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据 Elena Danaan 从她的主要外星联系人 Thor Han Eredyon 那里得到的信息,有很多关于2月8日49颗星链微型卫星中的40颗被州国击落的猜测。


There has been much speculation over the destruction of 40 out of 49 Starlink microsatellites on February 8 that were shot down by the Deep State, according to information received by Elena Danaan, from her primary extraterrestrial contact Thor Han Eredyon.  Elena has just followed up with an article that casts more light on Elon Musk and Starlink based on information received earlier from a female extraterrestrial from Alpha Centauri with whom she had a face-to-face encounter in a small town in Ireland just over a month previously.

据 Elena Danaan 从她的主要外星联系人 Thor Han Eredyon 那里得到的信息,有很多关于2月8日49颗星链微型卫星中的40颗被州国击落的猜测。埃琳娜随后发表了一篇文章,根据早些时候从半人马座阿尔法星的一位女性外星人那里得到的信息,对 Elon Musk 和星联进行了更多的阐述。就在一个多月前,埃琳娜在爱尔兰的一个小镇上与一位女性外星人进行了面对面的接触。

In her article, Elena explains how she first met the Nordic-looking extraterrestrial and her husband in December 2019 at a book launch in Ireland and was told that they were ‘Americans’ working on advanced communications technology projects in Los Angeles, California. At the time, Elena didn’t know about their true origins, but only observed their strikingly good looks and their strangeness. Elena says that she was very surprised when the same female phoned her two years later, on January 4, 2022, and arranged to have a meeting.


At the meeting, the Nordic identified herself as coming from Alpha Centauri, and that she and others had been living on Earth for some time and had integrated into the human population. In 2006, I wrote an article and followed up with a conference presentation about extraterrestrials secretly living among us a year later.


This history of aliens infiltrating human society extends back, at the very least, to the 1950s, when famous contactees such as George Adamski and Howard Menger described helping extraterrestrials go unnoticed in society. Around the same time, a group of extraterrestrials began revealing themselves to over 100 Italians and other Europeans in what is known as the ‘Friendship case.’ The meeting Elena described is therefore not unique given this secret history of off-worlders living among us.

外星人渗透人类社会的历史至少可以追溯到20世纪50年代,当时著名的联系人乔治 · 亚当斯基和霍华德 · 门格尔描述了帮助外星人在社会中被忽视的情况。大约在同一时间,一群外星人开始向100多名意大利人和其他欧洲人展示他们自己,这就是所谓的“友谊”。因此,埃琳娜所描述的这次会面并不是唯一的一次,因为我们之间有着外星人的秘密历史。

At their January 2022 meeting, which Elena discusses in her article, the extraterrestrial explained the future importance of Starlink and Elon Musk:

在他们2022年1月的会议上,埃琳娜在她的文章中讨论到,外星人解释了星联和埃隆 · 马斯克未来的重要性:

Then… she got into the real subject and I was surprised at first with her question. She asked me what internet provider I had and she strongly advised me to go for Starlink. She said Starlink was going to become very big and take over mostly every communication systems in the near future, and that Elon Musk invested more funds into developing Lower Orbit relay technologies. She kept on talking about him, saying that he was going to become very important soon, for the greater good of humanity, in the near and far future. She said this: “him and I are from the same place”.

然后... ... 她进入了真正的话题,我一开始对她的问题感到惊讶。她问我有什么互联网供应商,她强烈建议我去星联。她说,星联将变得非常庞大,在不久的将来接管几乎所有的通信系统,而且埃隆 · 马斯克在低轨道中继技术上投入了更多的资金。她不停地谈论他,说他很快就会变得非常重要,在不远的将来,为了人类更大的利益。她说: “他和我来自同一个地方”。

The female Nordic’s comment about the future of Starlink and Elon Musk, and their importance for the good of humanity is very revealing. If her comments about Starlink taking over communications systems in the near future are accurate, that gives us powerful insight into who would have been behind the loss of 40 Starlink satellites. High on the list of suspects would be the owners of the present global communications system—the Deep State.

女性北欧人对星联和埃隆 · 马斯克的未来以及他们对人类的重要性的评论是非常有启发性的。如果她关于星联将在不久的将来接管通信系统的评论是准确的,那么我们就可以深入了解是谁导致了40颗星联卫星的损失。目前的全球通信系统——深层国家——的所有者将在嫌疑人名单上位居前列。

Furthermore, the Nordic’s comment that Musk is from Alpha Centauri conjures up a similar scenario to Nikola Tesla, who believed, along with several of his closest associates, that he was originally from Venus. Arthur Matthews and Margaret Storm both wrote books that described Tesla’s origin as a Venusian.

此外,北欧人关于马斯克来自半人马座阿尔法星的评论让人联想到与尼古拉 · 特斯拉相似的场景,特斯拉和他的几个最亲密的助手相信他最初来自金星。亚瑟 · 马修斯和玛格丽特 · 斯托姆都写过一本书,把特斯拉的起源描述为金星人。

leaked Majestic document describes how human-looking extraterrestrials have in the past dropped off some of their babies to be raised as normal humans, but they would have advanced abilities that would facilitate technological advancements. It is therefore not unprecedented that a gifted inventor such as Musk turns out to have off-world origins.

一份被泄露的 Majestic 文件描述了人类外表的外星人如何在过去遗弃了他们的一些孩子,让他们像正常人一样被抚养长大,但是他们拥有先进的能力,可以促进技术进步。因此,像马斯克这样有天赋的发明家出身于外太空也不是没有先例的。

In her conversation with Elena, the Nordic talked about living in California and working on advanced technologies before buying a house in Ireland:

在她与 Elena 的谈话中,北欧人谈到了在爱尔兰买房之前住在加利福尼亚和研究先进技术:

Her: We were living near L.A. before buying a house here, but I still travel a lot. 

她: 在这里买房子之前,我们住在洛杉矶附近,但是我仍然经常旅行。

Me: What were you doing there, as a job? I remember you said you were installing new technologies in people’s homes? For which company was it?

我: 你在那里做什么,工作吗?我记得你说过你在人们的家里安装新技术?是哪家公司的?

Her: We had our own private company. We are high grade engineers. It was a new technology, very advanced, having to do with connectivity. A kind of Wi-Fi if you want but based on quantum technology relayed to lower orbit connectivity. That’s all I can say.

她: 我们有自己的私人公司。我们是高级工程师。这是一项新技术,非常先进,与连接有关。这是一种基于量子技术的无线网络,可以中继到低轨道连接。我只能说这么多。

This is a very significant piece of information since it suggests that the real purpose of Starlink is to set up a Wi-Fi global communication system based on quantum technology, rather than through the transmission of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from lower Earth orbit.

这是一个非常重要的信息,因为它表明,星链的真正目的是建立一个基于量子技术的 Wi-Fi 全球通信系统,而不是通过从低地球轨道传输电磁频率。

A quantum communication system is based on ideas such as ‘quantum teleportation’ and ‘quantum entanglement’ that use photons, as explained by a science reporter, Martin Giles:

量子通信系统是基于使用光子的量子遥传和量子纠缠的理念,正如一位科学记者 Martin Giles 所解释的:

Quantum teleportation works by creating pairs of entangled photons and then sending one of each pair to the sender of data and the other to a recipient. When Alice receives her entangled photon, she lets it interact with a “memory qubit” that holds the data she wants to transmit to Bob. This interaction changes the state of her photon, and because it is entangled with Bob’s, the interaction instantaneously changes the state of his photon too.


While many fear that Musk’s Starlink is going to create a 5G system that will beam harmful frequencies (60 and 95GHz) to stifle and control humanity globally, the Nordic is suggesting that the real goal is to develop a quantum communications system that would not be EMF-based.

虽然很多人担心马斯克的星联系统将创建一个5G系统,发射有害的频率(60和95 GHz)来扼杀和控制全球人类,但北欧认为,真正的目标是开发一个不基于电磁脉冲的量子通信系统。

Put simply, quantum communications will use entangled photons, thereby enabling instantaneous communications over great distances, whereas conventional communications use electrons to generate EMF waves that travel at the speed of light. This severely impacts the usefulness of EMF-based communications for deep space travel and makes it practically useless for interstellar travelers.


Another big advantage of quantum communication is that ‘Faraday cages’, which block EMF waves by creating a metal cage around sites, would not block these kinds of transmissions. A quantum-based system could thus be used by submarines—whose hulls act as Faraday cages—and in deep space by spacecraft for instantaneous communications. Therefore, it is no surprise that extraterrestrials use quantum communication over interstellar distances without any delay or harmful EMF waves, and that they are encouraging inventors such as Musk to introduce this to the general population.


This is what makes claims that Musk is using Starlink to create a quantum-based WiFi system so startling. If the Nordic’s claims about Musk are accurate, then Starlink could be used to free, rather than further suppress humanity using a new generation of Earth-orbiting satellites that would create the next generation of communications.

这就是为什么声称马斯克正在使用星联创建一个基于量子的 WiFi 系统如此令人吃惊。如果北欧关于马斯克的声明是准确的,那么星联就可以用来解放人类,而不是利用新一代的地球轨道卫星来进一步压制人类,这些卫星将创造下一代的通信。

Apparently, this kind of quantum communications technology was being earlier developed in California by the Nordic extraterrestrials before the Deep State intervened, as the following exchange clearly alludes to:


[Her] We left because we lost everything.


Me: I am sorry to hear this. So it’s why you left California. How did this happen?

我: 听到这个消息我很难过。这就是你离开加利福尼亚的原因。这是怎么发生的?

Her: Our house burnt down. They burnt a whole town. Many of us died. 

她: 我们的房子被烧毁了。他们烧毁了整个城镇。我们很多人死了。

The Nordic’s remarks make it clear that the California town she is referring to is Paradise, which was destroyed on November 8, 2018. The Paradise fire wiped out the entire town and forced its 27,000 residents to flee with over 80 deaths. Mainstream media sources such as NBC News cited drought conditions, high winds, and faulty electrical transmission equipment for the destructive wildfire that engulfed the town. Alternative media sources, however, identified tell-tale signs of satellite based Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) being used to destroy the town. Why was Paradise targeted by DEWs?

北欧的评论清楚地表明,她所指的加利福尼亚小镇是帕拉迪斯,它于2018年11月8日被摧毁。天堂大火摧毁了整个城镇,迫使27,000居民逃离,80多人死亡。美国国家广播公司等主流媒体的消息来源指出,这场毁灭性的森林大火吞噬了整个小镇,造成了干旱、大风和电力传输设备故障。然而,替代媒体消息来源指出,有迹象表明基于卫星的定向能武器(DEW)被用来摧毁该镇。为什么天堂成为了 DEWs 的目标?

I immediately became suspicious over the real cause of the Paradise fire when I heard from one of its residents, Ralph Ring. He sent out an email to supporters saying that his home in Paradise had been destroyed, but that he and his wife had escaped unharmed.

当我从天堂的一位居民拉尔夫 · 林那里听到消息时,我立刻对天堂大火的真正原因产生了怀疑。他给支持者发了一封电子邮件,说他在帕拉迪斯的家已经被摧毁,但他和他的妻子安然无恙地逃脱了。

I first met Ralph in Hawaii in 2007 when he did a presentation at our Earth Transformation conference about his work on a civilian flying saucer project called the OTC-XI that had been developed by the inventor Otis Carr, who was a protégé of Nikola Tesla. Ralph stayed in touch over the following years and let supporters know he was working on advanced technology projects that would revolutionize the planet. This is what he was working on in Paradise when the fire took out the town.

我第一次见到拉尔夫是在2007年夏威夷,当时他在我们的地球转型会议上做了一个演讲,介绍他在一个名为 OTC-XI 的民用飞碟项目上的工作,该项目是由发明家奥蒂斯 · 卡尔开发的,他是尼古拉 · 特斯拉的门徒。在接下来的几年里,拉尔夫一直保持着联系,并让支持者们知道他正在进行的先进技术项目将彻底改变这个星球。这是他在天堂工作的时候,大火烧毁了整个城镇。

At the same time, David Wilcock did an interview about the Paradise fire where he stated that his sources had revealed to him back in 2007 that many of the residents of Paradise were extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri’ working on advanced technology projects in underground facilities. This meant that Paradise was the real-life equivalent of the town ‘Eureka’ in the popular TV series Eureka.

与此同时,大卫 · 威尔科克做了一个关于天堂之火的采访,他说他的消息来源早在2007年就向他透露,天堂的许多居民是来自半人马座阿尔法星的外星人,他们在地下设施中从事先进技术项目。这意味着,天堂小镇是现实生活中的“尤里卡”镇的流行电视连续剧。

The Nordic’s admission to Elena that she was one of those impacted by the fire and that many of her companions had died meant that the Deep State had targeted hidden underground facilities used by the extraterrestrials. The surface brush fire was created as a cover to take out these advanced tech facilities using space-based DEWs.

北欧人向埃琳娜承认她是受火灾影响的人之一,而且她的许多同伴已经死亡,这意味着深州已经将目标锁定在了外星人使用的隐蔽的地下设施上。地面灌木火灾是作为一个掩护,以采取这些先进的技术设施使用天基 DEWs。

Now we know why the Deep State had destroyed Paradise and the cutting-edge tech projects under development. These projects threatened the current global communications systems using harmful EMF transmissions that researchers such as Dr. Joseph Mercola have well documented as being extremely harmful to long-term human health.

现在我们知道为什么深州摧毁了天堂小镇和正在开发的尖端技术项目。这些项目威胁到目前使用有害电磁场传输的全球通信系统,研究人员如约瑟夫 · 默科拉博士已经证明这种传输对人类的长期健康极为有害。

Now four years later, Elon Musk’s Starlink was targeted by the Deep State using surface-based DEWs according to Thor Han’s communications. It’s unlikely that the loss of 40 microsatellites will stop the rollout of Starlink and its future global WiFi system, given that over 1700 satellites are currently in orbit.

四年后的今天,根据 Thor Han 的通讯记录,Elon Musk 的星链成为了深州使用地面 DEWs 的目标。鉴于目前有超过1700颗卫星在轨道上运行,40颗微型卫星的损失不太可能阻止星链及其未来的全球 WiFi 系统的推出。

If what the female Nordic told Elena Danaan is accurate, then Starlink is destined to unleash a future quantum-based Wi-Fi communication system that eliminates harmful EMFs. This explains why Musk and his companies are now being targeted by the Deep State using their remaining resources in the mainstream media, compromised assets in the alternative media, and exotic weapons developed by the aerospace industry. Thankfully, there is a growing Earth Alliance of spacefaring nations working with US Space Command and positive extraterrestrial groups that support Musk’s efforts and will act to protect his Starlink system, and the revolutionary quantum communications system these will establish for the benefit of all humanity.

如果这位北欧女性告诉埃琳娜 · 达纳安的话是真的,那么星际链接公司注定要发布一个未来的量子 Wi-Fi 通信系统,消除有害的电磁辐射。这就解释了为什么马斯克和他的公司现在成为深海之州的目标,他们利用主流媒体的剩余资源,替代媒体的资产,以及航空航天工业研发的奇特武器。值得庆幸的是,有一个不断壮大的航天国家地球联盟与美国空间司令部和积极的外星团体,支持马斯克的努力,并将采取行动保护他的星际联系系统,以及这些将建立的革命性的量子通信系统,为全人类的利益。

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