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Jeff Sessions missed out on the Alabama Senate seat today in the run-up election.


I believe the Alliance didn't intend for Sessions to win that seat.I think they are keeping ANOTHER seat warm for him-on the Supreme Court,replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Apparently the nasty old witch is STILL alive and in hospital,yet again.Many Anons believe that she's been dead for yonks and is on ice while the Deep State awaits the perfect time for a False Flag State Funeral Event.


President Trump tweeted a YUGE hint today about the Wayfair child sex-trafficking operation.Check out this tweet by AnOpiner...

特朗普总统今天在推特上发了一条关于 Wayfair 儿童性交易的 YUGE 暗示


When you have followed President Trump's tweets for a long time,you know that EVERY SINGLE word has significance.And there is no such thing as spelling errors in his tweets-they are always code.

如果你长时间关注特朗普总统的推文,你就会知道,每一个字都有其意义。而且在他的 tweets 中也没有拼写错误这回事——它们总是代码

An example is his well-known tweet from 2012 condemning child sex trafficking.He spells'children'chidlren.Check out this tweet by NikkiCluck...

一个例子是他2012年谴责儿童性交易的著名推文。他拼写'children'chidlren。看看 NikkiCluck 的这条推特.....


It seems that pedophiles and satanists key different spelling versions of the word'children'into search engines to access their evil trafficking sites.President Trump was on a mission to destroy sex-trafficking long before he became President

似乎恋童癖和撒旦主义者在搜索引擎中输入 "儿童 "这个词的不同拼写版本,以访问他们邪恶的贩运网站.特朗普总统早在成为总统之前,就已经开始了摧毁性贩运的任务。

Check out this tweet-Joe Biden mentions'getting kids to the market swiftly'in a recent speech.Unbelievable.A Freudian slip as the Tweeter says...

看看这条推特——拜登(Joe Biden)在最近的一次演讲中提到了"迅速让孩子们去市场"。难以置信。一个弗洛伊德式的口误就像推特上说的那样..


Speaking of Creepy Biden,Q has referred to  'Watch the Water'This tweet by Leah Goodyear explains that Biden's Caribbean island is called WATER Island!



Why would a USA politician own an island with a submarine port which happens to be close to Epstein's island-which also happens to have a submarine port?What's with all the subs?It sounds like the setting for a lot of secretive illicit activity.Richard Branson has an island nearby too.


Finally,a warning about the flood of F bombs in this little video.But it's worth it.Wow,this guy has BALLS.Aussie comedian Adam Hills doesn't hold back in his outburst about British pedophile politicians.We need more people like him on the telly...



How is your Ascension journey going?Time is speeding up and can be keenly felt by Light Warriors.Often I feel dizzy just sitting in my chair.Advice from Upstairs is to counteract this sense of speeding time by s..l..o..w..i..n..g down your life.Do less.Have plenty of space between activities.It's working for me.I feel relatively sane most of the time.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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