X22报道|2783: 各国正在采取经济行动,灯笼已经点亮

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X22报道|2783: 各国正在采取经济行动,灯笼已经点亮

Ep. 2783a – It’s Happening, Countries Are Now Making An Economic Move

Ep. 2783a-正在发生的事情,国家正在采取经济行动

Ep. 2783b – The Lanterns Have Been Lit, Signal Sent, Shot Heard Around The World

Ep. 2783b-灯笼已经点燃,信号发出,枪声传遍世界

X22 报告发表于2022年5月25日


The people are experiencing something they never experienced before, fuel prices have an all time high, breaking all other records, the people are feeling economic pain. The people are reaching the precipice. Countries have now decided to look at alternative currencies.



Durham has the [DS] exactly where he wants them, it will be the shot heard around the world. The [DS] is fighting back and the are pushing their agenda, for their agenda to work they need gun control, which means the banning of weapons, this will fail.  Scavino sends a message, the lanterns have been lit, the signal sent. The storm is approaching and almost ontop of us. The [DS] will do everything they can to fight back the patriots are prepared and ready.

达勒姆正好抓住了[DS]的要害,这将是全世界都能听到的一枪。[DS正在进行反击,他们正在推动他们的议程,为了使他们的议程发挥作用,他们需要枪支管制,这意味着禁止武器,这将会失败。  斯卡维诺发出了一个信息,灯笼已经点燃,信号已经发出。风暴正在逼近,而且几乎在我们头上。[DS]将尽其所能进行反击,爱国者们已经做好了准备。


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