search on the words that triggered her. OMFG! I have never used the assistant and don’t use anything but phone, text, and Gmail on my Android. The friggin’ thing turned itself on because it was listening. I had reservations about the Freedom Phone being “free” but the price was right. Here’s a Telegram about phones listening.

昨天晚上7点,一次奇怪的经历让我关掉了手机——一部 FREEDOM 手机。据说它是免费的,但是它似乎在听。这是第一次。我正在听 Michael Jaco 关于埃及、爱尔兰等地的视频,突然,我 iPad 旁边的手机打开了,一个女性的声音(助理)开始重复视频中27分钟前说的话。标记和对话的文字显示在手机上。她说她要搜索那些触动她的词。天啊!我从来没有用过这个助手,除了手机、短信和 Gmail,我什么都没用过。这该死的东西之所以自动打开是因为它在听。我对自由手机的“免费”有所保留,但价格合理。这里有一份关于电话监听的电报。

A number of people confirmed their devices completely drained of power recently. It wasn’t just mine.


As for odd animal behaviour, I forgot to mention this. Last week when I was trying to sleep, I thought I heard birds. It was midnight, and the birds go to bed at dusk. Eli whimpered to go out so we did, and my ears were not deceiving me. There were numerous birds in the neighbourhood chirping away and making all kinds of different calls in the middle of the night like they were having a convention. In my experience this activity is normally limited to daytime; another first. WTH?


I just happened to see this remarkable bird on Twitter. I have never seen anything like it.


I liked this Tweet.


Gene Decode did an update with Nicholas Veniamin yesterday if you’re interested.

如果你感兴趣的话,基因解码公司昨天和尼古拉斯 · 维尼阿明进行了更新。

Gene Decode Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin

吉恩与尼古拉斯 · 韦尼阿明讨论最新更新

There is also a positive message from Charlie Ward. I don’t have a problem with him at all.

查理 · 沃德也传达了一个积极的信息,我对他一点问题都没有。

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

今天结束。 ~ BP

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