从3D 到5D世界的转变|最后的警钟

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The Detoxification Process is intensified


You become a new person!


Mass rejection of face masks is the downfall of the Deep State


从3D 到5D世界的转变|最后的警钟The Dark Forces, which have enjoyed unrestricted freedom on the surface of planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, are now facing the Light Forces, the Digital Soldiers and the Patriots, who, through great effort, are making progress to remove these negative forces from planet Earth as quickly as possible.


It was the negative forces that sabotaged positive initiatives to make it impossible to break through the negative isolation. But that is now definitely over.


The sooner people wake up to the lies and deceit, the better it is for all of us. Do not be shy; let it be a challenge for all to help reach our maximum potential. Our world is indeed filled with a tremendous amount of filth, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, fake images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.


Trust the Plan; every day the people, come one step closer to full disclosure. The wait now is for the awakening of the masses, to break the oppression of their respective governments and authorities. They need do nothing more than just to throw away their face mask. Everything in this world is fake, including the pandemic! Once people are awakened to the deception, their consciousness is raised.


The awakened who have accumulated enough higher frequency energy, can further prepare themselves for the transition from the 3D to the 5D world. If they think that this is a natural automatic right, they are wrong. Not only is a positive attitude required, but the body must first be thoroughly cleansed of all the toxins that it has accumulated over the years. This inevitable necessary cleansing process is described below by our returning extraterrestrial guest Vital Frosi.


The Detoxification Process is intensified


Beloved ones!


It is not easy for any of you! To participate, in the roller coaster of uncomfortable symptoms that each of you experience. There seems to be no end to it. When peace comes and brings the much awaited relief, it does not last long, for soon new and different symptoms appear, causing many to despair.


It is important to have trust in the Divine Plan! Do not give up now, the worst is over.

信任神圣计划是很重要的! 现在不要放弃,最糟糕的已经过去了。

The energetic adjustment, mainly of the physical body, must be carried out, as it rises from the carbon-based body to the crystalline body. Many souls have already made a plan for the current incarnation and chosen not to go through this process, thus, they dis-incarnate before the change takes place.


Others, however, have chosen to go through the transformation of material life and are now feeling every symptom of the energetic frequency shift, not only of themselves, but of everything else on this Planet.


从3D 到5D世界的转变|最后的警钟It does not make you sick. It is a series of symptoms that are actually closely related to the adjustment to the higher frequency that each is experiencing. And that is what is happening now.


In a previous message it was already mentioned that during this period, the DNA is changing. I.e. the change from DNA to GNA requires much more effort than the simple energetic change of the human body. Watch the explanation in the embedded video.

在之前的信息中已经提到,在这个时期,DNA 正在发生变化。也就是说,从 DNA 到 GNA 的转变比人体简单的能量转变需要更多的努力。请观看嵌入视频中的解释。

During this change of DNA, physical bodies go through a deconstruction of physiological systems for the activation of new systems and frequencies. And this requires a detoxification of all physical vessels, in other words, the human body is purified.

在这个 DNA 的改变过程中,物理身体为了激活新的系统和频率而经历生理系统的解构。这需要对所有的身体血管进行解毒,换句话说,人体得到了净化。

RNA is one of the three major biological macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life, along with DNA and proteins.

RNA 是三种主要的生物大分子之一,是所有已知的生命形式必不可少的,除了 DNA 和蛋白质。

You become a new person!


This process of detoxification is not the same for everyone, although many symptoms are the same or similar. Nor does it necessarily happen at the same time for everyone, because we are in the same world, but the changes imply a series of individual factors. We can compare it to a fruit tree: not all the fruit ripens at the same time, some earlier, some later, but it is a period long enough for all the fruit to ripen completely.

尽管许多症状是相同或相似的,但是对于每个人来说,这个解毒的过程是不一样的。对每个人来说,这也不一定是同时发生的,因为我们生活在同一个世界,但是这些变化意味着一系列的个体因素。我们可以把它比作一棵果树: 不是所有的果实都在同一时间成熟,有的早一些,有的晚一些,但这段时间足以让所有的果实完全成熟。

Everyone undergoes this change, there is no escaping it. Even those who have not chosen to have their souls ascend during this incarnation. For them too, the day will come when they will feel the energetic vibrations that are in conflict with their own.


Of course, this is not necessary, as their bodies do not remain on the New Earth.


The theme of today calls attention to a very important detail, in order to reassure the most affected. Because the energy generated by the opening of the 5D Portal during the next 40 days will significantly change the DNA of the physical body, through a deeply necessary detoxification.

今天的主题提请注意一个非常重要的细节,以便使受影响最大的人安心。因为在接下来的40天里,打开5维传送门所产生的能量将会通过一个深入必要的解毒过程,显著地改变物质身体的 DNA。

We can compare it to the work that a mechanic does on a car engine. Before starting the work, the whole engine has to be cleaned, removing the accumulation of dust, soil and all the dirt that sticks to all the parts.


Our physical body is “dusty, dirty and polluted” by energetic impurities, but especially by heavy metals. This includes the elementals also mentioned in previous articles. Chemicals that are in the air, in the water, in the food and especially in medicines. All this is stored in the human organism, and in order to change the DNA, detoxification is necessary.

我们的身体被能量杂质,特别是重金属“尘土飞扬、肮脏和污染”。这包括在前面的文章中提到的元素。空气中、水中、食物中的化学物质,尤其是药物中的化学物质。所有这些都储存在人体内,为了改变 DNA,解毒是必要的。

The known viruses and bacteria have always done a certain cleansing. After all, that is the role of the form of life on this planet. This justifies the higher frequency of flu symptoms that some may experience, even if they are mild and only temporary.


But nowadays many other symptoms have been added, such as pain and discomfort in the stomach and intestines; swollen belly; burning sensation in the stomach after meals; liver, gallbladder and bile problems; some kidney discomfort; transient diarrhoea; nausea and vomiting; extreme fatigue; abnormal sleep; and some others, it is not possible to list them all.

但是现在还有许多其他的症状,比如胃和肠道的疼痛和不适; 腹部肿胀; 饭后胃有烧灼感; 肝脏、胆囊和胆汁问题; 一些肾脏不适; 短暂腹泻; 恶心和呕吐; 极度疲劳; 睡眠异常; 还有一些其他的症状,不可能一一列出。

Most of these symptoms are digestive related. Many people can no longer eat certain foods that used to be pleasant to the palate. Now they arouse a certain aversion, because the body does not want them. The amount of food that was eaten earlier is now beginning to weigh much heavier. This too must be reduced.


It has already been written about the fact that the diet will change. It has already started!  But don’t worry about it, because everyone will handle their own process individually and naturally. Do not force anything! Have compassion on your body. The most important thing is that you understand it. You are not getting sick! On the contrary, you heal yourself of all the ailments you have known so far. You become a new person!


How can you help yourself in this process? In order not to make this subject too long and tiring to read, I will divide it into two texts. In the following, I will try to put into words some techniques that have been passed on to us by the Angelique Tune Makers, and also some experiences that many have reported with amazing results.

在这个过程中你如何帮助自己?为了不使这个主题读起来太长太累,我将它分为两篇文章。在接下来的文章中,我将尝试用语言表达一些 Angelique Tune Makers 传授给我们的技巧,以及一些经验,许多人都报告了令人惊异的结果。

从3D 到5D世界的转变|最后的警钟The moment of the turning point is coming! Everything will become more and more intense and alive. The process cannot wait! Those who are ready cannot wait either! From above and below, the energies are now pressing together here on earth. This is the long-awaited moment for many ages. And with it we go to the new Earth!


Hold on tight because the ship is going to shake violently!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.

我是Vital Frosi,我的使命是启蒙。




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