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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

April 15,2021 2021415


It's getting interesting out there today,that's for sure.All that abnormal activity in the sky over Washington…Biden declaring a national emergency…Russia closing the Kerch Strait…Ukraine discussing going nuclear…a rocket alert in Israel…people dropping from vaccinations…Pence has a pacemaker installed…Twitter suspended James O'Keefe…crazy.And we're watching the water,too,in DC.


Seems like we're going back in time and it's Russia!Russia!Russia!all over again.


Putin in 2000 and Putin now.Same guy?I don't believe so.I believe the KGB Putin was replaced.The bottom Putin is our guy—and he's a good chess player,too.Sorry for any photos/images that don't come through.I don't know why not all of them show up.




US Expels Russian Diplomats,Imposes New Sanctions 


Biden Sheepishly Backs Down After Putin Threats–Decides Against Moving US Navy Ships Into the Black Sea 



The breaking news also involves the dimms'initiative to pack the Supreme Court.What a Qincidence.Another 3-year delta.



Apr 15,2018 9:06:25 PM EDT 15,20189:06:25 PM EDT

Q!xowAT4Z3VQ!xowAT4Z3VQ ID:b53533 身份:b53533 No.1057351 1057351

Focus should also be on Supreme Court promise.
Only dropped here.
POTUS validating drops via Twitter per plan/timing.POTUS
根据计划/时间通过 Twitter 验证下降
Future proves past.
Comms understood?

Have you noticed that the deltas and current events involve earlier and earlier posts?Some days we're down to triple digits.That's because Q told us how the story would end from the very beginning.In reverse.That's why they urged us to"learn our comms";to unlock the map they were providing.

你有没有注意到三角洲和当前事件涉及到更早和更早的帖子?有时候我们会降到三位数。这是因为 q 从一开始就告诉了我们故事的结局。反过来。这就是为什么他们敦促我们"学习我们的通信",解锁他们提供的地图。

We've come a long way from 4,953 where Q last dropped.The Q Map has been quite the rabbit hole for those who just began to wake up in late 2017 but also for the rest of us to round out our education.

我们已经从 q 最后一次下降的4953下降了很多。对于那些在2017年末刚刚醒来的人来说,q Map 就像是一个兔子洞,但对于我们其他人来说,q Map 也是一个完善我们教育的兔子洞。

Tired of hearing about the Wu Flu?How's this for a switch?


Chinese authorities seize 7,221 human penises on cargo ship from Nigeria 


No,no photos.These people are sick.I believe this is a serious article,not an Onion version.Human trafficking is real.


The REAL investigative journalists at Project Veritas have wiped the floor with CNN(the Clinton News Network,among other names),and other networks will crumble in the wake.We know they're not about reporting the news;they are the propaganda arm of the shadow government,pretending to bring news and honest commentary.Their unbridled attacks on their political enemies have been blatant for so long the public grew accustomed to the bias and venom and paid no mind.They failed to see the forest for the trees.Utterly brainwashed.

真理计划的真实调查记者已经击败了 CNN(克林顿新闻网,以及其他名字),其他网络也将随之崩溃。我们知道他们不是为了报道新闻;他们是影子政府的宣传部门,假装带来新闻和真实的评论。他们肆无忌惮地攻击他们的政敌,这么长时间以来,公众已经习惯了这种偏见和恶毒,并不在意。他们没有一叶障目,不见泰山。完全被洗脑了。

Here's the dirt on the vaccines and the global psychopaths running the show.I think it's fair to say that when this is all in the rear view mirror,few Humans will ever want a vaccine like this again.They might do a little homework before they allow anything to be put in their bodies.


And so the cookie starts to crumble…Read this…3 TIMES!The masks begin to fall off!


"The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline,which(accidentally)owns Pfizer!"(the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which was(accidentally)started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was(accidentally)funded by Dr.Fauci,who(accidentally)promotes the vaccine!


"GlaxoSmithKline is(accidentally)managed by the finance division of Black Rock,which(accidentally)manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company(Soros Foundation),which(accidentally)manages the French AXA!

"葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)(意外地) Black Rock 的财务部门管理,该部门(意外地)管理着 Open Foundation Company(索罗斯基金会)的财务,后者(意外地)管理着法国 AXA

"Soros(accidentally)owns the German company Winterthur,which(accidentally)built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German Allianz,which(coincidentally)has Vanguard as a shareholder,who(coincidentally)is a shareholder of Black Rock,"which(coincidentally)controls central banks and manages about a third of global investment capital.

"索罗斯(意外地)拥有德国温特图尔公司(Winterthur),该公司(意外地)在武汉建立了一个中国实验室,并被德国安联集团(Allianz)收购,后者(巧合地)拥有先锋集团(Vanguard)的股东,而后者(巧合地)是黑岩集团(Black Rock)的股东。"黑岩集团(巧合地)控制着各国央行,并管理着全球约三分之一的投资资本。

"Black Rock"is also(coincidentally)a major shareholder of MICROSOFT,owned by Bill Gates,who(coincidentally)is a shareholder of Pfizer(which–remember?Sells a miracle vaccine)and(coincidentally)is now the first sponsor of the'WHO!


Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China has infected the WHOLE PLANET!""….copy and share quickly….



This Telegram video from a lineup for getting the Moderna jab in Texas expresses the dismay a man feels when he sees someone in a nearby car immediately pass out and medical staff have to frantically go to work to try to revive him.Yikes.

在德克萨斯州,Telegram 的视频显示了一名男子看到附近车里的人立即昏倒,医务人员不得不疯狂地去抢救他时所感到的沮丧。哎呀。



The procedure right after being injected is to sit in your vehicle for 15 minutes and honk your horn for medical assistance if any adverse reaction takes place.(1min)


It's hard to honk your horn if you're comatose,isn't it?How's the experiment going so far?Recalculating…


But don't panic—help is at hand.Now can we dispense with this nonsense once and for all?


Chlorinated swimming pool water can kill COVID virus in just 30 SECONDS,study finds 

研究发现,氯化的游泳池水可以在30秒内杀死 COVID 病毒


Regarding the Tweet and photos from Ivanka Trump yesterday where she got"the shot",I'm thinking the"shot"she got was a safe treatment of some kind like HCQ and Zinc together,Regeneron antibody therapy…something other than the"jab"the rest are getting.See the Telegram update.We'll be learning more soon,I'm sure.

关于伊万卡·特朗普昨天拍摄的那条推文和照片,我认为她拍摄的那张照片是一种安全的治疗方法,比如 HCQ ZincRegeneron 抗体疗法......而不是其他人正在接受的那种"注射"。查看电报更新。我相信我们很快就会学到更多。

Didn't the media heads explode when Trump was said to have told us to use"bleach"for Covid?It wasn't actually"bleach",but perhaps a chlorine-related concoction known to have eliminated cancer and myriad other ailments.You may have heard of MMS;the Miracle Mineral Solution,which is chlorine dioxide.It does a lot,but Trump may have been referring to using bleach to simply kill the virus on surfaces.

当特朗普告诉我们对科维德使用"漂白剂"时,媒体的头脑不是爆炸了吗?它实际上并不是"漂白剂",而可能是一种已知能够消除癌症和其他无数疾病的与氯有关的混合物。你可能听说过 MMS,奇迹矿物溶液,这是一种二氧化氯。它确实起了很大作用,但特朗普可能指的是用漂白剂简单地杀死表面的病毒。

No matter what he says,they attack.He also told us that UV light(present in sunlight)kills the virus in minutes.All that seems to be forgotten now in the fear and hysteria blasted non-stop by the legacy media.Some people just couldn't wait to get a vaccine because they're programmed and brainwashed.Time for reprogramming.



It wasn't about the virus;it was about the vaccine.WE are the experiment.There were no studies prior.Now that millions have been vaccinated,they can do their studies and deliver the bad news.


COVID-19 Vaccine and Impact on Fertility Study 


Ha!Damage control.Not buying it.


Study shows vaccines carry much lower risk of blood clots than COVID-19 


We've almost destroyed Big Pharma.When we're done,these kind of vaccines won't exist.Next!


When the awakened stop complaining and going into attack mode against people in the independent news community they can accomplish monumental feats.Activist Peggy Hall shows us how the people in Orange County,California took down the vaccine police.



If you are a Free Being you may wish to check out the community Peggy and the patriots created.If you have a business,for example,you can list it at this resource to show people where they can shop mask free,without a vaccine,etc.Anywhere,not just California or America.Click the link to learn more.Suggest the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.

如果你是一个自由的存在者,你可能希望看看佩吉和那些被创造出来的爱国者们。例如,如果你有一个企业,你可以在这个资源中列出它,告诉人们在哪里可以免费购买口罩,不需要疫苗等等。任何地方,不仅仅是加利福尼亚或美国。点击链接了解更多信息。建议页面底部的 FAQ 链接。



With respect to what's coming,this is another brilliant video from what may be my favourite movie-maker,American Prophet.He or she says so much by saying very little.I never looked closely at Michael Jackson's'Neverland'logos before.Vaguely familiar,wouldn't you say?Hidden in plain sight?


Qincidentally,that video includes the footage from the palace of the naked boy falling from the window I referenced yesterday.Poor lad.



Scott McKay had two exceptional shows with Mikki Klann that are not to be missed.They tie in so much of the"biblical"aspects of this process and illustrate the significance of astronomy,astrology,numbers,cycles.It's mind-blowing.They talk about Trump's possible bloodline,Q posts,Israel…It's so complex it took two shows to do it.Once they get started it's riveting and we can see why some say it's not up to the White Hats any longer;it's up to our Creator and His'master plan'.Whoever it is that is executing this Plan knows exactly what they're doing.Relax and enjoy the show.

斯科特·麦凯与米基·卡兰合作了两部不可错过的精彩演出。他们把这个过程中许多"圣经"的方面联系在一起,阐明了天文学、占星术、数字、周期的重要性。真是令人兴奋。他们谈论特朗普可能的血统,q 贴,以色列......这太复杂了,需要两个节目才能完成。一旦他们开始了,这是铆接,我们可以看到为什么有些人说,这不是白帽子任何时候;这取决于我们的造物主和他的'大师计划'。不管是谁在执行这个计划,他都很清楚自己在做什么。放松,享受表演。


Link to Part 2 连结至第二部分

I suggested some time ago that the Jared Kushner we're seeing is nothing like the one in the old wedding photos with Ivanka Trump.Do you see the scope of this take-down?Families,taking down families.A movie,with great actors.The'bad actors'have been removed in many cases and more all the time are getting their just desserts.

不久前,我曾暗示,我们看到的贾里德·库什纳(Jared Kushner)与伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)旧婚纱照上的那个完全不同。你看到这次取下的范围了吗?家庭,拆散家庭。一部有伟大演员的电影。在许多情况下,"坏演员"已经被移除,而且更多的时候是在得到他们应得的报应。

GhostEzra said…Real one on right.One on left made the peace deal.It's been a long time since you've seen the real one.

GhostEzra ...右边那个是真的。左边的一个达成了和平协议。你已经很久没见过真的了。


Back to the astrological overview,the Plan is in the stars,indeed.


Having shared that,get a load of this from Telegram via The German Daily News.Interesting comments.

在分享了这些之后,你可以通过《德国每日新闻》的 Telegram 网站获得一些有趣的评论。


Theresa May and Angela Merkel,sisters and part of the elite family club running the world—until now.

特蕾莎(Theresa May)和安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)是姐妹,也是管理世界的精英家族俱乐部的成员,直到现在。

BOMBSHELL–Mr.Fritsch,a former chief detective who has seen through all the lying and has been active for several months said the Merkel regime will definitely fall before the beginning of the summer 2021!


He said the star 💫 consolations saying a lot about it but can not say anything.[they mean star"constellations"or astrological alignments]



Disclosure is coming…


Check out this TikTok video just a few seconds long of the activity over the White House early this morning.

看看这段 TikTok 的视频,只是今天早上白宫上空几秒钟的活动。

Sky above White House around 1AM April 15th,2021.2021415日凌晨1点左右,白宫上空的天空

Elon Musk Tweeted this.You need to click in the box to see it all properly.


AZ news suggests"Maricopa County activated".Will it be the straw that breaks the camel's back?We'll see.All it will take will be one domino to begin the chain reaction and get Trump back where he belongs.



If you would like to be an observer of the audit process and make your mark in history,you can apply at the link below and do your patriotic duty.如果你想成为审计过程的观察者,并在历史上留下你的印记,你可以在以下的链接中申请并履行你的爱国义务

Link to Telegram post from Patrick Byrne.


Patrick M.Byrne,[15.04.21 08:45]
🚨 Maricopa Arizona Audit

帕特里克·m·伯恩(Patrick m.Byrne),《亚利桑那州审计报告》,[15.04.2108:45]

If you're a registered voter in Maricopa County and would like to apply to be an observer,please complete this online form.


The audit of the Maricopa County ballots will include volunteer observers from all political parties and independents.


The audit will be conducted between April 22–May 14,2021,at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


Observers will serve in 6-7 hour shifts.


❓👉 If you have any questions or comments,please post them here ️ t.me/ArizonaConservativesChannel/1315

如果你有任何问题或意见,请在这里张贴 t.me/arizonaconservativeschannel/1315

Wow.By the end of May we may have some incredible forward momentum in the election situation.



In conclusion,we have a simple lesson in a cartoon à la Seuss that's making the rounds.Well done!Vive la différence.Let them not divide us.


And with that,I will say adieu for now.Stay positive,remain in gratitude.~BP





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