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David Icke has been banned from entering all 26 countries of the European Schengen area for 2 years out of fears he would create too much antagonism towards the government and its policies. This decision was taken by the Cabal power structure in the Netherlands and the EU after he had been invited to speak at a peace rally organized by Samen voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands). God forbid there would ever be a popular uprising here, enough trouble already dealing with protesting farmers, threats aimed at politicians and animosity toward lame stream media journalists. This is his response. I feel with him and agree for the most part with what he says, only I feel that seeking confrontation with the authorities and the establishment is not necessarily the best course of action right now. I am disgusted just as much as he is with this new blatant attack on freedom of assembly and public speech by means of the abuse of rules and regulations intended to maintain order and control immigration and travel of foreigners. More disgusted am I with the ignorant cowards that agree with this government policy (in a poll 67% brainwashed respondents supported the travel ban because they have been told Icke is a hate monger and antisemite that believes reptiles rule the world) and who feel it is justified to protect their little boring bubble of illusionary safety and comfort this way. The Netherlands has a lot of little proxy fascists that have called for forced vaccinations, forced expropriation of cattle farms, forced offering of accommodation to asylum seekers and refugees; well: screw them! After this is done and over and they say: "oh sorry, we really didn't know, can you tell us more?" I will tell them I have no time for them and wish to spend my time with people that are worthwhile spending time with.

大卫•艾克(David Icke)已被禁止在两年内进入欧洲申根区所有26个国家,原因是担心他会对政府及其政策造成过多的敌意。这一决定是由荷兰和欧盟的阴谋集团权力结构作出的,此前他应邀在荷兰 Samen voor 组织的一次和平集会上发言(共同代表荷兰)。但愿这里永远不会发生民众起义,已经有足够的麻烦来应对抗议的农民,针对政客的威胁,以及对蹩脚媒体记者的敌意。这是他的回应。我同意他的看法,也基本上同意他的说法,只是我觉得,与当局和当权派对抗,不一定是目前最好的行动方针。我和他一样对这种新的公然攻击集会和公共言论自由的行为感到厌恶,这种行为滥用旨在维持秩序和控制外国人的移民和旅行的规则和条例。更让我反感的是那些无知的懦夫,他们同意政府的这项政策(在一项民意调查中,67% 被洗脑的受访者支持旅行禁令,因为他们被告知 Icke 是一个仇恨贩子和反犹太主义者,认为爬行动物统治着世界) ,他们觉得用这种方式来保护他们那个虚幻的安全和舒适的小泡泡是合理的。荷兰有很多代理法西斯分子,他们呼吁强制接种疫苗,强制征用养牛场,强制向寻求庇护者和难民提供住所; 好吧,去他们的!当这一切结束后,他们说: “哦,对不起,我们真的不知道,你能告诉我们更多吗?”我会告诉他们我没有时间和他们在一起,我希望和那些值得花时间在一起的人在一起。

But enough on that. Liz Truss was in and out of the seat of prime minister of the UK in record time due to her unbalanced financial plans, I guess Lizzy is dead and burried. Iran is another country with a fucked up regime that shoots at unarmed, peaceful protesters with live ammunition. And what brought this about? A woman not wearing a head scarf, seriously? Is this still the middle ages we are in or is Iran just a fricking backward country that got frozen in time? North Korea's hobby is shooting rockets large and small, and especially the incident where a rocket was flying the entire stretch from West to East coast of Japan before landing in the Pacific ocean was a pure act of war from this dark puppet regime of oppressors. The Japanese government has shown restraint in their response, a more aggressive reaction would have been justified but they know the score and the agenda. It looks like Brazil's elections have been stolen by the Cabal to favor their pawn Lula da Silva who was imprisoned from April 2018 to November 2019 for corruption and this has triggered massive resistance from the Brazilian population. Israel seems to be happy to bring back Benjamin Netanyahu, the closet satanist. I say we do our utmost to undermine the credibility of every institution and individual that is part of the global conspiracy of the dark forces. The pen is mightier than the sword.

别再说这个了。由于财务计划不平衡,Liz Truss 以创纪录的时间进出英国首相的位置,我想 Lizzy 已经死了。伊朗是另一个政权混乱的国家,用实弹射击手无寸铁的和平抗议者。是什么导致了这一切?一个不戴头巾的女人,真的吗?这还是我们所处的中世纪吗? 还是伊朗只是一个被时间冻结的落后国家?朝鲜的爱好是发射大大小小的火箭,尤其是一枚火箭从日本西海岸一直飞到东海岸,最后落入太平洋的事件,纯粹是这个黑暗的压迫者傀儡政权的战争行为。日本政府在回应中表现出了克制,一个更具侵略性的反应是合理的,但是他们知道分数和议程。看起来巴西的选举被阴谋集团利用来支持他们的走卒卢拉 · 达席尔瓦,卢拉因腐败于2018年4月至2019年11月被监禁,这引发了巴西民众的大规模抵制。以色列似乎很乐意让本雅明 · 内塔尼亚胡(benjamin netanyahu)这个秘密的撒旦崇拜者回来。我要说,我们竭尽全力破坏每一个参与黑暗势力全球阴谋的机构和个人的信誉。笔比剑更有力量。

Let us however not forget who are the worst enemies that need to be dealt with. There Cobra is still the only one with trustworthy information and he shared that there was a huge escalation between the Chimera and the light forces that has ultimately resulted in the clearing of many Chimera and their pits. This is bad news for the top levels of the Cabal, many of whom have gone underground to stay out of reach of the positive military and their tribunals. Note this line: "Until very recently, Light Forces around the Earth were still subjected to quantum anomaly to a degree that kept them frozen in fear of the toplet bomb retaliations, hence their inaction." Now that has changed and that should be very good news.

然而,让我们不要忘记谁是最需要对付的敌人。柯博拉仍然是唯一一个拥有可靠信息的,他分享了奇美拉和光之间的巨大升级,最终导致许多奇美拉和他们的坑被清理干净。这对阴谋集团的高层来说是个坏消息,他们中的许多人已经转入地下以躲避正面军队和他们的法庭。注意这句话: “直到最近,地球周围的光之力量仍然受到量子异常的影响,以至于它们因为害怕引爆炸弹的报复而被冻结,因此它们无所作为。”现在情况发生了变化,这应该是个非常好的消息。

Then some last remarks about Corey Goode and his videos as of late: he said he was going to release a lot of content about the corruption in the Disclosure Movement and about infighting in the lightworker community, but I don't see the goods in his recent posts on YouTube. Maybe that content is only on his site ascensionworks.tv but I don't feel like creating an account there. What I can say is this: he has shared a lot of valuable info on the Secret Space Programs in the past and brought insight into very advanced technologies into the awareness of many people, but he has served on the dark fleet which was a 100% Cabal run operation and he has not consciously revoked his soul contracts with the dark forces (this is what my twin soul said to me when I asked her about Corey). Hence he is not in a position to question hardcore lightworkers who have always stood on the side on the Light unwaveringly. Also he seems to be getting his info exclusively from the SSP now and not from the Sphere Being Alliance anymore. I think he is compromised and his version of the current status is misleading and inaccurate. He states that 14 star systems are still under control of the dark forces, where Cobra has stated many times it is only planet Earth remaining as the last stronghold of the dark forces. He says the moon is controlled by Greys and Reptilians as well as most of the solar system, where Cobra has reported that the moon and the rest of the solar system have been fully cleared already. He also talks about alien abductions still going on and about beautiful looking white skinned humanoid aliens known as the Galactic Federations of Worlds or Pleiadians who are actually the most shrewed deceivers, which is diametrically opposed to the info I have and that most other sources share. I am inclined to trust Cobra's info which is coming from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadians. Sorry to say, but Corey Goode is damaged goods.

然后是关于科里·古德和他最近的一些视频的最后评论: 他说他将发布大量关于揭露运动中的腐败和光之工作者社区内斗的内容,但是我在他最近在 YouTube 上发布的帖子中没有看到这些内容。也许这些内容只出现在他的网站 ascensionworks.tv 上,但我不想在那里建立账户。我能说的是: 他在过去分享了很多关于秘密太空计划的有价值的信息,并将对非常先进的技术的洞察力带入了许多人的意识中,但是他曾在黑暗舰队中服役,这是一个100% 秘社运作的行动,他并没有有意识地取消他与黑暗势力的灵魂契约(这是我的双生灵魂在我问起 Corey 时对我说的话)。因此,他没有资格质疑那些一直坚定地站在光明一边的铁杆光明工作者。此外,他现在似乎只从 SSP 获取信息,而不再从从球体存在联盟获取信息。我认为他妥协了,他对当前状态的说法是误导和不准确的。他声称,14个恒星系统仍然处于黑暗势力的控制之下,柯博拉曾多次声明,它只剩下地球作为黑暗势力的最后堡垒。他说,月球是由灰人和爬行动物以及太阳系的大部分,柯博拉报告说,月球和太阳系的其他部分已经完全清除。他还谈到了外星人绑架事件仍在继续,还谈到了美丽的白皮肤人形外星人被称为世界银河联盟或昴宿星人,他们实际上是最精明的骗子,这与我和大多数其他来源共享的信息完全相反。我倾向于相信 Cobra 的信息,这些信息来自抵抗运动和昴宿星人。很抱歉,但科里·古德已经被毁了。


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