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(ECETI News) : 拉海纳,金狼前锋|詹姆斯·吉利兰




August 15 2023 | #66

2023年8月15日 | # 66

Golden Wolf

We believe Lahaina is the spark that is going to unite the people, a grand wake up call as to the agendas of some very dark souls that care nothing for your children, your culture, the air, water, and land they seek only profit and power over others. They are inhumane and morally challenged. If you want to end the denial you have to come to terms with the fact that the reason there is so much inhumanity on the planet is because there is nonhuman interference. Interference that thrives on the pain, suffering and loss of the people. It is not just the corrupt physical people on earth we are dealing with, it is a multidimensional problem that goes back 450,000 years. We have been fighting against draconian law ever since. There are some very dark unseen negative influences. They are referred to as Satanic/Luciferian, reptilian, negative grey aliens and a host of others. They are responsible for the child, drug, and sex trafficking. Those who lust for fame, power and wealth sell their souls to these forces and unfortunately hold some of the highest seats of power. To them humanity is less than livestock, to many of them humanity is a nuisance and anyone who wants to live free according to Universal Law is a threat.

我们相信拉海纳是将要团结人民的火花,对于一些非常黑暗的灵魂来说,这是一个巨大的警钟,他们不关心你们的孩子、你们的文化、空气、水和土地,他们只是在寻求利益和权力,凌驾于他人之上。他们不人道,道德败坏。如果你想结束这种否认,你必须接受这样一个事实: 这个星球上之所以存在如此多的非人类行为,是因为有非人类的干涉。干涉主义在人民的痛苦、苦难和损失中滋生。我们面对的不仅仅是地球上腐败的自然人,这是一个可以追溯到45万年前的多维问题。从那以后,我们一直在与严厉的法律作斗争。有一些非常黑暗的看不见的负面影响。他们被称为撒旦/路西法,爬行动物,负面灰色外星人和其他一系列。他们对儿童、毒品和性交易负有责任。那些渴望名声、权力和财富的人将自己的灵魂出卖给这些势力,不幸的是,他们拥有一些最高的权力席位。对他们来说,人类不如牲畜,对他们中的许多人来说,人类是一种讨厌的东西,任何想根据宇宙法自由生活的人都是一种威胁。

In other words the fire that consumed Lahaina was a land grab. It was genocide against the Hawaiian people and their culture.


What do we know about those behind this. The dark side of the Global Elite, the CFR, UN, WHO and a host of other organizations. They have two agendas. One population control, reduce the population with whatever means possible. Two total control of every aspect of your life. This can be done by removing the previous occupants from the land using manmade disasters, epidemics and deadly vaccines called safe and effective. Recent statistics prove they are neither safe nor effective. They can alter weather, create droughts, create fires, tornadoes, steer hurricanes, create earthquakes and make volcanoes erupt. They often use DEW, directed energy weapons as in the case of Paradise California, Lahaina, and other locations they desire to build their 15 minute smart cities. In the 15 minute smart cities they will have total control over where you go, what you eat, what you buy and if you buck the system you lose everything. It is China 2.0.

我们对幕后黑手了解多少。“全球精英”、 CFR、联合国、世界卫生组织和其他许多组织的阴暗面。他们有两个目的。一次人口控制,用尽一切手段减少人口。两个完全控制你生活的方方面面。这可以通过使用人为灾害、流行病和称为安全有效的致命疫苗将以前的居住者从土地上移走来实现。最近的统计数据证明它们既不安全也不有效。它们可以改变天气,制造干旱,制造火灾,龙卷风,引导飓风,制造地震和火山爆发。他们经常使用定向能源武器,比如加利福尼亚天堂,拉海纳和其他地方,他们希望建立15分钟的智能城市。在15分钟的智慧城市里,他们将完全控制你去哪里,吃什么,买什么,如果你违背了这个系统,你将失去一切。这是中国2.0。

They have had their eye on many cities globally for quite some time. They have drawn up plans for these smart cities for years. The only problem is they are occupied. The fires in Paradise were unnatural and broke all the laws of physics. While some trees exploded burning from the inside out other green trees were left standing surrounding completely demolished homes. It looked more like a war zone than a fire. Metal, aluminum, even porcelain toilets were melted to the ground. Guard rails had the wood intact with the bolts melted, metal drain pipes under freeways were melted. This is a microwave or a DEW weapon signature and the temperatures to melt most of these metals can’t be generated from regular house or forest fires. We cannot ignore the obvious.


Hawaii is the heart chakra of the planet carrying the Aloha spirit. Lahaina is the main anchor and home of most of the Royals. It is the antithesis of those heartless, morally, and spiritually challenged people responsible for these events. What better target to send a message to the world. Sounds unbelievable? Let’s look at what we know.


The disaster sirens did not work despite the fact they are run on solar independent without the need of power lines to operate.


The children were sent home due to high winds and power outages. The high winds according to weather stations did not come from Hurricane Dora, it was mysteriously generated locally. 80+ mile an hour gusts.


The parents were not notified, most had no idea their kids were home due to cell phone communication interruption.


There were bright flashes of light inconsistent with transformer explosions in areas where there were no transformers.


Many of the exits were blocked to get out of Lahaina, according to locals, some for no reason.


The firefighters were sent home from what they call the source of the original fire calling it 100 % contained knowing high winds were coming.

消防队员们从他们所谓的原始火源处被送回家,他们称之为100% 受到控制,因为他们知道大风即将来临。

Where were the police, firefighters and other first responders to warn the people?


They claim it was a 17 minute fire where everything was destroyed, has this occurred before? The bodies of humans and animals were incinerated even those in the streets with no vegetation around them.


Why did they have plans already drawn to turn Lahaina into one of their 15 minute smart cities and why did the Governor give himself the power through executive order to condemn property and take it away from the people at the end of July?


Why is the police captain the same captain who handled the false flag shooting and killing of 50 people in Las Vegas? There were multiple shooters, not just a lone gunman according to the official story. Why is the incident commander blocking people from seeing the evidence, arresting locals and censoring their stories?


Why were they blocking rescue operations, food and supplies to help the survivors? Many have already been sent to Oahu, relocated.


The answer to many of these questions is obvious yet hard for most people to even grasp other than the locals who have experienced a history of land grabs and genocide. This is just a bigger scale.


What is the solution?


We need to listen to the testimony of the locals.


We need to hold accountable those responsible for in ignorance or willingly carrying out orders that perpetuated this deadly disaster.


We need to hold officials responsible for agreeing to these 15 minute smart cities, Those who held meetings ahead of time and those who paved the way for removal and genocide of the local occupants.


We need to find out who built these weapons, who bought the weapons, where they are stored and who is operating these weapons. Let’s all band together as one people and figure this out. Time to hold accountable those responsible. This is nothing new; it has been going on since 1942; they have only gotten better at it.

我们需要找出是谁制造了这些武器,谁买了这些武器,武器存放在哪里,谁在操作这些武器。让我们团结一致,一起来解决这个问题。是时候追究责任了。这不是什么新鲜事,自1942年以来就一直在发生; 他们只是在这方面做得更好了。

Because just as there are malevolent unseen negative influences there are also benevolent. Might want to pray to the Ascended Masters, Ancestors and Star Nations for some help.


Osiyo and Aloha,

Golden Wolf


James Gilliland


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