X22报道|第2813集: SC 刚刚为中央银行计划增加了一个路障,这将关闭深层国家欺骗

2022年7月1日13:19:06最新动态X22报道|第2813集: SC 刚刚为中央银行计划增加了一个路障,这将关闭深层国家欺骗已关闭评论207字数 1466阅读4分53秒阅读模式

[DS] 遇到了麻烦,他们推翻特朗普的计划失败了,不止一次,而是多次,现在人们很清楚,这是一场政治迫害。纽约针对特朗普的案子已经失败了。最高法院继续恢复法治。

X22报道|第2813集: SC 刚刚为中央银行计划增加了一个路障,这将关闭深层国家欺骗

Ep. 2813a – SC Just Added Another Roadblock To The [CB] Plan, It’s Falling Apart & They Cannot Stop It

Ep. 2813a – SC SC 刚刚给[ CB ]计划增加了一个路障,它正在分崩离析,他们无法阻止

Ep. 2813b – Another Piece To The Election Fraud Puzzle Coming, This Will Shutdown The [DS] Cheating

Ep. 2813b –选举舞弊之谜的另一部分即将到来,这将关闭[ DS ]作弊

X22 报告发表于2022年6月30日


The confidence in the economy crashes, 85% of Americans say the economy is getting worse, the people are reaching the precipice. The Atlanta Fed GDP is indicating we are now entering a recession. Powell admits that raising rates would bring the economy down. SC puts up another roadblock for the Green New Agenda.

对经济的信心崩溃了,85% 的美国人说经济越来越糟,人们正在走向悬崖。亚特兰大联邦储备银行的 GDP 显示我们正在进入衰退。鲍威尔承认,提高利率将导致经济下滑。SC 为绿色新议程设置了另一个障碍。


The [DS] is in trouble, their plan to get Trump has failed, not once but multiple times, it is now obvious to the people that this is a witch hunt. The NY case against Trump has failed. The SC continues to bring back the Rule Of Law. The elections are in the spotlight, the SC decided to take up a case on legislative power for the elections in October, timing is interesting. This could be the final piece of the puzzle to block the [DS] cheating attempts.

[DS] 遇到了麻烦,他们推翻特朗普的计划失败了,不止一次,而是多次,现在人们很清楚,这是一场政治迫害。纽约针对特朗普的案子已经失败了。最高法院继续恢复法治。此次选举备受关注,最高法院决定就立法权问题提起诉讼,争取在10月份举行选举,时机很有意思。这可能是阻止[ DS ]作弊企图的最后一块拼图。


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