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James Gilliland ECETI新闻|清醒VS唤醒


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It has become increasingly obvious there is a war going on.Call it what you want,good vs evil,dark vs light,Satan/Lucifer,demons,greys,reptiles VS Creator,Angels,Masters,Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders,some refer to as our Ancient Ancestors returning.The war is multidimensional in nature with seen and unseen negative influences.In this newsletter we will address the awakened ones VS the socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired useful idiots.Now right away the spiritual PC police are going to get triggered.PC correct is just another form of mind control.The one-sided teachings have nothing to do with enlightenment.Enlightenment means to be in knowledge of,all of it,both sides of the coin.Not addressing the dark side,internally and externally is living a half truth in denial,has nothing to do with enlightenment.Many are wondering why I have deleted them as friends or eliminated their posts on Facebook.We have been very patient with the socially engineered yet don't have the luxury of perpetuating the lies and deceptions.We are at a critical point in time where what we do next will determine our future.If you have not noticed the main stream media,owned by 6 corporations has an agenda.The global elite and the deep state who control the lame stream media also have an agenda.They have expressed this agenda for decades.When you know their agenda,their actions will spell out without a doubt who is who.If you don't know their agenda,you will be like a frog in a slow boiling pot eventually cooked.

越来越明显的是,战争正在进行。随你怎么称呼它,善与恶,黑暗与光明,撒旦/路西法,恶魔,灰色,爬行动物与创造者,天使,大师,精神和技术先进的世界,有些被称为我们的远古祖先回归。这场战争本质上是多维的,有看得见的,也有看不见的负面影响。在这篇通讯中,我们将讨论觉醒者与受社会工程、批判性思维和研究损害的有用的白痴之间的关系。现在,精神个人计算机警察马上就要被触发了。纠正个人电脑错误只是另一种形式的精神控制。片面的教导与启蒙无关。启蒙意味着知道一切,知道硬币的两面。不解决内部和外部的黑暗面,就是生活在半真半假的否定中,与启蒙无关。许多人想知道为什么我删除了他们的好友或删除了他们在 Facebook 上的帖子。我们一直对社会工程师非常有耐心,但是却没有奢侈的去延续这些谎言和欺骗。我们正处于一个关键时刻,我们下一步的行动将决定我们的未来。如果你还没有注意到,由6家公司拥有的主流媒体已经有了自己的计划。全球精英和深层政府控制着蹩脚的主流媒体,他们也有自己的计划。几十年来,他们一直在表达这个议程。当你知道他们的议程时,他们的行动将毫无疑问地阐明谁是谁。如果你不知道他们的计划,你就会像一只慢炖锅里的青蛙,最终煮熟。

Many are willing participants unknowingly in their own enslavement and eventual demise.The agenda of the dark hearts is total domination,total control and they will disguise it in many ways.They will use screaming children to promote global warming when all the raw data shows clearly the planet is cooling down then capitalize on the solution.Follow the money.They will create race wars,gender wars,blow everything out of proportion to stop unity consciousness.They will fund and support riots,violence,even burn down your cities and now forests for power and control.To add insult to injury they will blame the fires their minions set on climate change.Twenty eight fires alone were set by one Antifa member another was caught,released by sympathetic prosecutors then set 8 more fires.There is a long list of people caught setting these fires.When people promote the agenda of the dark hearts knowing or in ignorance unlike in the past where we tried to educate them,now we just ignore or in the case of Facebook delete or unfriend them.We don't care if you are a compromised famous actor,musician,billionaire or leader of any institution.We are awake not woke and our cup is full of this nonsense.Especially when it perpetuates violence,pain,suffering,division or acts against nature like the latest Antifa arsonists setting our forests on fire.This includes the lame stream press covering up what is really happening across the country and globally.The peaceful demonstrations were anything but peaceful,the violence and riots were financed and well-orchestrated with the lame stream media refusing to name the people funding the violence as well as the people,"politicians",on their payroll.

许多人在不知不觉中参与了自己的奴役和最终的死亡。黑暗心灵的议程是完全统治,完全控制,他们会用很多方式来掩饰它。他们会利用尖叫的孩子来推动全球变暖,当所有的原始数据清楚地显示地球正在降温,然后利用解决方案。跟着钱走。他们会制造种族战争,性别战争,把一切都打乱以阻止团结意识。他们会资助和支持暴乱,暴力,甚至烧毁你们的城市和森林来获取权力和控制。雪上加霜的是,他们会把自己的爪牙们放的火归咎于气候变化。仅28起火灾是由一名反法成员放的,另一名成员被抓获,由同情的检察官释放,然后又放了8起火灾。纵火者的名单很长。当人们宣扬知道或无知的黑暗心灵议程时,不像过去我们试图教育他们那样,现在我们只是忽视或在 Facebook 上删除或取消他们的好友关系。我们不在乎你是一个妥协的著名演员、音乐家、亿万富翁或者任何机构的领导者。我们是清醒的,而不是醒着的,我们的杯子里装满了这些胡言乱语。尤其是当它延续暴力、痛苦、苦难、分裂或者违背自然的行为时,就像最新的反法国纵火犯纵火焚烧我们的森林一样。这包括蹩脚的流媒体掩盖什么是真正发生在国家和全球。和平抗议绝不是和平示威,暴力和骚乱是由资助和精心策划的,蹩脚的媒体拒绝说出资助暴力的人的名字以及他们工资单上的人,"政客"的名字。

The fake outrage lies and deceptions of the lame stream media are an insult to those who are awake.Unfortunately the same outrage,lies and deceptions are what many in America and globally depend on as their knowledge base to form uneducated opinions based on little or no personal research.Opinions socially engineered by the lame stream media which unfortunately have infiltrated and are now taught the educational system.Some of these opinions have had serious consequences,they are the foundation for many of the ills that plague society today.Those who are awake know this has been planned for a very long time.They also know who is behind these plans.The biggest threat to the dark hearts is truth and unity consciousness.When people transcend race and religious boundaries their game is over.When Universal Law becomes the law of the land,best exemplified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights again it is game over.Universal Law in its simplest form is Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.Universal Law is color blind,there is no hierarchy.Everyone prospers and those less fortunate are assisted by those who are gifted and abundant to reach their highest potential then giving back to the whole.This creates a quantum leap in evolution.It is not Socialism or Marxism where the power and wealth are centralized in the hands of just a few leading to enslavement,tyranny and eventually bloody revolutions,"genocide."It is a system that operates on merit,rewards character,honors free will and affords opportunity.It is not forced it is a byproduct of evolution into a more spiritually and technologically advance civilization.It can only work when the masses have transcended separation,division and lack consciousness.


In the days to come it is imperative that all decide who they are going to hitch their wagon too.This is playing out in todays politics.If you want to know who is on the side of the light look at who the lame stream media is attacking.Look at who they are giving a pass,ignoring the extreme corruption,the destruction of evidence,the two-tiered legal system and extreme incompetence often defined as the swamp.


It seems there is a lot of explaining to do with past administrations,investigations stalled or shelved altogether.If you need examples Fast and Furious,Benghazi,funding Isis,billions going to Iran,destroying computers and phones under subpoena,Russia,Russia,Russia only to find out the democrats colluded with Russia by paying for a fake Russian Dossier which allowed them to spy on an incoming,"duly elected,"President.A President they refuse to acknowledge to this day.Why are they so threatened especially when it comes to stopping child and drug trafficing,locking up pedophiles etc.?Have you put the pieces together yet?If they lied about all of this how can you trust the press or those who participated in these events.Take some time to ponder this,let this sink in.Then ask yourself on what knowledge do you form your opinions,where did the knowledge come from and just how much have you been socially engineered?The real question to ask is are you going to continue down this path and where does this path eventually lead?Now is the time for brutal honesty,critical thinking and doing your own research.It is not a time for perpetuating lies,deceptions,and creating more division and separation.For those who need an apology for using the term useful idiots,if it is not your coat don't wear it.If it is your coat think about where this path is going to take your friends and family,civilization in general.How has socialism or communism worked in the past?If you still be lie ve it is the way to go try it out,take a trip to China or North Korea then voice your antigovernment opinion.Check out what is available on their shelves.By all means start a protest.


Have you ever pondered the idea of why so many other countries want in to America?America has its problems,it is a work in progress that has been usurped,derailed and in the process of being put back on track.One group wants to destroy all that.America stands in the way of total world domination and enslavement.This group wants to keep you poor,sick,stupid and divided.In fact they want to do away with 80%of the population.It will be done with wars domestic and abroad,the creation and release of plagues,providing solutions worse than the plagues themselves.They will demand compliance to rules and regulations that are enslaving and more harmful than what they profess to be making the rules and regulations to combat.


Here is a little information about masks.Did you know a virus outbreak is a level 4 event.Masks will not protect you.You need a complete hazmat Suit fully contained with all air outflowing extremely filtered.They issued a warning that masks will not protect you from smoke.Did you know a virus is about 1,000 times smaller than a smoke particle?Can a layer of denim and underwear stop a fart?Can you still smell them with your mask?I stand vindicated.How about the Pau Pau fruit and the goat testing positive?Now they are saying over 90%of the tests were false positive and the kits were tainted with not just Cov-1984 but other bacteria.You have a 99.94%chance of surviving covid,the Cov-19 is part of the human genome,anyone who received a flu shot has Cov-1984 in their system already and a higher chance of getting sick.Last but not least masks lower your oxygen levels in 4 minutes to unsafe levels according to OSHA,it compromises your immune system and masks actually create illnesses by rebreathing a plethoria of molds,bacteria and virus being expelled by the lungs.How does this affect the elderly?Fact check that.Many states and countries are on to this which is why they are ending the masks and restrictions.

这里有一些关于面具的信息。你知道病毒爆发是四级事件吗。面具不能保护你。你需要一套完整的防护服,所有流出的空气都要经过严格的过滤。他们发出警告,口罩不能保护你免受烟雾的伤害。你知道病毒比烟雾颗粒小1000倍吗?一层牛仔裤和内衣能阻止放屁吗?你还能用你的面具闻到它们吗?我是无辜的。波城水果和山羊检测呈阳性怎么样?现在他们说,超过90%的测试都是假阳性,而且这些试剂盒不仅被 Cov-1984病毒污染,还被其他细菌污染。你有99.94%的几率存活下来 Cov-19是人类基因组的一部分任何接种过流感疫苗的人体内都有 Cov-1984病毒而且患病的几率更高。最后但并非最不重要的是口罩降低你的氧气水平在4分钟内达到不安全的水平根据职业安全与卫生条例,它危害你的免疫系统和口罩实际上制造疾病的重新呼吸过多的霉菌,细菌和病毒被肺部排出。这对老年人有什么影响?事实证明。许多州和国家都在关注这个问题,这就是为什么他们终止了面具和限制。

As George Soros who said my greatest achievement will be the take down of America and I will use the blacks to do it because they are easily manipulated,the name not to be mentioned by the media,the name financing and backing Antifa,Black Lives Matter,The Democratic party where the riots,destruction and death have been ignored and in some cases supported.Countless other organizations and media outlets designed to create race and gender division are under their wing.People are branded as racists for trying to educate and protect their own people.Reason this who is suffering the most due to these riots.Many are happening in impoverished neighborhoods where people of color live,work and own businesses.Do their lives matter?Do their businesses matter,their homes?If the plan of the dark hearts is population control and they have singled out one race over another why is black on black crime ignored?Do they want people of color to take themselves out?How many babies of color are terminated?What happens when people play out the very stereotype we are trying to overcome?How does that bring peace,unity,end oppression?Most important what happens when people are turned violent by false narratives and fake statistics daily perpetuated by the lame stream media,take to the streets and the reaction to their violence becomes terminal?It is called population control.Are we racists for pointing this out,the fact that people of color are being played as openly admitted by their leaders and financers?Maybe those branded as racist are in fact doing their best to end the oppression and enslavement?A rethink is in order,look at what they do not what they say.One last thing,did you know Bill Gates and Fauci were roommates in college.Soros funded their vaccine company?Gates actually said the vaccines will solve the population problem.Little suspicious?

正如乔治索罗斯(George Soros)所说,我最大的成就将是扳倒美国,我将利用黑人来做这件事,因为他们很容易受到操纵,媒体不会提及这个名字,资助和支持反对种族主义、黑人生命至关重要、暴乱、破坏和死亡被忽视,在某些情况下得到支持的民主党。无数其他旨在制造种族和性别分裂的组织和媒体都在他们的羽翼之下。人们因为试图教育和保护自己的人民而被贴上种族主义者的标签。理由:谁是这些暴乱的最大受害者。许多事件发生在有色人种居住、工作和拥有企业的贫困社区。他们的生活重要吗?他们的生意,他们的房子重要吗?如果黑暗势力的计划是控制人口,他们挑出一个种族来压倒另一个种族,为什么黑人犯罪会被忽视?他们想让有色人种自杀吗?有多少有色人种的孩子被终止妊娠?当人们重复我们试图克服的刻板印象时会发生什么?如何带来和平,团结,结束压迫?最重要的是,当人们因为蹩脚的流媒体每天发布的虚假报道和虚假统计数据而变得暴力,走上街头,对他们的暴力行为的反应变得无可救药时,会发生什么?这就是所谓的人口控制。我们是种族主义者吗?因为我们指出,有色人种被他们的领导人和资助人公开承认这一事实?也许那些被贴上种族主义标签的人实际上正在尽最大努力结束压迫和奴役?重新思考是必要的,看看他们做了什么,而不是他们说了什么。最后一件事,你知道比尔盖茨和福西是大学室友吗。索罗斯资助了他们的疫苗公司?盖茨实际上说疫苗将解决人口问题。有点可疑?

Very soon we are going to have to make a decision,on whether America will be left standing after these constant assaults by the tyrants,the global elites,their deceptive press along with their morally challenged useful in some cases narcistic army of idiots.The other option is to stand tall in our divinity,transcend the religious and cultural boundaries,unify and ascend on the upward spiral of evolution.Make this choice wisely.


James Gilliland




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