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TZ here;I wrote this article below exactly six years ago last week on Feb 5th.I had no idea then just how long this process of taking down the Veil would take.Thank Goodness for that!The strides that we have made in the past year to this end despite the ENDTIME MADNESS of the scamdemic taking place simultaneously,have been nothing short of magnificent.If you would like more evidence of the strides forward in recent times,I can direct you to read#263 from 1st October 2020‘One Final Synopsis of Our Liberation Story’further down this main blog page which gives many such details.Besides those details there is total information silence right now from the Resistance Movement and this can be no other way for the safety of everyone and the realisation of the Master Plan!


Before I let you read this six year old repost,I will remind you that you can find the link to the original place here on Veritas from where this article is found just below this article.There on that page you can find a list top right to a host of other fascinating articles that you might not have read earlier and that you may find to be of special interest.

在我让你阅读这篇六年前的转发文章之前,我要提醒你,你可以在 Veritas 上找到这篇文章的原始位置的链接,就在这篇文章下面。在那个页面上,你可以找到一个列表,右上方还有许多其他有趣的文章,这些文章你可能之前没有读过,而且你可能会发现它们特别有趣。

瑞典银河真理报|第339期  网必降下

See Info about this picture below this article




At a certain point,energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed.They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states.“The Net Must Come Down,It Ends,Light Enters.


The final step is simply taking down the net.This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.


The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.


The programs will have no place to hide,no portals,no equipment,nothing.They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”


We all have to realise the power we own as Creators being as we are One with Source.We each and every one of us has free will.When you decide upon something that you wish to manifest you must first make a decision{here a good thing to do is write down that decision on some paper and make three copies of this which you keep somewhere.}Next phase is to focus on that goal whatever it might be~envisioning~feeling~how that goal will be when it’s a part of your reality.The third phase is actually doing something physically to move in the direction of that goal.


I’m explaining this so that you will be reminded that your decision to have this Net/Veil/Web/Matrix removed once and for all~that the electromagnetic scalar fence around this planet which is controlling our existence totally is finally destroyed completely very shortly.


Let The One now know of your desire to actually‘feel’‘experience’this happening soon.That will be immediately followed by The Event.Let Source know your decision about this~write it down three times~focus on the amazing astoundingly beautiful pristine clean Gaia which we will immediately start to bring into being after The Event~and then do ANYTHING that you can imagine that will bring this into reality as soon as possible.Every single action that every single person does,whether it be the spreading of information,or taking part in the weekly liberation meditation as that Pillar of Light that you are~FEEL that creative power that you own as the spiritual Being that you are,or doing some grid work,or whatever you can think of,the more the merrier and the quicker we will be there.


Love and Light Therese Zumi~Lets do this now!!

爱与光 Therese Zumi~让我们现在就开始吧!




The image used here is the photograph taken by Cobra when he was given the opportunity to travel beyond the Veil about a year ago.You can see the passenger plane flying below.Travelling beyond the veil into outer space will be a luxury that many will enjoy after the Event.There will of course not be any veil our skies will look different.


LINK TO ORIGINAL AND MUCH MORE HERE ON VERITAS https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/galactic-family/popular-blog-articles

链接到原始和更多在 VERITAS https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/galactic-family/popular-blog-articles


Therese Zumi Sumner Website Blog 2020

If you are finding it difficult to grasp all of the detailed information about the spider chimera group and the details of their removal, then I suggest that you either leave it alone so to speak or if you would like some more knowledge that might put it into more perspective then I recommend that you read this link that Cobra provided in his first 'Final Battle' update two weeks ago.

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