我们只有一个选择: 继续前进。继续,继续。我们是自愿的,我们会完成这个任务。我们将把人类带入盖亚美丽的黄金时代,那里有繁荣、和平和所有人的自由。

March 27, 2022 2022年3月27日

If you are not aware, [K]laus [S]chwab is one of the most evil entities on Earth (he is not human). Here is a video of his lead advisor Yuval Noah Harari speaking about humans. Skip through to 1' 30" where he leaves NO doubt about how the evil elite see us humans...



Humans are now HACKABLE ANIMALS. The whole idea that humans have this soul, this spirit, and free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me, so whatever I choose, whether in the election or whether in the supermarket - this is my free will - THAT'S OVER (Yuval Noah Harari, lead advisor to [S]chwab of the NWO).

人类现在是可被黑客攻击的动物。人类有这样的灵魂、这样的精神和自由意志,没有人知道我身体里发生了什么,所以无论我选择什么,无论是在选举中还是在超市里——这是我的自由意志——一切都结束了(哈拉瑞,NWO 的首席顾问)。

This long post from Neon Revolt is worth reading if you are interested in the RV/GCR (Revaluation/Global Currency Reset). Two points to remember: Russia is one of the top three gold producers in the world...Q said, 'Gold will destroy the Fed'.

如果你对 RV/GCR (Revaluation/Global Currency Reset)感兴趣,这篇霓虹反抗的长文值得一读。有两点要记住: 俄罗斯是世界三大黄金生产国之一... ... q 说,黄金会摧毁美联储。


I don't think people realized what just happened over the past few days, so I'm going to try to explain what I'm seeing:


The Russian central bank pegged 1 gram of gold to 5000 Rubles (currently, about 50 bucks).

At the same time, Putin made it so that Russian gas and oil can only be purchased in Rubles.与此同时,普京让俄罗斯的天然气和石油只能用卢布购买。
Meaning: Putin basically just pegged Russian oil and gas to gold, using paper rubles as a proxy.

意义: 普京基本上只是用纸币代替卢布,将俄罗斯的石油和天然气与黄金挂钩。
Meaning: Europe will need to either buy Rubles from Putin in gold, in order to buy gas and oil, or they will have to buy directly in gold. Which means, there will soon be a lot more demand for rubles.

意思是: 欧洲将需要从普京那里购买黄金卢布,以便购买天然气和石油,或者他们将不得不直接购买黄金。这意味着,对卢布的需求很快就会大大增加。
Currently, the forex rate for rubles to dollars is about 100:1.

But... with 5000 rubles now equaling 1 gram of gold, and oil being priced directly in gold - you're going to see a massive price disruption in these FOREX markets, in terms of how much gold a dollar can actually still buy.

但是... ... 现在5000卢布相当于1克黄金,而石油直接以黄金定价——你将看到这些外汇市场的价格大幅波动,因为一美元实际上可以购买多少黄金。
Foreign countries holding our dollar debt notes in reserve will see less of a use for them, and will want to start dumping them, in order to get something more stable, something which holds its value.

Basically any currency pegged to gold now will fit the bill. Which means those countries - countries like Japan - will be dumping their dollar debt as fast as they can. They're are NOT going to go down with the ship. And they will move into more stable currencies - like the Ruble.

Which will have a deflationary effect on the Ruble, making it more valuable over time.

Which means Putin will be able to re-peg the Ruble to Gold at whatever rate he wants, down the line. It's 5000 rubles today. Tomorrow, it might be 500. And then 100. And then 10.

This also means all those excess dollars being dumped by foreign nations are about to come home and cause even worse hyperinflation than we're seeing.

Is it any wonder Biden is up on stage pleading with Europeans for regime change in Russia? He's about to have masses of angry and starving people marching through the streets here at home, demanding answers.


Wow. We Light Warriors know that censorship is rampant in the [D]eep [S]tate media. Check out this little video where someone asks Google about President Trump.



Finally, I am a late-in-life Trekkie - here is a Spock meme that summarizes life on planet Earth.



Spock clearly believes that our planet has 'lost the plot'. I think we can agree that three years ago, none of us could have imagined the chaos and madness that was hurtling down the pike towards us. Now we are in the thick of it. We have just ONE choice: Keep going. Keep on, keeping on. We volunteered, and we will see this mission through. We will deliver humanity into the beautiful Golden Age of Gaia where there is prosperity, peace and freedom for all.

斯波克显然认为我们的星球已经失去了情节。我认为我们可以同意,三年前,我们没有人能够想象混乱和疯狂正在迅速向我们冲来。现在,我们正处于最紧要的关头。我们只有一个选择: 继续前进。继续,继续。我们是自愿的,我们会完成这个任务。我们将把人类带入盖亚美丽的黄金时代,那里有繁荣、和平和所有人的自由。



Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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