X22报告|第2917集: 对恶性通货膨胀的恐慌开始,11.11战略标志 

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X22报告|第2917集: 对恶性通货膨胀的恐慌开始,11.11战略标志 

Ep. 2917a – Panic Over Hyperinflation Begins, This Could Bring Down The [CB] System

恶性通货膨胀引发恐慌,这可能导致[ CB ]体系崩溃

Ep. 2917b – 11.11 Strategic Marker, Red October In November, Blood Moon On Election Day


X22报告 发表于2022年11月4日


The people are seeing that there are going to be massive amount of job losses as the [CB][WEF] pushes their green agenda, the people are going to hit the precipice. The financial pundits are warning of hyperinflation, the [CB] is now trapped in their own agenda.



The [DS] knows that the midterms are lost, but they will cheat to try to manipulate the elections, this will fail. The [DS] is saving its ammunition for after the midterms, they are waiting for Trump to announce his presidency run. Trump is trapping them. This will fail. The [DS] is left with the option of chaos and war, this is the trap. 



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