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May 30,2021 2021530


UPDATE:I forgot to take one more look to see if Scott Mowry would be holding a Miracles Intel Call tonight,May 30th,and he will be.Here's the info for 6 pm Pacific/9 EDT.Or,you may listen to the recording after the end of the live call.


Our conference call line is:
Dial-in number(US):(712)770-4598 Access code:767664#


International dial-in numbers:国际拨入号码:https://fccdl.in/i/scottm6975
Online meeting ID:scottm6975 
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number:712-770-5402 Access code:767664#/followed by#again 重播号码:712-770-5402访问代码:767664#/后接#再次

Backup Number:520-420-9092
If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support:(844)844-1322


There probably aren't many reading the following parable who need to see it,but it's worth a share.Perhaps you know someone who does.


The Lie said to the Truth,"Let's take a bath together,the well water is very nice.The Truth,still suspicious,tested the water and found out it really was nice.So they got naked and bathed.


But suddenly,the Lie leapt out of the water and fled,wearing the clothes of the Truth.


The Truth,furious,climbed out of the well to get her clothes back.But the World,upon seeing the naked Truth,looked away,with anger and contempt.Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever,hiding her shame.


Since then,the Lie runs around the world,dressed as the Truth,and society is very happy…
Because the world has no desire to know the naked Truth.


Painting:Truth Coming Out Of The Well,Jean-Léon Gérome,1896.



Having said that,do people realize how long we've been propagandized,programmed,and deceived?We've all been led down the garden path but not everyone yet realizes it.Those of us who do comprise,"The Conscious Resistance".


There's an article at the link,as well as an excellent video from researcher Derrick Broze for those who wish to learn more about who dunnit and how'd they do that.


The Conscious Resistance Network Presents:The Pyramid of Power Ep.4–The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence-Complex 

有意识的抵抗网络呈现:权力的金字塔 Ep.4-好莱坞-军事-情报-情结

The world is in an uproar and in Brussels there was another anti-lockdown protest this weekend.



In Brazil,however,it's not looking good.The leftists have fueled massive protests and the deaths due to the China virus have been exaggerated and pumped up the people into a frenzy while Jair Bolsonaro tried to downplay the scamdemic.Now they are calling for what?Of course;"impeachment".Video at the link.

然而,在巴西,情况并不乐观。左派人士引发了大规模的抗议活动,中国病毒导致的死亡被夸大了,当 Jair Bolsonaro 试图淡化这场骗局时,人们陷入了疯狂。现在他们在呼唤什么?当然"弹劾"。链接中的视频。

WATCH:Tens of thousands march against President Bolsonaro's response to Covid in Brazil 

观察:成千上万的游行反对总统博尔索纳罗对 Covid 的回应

In the UK,natural health nurse Kate delivered the truth in London and she's very good.Isn't it pathetic that the People have to get their news off a soap box?


To the creatures pushing this agenda,vaccines and tyranny,ask yourself,"Are you Human?"she says.8 min.




Good grief.They've pressed the panic button now!The patriots are pissed.Don't just inject them with poison—inject them with expired poison.Yikes.


The election stories get wilder by the day.


BREAKING:Alarm Went Off at Secure Building in Fulton County Georgia Where Ballots Are Kept–Building Found Wide Open

 突发新闻:Fulton County Georgia 一处保管选票的安全大楼拉响警报,大楼大门敞开

And Sidney Powell dares to go there,live and on stage.Video and audio at the link below.



Sidney Powell Drops Bomb On what Happens To Trump After Fraud is Exposed…

西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)就欺诈曝光后特朗普会发生什么发表评论。…

You may have heard the buzz yesterday about a post on the Q board that people argued about all day as to whether it was the Q team or an imposter.I didn't jump on the bandwagon because I felt like it was the tail wagging the dog.I saw a couple of posts from Code Monkey Z as to how it could have been infiltrated and waited until the dust settled.Today I see this:

你可能已经听说了昨天关于 q 板上的一个帖子的传闻,人们争论了一整天,到底是 q 团队还是冒牌货。我没有随波逐流,因为我觉得这就像是尾巴在摇狗。我看到了一些来自 Code Monkey z 的帖子,关于它是如何被渗透的,等到尘埃落定。今天我看到了这个:


16h 16小时·

Dan Scavino has already pulled the alarm.

Dan Scavino 已经拉响了警报。

To warn ANONS about the FAKE"q post".

警告匿名协会关于虚假的"q "

AND in addition,here is Jim Watkins,8kun board owner with his update.



The pendulum may be swinging at Fox News.


Here is the latest And We Know update from LT.

这里是最新的和我们知道更新从 lt



For those interested in the Nano Soma immune product,Dr.Presser sent out an update email today and wow—his stock has been cleaned out completely on every continent.It's good to know so many see the value in a safe,natural product that unlocks the body's ability and innate wisdom to heal itself and that so many are armed to protect themselves from the fallout from the Wu Flu phenomenon—whether it's getting the jab or being in contact with those who have—either Human or pet.We've got this.

对于那些对 Nano Soma 免疫产品感兴趣的人,普雷瑟博士今天发出了一封更新邮件,哇ーー他的产品已经在每个大陆上被清空了。很高兴知道这么多人看到了一种安全、天然的产品的价值,这种产品可以解锁身体治愈自身的能力和天生的智慧,而且这么多人有武装来保护自己免受吴流感现象的影响ーー不管是打疫苗还是与那些有人类或宠物的人接触。我们能搞定。

He says it will be late June before they can bottle,restock and fulfill the backorders,but you know how fast time flies any more.He included some new testimonials in that missive and they are impressive.It seems there is no part of the body unaffected when our super-conscious intelligence sets to work to heal and correct what is[f]ailing us.It's incredibly exciting and unlike anything we've ever seen.


Richard has had to ramp up his organization in production as well as management so he is rising to the occasion and we can expect a lot of healthy,happy people who are addressing their pain,detoxing,healing wounds,regenerating tissue,enabling their immune systems,and finding clarity and calm in the storm.


I'm not going to actively promote the product again until the shelves are stocked because of all the backorders but if you wish to learn more about Nano Soma you can visit the store using this link,if you please.

我不打算积极促销产品,直到货架上的库存,因为所有的积压订单,但如果你想了解更多关于 Nano Soma,你可以访问这个商店使用这个链接,如果你愿意。

Richard asks that we please use the store for our personal geographic location,whether Europe,Australia,the US,etc.for many reasons.Canada is the last nation to be added to the family with its own fulfillment centre and he's working on that.It's not easy—of course.Orders will ship to Canada from the US for now but it's only taking a week or so from what I've heard.


There is so much good news now and exciting days are on the way.Shock and awe to the tenth power.Ahead,warp factor 10!


James Gilliland did a great update yesterday he seemed very eager to share and again included clips of that phenomenal sighting over the ECETI Ranch and says it was filmed in Canada and Australia,as well.He gets into the news a little,and shares a lot about various off-planet races.

詹姆斯·吉利兰昨天做了一个很棒的更新,他似乎非常渴望与大家分享,并再次加入了在 ECETI 农场上空那个非凡景象的视频剪辑,他说这个视频也是在加拿大和澳大利亚拍摄的。他很少出现在新闻里,并且分享了很多关于星球外的种族的消息。


You may wish to catch the updates on Wake Up Kiwi.com for news from around the world and the current plight of Humanity.

你可以通过 Wake Up kiwi.com 了解世界各地的新闻和当前人类的困境。

A Primer For The Propagandised:Fear Is The Mind-Killer &Whistleblower:Newspaper Industry Chiefs Criminally Negligent Over Covid Scaremongering+Much More 



Romana Didulo asked a fun question on Telegram and the answers are not surprising.The Patriots are up for it.Bring it!they say.

罗曼娜·迪杜洛在 Telegram 上问了一个有趣的问题,答案并不出人意料。爱国者队已经准备好了。放马过来!他们说。

Romana Didulo~Founder and Leader of Canada1st Party of Canada,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada,[29.05.21 17:58]
You want shock and awe?


Click here to see the Telegram post and the comments from the People.


What most Canadians do not know is that the USMCA negotiated by President Trump and other parties was,in effect,the keys to the caddy.The US Military and President Trump/Earth Alliance are actually running Canada,in conjunction,of course,with the Canadian Military if they're going to cooperate.All the"commonwealth nations"are under control and running this scenario.

大多数加拿大人不知道的是,特朗普总统和其他政党通过谈判达成的 USMCA 实际上是球童的关键。美国军方和总统特朗普/地球联盟实际上正在管理加拿大,当然,如果他们打算合作的话,会与加拿大军方合作。所有的"英联邦国家"都在控制之下,并运行这个场景。

Don't believe it?Read the USMCA for yourself.See the new Canada1st website.

如果你不相信,可以自己去读读 USMCA,看看加拿大新网站。

Have you wondered why Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward talk about President Trump like he's the keystone?He is.Donald Trump has been instrumental in saving all of Humanity.He is our President.Regardless of our country of residence.Here's Charlie's video update.


Donald Trump Our President 


You may recall we revealed that 60K US troops were recently called into service if retired/inactive,and were sworn in as US Marshals which means they are authorized to make arrests.Because of the USMCA,that applies to Canada,not only the USA.And probably the UK,Australia,and New Zealand,as well.They don't need uniforms to do that.

你可能还记得,我们曾透露,最近有6万名美国士兵被征召入伍,如果他们已经退役或不再活跃,并宣誓成为美国执法官,这意味着他们有权进行逮捕。因为 USMCA 的缘故,这一点不仅适用于美国,也适用于加拿大。英国、澳大利亚和新西兰可能也是如此。他们不需要穿制服。

Perhaps this is why Q said the US Military are the saviours of mankind?

也许这就是为什么 Q说美国军队是人类的救世主?

Romana Didulo~Founder and Leader of Canada1st Party of Canada,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada,[30.05.21 10:21]
I,Romana Didulo,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada,authorized the presence of US and Federation Allied Special Forces inside Canada.

加拿大第一党的创始人和领导人,加拿大共和国国家元首和总司令领导人,iRomana Didulo,国家元首和总司令,加拿大政府首脑,加拿大女王,授权美国和联邦特种部队在加拿大境内驻扎。

These Special Forces have been operating in Canada for months now and in clandestine manner while others are in Uniform.


While,the Corporation Government authorized and invited the China Communist Party#CCP Military/PLA,into Canada.


Romana Didulo~Founder and Leader of Canada1st Party of Canada,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada,[30.05.21 13:33]


I think Romana is more a Queen of Canada than Queen Lizzie ever was.Romana is a sovereign.She was appointed.She is working for The People,according to Canada's supreme Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.She is upholding the law and empowering the People to also be sovereign in word and deed and to cast off the yoke of oppression imposed by the cabal's bad actors;together,as one.



Agent A1 has a lot of great,super-short videos to educate those who wish to catch up.There's a big,beautiful GITMO now—decked out to the nines—to provide comfy new cells for the pedos and those who committed crimes against Humanity—unless they've already been dealt with by the military for treason.In that case they don't need accommodations.

特工 A1有很多很棒的超短视频来教育那些希望赶上的人。那里有一个巨大而美丽的关塔那摩监狱ーー外面装饰着九号ーー为那些逃犯和反人类罪犯提供舒适的新牢房ーー除非他们已经因叛国罪被军方处理。在这种情况下,他们不需要住宿。

I hear these new Cuban island digs are accessible and equipped with everything for the old ones who won't be getting the med-bed treatment and can live out what's left of their pathetic,adrenochrome-free lives in captivity.We're going to treat them Humanely,regardless of what they did or planned to do to us.



27 任何涉及腐败的加拿大公职人员=GITMO&ASSET SEIZURE 12/21&USMCA 27


As Charlie Ward continues to tell us,we're watching a"pantomime";a movie;a theatrical production designed to awaken and re-programme the masses.What we are seeing is not real.It's a Punch&Judy show—violent and outrageous,but with puppets and masks.



Punch&Judy Show


What's unfolding behind the scenes is real and we'll learn all about it when the White Hats decide it's time.There are about 4,000 indictments to address,so it will take time to process everything but some interesting news is forecast for this first week of June.


In summary,we have Brad Johnson's"Earth Intelligence Report".It's all under control.We can do this.


You can read or listen.4 min.


Earth Intelligence Report May 2021



Interesting Telegram:


HOLY COW!!You are not going to believe this.I am in Shady Cove,OR.and I go out on my parents back yard to enjoy the weather.I stop with my doggo and look up to the sky.What do I see…?I large looking chem trail shaped in a letter..Guess what the letter was.I can NOT believe this I was so excited I ran into the house grabbed my cell phone and capture a shot of a HUGE Q(FOR REAL)I have the photo lol….amazing things are going on Margie…I hope and faith for god is in control*HUGS*

天啊!!你不会相信的。我在俄亥俄州的 Shady Cove。我到我父母家的后院去享受天气。我停下手中的狗,仰望天空。我看到了什么...?我在一封信中留下了一道看起来很大的化学痕迹。.猜猜那封信是什么。我不能相信这我是如此兴奋,我跑进房子抓起我的手机,捕捉一个巨大的 q(真的)我有照片哈哈......惊人的事情正在发生玛吉......我希望和信仰上帝是在控制*拥抱*

People haven't forgotten about Trump and they haven't given up.We were on a beautiful patio on Friday night in Cave Creek and a pickup entered the parking lot with Trump flags all over it which our friends from Texas pointed out.Arizona is VERY aware of what is unfolding here because they know they elected President Trump in a clear victory and they won't rest until it's rectified.

人们没有忘记特朗普,也没有放弃。周五晚上,我们在 Cave Creek 一个漂亮的露台上,一辆皮卡进入停车场,停车场上挂满了特朗普的旗帜,我们的德克萨斯朋友指着这些旗帜说。亚利桑那州非常清楚这里正在发生的事情,因为他们知道他们选举特朗普总统取得了明显的胜利,他们不会罢休,直到事情得到纠正。

Tomorrow is Memorial Day in the US of A.Do enjoy your long weekend if you can,and remember—this is the last war and a timely opportunity to honour the fallen from the endless,senseless battles of greed and conquest designed to eliminate millions of us from this planet.Sheep no more.We were saved by the bell.~BP





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