Sierra(NZ)– 乔丹•萨瑟金解开埃尔帕索枪击案

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Jordan's latest video gives an excellent summary of the truth behind the El Paso shooting...


As Jordan points out,the Deep State is working hard to discredit the Q movement.We know they are fighting a losing battle because there are millions of Patriots world-wide-we vastly outnumber them.


This article also explains the shooting.As the writer says,the shooting was a REAL event,it is the MSM narrative that is fake.The article is titled'Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting...'


We have always known that the Deep State responds with mass shootings when the Alliance is directly over the target.That is what is currently happening in USA.It is shocking to witness,and deeply distressing.


Jordan describes his own reaction to what is happening-and I agree with him(from 25'48"in video)...


Jordan:'How can we stop this madness happening on our planet?Yes,we do need prayers,we do need positive thoughts out there...but MY opinion on what we can do to make sure this never happens again is to spread the awareness,raise the consciousness-get people understanding why the hell this happens in the first place.'


'It doesn't happen because we lack gun laws...It's a corrupted Deep State...horribly sick people out there who will pull false flag events like this with no regard for human life,to bring forth their agenda.We are bringing darkness to Light.We can change this for the better and make sure it NEVER happens again.'


Finally,there is a positive channeling from Poof.As you may know,I have been following the Poof channelings for many years.He does not offer hope unless it is backed by solid evidence.He has been one of the most cautious channels in this long RV/GCR journey.I feel heartened by this latest message...


Sierra(NZ)– 乔丹•萨瑟金解开埃尔帕索枪击案

Keep your energy steady and calm.Try to see everything from the 40,000 foot perspective.And get out into nature as much as possible-it is the best way to handle daily life in this chaotic 3D/5D transitional world.


Despite appearances,all is well!


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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