Eceti 新闻:计划/骗局学者的事实——James Gilliland

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The outbreak is a paper tiger,aggressive in spreading but mild to all but those who have a compromised immune system."Usually the sick and elderly".We are not saying there is no virus outbreak or diminishing the death of loved ones,we are saying let's look at the facts.


There is no evidence to prove social distancing has any measurable impact on the spread of the infection.European countries had a quicker down turn of infections that did not do social distancing or practiced limited social distancing.Herd immunity was responsible for the decline of cases and the rapid downward curve.New evidence as suggested by Governor Cuomo of New York is saying the majority of new cases is from people who stayed at home prolonging the epidemic.


Previous flus were two to three times deadlier.CDC had to cut their numbers of deaths due to Co v d in half due to false reporting.Where are the regular flu death numbers?Why are hospitals and doctors told to bring up the numbers by marking Co v id the cause of all deaths?Why does the government pay 1300 dollars to call it Co v d,39,000 if they go on a ventilator which is now proving in most cases to be a death sentence?Why are children who fall and injure themselves,accident victims marked as corona casualties?Did all the strokes and heart attacks suddenly mysteriously vanish?

以前的流感要致命两到三倍。由于虚假报告,疾控中心不得不将死于 Covd 的人数减少了一半。普通流感死亡人数在哪里?为什么医院和医生被告知要把所有死亡的原因标记为 Covid 来显示死亡人数呢?为什么政府要支付1300美元来称之为 Covd39,000美元,如果他们使用呼吸机的话,在大多数情况下,这被证明是一个死刑判决?为什么那些跌倒受伤的儿童,事故受害者被标记为电晕伤亡者?所有的中风和心脏病突然神秘地消失了吗?

The fear and science altered by personal and profitable agendas turned out to be false,extremely overreacting with 1/3rd to 1/4th of the reported and projected casualties.Despite the new evidence the majority of the main stream news is still promoting the false data.There is also evidence that you have a 36%higher chance of getting Co v id if you had a flu shot previously.


The total shut down of the global economy was unnecessary and extremely detrimental causing unnecessary trauma,suicides,spousal abuse,poverty and starvation.


Chloroquine and zithromycin long used compounds have proven safe and extremely effective yet have been demonized in favor of other expensive treatments,vaccines etc.A healthy immune system developed naturally also has proven to be effective.The combination of Quinine,Zink high levels of C,A,E readily available also shows promise concerning prevention.


"We are not doctors and make no claims or prescribe anything see your doctor."


The President of Africa did non-human tests with fruit goats etc.Tests submitted tested positive.Pao Pao fruit tested positive.Most tests have an 80%false positive and tainted tests and masks have been discovered destroyed or refused by government agencies.In China people were throwing their dogs off high rise buildings in fear of them being carriers.


Chimera labs and gain of function research adding bird,swine,fish and now bat RNA to viruses were banned and shut down in America and other countries due to the possibility of creating a zombie apocalypse.It was two dangerous.The research continued with massive funding directed by Dr.Fauci in China,Wuhan to be specific where there is strong evidence the outbreak started by an accidental,or possibly intentional release of the virus.Follow the money and you will see how an intentional release is highly possible.

在美国和其他国家,由于有可能造成僵尸末日,禁止和关闭了病毒携带者的 Chimera 实验室和功能研究增益,将鸟类、猪、鱼类和蝙蝠 RNA 添加到病毒中。这是两件危险的事。在中国武汉的福奇博士的指导下,这项研究继续进行,以确定哪些地方有强有力的证据表明疫情是由意外或可能是有意的病毒释放引起的。跟着钱走,你会发现一个有意识的释放是多么的可能

The patent for the virus and the vaccine were created back in 2007.Let me repeat that the vaccines were created long before the pandemic.Several other patents have also been granted previous to the outbreak all tied to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.Gates along with China are one of the main funders for the WHO,CDC,and other,"health agencies"which have been on a dis and misinformation campaign throughout the pandemic dismissing China of all responsibility.Gates,Fauci and others have contracted to make billions off the epidemic.Claims have been made by top scientists and researchers against Fauci for being responsible for negligence in the aids epidemic stopping research and viable programs showing promise to end the epidemic.Gates has a long history of eugenics,spreading tainted,debilitating and deadly vaccines in India,Africa and other countries.In his own words on Ted Talks with a smirk,he said the vaccines will solve the population problem reducing the population up to 15%.Do you know how many billions 15%of the world population is?Gates also heavily invested in Monsanto,GMOs,Geoengineering,"Chemtrails",businesses and programs responsible for extreme harm to our health and the environment.If you think this is unbelievable remember the blankets with small pox distributed to the nations in the past?Same characters,same agenda.

这种病毒和疫苗的专利是在2007年创立的。让我重复一遍,疫苗早在大流行之前就已经研制出来了。在此次疫情爆发之前,还有其他几项专利也被授予,这些专利都与比尔与美琳达·盖茨基金会卫生组织有关。盖茨和中国是世界卫生组织、美国疾病控制和预防中心以及其他"卫生机构"的主要资助者之一,这些机构在整个流行病期间一直在发布消息和提供错误信息,否认中国应承担一切责任。盖茨,福奇和其他人已经缩减了数十亿美元的流行病。顶级科学家和研究人员反对福奇在阻止艾滋病流行的研究和可行的项目中的疏忽,这些项目显示了结束艾滋病流行的希望。盖茨在优生学方面有着悠久的历史,在印度、非洲和其他国家传播受感染的、使人衰弱的致命疫苗。在 Ted 演讲中,他笑着说疫苗将解决人口问题,将人口减少到15%。你知道世界人口的15%有多少亿吗?盖茨还在孟山都、GMOs、地球工程、"化学废料"、对我们的健康和环境造成极大危害的企业和项目上投入了大量资金。如果你认为这是令人难以置信的,还记得过去分发给各国的带有天花的毯子吗?同样的角色,同样的议程

These war and disease profiteers are all saying we will never return to business as usual,go back to work,school etc.unless we make vaccines,chipping and vaccine ID cards mandatory.Considering the history of his vaccines why would anyone in their right mind get one?If they worked why would people fear unvaccinated people?Considering the facts we should be more afraid of vaccinated people with a 36%higher chance of harboring the virus?This is why the majority of the main stream corporate owned news,"notice all the pharmaceutical company adds"is promoting the fear and mandatory vaccines,chipping,ID cards and other draconian methods designed to impinge on your health and freedom.Is there a conflict of interest,a vested interest.What are the consequences of their actions?Now you know why there is extreme censorship with conservative,investigative and citizen journalist followed by worldwide protests.What would happen if this all came out,what would the informed masses do?Do your own research.This isn't Kansas anymore.It is Hell if you allow it.


The masses are awakening.


This will be censored permission to pass far and wide.Do it.Our health and freedom depend on it as the health and freedom of the next generations.The masks are coming down.


James Gilliland



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