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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 17,2021 2021717


It's a fortuitous day,on the 17th of July.Two seventeens in one week;that has to be special.The numerology of the date on the 14th also gave us a 17,if you recall the meme we shared.


I happened to check on a Telegram message this morning saying they updated the app and they also stated:

今天早上我碰巧查看了 Telegram 的一条消息,说他们更新了这个应用程序,他们还说:

In the past 72 hours alone,more than 25 million new users from around the world joined Telegram.

仅在过去的72小时内,来自世界各地的2500多万新用户加入了 Telegram

I told you Telegram is an amazing place to share and gather information and keep up with developments planet-wide,and it is.

我告诉过你 Telegram 是一个分享和收集信息并跟上全球发展的好地方,的确如此。

I can't help thinking what an auspicious day for the following…


I saw this pop up at 1:22 my time:Link to Telegram




The rumors about JFK Jr.seem to be true,eminent media channels claim.He already issued a statement on his official Telegram channel with controversial content.



John F. Kennedy Jr.

If You Know You Know God Bless America

John F.Kennedy Jr.
If You Know You Know

如果你知道你知道的话,请发电报给 https://t.me/jfk_q17小约翰·肯尼迪

God Bless America


And if you to to that account referenced as JFK_Q17,you will see a number of short posts and the Q capitol image I used at the top of this blog post.Like I said when I began writing this morning…a special day and a special week,based on the video we saw from the 14th at the Capitol with the entourage of black limos and flags flying.Dare I say,"All roads lead to 17"?

如果你注意到这个账户上提到的 JFK q17,你会在这篇博文的顶部看到一些短文和我使用的 q capitol 图片。就像我今天早上开始写作时说的那样......一个特殊的日子和一个特殊的星期,基于我们在国会大厦14号看到的黑色豪华轿车和飘扬的旗帜的随行人员的视频。我敢说"条条大路通17"吗?


JFK says…in the series of posts…


Human blood selling is blocked.
Everything is under the control…




The real Biden dead on January 6 of house arrest due to a heart attack.


The end of this game will cross the boundaries of your thinking.


Globalists have dug their own graves.
If You Know You Know?


And finally…


John F.Kennedy Jr.,[17.07.21 05:32]
It's time to face the truth.


John F.Kennedy Jr.,[17.07.21 08:34]
My heart beats for the American people.


John F.Kennedy Jr.,[17.07.21 11:34]
I will never stop working for the American people.


Link to Telegram

链接到 Telegram


What did Q drop on July 17,2019?

2019717 q 下降了多少?

Sheep no more.



What did 45 post this afternoon?And Whiplash347 repeated,"THE CLOCK".Are we on the clock?


Q post referencing"on the clock"suggests something BIG.

Q post 引用"on the clock"暗示了一些重要的东西。

Apr 06,2018 3:22:28 PM EDT 06,20183:22:28 PM EDT

Q!xowAT4Z3VQ ID:03213a No.922237 

4z3vq ID:03213a no.922237

Fake pic push by MSM.

Google kill.谷歌杀手

YouTube kill.YouTube杀手

FB kill.FB杀手

Twitter kill.推特杀手

Yahoo kill.雅虎杀手

Bing kill.必应杀手

Instagram kill. Instagram杀手

Net will be paused.网络将暂停




Interestingly enough,Sirius B shaman posted this hours ago:

有趣的是,小天狼星 b 萨满几小时前发布了这个帖子:

JavaScript is not available.

No Description

Praying Medic posted this:


They wouldn't be preparing to completely silence us off the internet if the forensic audits were a nothing burger.
They know what's coming and nothing can stop it.


It will be interesting to see the measures the Patriots have in place to deal with the proposed Internet shutdown to staunch the flow of catastrophic news for the criminals who stole another election.Their last election.



This is the people who have been running the world,folks.They are psychopaths and they hate us.


Texas Terror:100+People Are Being Decontaminated After'Mustard Gas'Release at Water Park 


I forgot to include this one in yesterday's post concerning the earthquake in Las Vegas.DEWs used?


Link to Telegram

链接到 Telegram



#Earthquake in#LasVegas!


It occurred at 06:00 this morning with no indication of magnitude or depth!


But that's not what I mean:


Look at THESE reports:


#Thunderstorm warnings and flash#floods in the#Nevada#desert




…watch the Water!



清除所有 d.u.m.s&Tunnelsystems-全球



Stew Peters and his guest Dr.Jane Ruby cover an alarming story concerning the pilots coerced into getting the jab and subsequently dying.This story is BIG and has been ignored by the legacy media and ranges within wide age groups and in the USA and Canada,from what I've heard so far.The COD for one of these pilots was listed as"cancer".Highly suspicious,indeed.What's the REAL story here,folks?Video at the link.

斯图彼得斯和他的嘉宾简鲁比博士报道了一个令人震惊的故事,关于飞行员被迫接受注射,随后死亡。据我所知,这个故事很重要,但是却被传统媒体所忽视,在美国和加拿大,这个故事在不同年龄段的人群中广泛存在。其中一名飞行员的 COD 被列为"癌症"。确实非常可疑。这里真正的故事是什么,伙计们?视频链接。

Stew Peters Show:FIVE MORE PILOTS DEAD!–College Forcing Vaxx

 斯图彼得斯秀:又死了五个飞行员!-大学强迫 疫苗

What else hasn't been covered in the lamestream media?The execution of civilians in South Africa by the government which is discussed by the DigitalWarriors from the UK,among other pertinent topics.

还有什么是糟糕的媒体没有报道的?来自英国的数字战士们讨论了政府处决南非平民的问题,以及其他相关话题。Greece is a mess.


No vaccines,no dinner:indoor Greek restaurants accept only inoculated customers 


If that's not enough,here's a summary of other major developments:


What's going on?


? Garland Favorito,founder of the election integrity group VoterGA,will hold a press conference today to present evidence of fraud in Georgia's 2020 election.

选举诚信组织 VoterGA 的创始人加兰德·法沃里托今天将举行新闻发布会,提出格鲁吉亚2020年选举舞弊的证据。

? Cyber-Ninja reportedly followed mathematician Jovan Pulitzer's method in auditing Arizona.Democrats continue to vilify Pulitzer and never mention that his methodology checks every ballot,counts and forensically verifies its legitimacy.

据报道,Cyber-Ninja 在审计亚利桑那州时遵循了数学家 Jovan Pulitzer 的方法。民主党人继续诋毁普利策,从未提及他的方法检查每一张选票,计数和法证证明其合法性。

? President Trump released a letter from a U.S.Attorney claiming that Attorney General William Burr told him not to investigate the 2020 Pennsylvania election results.


? Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis is leaving the Republican Party because of its members turning their backs on the U.S.president last year,and this is reflected in some documents.RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the left-leaning media she regretted that Giuliani and Powell allowed the election fraud allegations to be made.
"I'm too embarrassed to participate in a party with Ronna McDaniel as chairman,"Ellis reported.

特朗普的律师珍娜·埃利斯(Jenna Ellis)将离开共和党,因为共和党成员去年背弃了美国总统,这在一些文件中有所反映。共和党全国委员会主席 Ronna McDaniel 告诉左倾媒体,她对朱利安尼和鲍威尔允许选举舞弊的指控表示遗憾。埃利斯报道说:"我太尴尬了,不想参加由罗纳·麦克丹尼尔担任董事长的聚会。"

? Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Korman on auditing,"The Legislature has clear authority to provide oversight and address additional issues.


? Cuban authorities shut down Internet sites and social networks after mass protests began.


? Psaki and the Biden White House refuse to blame communism for the mass protests in Cuba.


? An Obama-appointed judge and former activist is presiding over the sanctions case against Sidney Powell,Lyn Wood,and Foreign Office prosecutor Stephanie Lambert.


? A Florida-based doctor has been arrested in connection with the fatal attack on Haitian President Jovenel Moise.
Police said Dr.Christian Emmanuel Sanon is one of the instigators of the plot.They said he arrived in Haiti last month on a private plane for"political reasons.


? Poland faced an increase in illegal migration on the border with Belarus.


? More than 100 vaccines against coronavirus infection are in development.This was reported by Soumya Swaminathan,chief scientist at the World Health Organization(WHO).
"We have 105 vaccine candidates in development.Many of them are in Phase III clinical trials,"she said during the briefing.

目前正在研制100多种预防冠状病毒感染的疫苗。这是由世界卫生组织(WHO)首席科学家苏米亚·斯瓦米纳坦报道的。"我们正在开发105种候选疫苗。他们中的许多人都处于 III 期临床试验阶段,"她在简报中说。

? WHO chief Gebreyesus:"The highly contagious strain of coronavirus delta has already been registered in more than 104 countries and will soon become the dominant strain in the world.

世界卫生组织总干事 gebryesus :"高度传染性的冠状病毒 delta 已经在104个国家登记,并将很快成为世界上的主要毒株。

I heard from a highly experienced and respected doctor that there ARE no beta,delta,etc.strains.Variants or strains of the"flu"are nothing to be concerned about.We have immune systems to deal with it.For anyone who gets sick,there is Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and optimal Vitamin D levels.Then you'll get over it—so let's get over it and stop the insanity.There is NO PANDEMIC!!!

我从一位经验丰富、受人尊敬的医生那里听说,这里没有 betadelta 等菌株。"流感"的变异或毒株没有什么可担心的。我们有免疫系统来对付它。对于任何生病的人,都有伊维菌素、羟氯喹和最佳的维生素 d 水平。然后你就会克服它,所以让我们克服它,停止这种疯狂。根本没有什么大流行病!


We had a contractor here this morning who is a nurse by profession and a house painter on the side and he asked if we were vaccinated.He got a 50/50 split and when I said I wasn't he said,"Can I ask why?"Well I nearly bit the tip of my tongue off but said I would never get a vaccine for any reason and"don't get me started"so we dropped it.


He said that's fine,just be careful,wear your mask when you go outside and blah,blah,blah.He said the people swamping their wards at the hospital had no vaccine and got the plague.He also said his wife got it—but had no symptoms.That's when I nearly lost it and I said there is no such thing as a disease without symptoms and we ended it there because I have very little self-control when it comes to sheer stupidity.Heaven help us.He is so brainwashed—but the nicest guy.



For good news,check this out:The Freedom Phone.As I said,the tyranny only forces us to come up with new and better ways to get around the obstacles.It's not as difficult as we might think because there is no limit to the brilliance and creativity of Humans.


The greedy globalist marketing campaigns and crony capitalism have brainwashed the world into believing their products are the best and the ONLY way to go.That's why nearly all use the Microsoft and Apple operating systems with the surveillance,restrictions,and back doors.


We hear that after the reset when we have the Quantum system running everything,Microsoft will be gone and our Internet will be 7.5 times faster than it currently is.We'll see what happens with Apple/MacIntosh.


When I used Google to go to FreedomPhone.com I got this:

当我使用谷歌访问 freedomphone.com 时,我得到了这样的结果:

Website status:





This site looks a little risky to us,so we flagged it just in case.Make sure you trust this site if you choose to proceed.Better safe than sorry!


When I use DuckDuckGo I have no problem.The phone is$499 US and if you use'CANDACE'at the checkout you can save 10%,as she says.That's less than half the price of the iPhone12 if you don't have one to trade in.

当我使用 DuckDuckGo 时,我没有任何问题。这款手机售价499美元,如果你在结账时使用 CANDACE,你可以节省10%。这还不到 iPhone12价格的一半,如果你没有可以交易的话。

We have a pedo update from Telegram.


Previously UNKNOWN Trips Bill Clinton Made With Ghislaine Maxwell REVEALED.


On the"Chasing Ghislaine"podcast,journalist Vicky Ward alleged that Maxwell had joined Bill Clinton on two foreign trips in the early 2000s that had not previously been known about.

"追逐吉斯兰"播客中,记者维姬·沃德(Vicky Ward)宣称,21世纪初,马克斯韦尔曾与比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)一起进行了两次之前不为人知的外交访问。

It has been known that Clinton had taken several trips on accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's private plane,later dubbed as"Lolita Express"–as it is said to have been used to allegedly shuttle underage girls.


Ward claims that Clinton and Maxwell grew close in the early 2000s,with Maxwell using her trips with the former president as a way to"escape"from her"sick partnership"with Epstein.


There has been much speculation about Maxwell and Clinton's relationship.The former president has denied any knowledge or involvement in Epstein's crimes.


Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl

Telegram provides quite an education and we've got the goods on the freaks running the world.(past tense)It's a package deal.Big Mike Obama and Jack Ardern of NZ



Here's a Canada 2.0 Romana Didulo update ref.the military.So you see,the"military"will be serving the community.There will be no war in our future so the military will have to be repurposed and reassigned.


In Canada 2.0,
It is the"We The People"who will be incharge of their local Communities;not Politicians and not Bureaucrats.


The We The People,will oversee locale projects and govern themselves–to make sure their local project(s)gets done on time and on budget and funds are used as intended.


There is no need to create and legalize layers after layers of politicians and bureaucracies.


That system was designed,created,and implemented by the DeepState Cabal to remove power and authority from We The People and Communities.

该系统是由 DeepState 阴谋集团设计、创建和实施的,目的是从我们人民和社区中移除权力和权威。

I am returning that power and control back to the People/Communities.


Every project will be known and will be supervised by the whole Community in every Community.


*No more envelopes filled with cash going under the table*


These changes will be implemented in local communities with Canada 2.0's Military.They will serve in your local communities.


Welcome to Canada 2.0 ??


There's this story to monitor as we"watch the water".From the MelQ channel.

在我们"看水"的时候,有一个来自 MelQ 频道的故事要播出。


Referring back to the 3 HUMA ships off the coast of Africa…This is absolutely a possibility.And since we are at checkmate,the world is about to find out about this massive atrocity very soon!


Here's some interesting imagery from the Awaken Species channel.It's a light show at the Seattle space needle.Must see.It's nothing but an NWO wet dream but goes to intent,Your Honour.

这里有一些来自觉醒物种频道的有趣图像。这是西雅图太空针塔的灯光秀。一定要看。这只不过是 NWO 的梦想而已法官大人。

NWO symbolism in Seattle.Look closely at the needle penetrating the DNA&cube in the end.
Very creepy.

西雅图的 NWO 符号。仔细看看最后穿透 DNA 和立方体的针。非常恐怖。

Before I go,I have a favour to ask if you feel so guided.We learned this morning that a friend's daughter in her early 20's came down with a strange virus in May that has now attacked her spinal fluid.She is at the Mayo on life support.We hold Kristen in our thoughts with hopes that her soul choice will be honoured without suffering.[No idea if she got the jab.]


It's not all good news or all bad news out there.You have to be a warrior to take it.~BP




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