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尽管这一切对我们来说都是美妙的,但是是时候习惯奇迹和不寻常的事情了。我们需要习惯这样一个事实: 我们必须完全改变自己,改变我们的世界观,以便顺利地进入第五维度的现实世界。

(读者: 自由)地球的呼唤

Reader Post | By Liberty

读者来信 | 自由



While the show “Covid” is being performed on Earth, active work continues on the healing and restoration of the planet.


Psychos not only raped and mocked humanity, but the Earth too.


With its last strength, the Earth called for help from the Galactic community, and for a long time now, the mission of liberating and reanimating the Earth has been going on.


And all these interesting stories about saving our planet are told to us by the author of Lev.


When I read these stories, I am simply amazed at HOW MANY STILL WE DO NOT KNOW about us and our planet!


In general, we have no idea HOW EVERYTHING IS ARRANGED and HOW EVERYTHING WORKS in our body, on Earth, in the Galaxy.


Psychos not only hindered our development, but even tried their best to make us as primitive as possible so that they (psychos) could more easily implement their plans in the “herd”.


It’s time to start learning EVERYTHING FROM THE BEGINNING !!!!!


Despite the fact that all this seems to us fantastic, it’s time to get used to miracles and unusual things. We need to get used to the fact that we will have to completely change ourselves, change our worldview, in order to smoothly flow into the reality of the Fifth Dimension.

尽管这一切对我们来说都是美妙的,但是是时候习惯奇迹和不寻常的事情了。我们需要习惯这样一个事实: 我们必须完全改变自己,改变我们的世界观,以便顺利地进入第五维度的现实世界。

Galacom Update 26 November 2021


The Great Quantum Transition


Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Lev


On November 26th, 2021, at 10:01 AM CET, the following information has been received from the Galactic Committee.


The protective blue dome was removed from the Earth. Now, in its place, in the background of emerald green energy, there is a wave channel of the light yellow power field.


(读者: 自由)地球的呼唤

Two quantum fluxes filled with bright green spectrum energy are connected to the channel. In the channel and outputs are installed the light lilac energy filters and two magnetic fields.


This system sorts out energy and matter that is directed into the sixth dimension and space/time where the 5D is formed.


Why did Galacom remove the protective dome over the planet?


It’s no longer needed. Now a new stage has begun at which such defense will be an obstacle. The pumping out from the planet of old programs, codes, as well as all the dirt that drags earthlings back to the Dark times will intensify.


Without a dome, the flow of powerful quantum waves will significantly increase. It would force the remaining demonic entities and energies out from hiding-places and humans. Under the dome, many Darks hid in earthlings, driving them to hysteria and despair by the skillfully planted fear of the pandemic.


The vibrations of the cleansing streams will be raised carefully so as not to harm people and to make the dark parasites leave Earth in masses. These energies will clean up everything inside and will not allow intruders to enter anew.


Three days earlier, on November 23, 2021, at 09:08 PM CET, the Galactic Committee conveyed the following summary of the general situation on the planet.


November began the sowing season, December continues the harvest. At the same time new is sown on the planet, and everything old is removed.


New energies are directed to Earth that squeezes out of it and the earthlings everything obsolete and disinfect the vessels through which the life of the planet flowed. The present world is coming to its end.


All people go through a transformation. Some come to another dimension to reboot there, gain strength and return to Earth again.


The time between incarnations has been reduced to a minimum so that people can close their karmic debts while the corridor of merciful transition to the new world is open.


New dipole programs and codes completely free of destructive and parasitic components are loaded into the consciousness and sub-consciousness of earthlings.


Active work with the old 3D energy grid continues. It is carried out in stages. Once the negativity is removed from its cells, they are disinfected and then filled with new 5D energy.


While the entire network is being transformed, each cell is tightly isolated from the others so that contagious energies do not spread again.


This is how the 3D Merkaba is reset by a “small” cellular tread. It is still alive but severely weakened.


At the same time, all its former and diseased connections are blocked. Without it, the 3D grid cannot be removed. It must be gradually but completely zeroed out, thoroughly disinfected, so that all its negativity never returns to earthlings again.


After completion of all scheduled works, the old 3D lattice will self-liquidate. Immediately, the new, 5D grid will automatically switch on at full power. It will activate additional codes by which constructive purified forces will enter Earth.


Those who will live on the new planet, backed by the Absolute-like crystalline frame, will build the 5D world. The others will be dispersed to different energy “apartments” in the upper and lower dimensions, according to the vibrational pattern and scenario which everyone has created himself.


The Earth’s Logos has been loaded with new programs. They have already been delivered to Akashic Records for putting them into practice on the physical level. Detailed plans in energies and blueprints are being made.


There are enough Co-Creators, helpers, and Curators. Many friendly cosmic races want to implement their skills and knowledge on Earth which is acquiring new energy shells.


We will build a new planet, but first, we will help to heal it from the aggressive and destructive energy that leads to war.


On behalf of the Karmic Committee, Guan Yin, enhanced by Male Foundation, actively influences the masculine energies that negative forces have forcefully planted in mankind.


Co-Creators send a signal to humanity for transformation. Together with all the Light Forces, they will level the aggressive male energies, in whatever form they may be. There will be no indulgence for anyone.


Work is being done with both causes and consequences. Everyone from Pleroma to the three-dimensional Earth participates in it. Each takes its share for transformation that is feasible at this moment so that together they can eliminate belligerence and intransigence on the planet.

工作正在同时处理因果关系。从 Pleroma 到三维地球,每个人都参与其中。每个国家都为此刻可行的转变承担自己的责任,以便共同消除地球上的好战和不妥协态度。

On Earth, masculine aggressiveness began to infect the female creative power. Female energies are becoming similar to male ones, implacable and destructive rather than soft, flowing, life-giving.


Therefore, literally, everyone started to transform and heal, and not those who wanted to.


How long this hard work will last will depend on the results. It is conducted for the first time in the Local Universe. Co-Creators will be very attentive, and in case of any inconsistencies, they will quickly intervene.


The main problem remains the same: it is very difficult to reach people’s consciousness. It is shrouded in a dense fog of negativity resisting healing. Humans have accumulated it on Earth in huge amounts.

主要的问题仍然是: 很难达到人们的意识。它被一层阻碍疗愈的消极的浓雾所笼罩。人类已经在地球上积累了大量的碳。

Its neutralization is one of the important tasks now being addressed on different levels of the Subtle and physical planes. Exclusive and filigree is the Karma Lords’ assistance in purifying the World Human Tree.


All men’s Souls are now being tested for their strength, capacity for mercy, and cleansing. They are covered with a dense plaque of rigidity.


Many women and men have become hard-hearted when the Dark energies reigned over Earth. It is not surprising. Destructive powers have bristled and are pressing down on everyone.


Many can’t withstand the pressure of maddened negative forces which out of despair go ahead. Not even death can stop them.


Win or Bust – that is their motto, and use earthlings as hostages. Therefore, Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchy focus on lowering the heat of aggression that kills Souls.


Karmic retaliation in the old 3D Matrix stopped working, stagnating in spaces/timelines that are intertwined with parallel energies. In the transition period, there are not always enough resources for quick retribution for deeds.

旧3D 矩阵中的因果报复停止了工作,停滞在与平行能量交织在一起的空间/时间线中。在过渡时期,我们往往没有足够的资源迅速报复行为。

(读者: 自由)地球的呼唤

Co-Creators have to straighten, stitch and separate linear space/time before launching its new multiverse version. The energies and timing of intentions are freely moving in it. The payoff will follow immediately.


This is what Co-Creators are preparing Earth for. After its full healing and transformation, all that will be implemented. Now every work of the Light Forces reduces the previously scheduled deadlines.


Galacom Update 26 November 2021



(读者: 自由)地球的呼唤

Victory of the Light!

光的胜利! 自由之 t.me/liberty2021i


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