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控制者们真的很想控制他们的羊群,但事实就像病毒一样在全世界传播。人们正在做各种各样的事情来提供信息或者至少开始交谈。他们甚至自己制作印有”媒体就是病毒”等标语的 t 恤我喜欢。

Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

September 9,2021 202199


It's escalating.Censorship is off the rails and the comms are fascinating.


The controllers really want to keep their herd of sheep,but the truth is spreading like a virus throughout the world.People are doing all kinds of things to inform or at least initiate conversations.They're even getting their own T-shirts made with slogans like,"The media is the virus."I love it.

控制者们真的很想控制他们的羊群,但事实就像病毒一样在全世界传播。人们正在做各种各样的事情来提供信息或者至少开始交谈。他们甚至自己制作印有"媒体就是病毒"等标语的 t 恤我喜欢。

The censorship is GLOBAL;another video gone.


To everyone in Canada,this happened today.


This is Dr.Julie Ponesse,Professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario.

这是 Julie Ponesse 博士,西安大略大学的伦理学教授。

Please watch to the very end.


cc:@anthonyfurey @brianlilley @VeronikaIzabela @shibby3235 @NBFreeProject @DonaldWelsh16https://t.co/LH3P3CSAKF


—Matthew B(@Wontevertweet27)September 8,2021

Matthew b(@wontevertweet27)202198

Jason Shurka explains that extreme censorship is not a"conspiracy theory"and we're going down a slippery slope.


Like all the other extreme measure the controllers give,they claim it's for the protection of the all.They,in their utter audacity,claim the right to choose for the rest of us.6 min.


They're getting desperate!


This didn't get censored though—at least not yet.I laughed out loud.Gotta love Col.Rogers.


You will not be governor.You are going to the SLAMMER.https://t.co/TKQhCNlVVA


—Wendy Rogers(@WendyRogersAZ)September 8,2021


We still have freeway signs in the Valley of the Sun telling motorists to join the 4 million Arizonans who took the jab,and there are still a lot of dead-asleep people here.Did 4 million sheep really get the jab or is it propaganda?


At the post office yesterday they weren't wearing masks and a maskless customer asked her clerk why.He said because of the"science"and went on to explain that a mask forces you to re-breathe your own carbon dioxide.See?The"education process"has been a whopping success.I couldn't make out her response but I cheered and thanked him because someone obviously knows what's going on.My clerk just smiled.


The next woman who went up to his window wore a mask and said that was the strangest explanation she'd ever heard.He asked why and she said she never heard anything about breathing carbon dioxide.He explained that wearing a mask does nothing to prevent the transmission of a disease and would only prevent a few droplets from a sneeze from exiting the mouth.He said wearing a mask for eight hours deprives the body of oxygen and it's not healthy.She listens to her doctor,she said.My clerk just smiled and I bit my tongue so I wouldn't recommend she get a new doctor.



I'm seriously wondering if they released something contagious here in Maricopa County because I learned of another former associate of my husband and our sick friend who is hospitalized with"Covid"and they did not offer the Regeneron so now she's been in hospital for six days and is on a bypap machine.

我真的很想知道他们是不是在马里科帕县释放了某种传染病,因为我知道了我丈夫以前的另一个同事和我们生病的朋友因为"Covid"住院了,他们没有提供 Regeneron,所以现在她已经在医院住了六天,正在使用自动呼吸机。

Our friend,however,is doing well at home and will be finished his"quarantine"on Saturday.His wife contacted the family of the hospitalized woman so they could get the same prescriptions from the Texas doctor that worked so well and get that poor soul out of hospital.It's criminal.No one needs to be hospitalized for this bogus disease if it's caught right away.I didn't know anyone who was sick since the very beginning of the scamdemic until this month.


If it really is a virus,or even bacteria,it's still sunny here and at least one hundred degrees every day and it should not be an issue.We were told ultraviolet/sunlight kills it—so what's the deal?Why are healthy people getting sick?


Just a thought.Neither our friend nor this other woman are vaccinated.However,the woman's 3 roommates were,and they were released already.So…are they not treating the unvaxxed people as effectively as the vaxxed and punishing them by keeping them in the hospital longer?Call me a died-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist.



We know what they've been doing.They have collected endless data points from the whole world for a long time.They profile us by blood sample,urine,fingerprint,photos,voice,energy signature,birth certificate and collect every bit of information they can.


#China amasses the largest collection of American#DNA profiles in an effort to develop#BiologicalWeapons that can attack specific racial groups.

中国积累了最多的美国人的 dna 图谱,试图开发能攻击特定种族的生物武器。

Watch the video on Epoch TV at the link below.Link to Telegram.


#China amasses the largest collection of American#DNA profiles in an effort to develop#BiologicalWeapons that can attack specific racial groups.

中国积累了最多的美国人的 dna 图谱,试图开发能攻击特定种族的生物武器

I hear they're going after the Aussie's booze.Just when they need it the most.How much longer are the White Hats going to let this go?Suttlebutt is that it won't be much longer.


Australia Confiscates Alcohol,Limits Residents in Lockdown to"Six Beers or Pre-Mixed Drinks or One Bottle of Wine"


Australia Confiscates Alcohol, Limits Residents in Lockdown to "Six Beers or Pre-Mixed Drinks or One Bottle of Wine"

Meanwhile in Australia... Australians in lockdown in New South Wales are having their alcohol deliveries monitored by the government's NSW Health Agency, because science. "Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed as part of a policy to limit the number of drinks being consumed each day," NCA News...

The Gateway Pundit(https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/australia-confiscates-alcohol-limits-residents-lockdown-six-beers-pre-mixed-drinks-one-bottle-wine/)

网关专家》(The Gateway Pundit)https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/australia-confiscates-alcohol-limits-residents-lockdown-six-beers-pre-mixed-drinks-one-bottle-wine/

Wakey,wakey,people.Donald Trump Jr.is saying"Don't Australia my America"and the Biden administration is pushing the other way.


Negative 48 reports…and check out this post,too.Wow.


Circle Back girl mentioned Sleepy Joe's






Biden's six-prong COVID-19 plan includes vaccine and mask mandates:preview of Thursday speech 


Current fines range from$250 for the first offense up to$1,500 for repeat offenders,according to the TSA website.


—Philip Melanchthon Wegmann(@PhilipWegmann)September 9,2021

Philip Melanchthon Wegmann(@philipwegmann)September 9,2021

We know the score and the American people had better not cave to these insane,unconstitutional mandates.They're completely unlawful and in breach of the Nuremburg Code.Lock them up!We don't want those multi-million dollar Gitmo improvements to go to waste.

我们知道事情的严重性,美国人民最好不要屈服于这些疯狂的、违反宪法的命令。他们完全违法,违反了纽伦堡法典。把他们关起来!我们不希望 Gitmo 那些数百万美元的改进付诸东流。

NEW:The President will announce that all employers with 100 or more employees will be required to mandate COVID-19 vaccines or require testing at least once a week,and they'll have to provide paid time off.


The new rule will impact over 80 million workers in private sector.


—Weijia Jiang(@weijia)September 9,2021

Jamie DLux[quite a character]put out a great clip of the West Virginia Governor—who made a show of publicly getting vaccinated—reporting that so many of the hospitalized people are"FULLY VACCINATED".Simon Parkes included it on his site but it super slow to load for me.Maybe you want to check it out here at the link?


If scientists and seven universities were unable to isolate a"novel coronavirus"apart from the common cold,then how can the medical community test for a variant of it?


This is a great video to establish facts and expose the lies.The"experts"respond to a citizen phone call and reveal that there is no test for the"Delta variant".The PCR test only tells you if you have SARS,they claim.As we keep repeating…the inventor of the PCR test told us it will NOT detect a pathogen and was not designed to do so.This is pure quackery.Find more videos like this at groupdiscover.com

这是一个很棒的视频,可以证明事实,揭露谎言。这些"专家"回应了公民的电话,并透露"Delta 变种"没有测试。他们声称,PCR 检测只能告诉你是否患有 SARS。当我们不断重复......PCR 检测的发明者告诉我们,它不会检测到病原体,而且它的设计目的也不是这样。这是纯粹的江湖骗术。更多类似的视频可以在 groupdiscover.com 地图上找到

So how are people getting tested for the delta variant if there are no tests for the delta variant or any other Greek variant?

那么,如果没有测试 delta 变体或任何其他希腊变体,人们如何对 delta 变体进行测试呢?


Lab-WE CAN ONLY TEST FOR COVID NOT FOR VARIANTS-how do they know there is a Delta Variant"surge"?


How can you have a"Delta Variant Surge"if you cannot test for the"Delta"variant????More lies and fakery to scare the masses.So

如果你不能测试"Delta"变体,你怎么会有"Delta 变体浪涌"????更多的谎言和造假来吓唬大众。所以

Link to Telegram 链接到 Telegram



Yes,they have set all kinds of traps for the Patriots but we're too savvy for them now.We are cautioned NOT to attend any event in Washington on September 18 or we'll have a repeat of January 6.We are no longer lambs to the slaughter.


LT's latest And We Know update is excellent.Look at all the people who"get it".

LT 的最新更新非常棒,看看那些"明白了"的人。

RT reported that 150,000 people came out in Brasilia alone.Holy mackerel.50 min.


9.8.21:The PEOPLE are RISING UP,getting STRONGER,filled with AMAZING POWER!PRAY!9.8.21:


Gene Decode/Co Sensei did a very long update on the Patriot Underground channel;an excellent interviewer who doesn't upstage his guests.It's odd that he has only 4400 subs on Rumble.


Gene answers a question about the"Man of God Declaration"and just before the one hour mark the topic of"deals"comes up and he discusses at length the situation with Robert David Steele.Gene may be our most candid insider and is more interested in sharing the reality than massaging the truth.I feel the same way.He confirms my assessment that it was a deal.


Folks may have heard Michael Jaco say obviously there was something but he was not going to speak ill of RDS(which I would expect because he is a leader in the alt news community and has to comply with White Hat requests),and Juan O'Savin said Robert was spiritual.The cabal are very spiritual;they worship Satan!They stole control of an entire planet for Satan.

人们可能听到迈克尔·贾科说,显然有一些事情,但他不会说 RDS 的坏话(这是我所期待的,因为他是另类新闻界的领袖,必须遵从白帽子的要求),胡安·奥萨文说,罗伯特是精神的。阴谋集团是非常灵性的,他们崇拜撒旦!他们为撒旦偷走了整个星球的控制权。

I felt Steele had been replaced a few months ago when he suddenly seemed to be a much nicer person.Definitely not the same guy,IMO.Different frequency.Imagine the information he could have shared with the White Hats since he was so deeply involved in the ITNJ and Human trafficking victims;which begs the question…where does that leave Sacha Stone?

我觉得几个月前斯蒂尔被换掉了,因为他突然变得好多了。绝对不是同一个人。不同的频率。想象一下他可以和白帽子分享的信息,因为他深深卷入了 ITNJ 和人口贩卖的受害者;这就引出了一个问题......那么 Sacha Stone 会怎么样呢?

Gene's repertoire is so vast he can go on(and off script)for hours without a breath so this is chock full of fascinating information.2 hr.38 min.


Gene Decode Interview#4 



Kevin Annett calls for all Canadians to boycott the illegal election Trudeau called for September 20,2021 and has alternatives and actions Canucks can take to fight the tyranny.7 min.


Genocide whistleblower and Republic convener calls for boycott of Canadian election 


Queen Romana seconds that emotion.See her video here.


Turdeau is trying to control the narrative and suggest that it's only a tiny,insignificant faction of Canadians who disapprove of the Liberal government.Ha!Canada is waking up big time and they're not afraid to speak out any more.They're no longer as polite as they used to be.Kudos to the Canucks.


LT showed us footage where he said the crowd was tossing pebbles at him.Was that pebbles as in stones?Or Cocoa Pebbles cereal?




—Jamie Dlux 2021年9月9日:审查制度=绝望|星际飞船地球2021年9月9日:审查制度=绝望|星际飞船地球(@jamiedlux)September 9,2021

Jamie Dlux(@jamiedlux)202199

Good news in Texas on the scamdemic front:A press release.No more pandemic,because there are many treatments.Link to Telegram.

得克萨斯州关于骗子流行的好消息:一个新闻发布会。不再有流行病,因为有许多治疗方法。链接到 Telegram

Some good news!


From Dr.Bartlett directly
xas Medical Board Press Release

来自巴特利特医生直接 xas 医学委员会新闻稿

September 8,2021


Texas Officials Work to Launch Antibody Infusion Centers Across the State


On behalf of the Governor,the Texas Medical Board is sharing information about the establishment and expansion of antibody infusion centers in communities across the state for the treatment of COVID-19.Governor Abbott,the Texas Division of Emergency Management,and the Texas Department of State Health Services have established these centers with the goal of preventing a patient's condition from worsening and ultimately requiring hospital care.


These state-sponsored infusion centers are in addition to the antibody infusion treatments that are provided by more than 200 private health providers across the state.


Antibody infusion centers are currently operating in the following communities,with more coming online in the future:


•Corpus Christi(DSHS)
•Fort Worth(DSHS)
•San Antonio(DSHS)
•The Woodlands(DSHS)

•Austin(DSHS)•Beaumont(TDEM)•Corpus Christi(DSHS)•爱丁堡(TDEM)•Fort Worth(DSHS)•哈灵根(TDEM)•Houston(DSHS)•Laredo(DSHS)•拉伯克(TDEM)•McKinney(TDEM)•ogdoches(TDEM)•Odessa(TDEM)•San Antonio(DSHS)•The Woodlands(DSHS)

The treatment is free and available to all Texans who test positive for COVID-19 and have a doctor's referral.Texans can visit meds.tdem.texas.gov to find a therapeutic provider near them.

这种治疗是免费的,对于所有2019冠状病毒疾病检测呈阳性并且有医生介绍的德克萨斯人都是有效的。德克萨斯人可以去 meds.tdem.texas.gov 医院寻找附近的治疗师。


The above is too little,too late for this Texas veteran.


Man dies of COVID-19,family says Sugar Land hospital refused court-ordered treatment of Ivermectin 

男子死于2019冠状病毒疾病,家属称 Sugar Land 医院拒绝接受伊维菌素治疗


Humanity is slowly learning how to protect their health outside the health careless system.Remember the old adage,"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?I saw the following suggestion somewhere recently and I can say that in the distant past when I had an apple every day,as soon as I didn't—that's when I would get sick.


The protocol:720 mg of apple pectin per day.They stated that many health food stores are sold out.Just a bit of trivia for those who want to use safe,natural means to support their immune system.


No matter what colour they are,apples are golden.Apple juice,apple pie,apple jelly,apple cider vinegar,apple crisp,apple cake,hot apple cider,apple sauce,apple slices with peanut butter,candied apples…what would we do without apples?When I juice vegetables I find I can put anything in and as long as I toss in half an apple,it will be delicious.


Dave has it all figured out and lays down his analysis in this X22 Report.Click in the box below to watch his video.47 min.

戴夫已经把这一切都弄清楚了,并在这份 X22报告中阐述了他的分析。点击下面的方框观看他的视频。47分钟。

Ep 2572b - We Caught Them All, I Don't Think They Will Get Away With It, Think Military

Get The Best VPN 50% OFF 4 LIFE! Click Here - https://www.virtualshield.com/x22 Make Yourself Anonymous Online!! ️️ The country is waking up, they realize [JB] was installed, he lies and he is a puppet of the [DS]. Everything he touches the opposite happens, it's like he was setup to fail.

Vladimir Putin is indeed on our side.There's a montage of video illustrating his leadership.We couldn't do this without him.


See the videos here on Telegram.

请看 Telegram 上的视频。

Whatever happens going forward,Humanity MUST stick together.I saw 58,000+people on that courtroom live stream from Australia yesterday and that was only a tiny fraction of the truther community.Nice work,everyone.Unfortunately,they rescheduled the cases for a later date.Very little was accomplished yesterday.Delay,delay,delay…BUT,we showed we're watching.


September is National Preparedness Month in America and we hope everyone is watchful and prepared for potential events that might unfold.We know we're targets but they can only hit isolated areas—not the entire planet.


Did you see the earthquake footage in Mexico yet?LT included it in his video.Have a look.

你看到墨西哥地震的录像了吗?LT 把它包含在他的视频里。看一下。

Massive earthquake hits Mexico on the day their Supreme Court decriminalized abortion pic.twitter.com/y4r3nDWW8K

墨西哥最高法院宣布堕胎合法化的当天,墨西哥发生大地震 pic.twitter.com/y4r3ndww8k

—Jack Posobiec 2021年9月9日:审查制度=绝望|星际飞船地球(@JackPosobiec)September 8,2021

Jack Posobiec(@jackposobiec)202198

Earthquake?I don't know.It seems like more than just a quake.The recent quakes I've heard about are all 7's.Coincidence?


BIG QUAKE Rocks Mexico 4 Miles From VERY Densely Populated Area!


What do you make of this,at 11:17[seventeen]last night in Canada?Another underground base attack?


Massive M6.5 earthquake at the northernmost tip of the Cascadia Subduction zone in British Columbia,Canada quickly deleted by USGS 



Canadian Library of Parliament,Ottawa,Ontario 加拿大国会图书馆,渥太华,安大略省

We usually leave the woo-woo stuff for the end.Some might consider a civilization they never heard about before a little wooey but we have assurances this is the real deal and have been exploring the information we DO have for some time now.


To go forward,in a sense we will go back;back to the old ways when free energy lit up our cities like a Christmas tree every night;when positive energies supported the people,our food and water were clean and pure,and beauty was the order of the day.Harmony reigned and war wasn't something threatening us.We had plenty of leisure time to explore the nature of our consciousness and our place in Creation,to indulge in the arts,and whatever our heart's desire might be.It was a beautiful world and it was purposefully destroyed by the marauding races that still plague us today.It's time for them to go.


1000 year reign of Christ was Tartaria.Biggest coverup in History.

耶稣在位1000年是 Tartaria 历史上最大的掩饰。

—SiriusB(@SiriusBShaman)September 9,2021


The crew digs up the most fascinating and obscure information.This is a first for me.You?



Original clock of the Kremlin had 17 hours.克里姆林宫的原始时钟有17个小时



We're still trying to ease people into the fact that"we have never been alone".


Elizondo repeats that UFOs could be from the Pleiades.


It's almost a dismissal,but each time he mentions it,he follows up with another statement that backs up"Pleiadian"multidimensionality.


I believe he's carefully eliminating all possibilities BUT Pleiadian-GF Crafts.https://t.co/O7g6YqXE8Y pic.twitter.com/nZv05X9VFM

我相信他小心地排除了所有的可能性,但昴宿星 gf 工艺品,https://t.co/o7g6yqxe8y pic.twitter.com/nzv05x9vfm

—Kab(@Kabamur_Taygeta)September 8,2021


I'll leave you with a chuckle if you're on Telegram.This patriot was ready.The sound track is the best.


Link to Telegram video.

链接到 Telegram 视频。

Are we ready?Link to Telegram.

准备好了吗?链接到 Telegram

Some people are not going to be able to handle what is going to happen soon.Even if they have been told the truth and be prepared.


I think I'm running dangerously low on popcorn.Must put popping on the list.I think I will take tomorrow off as I have places to go and can't seem to get away once I get on the keyboard.


Check out the great material the crew shares via the comments.It's always interesting.Saturday is September 11,so…eyes on and maintain situational awareness.~BP



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