“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

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世界超级大国互相指责 COVID-19″生化武器”引发的口水战,澳大利亚秘密情报局(ASIS)在审查这一问题时表示,刚刚宣布的澳大利亚”人类生物安全紧急状态”可能提供了关键线索,表明这场冠状病毒大流行是否确实是人为造成的危机

A gobsmacking highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the war of words that’s erupted as the world’s superpowers blame each other for the COVID-19 “bioweapon,  states in its examination of this issue that the just declared “Human Biosecurity Emergency” in Australia may hold critical clues as to if the coronavirus pandemic is, indeed, a manufactured crisis—most particularly because this human biosecurity emergency was approved by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)—the same Australian spy agency that a fortnight ago effectively threw the Australian Associated Press out of business after 85-years of publishing by its secretly ordering banks not lend it any money—and whose reason for doing so revolves around a psychiatrist named Dr. Russell McGregor and his Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice located in Dee Why-New South Wales located about 18-kilometers (11 miles) from ASIS headquarters in downtown Sydney—a Dr. McGregor whose medical practice specialized in providing mental health treatment to ASIS personal—but whom the leftist Australian Associated Press waged a war against resulting in one of their final headlines before going out of business being “Psychiatrist Struck Off For Posting ‘Bizarre’ QAnon Conspiracy Theories”—and yesterday stunningly saw Dr. McGregor retaliating against the injustice done to him with a series of Tweets [more readable form] among whose breathtaking revelations include his saying that the coronavirus was an engineered bioweapon intended to destroy President Donald Trump—but that Trump discovered this plot and had this bioweapon redesigned to make less lethal—and that Trump has deployed it as a means to cause the Deep State to lose control of the streets forever—and saw him warning the American people that “The Storm Is Upon Us” while alerting them to the coming “10 Days Of Darkness” about to strike them as Trump brings this war to a close—beyond stunning revelations made by Dr. McGregor that were near immediately followed by radical leftist anti-Trump top CNN news anchor Dana Bash shocking the world by saying about Trump on live television: “He is being the kind of leader that people need, at least in tone, today and yesterday, in tone that people need, and want, and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty”—a remarkable admission of truth made by a Dana Bash whose former husband is Deep State leader and former CIA Chief of Staff turned national security analyst for NBC News and its cable division, MSNBCJeremy Bash—and proves she knows that prisoners won’t be taken by Trump.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份令人目瞪口呆的高度机密的新的外国情报局(SVR)报告,报告指出世界超级大国互相指责 COVID-19"生化武器"引发的口水战,澳大利亚秘密情报局(ASIS)在审查这一问题时表示,刚刚宣布的澳大利亚"人类生物安全紧急状态"可能提供了关键线索,表明这场冠状病毒大流行是否确实是人为造成的危机——最主要的原因是,这场人类生物安全紧急状态得到了澳大利亚秘密情报局(ASIS)的批准。两周前,该澳大利亚情报机构实际上——为什么新南威尔士州距离悉尼市中心的美国精神病学协会总部大约18公里(11英里)。麦格雷戈博士的医疗行业专门为个人提供精神健康治疗,但是澳大利亚联合通讯社发起了一场反对该协会的战争——昨天,麦格雷戈博士发布了一系列令人震惊的推文(更具可读性的形式),其中包括他的一句话——这种冠状病毒是一种人工制造的生化武器,旨在摧毁唐纳德·特朗普总统,但特朗普发现了这一阴谋,并重新设计了这种生化武器,以降低杀伤力,而且特朗普利用它作为一种手段,让"深海之州"永远失去对街道的控制,并看到他警告美国人民,"风暴即将来临",同时提醒他们注意即将到来的"黑暗的10"(10 Days Of Darkness),因为特朗普正在结束这场战争——由麦格雷戈博士发表的讲话几乎紧随其后,激进左派反特朗普的 CNN 顶级新闻主播达纳·巴什在电视直播中对特朗普发表了震惊世界的讲话:"他是那种人们在今天和昨天需要的领导人,至少在语气上,他的语气是人们在危机和不确定时期需要的、想要的和渴望的"——达纳·巴什令人瞩目地承认了真相,她的前夫是深州领导人,曾任美国中央情报局幕僚长,现在是 NBC 新闻及其有线电视部门 MSNBC 的国家安全分析师,杰里米·巴什证明了她知道囚犯不会被特朗普抓俘虏:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

According to the very limited portions of this highly-classified SVR report permitted to discussed upon by various ministries,an unbiased intelligence analysis as to the truth of the claims being made by Dr.Russell McGregor rests on who most benefits from this coronavirus pandemic in the long run—and without any doubt is President Trump—as for years Trump has been unrelentingly attacked as being a racist for the war he has waged against globalist-socialist ideology with his America First agenda—but who now stands astride a world where every nation is so rapidly retreating from globalist-socialist ideology,these nations can't close their borders fast enough—and sees today it being correctly observed the Continent's response to coronavirus proves that European"solidarity"has always been a sham.

根据这份高度机密的 SVR 报告中被各部委讨论的非常有限的部分,对于拉塞尔·麦格雷戈博士(Russell McGregor)提出的断言的真实性,一份公正的情报分析取决于从长远来看,谁最能从这种流行病冠状病毒中受益ーー毫无疑问,特朗普总统就是ーー多年来,特朗普一直被无情地攻击为种族主义者,因为他用"美国第一议程"(America First agenda)对全球主义者和社会主义者的意识形态发动了一场战争ーー但现在,他正跨越一个世界,这些国家不可能以足够快的速度关闭自己的边境——今天看到欧洲大陆对冠状病毒的反应得到了正确的观察,证明了欧洲的"团结"一直都是假的。

What history will most remember about this coronavirus pandemic, this report notes, is that in but a few short months, it’s upended the entire globalist-socialist world and its followers by shining the glaring light of truth and facts on their dangerous and deadly to humanity hypocrisies—hypocrisies many American people are now belatedly awakening to as evidenced by remarkable headlines now being published by major US news outlets such as “Yes, Mom, The CDC Is Part Of The Deep State, Too”—and are, also, hypocrisies being slammed into the faces of the communist Chinese loving US mainstream propaganda media—nearly all of whose reporters have now been thrown out of China—which led the leftist Washington Post to publish their nearly first in history anti-China article titled “China Dangerously Expels More U.S. Journalists As The World Seeks Credible Coronavirus Reporting”—as well as the leftist New York Times doing the same with their anti-China article titled  “China’s Ill-Timed Attack On The Free Press.

这份报告指出,关于这场冠状病毒大流行,历史上最令人难忘的是,在短短几个月内,它颠覆了整个全球主义-社会主义世界及其追随者,用耀眼的真相和事实揭示了它们对人类是危险的、致命的虚伪ーー这是许多美国人迟迟才意识到的虚伪,美国主要新闻媒体现在发布的引人注目的标题证明了这一点,如"是的,妈妈,CDC 也是深层国家的一部分"ーー而且,几乎所有的美国主流宣传媒体的记者现在都被赶出了中国,这使得左翼的《华盛顿邮报》发表了历史上几乎第一篇反华文章,题为《世界寻求可信的冠状病毒报道,中国危险地驱逐更多的美国记者》,以及左翼的《纽约时报》也发表了同样的反华文章,题为《中国对新闻自由的不合时宜的攻击》。

While the leftist rabidly anti-Trump propaganda media organs Washington Post and New York Times are slowly awakening to the reality about what President Trump is doing as revealed by Dr. McGregor, however, this report continues, the same cannot be said about other leftist factions in America—such as the socialist brainwashed American youths who are encouraging mobs to loot stores during the coronavirus panic, as well as losing their minds to invent a new game they call they’re calling “Coronavirus Challenge” which sees them licking toilet seats to prove how unafraid they are—insanity being matched by the City of Philadelphia that’s stopped arresting criminals because of coronavirus fears, and the socialist Democrat Party Mayor of New Orleans upending the US Constitution with her order banning all gun sales so her citizens can’t protect themselves from criminals being freed—all of which arises from a deranged socialist mindset that now sees elite leftist Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette vilely proclaiming that Jewish conspiracy is behind the coronavirus pandemic, and who exactly said: “If there is anything bad in the world then, ipso facto, Jews and Israel are behind it”—but whose top prize for socialist lunacy must go to former US Attorney turned top leftist MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who yesterday declared on live television that Trump could be charged with murder over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic—coronavirus deaths, though, that remain but a blip on the historical timeline of global pandemics.

尽管激进的反特朗普宣传媒体机构《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)和《纽约时报》(New York Times)正在慢慢意识到,正如麦格雷戈博士所揭示的那样,特朗普总统正在做什么。然而,这份报告继续写道,美国其他左翼派别却不是这样ーー比如被社会主义洗脑的美国青年,他们鼓励暴徒在冠状病毒恐慌——他们不仅疯狂地发明了一个他们称之为"冠状病毒挑战"的新游戏,通过舔马桶座来证明他们是多么的无所畏惧ー费城市因冠状病毒的恐惧而停止逮捕罪犯,新奥尔良的社会主义民主党市长颠覆了美国宪法,她下令禁止所有枪支销售,这样她的公民就不能保护自己免受罪犯被释放ー所有这些都摆脱了一种疯狂的社会主义心态,现在看到好莱坞的精英左翼女演员罗赞娜·阿凯特·马丁宣称犹太人是冠状病毒流行的幕后黑手,他确切地说:"如果世界上有什么不好的事情,那么,事实上,犹太人和以色列就是幕后黑手。"——但是,社会主义精神错乱的最高奖项必须颁给前美国检察官出身的顶级左翼分子 MSNBC 法律分析师格伦·基尔施纳(Glenn Kirschner)。基尔施纳昨天在电视直播中宣布,特朗普可能会因为处理冠状病毒大流行而被控谋杀。不过,冠状病毒死亡仍然只是全球流行病历。

“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

Never in recorded history have so many Americans gone hysterically insane because of an actually mild virus pandemic.


Most critically not being noticed by the American people about this coronavirus pandemic, this report explains, is that it’s masterfully being used by President Trump to wipe out all of his Deep State enemies—best evidenced in the actions taken by Trump’s central bank called the Federal Reserve whose signs point to their purposely trying to crash the US stock markets—a stock market crashing coinciding with what is being called “the crazy moves made by the US Treasury nobody can explain”—but whose full explanation, though, can be understood when knowing that this coronavirus pandemic is being marched side-by-side with a global oil war that’s now crashed its price per barrel to an 18-year low—which means that when Trump orders both the Federal Reserve and US Treasury to re-inflate the American economy when the coronavirus pandemic ends, for the first time in modern history it can be done without a money destroying inflations monster rising like occurred in the 1970’s and brought the US to its economic knees.

这份报告解释说,美国民众没有注意到的最关键的一点是,特朗普总统巧妙地利用这种病毒消灭了他所有的"深州"(Deep State)敌人——特朗普的央行美联储(Federal Reserve)采取的行动就是最好的证明。美联储的迹象表明,他们故意试图让美国股市崩盘——股市崩盘,同时出现了所谓的"美国财政部无人能解释的疯狂举动"——但对此,美联储做出了充分的解释,不过,当我们知道这场冠状病毒大流行正与一场全球石油战争并肩进行时,我们还是可以理解的。如今,全球石油战争的价格已经跌至18年来的最低点——这意味着,当特朗普命令美联储(Federal Reserve)和美国财政部在冠状病毒大流行结束时重新推动美国经济通胀时,我们可以做到这一点,而不必像上世纪70年代那样,出现一个摧毁金钱的通胀怪物,它曾使美国经济陷入瘫痪。

Being crushed into oblivion by the economic moves being made by President Trump in this coronavirus panic, this report details, are the socialist Democrat Party controlled stronghold US States in rebellion Trump immediately targeted upon taking power with his crushing SALT tax—and are, also, Democrat Party controlled States whose socialist pension funds have for decades robbed the American citizens living in them of wealth to such an extent top economic experts warned last year that “The Coming Pension Crisis Is So Big That It's A Problem For Everyone”—best exampled by the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of Illinois that since 2000 has increased its socialist pension spending by more than 500% while the vast majority of citizens were crushed by ever increasing taxes—and today is an Illinois just weeks away from its having to declare bankruptcy—a bankruptcy soon to be followed by the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of California—as well as the socialist Democrat Party stronghold State of New York, most particularly New York City that’s now just weeks from bankruptcy, too—and all of whom have just watched in terror as the coronavirus has turned their trillions-of-dollars worth of US stock market holdings held in their socialist pension funds into worthless pieces of paper.


“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

The evidence showing that President Trump has turned this coronavirus pandemic plot against his enemies who perpetrated it, this report concludes, can be best understood by ones knowing that the individual States in America (who are self governing entities and powers unto themselves) have massive numbers of unemployment offices to provide for their citizens who’ve lost jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic—unemployment offices that today are overwhelmed by those who have lost their jobs, and whose numbers of unemployed are said could rise to over 4.6 million—but are States which Trump is in no way going to bail out of their socialist economic mess, as, instead, he is preparing to have his US federal government send at least two $1,000 checks directly to every American citizen in a bold move even his socialist Democrat Party enemies can’t oppose—while at the same time, the warning issued yesterday by Dr. Russell McGregor to the American people for them to prepare for “10 Days Of Darkness” has just been met by top US economic experts advising Trump to immediately “Shut Down The Country”—but in whose final end game conclusion of, sees Vice President Mike Pence assuring the American people that when this coronavirus pandemic is over, “Our Economy Will Come Roaring Back”—a welcome assurance of hope supported by the vast numbers of the American people who growing more disgusted by the hour at the leftist mainstream media’s politicization of this crisis—but viewed in dread by socialist Democrats who worry the coronavirus could help Trump win reelection—and for Christian peoples not only in America, but the world over who know true things, is a coronavirus pandemic crisis they knew was coming to aid President Trump against all of his vile enemies—as what is occurring now is an exact match of what occurred a little over 2,000 years ago when a small group of people who put their faith in Jesus came up against the powerful might of the demonic Roman Empire—a Roman Empire standing opposed to Gods will as those who stand against Trump today—but who then had to deal with two historic plagues that ravaged the entire Roman Empire—the Antonine Plague, 165-180 A.D. and the Cyprian Plague, 249-262 A.D.—plagues that killed roughly a quarter to a third of their population, striking down emperors Marcus Aurelius, Hostilian, and Claudius II Gothicus while ravaging their empire—and as in the case of the coronavirus today, saw panic spreading because the society did not understand the disease—panic, however, not affecting Christian peoples who when these plagues ended saw Christianity being the main religion of the Roman Empire—thus proving that when enemies arise against God’s chosen leaders like President Trump, they always meet their doom.

这份报告总结说,有证据表明,特朗普总统已经将这种冠状病毒大流行的阴谋转向了犯下这种罪行的敌人,这种情况最容易理解的是,美国各州(自治实体和自身的权力)有大量失业办公室,为因冠状病毒大流行而失去工作的公民提供保障ーー失业办公室如今被那些失去工作的人所淹没,这些州的失业人数据说可能超过460万人,但特朗普绝不会帮助这些州摆脱其社会主义经济混乱,因为相反,他正准备让他的美国联邦政府直接向每个美国公民发放至少两张1000美元的支票,这一大胆举动甚至连他的社会主义民主党对手都无法反对,拉塞尔·麦格雷戈博士(dr.Russell McGregor)昨天向美国人民发出警告,要他们为"黑暗的10"做好准备。美国顶级经济专家建议特朗普立即"关闭这个国家"——但是,副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)在他的最终结论中向美国人民保证,当这场冠状病毒大流行结束时,"我们的经济将再度高歌猛进"——广大美国民众对左翼主流媒体将这场危机政治化的做法越来越反感,他们对这一令人欢迎的希望保证表示支持——但社会主义民主党人对此感到恐惧,他们担心这种冠状病毒可能会帮助特朗普赢得连任。对于美国的基督教民众,乃至全世界知道真相的人来说,冠状病毒是一场大规模流行性危机,他们知道这场危机将帮助特朗普总统对抗所有邪恶的敌人,因为目前发生的事情与2000年前,一小群信仰耶稣的人面对着邪恶的罗马帝国的强大力量——一个反对上帝意志的罗马帝国,就像今天反对特朗普的罗马帝国一样——但当时他们不得不应对两场蹂躏了整个罗马帝国的历史性瘟疫,即公元165-180年的安东尼瘟疫。塞浦路斯瘟疫,公元249-262年。正如今天的冠状病毒事件一样,由于社会不了解这种疾病,恐慌开始蔓延——然而,恐慌并没有影响基督徒,当这些瘟疫结束时,他们认为基督教是罗马帝国的主要宗教——从而证明,当敌人出现反对上帝选定的领导人,比如特朗普总统时,他们总会遭遇厄运。

“特朗普风暴”加剧,美国面临“十天黑暗”警告——Sorcha Faal

"So do not fear,for I am with you;do not be dismayed,for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."


Book of Isaiah--Chapter 41,Verse10



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