瑞典银河真理报|第290期 停止担心—-做好准备

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瑞典银河真理报|第290期  停止担心—-做好准备In Sweden we light the first candle of Advent this Sunday 29th Nov


Stop Worrying~Be Prepared



Thérèse Zumi Sumner


Stop worrying about vaccines being forced upon people.This is what my Guides are saying today.


It would be perfectly understandable if you are feeling concern about this when the media is pushing it in our faces daily.Here in Sweden we have been told that we will not likely have a vaccine ready for administration until January 2021.They told us yesterday that other countries were now already organized with centres for administration of vaccination in place.I was immediately reminded of the German situation{see New Post#20 here}https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/introduction/latest-additions 



Today they mention the dates 11-12th December as being feasible start dates for this in Great Britain and Germany.Just heard now that the second week in December is the timeframe plan for shipping the vaccine around the USA.


I do not know exactly what will cause a delay in'their'plans for these vaccinations.


All that I know is that something is going to be revealed in the near future that will effectively change the situation.


They Give Themselves Away


This morning we could see an interview with the earlier chief medical adviser at Pfizer.He declared how"completely unbelievable"it is that they have managed to get this vaccine ready so quickly."Historically speaking it used to take 10-15 years of study etc to develop a reliable vaccine and to think that we hardly knew what this virus was in the spring and we now have a vaccine"..."everything else has been put aside...amazing!"Also he happened to mention that when the scientific community starts a project,they usually have a failure rate of 95%that costs enormous sums of money.


Did you hear about Elon Musk?He had cold symptoms and did 4 Covid tests at the same place with the same nurse on the same day...two showed positive and two negative.That's a great piece of information to be aware of,if you are attempting to awaken people around you to the knowledge of the total unreliability of these tests.I have found articles about this in both English and Swedish.


Election Fraud


Just want to remind you that C told us on November 10th that mainstream media has been ordered not to report about voting fraud.A completely reliable source{that I can personally vouch for}was told by a journalist from one of the three main newspapers that they were told"NO STORIES about any voter fraud".This means effectively that they will not publish anything that will undermine Biden.


It must be hell to have knowledge of the truth and yet to be forbidden to mention it.Many of these journalists came into this profession thinking that their work would be about informing people of the truth.Right from the beginning they hadn't got a clue as to'ownership'of the entire mainstream media by an elite.They had to conform or lose their jobs.


My sources say that 50%of journalists today know that they are reporting fraudulent information-'fake news'and 4 out of 5 of these people are sickened by this.They wish that they had chosen another profession.They are so longing for freedom of speech.


In your minds eye see...


It All Changing In the Blink of an Eye.


We now see the dark ones believing that they have succeeded with their dark plans to totally enslave us.Right up until the last minute it will look like they have achieved their goals.One goal is the control of the USA,another controlling the worlds populations with the help of a vaccine.They are all in for the biggest surprise of their lives.




PS:When ALL OF THE MADNESS of the archaic so called'modern medicine'is over soon...check out what will be made available to us in the video below#289...Enjoy!




Also...you might be able to hear the word Tachyon healing mentioned and remember that the reason Cobra incarnated here this life from the Pleiades was to bring the amazing Tachyon technology to this planet.I do not know if he reckoned upon everything else that that would entail for him...however he has most certainly achieved so much more than he could ever imagine~not knowing the depth of the challenges here~he prevailed Thank God!



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