帮助自由获胜——再论战争法和胡安 · 奥萨文

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帮助自由获胜——再论战争法和胡安 · 奥萨文

The Law of War


The Law of War Manual is the military rule book for conducting a war, legally. The US, and all major countries, have agreed to these laws. They are based on the Geneva Convention. The military uses the manual diligently, so as to not end up after a war being charged with war crimes.


Overt and Covert Operations


There are both overt and covert actions and actors in any war. As long as an act of war is justifiable and “legal”, according to the laws of war, it is not considered criminal activity. Many types of covert and overt operations are sanctioned in the Law of War manual. Violation of the laws, though, can end you up in a military prison or hung as either a war criminal or a traitor.


Forms of War


War can happen in many forms. There is kinetic, biological, digital, and informational warfare, just to name a few. Any kind of a weapon used against the masses of a country is a weapon of mass destruction and an act of war.


We don’t usually think of information as a weapon. But, when those trusted for “the news” intentionally lie and manipulate the public opinion with that news, for an enemy agenda, it is.


Digital attacks are another form of warfare, for instance if an enemy hacks into one’s election systems to flip votes.


Both digital and information attacks are definitely potential acts of war. They can be very tricky to identify and combat. Therefore, today’s military must maintain the cyber and information capability to track and handle all belligerent activity of this kind.


Military & Commander in Chief’s Responsibility for Weapons of Mass Destruction


The military must be aware and use the ultimate care to never allow an enemy to gain control of the country’s arsenals. This is their sworn duty. Therefore, if a transfer of “presidency” is suspicious, there will be no transfer of the office of the Commander in Chief until such time as the matter is settled. This can be done covertly, and it’s perfectly acceptable.


The One-Year Rule


The Law of War Manual gives rules to follow for the “occupying force”. [The occupying force is the force in power after having taken-over a country.] In the case of a covert take-over, the occupying force has one year to declare who they are and their intentions. (They can’t stay a covert force forever.)


Trying to remain in power, covertly, after this very exact one-year-period, is considered a war crime and makes those involved war-criminals. They may already be criminals for some other reason, but this one act, of going past the allowed year without identifying themselves, will label them as war criminals.


Taking Back Control in a Legal Way


Obviously, an announcement, stating that a belligerent take-over of a country has occurred, would likely incite the loyal citizens of that country. A well-intentioned individual could inadvertently violate the laws of war, so caution should be used. Also, a lot of needless destruction could occur if the masses all go out and riot.


After one year belligerent forces who remain hidden and covert are legally “fair game”. Use diligence, though, so you don’t destroy the country in the course of “saving” it.


The military of the country are key. They are trained for this type of thing.


Obviously, proper intel, guidance, force, due-diligence, and trust are all needed to combat the belligerents and take back the country. These are often very delicate and difficult operations.


You want to, 1) take out the enemy and their assets, 2) not harm the good guys or their assets, and 3) not leave any of the enemy behind (hidden) to create havoc later on.


The Fate of War Criminals and Traitors


Once the military steps in and takes out the belligerents, the usual course is military tribunals, sentencing and even hangings. None of this would be a civil matter, at this point, and it’s all legal. War criminals are a military matter.


Under normal circumstances there is no way the militarily could engage in “internal” aggression like this, within the borders of their own country, but war presents special circumstances, specifically delineated in the Law of War Manual.


Passing Back the Control to the Lawful Citizens


After dealing with the belligerents, the military then at some point passes control and authority back to the lawful citizens in a legitimate way. The people, themselves, thus have a path back to self-governance.


Juan O Savin Video

胡安 · 奥萨文视频

Juan O Savin is a high echelon government agent who hides his identity for obvious reasons. He knows the Laws of War, forwards and backwards and explains them at great length and clarity in the following important video. We all need to have a better, more clear idea of what’s going on in our world right now, and this post and video will help to do that. Click the link to watch the video.

胡安 · 奥萨文是一名高级政府特工,出于显而易见的原因,他隐藏了自己的身份。他了解战争法则,前前后后,并在下面的重要视频中详尽而清晰地解释了这些法则。我们都需要更好、更清晰地了解当前世界正在发生什么,这篇文章和视频将有助于我们做到这一点。点击链接观看视频。

More on the Law of War With Juan O Savin

更多关于胡安 · 奥萨文的战争法则

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