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I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council.I come to you today,lovely beings,to respond to a question asked of me,"How are the Pleiadians involved in the Storm,and liberation of Planet Earth in general?"


I will gladly expand upon what knowledge you surely have on this topic by now.


The Pleiadians have been your overseers for this era as you are most like us in this fifth density and lower.Our expression is very similar to yours.Our DNA is most like each others.We are the closest of cousins,as you would say.

昴宿星人已经成为你们这个时代的监督者,因为你们在这第五密度和更低的密度中最像我们。我们的表情和你的很相似。我们的 DNA 最像彼此。就像你说的,我们是最亲近的表亲。

For this reason,we see you as our brethren,befallen upon by a dark scourge.Through the era,your people have continuously incarnated repeatedly into lesser circumstances,but have managed to hold your timeline against a collective implosion for 26,000 years.Yes,the Pleaidians were here to help you personally,privately and collectively in this endeavour,helping and guiding your world leaders,helping and guiding key people in your world,and helping and guiding the normal person.


One such leader that we worked with was Diana,Princess of Wales.Although her task didn't see completion,as she was indeed the one who was to tell your world of the dark ones leading it,she was murdered before she could reveal all she needed to,she did however,show you what true royalty was,what a true leader was–a woman who cared for so many and whose Light shone brightly to the masses.She left her sire,William,to again pass on her DNA to his children,who will make amends for the way the dynasty has treated the people.All will be shown to you,and amends will be made.Diana's legacy has not ended yet,by far not.

威尔士王妃戴安娜就是这样的一位领导人。虽然她的任务还没有完成,因为她确实是那个告诉你们世界领导它的黑暗势力的人,她在她能够向你们展示她所需要的一切之前就被杀害了,然而,她做到了,向你们展示了什么是真正的皇室,什么是真正的领袖——一个关心许多人的女人,她的光芒照耀着大众。她离开了她的父亲威廉,再次把她的 DNA 传给了他的孩子们,他们将为王朝对待人民的方式做出补偿。所有的一切都会显示给你们,并且将会做出补偿。戴安娜的遗产还没有结束,迄今为止还没有。

We brought you David Icke as well,who has opened the eyes of so many who didn't want to see.And of those who were more than ready to hear what he has to say.He continues to grow in popularity.


There are the everyday heros on earth that we support,protect and nurture in their work.Julian Assange is also one of the Pleaidian heros.Phil Schneider and John Lennon as well.They all had their message and we worked with them to ensure that their celebrity was not lost on inconsequential matters.


Now we are in the Underground Bases,dismantling technology,working with your armed forces.We have some of the children who were in these bases and this has been going on for a while,many years,healing them and helping them to recover from their trauma.They live with us in the Pleaides;they're not to be found on earth but may one day be returned if they wish.


Our ships surround your planet.Yes,the Galactic Ships but we have our own fleet of scientists,technicians,healers and our own light workers who help guide and arrange the energies.We direct these to the correct spots on your planet in order to help awaken people in these sectors,and to change around the negative polarities to positive.


We heal and cleanse your skies and your oceans.


We work to educate those who will step up with new technologies to present to your world,so that you too may enjoy non-invasive healing as the rest of the galaxy does.


The Pleaidians are key in the arrestation and processing of dark entities who will seek time before a universal judge for dispensation as is decreed by the councils.


Arrests are still ongoing.Your planet is heavily infested.
As your viral warfare continues,we seek cures for these and we seek to heal those who have been affected.


We energetically support your environment.


And we work through the lightworker system in order to express our Light at your third and fourth dimensional levels.


New food sources are being created for your planet by us.New foods will be discovered that are delicious,nourishing and of high frequency,and these will have been planted by us,the Pleaidian collective.We are botanists who will transplant or create new species of life for your future nourishment.


We bring you love.We are there to encourage and to soothe you when your outlook is dim.We are there to call on you to help your brothers in need.We prompt you to donate,to help out and to care whenever we see opportunity and now there is much upon your planet.


The Pleiadians are highly active,nurturing,guarding,aggressing against the dark,viewing all from our ships hovering over your world,and working according to the divine plan to set your world back on a path of Light.


Be well,


With much Love,
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