ECETI News: 来自银河联邦、银河委员会、扬升大师、天使和地心地球的地球人|James Gilliland

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ECETI News: 来自银河联邦、银河委员会、扬升大师、天使和地心地球的地球人|James Gilliland



From the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Galactic Councils, Ascended Masters, Angelics and Inner Earth.

来自世界之银河联邦,银河议会,扬升大师,天使 和地心地球。

The Earth is in the process of being liberated from all tyranny, draconian law is in the process of being replaced by Universal Law. We have cleaned up the vast majority of other dimensional unseen negative forces governing the Earth now it is up to the white hats and the ground crew. It is time to understand the hierarchy of tyranny that has been in control of Earth for over 400,000 years. The first colonies in your recorded history and archeology were the ancient Lyrians from Lyra. Many refer to them as the Annunaki, those who came from heaven to Earth. The Lyrians were up to 24 feet tall and they were split into various houses or ruling factions. There was the Supreme Ruler Anu and on Earth there was the house of Enki and Enlil. Enki was the Creator god, a master geneticist that loved his creations. Enlil was a defeated general who took up residence on Earth and desired an end to the experiment called Earth humanity. He found them a noisy nuisance and was always devising ways of removing them. This is the foundation of what is unfolding today. There was a lot of genetic tinkering with humans that were developing naturally. Their sons also split into different factions governing different sectors of Earth. The son who had the most negative impact on Earth was Marduk. Marduk made a pact with the Grey Alliance and Reptilians for total supremacy of the Earth and turned on his own people. This was followed by brutal wars and the enslavement of his own people. Earth has been controlled by these forces and those who seek freedom have warred against this alliance for over 400,000 years. Over time they have been known by many names, the Phoenicians, Kazarians, Cabal all stemming from the original Lyrians who fell from Universal Law. Their controlling faction in America is known as the deep state that has infiltrated all the agencies and institutions yet the same network is global. Many call themselves Sons of Marduk

地球正处于从所有暴政中解放出来的过程中,严酷的法律正在被普遍法律所取代。我们已经清理了绝大多数其他维度看不见的负面力量,现在这取决于白帽子和地面人员。现在是时候理解暴政的等级制度了,它已经控制了地球超过40万年。在你们有记载的历史和考古学中的第一个殖民地是来自天琴座的古代天琴座。许多人称他们为阿努那奇人,那些从天堂来到地球的人。莱里安人有24英尺高,他们被分成不同的家族或统治集团。有至高无上的统治者 Anu,在地球上有 Enki 和恩利尔的家族。恩基是造物主之神,一位热爱自己创造物的大师级遗传学家。伊利尔是一位被击败的将军,他在地球上定居下来,希望结束这项被称为地球人类的实验。他觉得这些噪音很讨厌,总是想方设法把它们清除掉。这是今天正在发生的事情的基础。有很多基因修补的人类是自然发展的。他们的儿子也分裂成不同的派系,管理着地球的不同部分。对地球造成最大负面影响的儿子是马杜克。马杜克与灰色联盟和爬虫军达成协议,争取地球的完全统治权,并背叛了自己的人民。随之而来的是残酷的战争和对本国人民的奴役。地球已经被这些力量控制,那些寻求自由的人已经与这个联盟战斗了40多万年。随着时间的推移,他们已经知道了许多名字,腓尼基人,可萨人,阴谋集团都源于最初的莱里亚人下降的宇宙法则。他们在美国的控制派系被称为渗透到所有机构和组织的深层国家,但同样的网络是全球性的。许多人称自己为马杜克之子

These are the forces behind the genocidal dictators and tyrants throughout history, they are the international bankers, the war and disease profiteers who financed every war since Napoleon. We are moving through the last chapters of these tyrannical forces, the fall of the tyrants. The pole shifts and other cataclysms forced Earth’s humanity to start over greatly diminishing civilizations ruled by tyranny until the second major colony was established by the peaceful Lyrians who fled to the Pleiades, Orion, and Haydees system followed by Earth, Mars and Maldek or Milona as other cultures called it. Maldek is the missing planet which is now your asteroid belt due to an extreme misuse of technology. Atlantis and Lemuria or MU were established by the Pleiadians, a very peaceful advanced race that were not as tall as their Lyrian ancestors due to adjustments over the years to the planets they colonized. Other Star Nations joined these colonies, the Earth has a diversity of genetics from the stars. Unfortunately, there were still remnants of the tyrants to this day which have risen to positions of power now again threatening the entire civilization. These tyrants are still under the control and guidance of the grey and reptilian alliance. They are now known as the global elite, cabal, most of which are Satanic/Luciferian. They control your monetary system, your political system, major religions, mainstream and social media, the music and film industries. They are also involved in drug and child trafficking, child sacrifice, and the adrenochrome supplies derived from tortured and murdered children. In their dark rituals children are sacrificed to their deities. Satan/Lucifer, Moloch and Baphomet. Those aligned with them have sold their souls for power, fame or wealth and are now void of love, joy, empathy, are morally bankrupt and have lost all the positive attributes of humanity. In other words, there is so much inhumanity on Earth because of NON-HUMAN interference. The tyrannical elite are at war with the Creator within all Creation. This is not a conspiracy, this is history.

他们是历史上种族灭绝的独裁者和暴君背后的力量,他们是国际银行家、战争和疾病奸商,他们资助了自拿破仑以来的每一场战争。我们正在读完这些暴君势力的最后篇章,暴君的倒台。极移和其他灾难迫使地球的人类重新开始极大地减少暴政统治下的文明,直到第二个主要殖民地被逃往昴宿星、猎户座和海迪斯星系的和平的天琴座人建立起来,紧随其后的是地球、火星、马尔戴克或其他文化所称的米洛纳。马尔戴克是失踪的行星,现在是你的小行星带由于极端滥用技术。亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria 或 MU 是由昴宿星人建立的,这是一个非常和平的先进种族,由于多年来对他们殖民的行星的调整,他们没有他们的莱里安祖先那么高。其他的星际联盟加入了这些殖民地,地球上的星球有着多样性的基因。不幸的是,至今仍然有残余的暴君已经上升到权力的地位,现在再次威胁整个文明。这些暴君仍然处于灰人和爬虫联盟的控制和指导之下。他们现在被称为全球精英,阴谋集团,其中大多数是撒旦/路西法主义者。他们控制你的货币系统,你的政治系统,主要的宗教,主流和社会媒体,音乐和电影产业。他们还参与贩卖毒品和儿童,牺牲儿童,以及从折磨和谋杀的儿童中提取肾上腺素红。在他们的黑暗仪式中,孩子们被献祭给他们的神。撒旦/撒旦,摩洛克和 Baphomet。那些与他们结盟的人为了权力、名誉或财富出卖了自己的灵魂,现在缺乏爱、喜悦和同情,道德沦丧,失去了人性的所有积极属性。换句话说,由于非人类的干扰,地球上有如此多的不人道行为。残暴的精英们在所有造物中与造物主交战。这不是阴谋,这是历史。

It is time for a reality check. This tyrannical elite consists of narcissistic billionaire eugenicists who have stated clearly they want to decrease the world population by as much as 80 to 90%. It is written in their manifestos and in stone, the Georgia Guide Stones as an example. They have joined with the CCP Communist China Party where the gain of function bio weapon they call Covid 19 originated financed by the NIH, “Fauci and friends” . They want 13 out of 14 of the world population dead, the rest obedient slaves. They also want everyone chipped with total control over every aspect of their lives much like the direction taken in China. The vax passports and codes in your phones are the first step. Let that sink in, research it, look at what is unfolding before your very eyes. They are mandating experimental gene therapies combined with an operating system that can be controlled externally they in error call a vaccine which grants zero immunity. The president never signed the executive order, it is not FDA approved and politicians, agencies, school boards, hospitals, major corporations are lockstep with the tyrannical elite forcing these mandates. Why? Because they were given billions to enforce the mask and vaccine mandates. Many were given or purchased stock in the vaccine companies. Hospitals where given bonuses to bump up the numbers of covid deaths and paid generously for using remdesivir and ventilators which are a death sentence according to latest research. Miscarriages have increased 366%, cancer is up over 2000 percent, the hospitals are filled with fully vaccinated people which the vaccine did not protect and now the vaccinated are the new super-spreaders of the variants. Little tip your natural immune system is 13 times more powerful in protecting you from the viruses including cov19 bioweapons and their variants. Research has also proven the vaccinated have 251 times more virus in their nostrils than the unvaccinated. The censored severe side effects, paralysis and death tolls from the experimental gene therapies are skyrocketing and the deaths from the vaccines have now greatly surpassed the deaths from the virus with less than 1% registered. All for a virus that has a 99.98% recovery rate. It is not enough for them to take out the unborn children with the 366% increase in miscarriages, now they are coming after the children who have an almost zero chance of dying from the virus with a witches brew of carcinogenic and deadly toxins, an experimental gene therapy with an operating system that can be controlled externally. If the “vaccine does not sterilize, cripple or kill your children they will not be attuned to spirit. They will be attuned to a machine, AI. Research the ingredients. According to Stanford research masks do not protect you from the virus, they create secondary pneumonia, brain and organ damage as well as psychological disorders. This is now proving to fit perfectly with their extreme population reduction programs and need for total dominance as stated in their manifestos and the Georgia Guidestones. Ignorance and denial can prove fatal to you, your friends and family. Now is the time to rise up. The critical thinking, research impaired, socially engineered masses will not survive what is coming, nor will the morally challenged who have taken bribes. Those who acquiesce to these mandates have acquiesced to a future of total enslavement at best, or will fall into the 13 out of 14 people removed from the planet.

是时候检验一下现实了。这些专制的精英由自恋的亿万富翁优生学家组成,他们明确表示要减少世界人口多达80% 到90% 。这是写在他们的宣言和石头,格鲁吉亚指南石作为一个例子。他们加入了c*p,他们称之为Covid 19的功能生物武器的获得来自于美国国家卫生研究院的资助,即“福奇和朋友们”。他们希望世界14个人中有13个死去,其余的都是顺从的奴隶。他们还希望每个人都能完全掌控自己生活的方方面面,就像中国的发展方向一样。手机里的疫苗护照和密码是第一步。让它沉淀下来,研究它,看看什么正在你眼前展开。他们正在强制实验性基因疗法结合一个操作系统,这个操作系统可以从外部控制,他们错误地称之为免疫力为零的疫苗。总统从来没有签署过行政命令,它没有得到 FDA 的批准,政治家、机构、学校董事会、医院、大公司都与专制的精英阶层步调一致地强制执行这些命令。为什么?因为他们得到了数十亿美元来执行口罩和疫苗的命令。许多人获得或购买了疫苗公司的股票。根据最新研究,医院发放奖金以增加因Covid导致的死亡人数,并且慷慨地为使用雷德斯维尔和呼吸器支付费用,这是一种死刑判决。流产增加了366% ,癌症增加了超过2000% ,医院里全是接种疫苗的人,而疫苗并没有保护这些人,现在接种疫苗的人是变种的新的超级传播者。小贴士: 你的天然免疫系统在保护你免受包括 cov19生物武器及其变种在内的病毒侵害方面要强大13倍。研究还证明,接种疫苗后鼻孔中的病毒数量是未接种疫苗者的251倍。经过审查的严重副作用、瘫痪和死亡人数正在急剧上升,疫苗造成的死亡人数现在已经大大超过了病毒造成的死亡人数,只有不到1% 的注册人数。这一切都是为了一个有99.98% 恢复率的病毒。流产率增加了366% ,对他们来说,仅仅取出胎儿是不够的,现在他们的目标是那些几乎不可能死于女巫酿造的致癌和致命毒素的病毒的孩子,这是一种实验性的基因疗法,其操作系统可以从外部控制。如果“疫苗不能使你的孩子绝育,使他们残废或者死亡,他们就不能适应精神。”。它们将被调谐到一种机器---- 人工智能。研究成分。根据斯坦福大学的研究,口罩不能保护你免受病毒感染,它们会造成继发性肺炎、脑部和器官损伤以及心理障碍。事实证明,这完全符合他们极端的种群减少计划,以及他们在宣言和佐治亚引导石中提出的全面统治的需要。无知和否认对你、你的朋友和家人来说都是致命的。现在是站起来的时候了。批判性思维,研究受损,社会工程的大众将无法幸免于即将到来的灾难,那些受贿的道德挑战者也无法幸免。那些默许这些命令的人最多默许了一个完全被奴役的未来,或者会落入从这个星球上移走的14个人中的13个人手中。

Rise up as if you and your family’s life depend on it. Rise up for the future generations. This is not a conspiracy, this is not a drill, this is an opportunity to stand in truth, in your own divinity, stand united in the health and freedom of the world. No matter what culture, race, religion, institution or agency, no one gets a pass from the goals of tyranny. The lockdowns destroy the economy, especially small businesses by design, the travel restrictions are meaningless with open borders, masks and vaccine mandates have all been a total fail. They go against the Constitution and the Nuremberg Codes. It is as if our present administration is governed by China and the Global elite in a take down America plan as demonstrated by their actions. It is said a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions.


I want to leave you with one example that destroys the lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask and vaccine mandates. A province in India, Uttar Pradesh has 240,000,000 people close to the population of America. They had 5 to 7% of the people vaccinated. They chose to use Ivermectin, a miracle drug created for humans by a Nobel prize-winning scientist which is sanctioned by the CDC and the FDA despite what the mainstream and social media is telling you. Ivermectin worked so well they decided to use it for farm animals as well. They are now COVID FREE, no travel restrictions, lockdowns, mask or vaccine mandates. Compare that with American statistics, Florida is one state that has no lockdowns or mandates with the lowest covid-19 cases. The forced protocols driven by the vaccine companies with profit driven science proven to be a total fail lockstep with the plans of global tyranny. Did a little light just come on? We all have to do our part. It is not up to the higher realms to save you. They have done their part in ending the grey/reptilian alliance, the vast majority of off world negative influences. Freedom has a price, the fight to maintain it never ends. Universal Law is pressing in on Earth along with a higher consciousness and energy. We need to find the courage, impeccable integrity and moral foundation to do our part. It’s called Nobel Virtue and it comes in every race, culture and belief. It is said God/Creator/Great spirit has given its best for these times. It is time for the lions to awaken. Be the solution. The multidimensional greater family of man/women throughout the Galaxy are waiting for Earth to unify under Universal Law and join them.

我想留给你们一个例子,破坏封锁,旅行限制,口罩和疫苗的要求。作为印度的一个省份,北方邦有2.4亿人口,与美国人口接近。他们让5% 到7% 的人接种了疫苗。他们选择使用伊维菌素,这是一种神奇的药物,由一位诺贝尔奖获得者科学家为人类创造,并且得到了 CDC 和 FDA 的批准,尽管主流和社交媒体都在告诉你。伊维菌素效果非常好,他们决定把它也用于农场动物。他们现在是免疫的,没有旅行限制,封锁,面罩或疫苗的要求。与美国的统计数据相比,佛罗里达州是一个没有禁闭或强制执行的州,2019冠状病毒疾病案件最少。由疫苗公司以利润为导向的科学所推动的强制性协议被证明是与全球暴政计划完全失败的步调一致。刚才是不是有点亮了?我们都必须做好自己的工作。拯救你的不是更高的领域。他们在结束灰色/爬行动物联盟方面做出了自己的贡献,灰色/爬行动物联盟是绝大多数来自外部世界的负面影响。自由是要付出代价的,维护自由的斗争永无止境。宇宙法则正以一个更高的意识和能量压迫着地球。我们需要找到勇气、无可挑剔的正直和道德基础来完成我们的任务。这被称为诺贝尔美德,它存在于每个种族、文化和信仰中。据说上帝/创造者/伟大的灵魂已经为这个时代献出了最好的。狮子们该醒了。成为解决方案。整个银河系的多维度男人/女人大家庭正在等待地球在宇宙法则下统一并加入他们。

James Gilliland

詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Permission to share granted pass this far and wide.


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