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Soundcloud 上的 QFS 解释

People live in an Illusion


The roots of today's problems,clearly show that history has not been a random series of events,but rather a carefully planned'design'of land,wealth,resource grabbing,and the seizure of our freedom through Corona-quarantine,accomplished by a small number of wealthy and privileged individuals bent on world domination.This has been undertaken on such a massive scale that it seems almost最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者incomprehensible,but as the old saying goes,"The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight."


All what is seen is manipulated illusion all over the world.Global finance,including banking,stock markets,currencies,or whatever is simply a confidence trick.When people are confident they buy and invest and the economy expands,when they lose confidence,they don't buy and invest and the economy contracts.All it needs is a gloomy forecast from a cabal-controlled financial spokesman,or a rumour circulating about economic problems,and the house of cards can come down overnight.The Deep State cabal are experts in this.


Their plan to completely take over the planet has until recently been hugely successful by hiding their最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者manipulation behind other cronies;through bribes they control humans like puppets on strings and so they became the wealthy rulers and dark lords throughout the ages.


All these interferences have been going on over thousands of years.As long,things go well for a long period of time–empires grow and grow–and then they don't go so well,and finally everything collapses.Most likely today's society,the global central bank economy is for most nations close to the peak of the curve at present.


The modern-day Illuminati is known as a sadistic satanic Luciferian cult,led by the richest and most powerful people in the world.The Order is filled with homosexuals and paedophiles while the Illuminati work hand in glove with the Vatican,CIA,Mossad,Freemasonry,Jesuits and secret societies like Skull&Bones,etc.In order to control the world,they are trafficking drugs,guns,pornography,and prostitution.They have even been accused of being the power behind political assassinations,the like on John F.Kennedy in 1963,and terrorism,including the false flag attack of 9/11 in 2001 and the downing of flight MH17.

现代的光照派被认为是一个虐待狂的撒旦崇拜,由世界上最富有和最有权力的人领导。圣殿充满了同性恋者和恋童癖者,而光明会则与梵蒂冈、中央情报局、摩萨德、共济会、耶稣会以及诸如骷髅会等秘密组织密切合作。为了控制世界,他们贩卖毒品、枪支、色情和卖淫。他们甚至被指控为政治暗杀的幕后黑手,比如1963年的约翰·f·肯尼迪(John f.Kennedy),以及恐怖主义,包括2001年的9·11假旗袭击和 MH17航班被击落。

Most of the criminality that has society infested,has been built around one crucial lie:that our government of the people,elected by the people,and for the people never has functioned,because it has been during hundreds of years an in-between authority for the cabal.


The sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of people's nations will come back,as Trump Team and the Patriots are working for.In the interim,the elected servants and their cronies running our country,settled in for a nice long session of eating our food,and drinking our beer and wine.Their running of the monetary system has now arrived in an uncontrollable status.As,current beliefs cannot much longer stand up.


Society's foundation will be shaken


There is abundant and indisputable published evidence,inside and outside the peer-reviewed literature,of real harm being done to living organisms in the plant and animal kingdom,arising from the growing of GMO crops and the consumption of GMO manipulated foods.It's like in WW2 where victims'tax money was employed to dig their own graves.Today our tax money is being put to use for the development of GMO Franken-foods which are killing us.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者Overall the public at large doesn't realise it;but executives and top journalists of almost all major media outlets are members of influential Councils and Secret Societies,shaping our fake world.But,the truth is coming out in front for all of us to hear and see.Unless people ignore the obvious,as many have been doing for too long.Be ready,the foundation of society will be shaken,even if people look the other way,because everyone is going to face the new reality.All over the planet is no more room for lies and deception,or running away from the truth.Humanity is soon to learn the irrelevance and stupidity of the current financial system that has enslaved humanity since the Anunnaki arrived 430.000 years ago on Earth.


An all-powerful,all-knowing,but anonymous group"Q"


In 2012,after the second term election of Barack Hussein Obama,three patriots formed a secret group of ten very rich,intelligent and powerful billionaires.They were worried about losing America and the rest of the world to foreign regimes through fascist forces.That is why they formed a secret alliance,最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者loyal to the flag and constitution of America.They were all personally acquainted with members of the Deep State and obtain first-hand knowledge on their plans.


The group of ten named themselves"Q".Their idea was to take advantage of the enigma surrounding the Q from Star Trek,being all powerful and no one would ever know of Q's true identity,unless the Q-group would themselves reveal their identities to the world.


They wanted to operate as an all-powerful,all-knowing,but anonymous group,working in secret without fear of retaliation by the Deep State.The most crucial part of the overall plan was to put a trustworthy president into office and subsequently,the right people into key-positions in his government,which would ultimately result in'We,the People'being able to take back America and the whole World from the Globalists.


So,the first step was to select the person they thought would be most suitable to fulfil the job of Potus.One of the Q-members closely acquainted with Trump approached him.Trump was only informed about the basic plan,without too many details,and he was told that a secret,powerful group would be behind him,supporting and guiding him all the way.

因此,第一步是选择他们认为最适合完成总统工作的人。一名与特朗普关系密切的 q 党成员找到了他。特朗普只被告知了基本计划,没有太多细节,他被告知,一个秘密的、强大的团体将在他身后,一直支持和指导他。

Trump was informed about the ten goals of the plan,to make America great again.Eight of these goals were adopted as promotional points during his election campaign.Amongst others,these goals were;draining the swamp,restoring Constitutional Law,border security,deregulation,breaking away from globalism,America first,ending the Fed to bring back honest gold-backed money,the abolition of TTP and WTO trade agreements,and the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

特朗普被告知了该计划的十个目标,即让美国再次变得伟大。其中的八个目标在他的竞选活动中被采用作为促进点。这些目标包括:抽干沼泽、恢复宪法、边境安全、放松管制、脱离全球主义、美国优先、结束美联储以带回诚实的金本位货币、废除 TTP WTO 贸易协定,以及退出巴黎气候协定。

Trump Team navigate on given instructions


Trump was not told anything about the Q-circle of ten itself,nor was he told that the go-between was a member of the Q-circle.Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly cooperate with him.He was told that he even had to spend his own money on his election campaign.

特朗普没有被告知关于Q 圈本身的任何事情,也没有人告诉他这个中间人是Q圈的成员。特朗普只是被告知,一小群有钱有势的人会秘密地与他合作。他被告知,他甚至不得不把自己的钱花在竞选活动上。

最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者All the Q-circle selected and invited appointees bolster great power and influence.They are all 100%loyal to the constitution,like Trump,and they fully support his endeavour regarding this monumental undertaking.None of these players are familiar with any details of the Q-circle plans,nor do they even know who they are.They only know that there is a powerful,anonymous force behind the President and they are simply the ones that are executing the given instructions,guided by their personal insight and acquired knowledge of the status quo.

所有的Q 圈挑选和邀请的被任命者加强了巨大的权力和影响力。他们都和特朗普一样,100%忠于宪法,他们完全支持特朗普为这一不朽事业所做的努力。这些玩家都不熟悉Q 圈计划的任何细节,他们甚至不知道自己是谁。他们只知道总统背后有一股强大的、匿名的力量,他们只不过是在他们个人的洞察力和对现状的了解的指导下执行既定指令的人。

The next move is the breaking away from the Globalist fundamentals.Some of the moves that have been accomplished are,for example,the withdrawal from the Paris climate accord,TPP,the re-negotiation of NAFTA and countless others.This is to be followed by the dismantling of the Deep State by exposing and draining the swamp step by step,which is going on now.The ultimate goal of the 2020 elections is to obtain control of the Senate,the House and governors.


Everyone involved knows only that some powerful,"anonymous"force is behind the President and that they have been hand-picked into the"inner circle"that is organised around the core circle of ten,to get act and word out to'We,the People'.


最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者To be more precise,today's known Q is not the original"Q".The meanwhile famous Q knows little to nothing about the original ten"Creator-Qs".The information Q disseminates is by instruction.The Q breadcrumbs which we read are dropped by someone who is only speaking for"The Q-Circle"The person dropping the breadcrumbs goes by the name Q Anon signifying Q anonymously.Whereas President Trump goes by Q+.

更准确地说,今天已知的Q并不是最初的Q。与此同时,著名的Q对原来的十个"造物者——Q"知之甚少甚至一无所知。Q 传播的信息是通过指令传播的。我们读到的Q面包屑是由某个只代表"Q"的人丢下的。丢面包屑的人用匿名Q匿名来表示Q。而特朗普总统则被称为Q+

Everyone capable,wanting to join in this battle as a patriot or Anon in assisting President Trump is welcomed.The inner circle-patriots and the Q-movement is involved in the battle for the liberation of the planet from the Deep State globalists.The more participants the sooner we will be liberated.


In waking up more and more people;President Donald Trump has a courageous and important role to play in exposing the Deep State cabal operatives one by one;the"dark"criminal people who are doing everything possible to keep humanity from waking up.In the meantime,they have become desperate and are pulling out all the stops to prevent the change into a better world for all of us.


The cabal hate humanity because they fear humanity as they know what humanity's true capabilities are,and that's why they've gone all out to destroy us through Big Pharma's poisoning pills;so-called"Health care's"obstructive methods to healing;toxic fluoridated water;processed foods with toxic chemicals;soft drinks with dangerous sugars and sweeteners;chemtrails that destroy the environment;an education system full of lies and deception,just to name a few facts.They want followers,not leaders.They don't want people questioning anything,while we should actually be questioning everything!


Be Convinced;President Trump is not a tool of the Deep State


Any comment that President Trump is a tool of the Deep State is absurd,and absolutely ridiculous,it confirms little or no research has been done by the criticiser.To set the record straight;President最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者Donald Trump has confronted the Shadow Government known as the Deep State more than any other president in history,and that includes President John F.Kennedy who was murdered by the Deep State during his re-election tour in 1963 in Dallas Texas.

任何关于特朗普总统是深州政府工具的评论都是荒谬的,绝对荒谬的,它证实了这位批评者几乎没有做过任何研究。为了澄清事实;唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统与被称为"深州"(Deep State)的影子政府的对峙,比历史上任何一位总统都要多,其中包括约翰·f·肯尼迪(John f.Kennedy)总统。1963年,肯尼迪总统在德克萨斯州达拉斯(Dallas Texas)

John F.Kennedy,of course,confronted the Deep State,but unfortunately without the backing of a Q organisation,like President Trump is being supported with.Awake people at the time were fully aware what happened in Dallas.There has been no other president that has had the guts and facility to expose the the Deep State like Donald Trump and John F.Kennedy have demonstrated.

当然,约翰·f·肯尼迪(John f.Kennedy)面对了"深州"(Deep State),但不幸的是,他没有得到Q组织的支持,就像特朗普总统得到的支持一样。当时清醒的人完全知道在达拉斯发生了什么。没有哪位总统像唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)和约翰·f·肯尼迪(John f.Kennedy)那样,有胆量、有能力揭露"深州"(Deep State)

Now the Deep State has been cornered,what will be their answer?They will be going after Donald Trump with a vengeance through indictments,Russian interference,declining central bank economy,to最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者destroy his chance to win his re-election next November.Hence the DS-operatives fight on until they are completely defeated.


Question yourself;"Why would the Deep State attack their own puppet with attacks to try to destroy him and his family if he wasn't threatening to expose the Deep State?"Be assured,he's not a Deep State president.There are members of his cabinet that have puppet connections to central banks and other Deep State operations.But those are used in Trump's administration for a purpose only known by the Q-ten circle.As they are the ones that are giving the instructions and deem necessary to have specific puppet individuals engaged.In his place,Donald Trump is exposing the Deep State to the public,in order to awake the people,in avoiding chaos and riots once indictments are served and prominent individuals are arrested.

问问你自己:"如果深层国家不威胁揭露深层国家,为什么深层国家要攻击他们自己的傀儡,试图毁灭他和他的家庭——请放心,他不是深州的总统。他的一些内阁成员与中央银行和其他深层国家机构有傀儡关系。但特朗普政府使用这些武器的目的只有 Q-ten 圈子知道。因为正是他们在发出指示,并认为有必要让具体的傀儡参与进来。在唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的位置上,他正在向公众揭露"深州"(Deep State),以唤醒民众,一旦起诉书送达,知名人士被捕,就可以避免混乱和暴乱。

The Director of National Intelligence,Rick Grenell has,with authorisation of the President,released the names of key puppet masters.Trump is exposing the Deep State,for which many awake patriots have been waiting for to happen.Again,due to insufficient numbers of awake people,this process has to continue until the majority of the population is awake and understands what is going on.

国家情报总监里克·格雷奈尔在总统的授权下公布了傀儡主子的名单。特朗普正在揭露"深州"(Deep State),许多清醒的爱国者一直在等待这个机会的到来。同样,由于清醒人数不足,这个过程必须继续下去,直到大多数人清醒过来并理解正在发生的事情。

This is very frustrating for the awake under us,but we have reason for optimism,as we now are in the process defeating the Deep State with all their puppets.A construct that goes back for thousands of years.All of the marionettes still alive will not escape their fate!Think about;the European Royalty,Merkel,Macron,Sarkozy,Rutte,Junker,Verhofstadt,Sanchez,Rajoy,Blair,May,George Soros,Obama,Clintons,Bushes just to name a few.


Deep State's satanic control is the result organised long-term conspiracy


The Deep State is the source of all that is evil and negative on planet Earth.To survive the coming rough times,it's essential to understand what it is all about.The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of over a dozen powerful agencies,like the CIA,FBI,NSA,IMF,CFR,BB,BIS,WHO,IMF,WB,最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者top generals,admirals,and other military operatives,long-term congressmen,senators,members of parliament,Lords,directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO's of most of the big multinationals,of which the majority of shares is owned by the DS.Whereas,all government agencies are what could be called their running dogs.


The Deep State's satanic control is the result of a very well organised long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order,based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.


These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions and Jesuits.They form the ruling Oligarchy around the world.The Ruling Pharaohs,originate from Lucifer's occult mystery religions,that came out of Babylon and Egypt.They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal,who see us as their slaves and property,to do with us as they please.


If only the masses,the vast majority of the population who now are out of work,and left alone and最后的警钟|Q和特朗普团队是解放者expressing their anger,somehow become aware of their power they don't even need a conspiracy.They just have to get up and shake themselves like a horse shakes off the flies.If they choose to,they can defeat the Deep State cabal by tomorrow.


Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it!All awake should understand that without exposing the majority of the cabal puppets to the public,we never are going to come to an end.And this is exactly what Q and Trump Team are doing.See it as your personal duty to assist in this endeavour,and begin with motivating and sharing this and other FWC-articles with everyone you know and ask them to do the same with their acquaintances.Going this direction,the majority will wake up faster than currently thought and the sooner the world will be freed from financial slavery.


QFS on Soundcloud explained

Soundcloud 上的 QFS 解释


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