你怎么能让你的对手暴露自己|Rinus Verhagen

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Operation Disclosure|By Rinus Verhagen,Contributing Writer

作者:Rinus Verhagen,特约撰稿人


How do you let your opponents expose themselves?


As long as there has been no decision of the election chamber about the winner of the election,Biden is not president Elect.


In fact,with the Executive Order of November 2,Trump has stepped down as President of US Inc.and now only as President candidate.


He leaves demented Biden under the illusion that he has won from a bankrupt company without any financial power of the new gold covered money system through the QFS.

他让疯狂的拜登误以为自己从一家破产的公司手中赢得了胜利,而这家公司没有任何通过 QFS 实现的金本位货币体系的财务实力。

The more self-confidence the Deep State now gets,the more mistakes they make out of overconfidence.


Don't forget that they have all the dates of their crimes,and have the crime syndicate completely mapped out,with Soros already arrested in Pennsylvania for voting fraud and interference in the electoral system.


I see it as a smokescreen to let the Dems fall even more into their own trap.


The Globalists are committing a coup everywhere to keep the power,even in occupied Holland.


你怎么能让你的对手暴露自己|Rinus Verhagen
I want to thank Emily Murphy at GSA for her steadfast dedication and loyalty to our Country.She has been harassed,threatened,and abused–and I do not want to see this happen to her,her family,or employees of GSA.Our case STRONGLY continues,we will keep up the good fight,and I believe we will prevail!Nevertheless,in the best interest of our Country,I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols,and have told my team to do the same.

我要感谢 GSA Emily Murphy 她对我们国家的坚定奉献和忠诚。她一直受到骚扰,威胁和虐待,我不想看到这些发生在她,她的家人,或者 GSA 的员工身上。我们的案子会继续进行,我们会继续保持战斗,我相信我们会胜利!尽管如此,为了我们国家的最大利益,我建议艾米丽和她的团队在初始协议方面采取必要措施,我已经告诉我的团队也这么做。

What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history?We are moving full speed ahead.Will never concede to fake ballots&"Dominion".

GSA 被允许与民主党进行初步合作与继续追查我们的各种案件有什么关系这将成为美国政治史上最腐败的选举?我们正全速前进。永远不会向假选票和"自治权"让步。

The Media is silent about the evidence of the fraud that has been committed,because they report what the Cabal wants you to believe.


Also in the banana republic the occupied Netherlands is the price again.


Gender neutral Pedo Psychopath Mark Rutte,by infiltrating his Antifa Hitler jugend had the JFvD blown up,his biggest opponent who could have gotten the majority.

性别中立的精神病患者马克·吕特(Mark Rutte),通过渗透他的反法希特勒青年组织,炸毁了 JFvD,他最大的对手,本可以获得多数席位。

A silent Coup,


Just like in the USA,dirty games are played.


Not that Rutte ever has a chance to be re-elected,without having to cheat heavily with the votes,just like in the US.

并不是说 Rutte 有机会再次当选,而不必像在美国那样在选票上作弊。

Psychopath Rutte already did his homework in August on Terschelling.

心理变态 Rutte 在八月份就已经在 Terschelling 网站上做过功课了。

VVD Cabal friends meeting was reported by the AD:

VVD Cabal 朋友会议据 AD 报道:


The FvD Coup planning By Rutte and Jort Kelder.

Rutte Jort Kelder 策划的 FvD 政变。

你怎么能让你的对手暴露自己|Rinus Verhagen

Rutte en Kelder on normal vacation photo:tweet of Bert-Jan from Terschelling loosens a lot of things up.

Rutte en Kelder 在泰尔斯海灵岛度假的照片:来自 Terschelling Bert-Jan 的推特让很多事情变得轻松了。

It wouldn't surprise me if the laughing Psychopath with Jort Kelder made a plan to undermine the JFvD through infiltration by Antifa Hufters.


It is said,however,that the right-wing PVV is youth support,which means that you put two opposition parties in a certain light in order to benefit yourself.

然而,据说右翼的 PVV 是青年人的支持,也就是说,你把两个反对党放在一个特定的角度来利益你自己。

Despite all good intentions,Baudet wanted to defuse the cartel party from the inside out,because any time he confessed that the laws and state are illegal,he has nothing more to lose.


As a result,Baudet steps down as party leader:


因此,Baudet 辞去了该党领导人的职务:

你怎么能让你的对手暴露自己|Rinus Verhagen

Thierry Baudet will not be on the electoral list for Forum for Democracy for the next elections.

Thierry Baudet 将不会出现在民主论坛下次选举的候选人名单上。

At most,he will be active as a'list pusher'.


However,he will remain in the House of Representatives until the elections,just like in the board of the party.


He says he takes the'ultimate'responsibility after a fuss about the party's youth branch,the JFvD.He let that know in a video.


Whether Freek Jansen will also withdraw from the electoral list is unclear.Earlier this evening it was said that he would,but later on there was confusion and he would not withdraw from the electoral list.

目前尚不清楚 Freek Jansen 是否也会退出选举名单。今晚早些时候,有人说他会退出,但后来出现了混乱,他不会退出选举名单。

But later that evening the chairman announced that he would withdraw.


This weekend right-wing extremist statements(such as from SS slogans)once again surfaced in app groups of FvD youth.

本周末,右翼极端分子的言论(比如党卫军口号)再次出现在 FvD 年轻人的应用程序群中。

That was not the first time:Freek Jansen,chairman of the youth section of Forum for Democracy(JFvD),should have promised improvement in the spring as well.

这已经不是第一次了:民主论坛(JFvD)青年部主席弗里克·詹森(Freek Jansen)也应该承诺在春季进行改进。

But when the whistle-blowers of the abuses in particular were disbarred,a large group of party promoters was full to bursting at the seams.


After all,he knows how people dealt with Pim Fortuyn.

毕竟,他知道人们是如何对待 Pim Fortuyn 的。

Another Handy hood is Theo Hiddema,the old lawyer,who will never acknowledge that the Netherlands is not a constitutional state,and certainly will never confess that we have no constitution.

另一个有用的人物是老律师西奥希德马(Theo Hiddema),他永远不会承认荷兰不是一个宪政国家,当然也永远不会承认我们没有宪法。

So double infiltrated with obstruction and ruining our image.


Now I have strong indications that all politicians will be arrested before mid-December for their crimes against their own people,so the elections on 17 March 2021 don't seem to me to be able to go ahead.


After all,we as a population have nothing to choose if the model of government of 18 May 1940 does not change.


What Thierry Baudet can still do is publicly acknowledge that we are no longer the Netherlands,as Maxima told us in 2012,and the constitution expired on 13 May 1940,then the Emergency Law will also be considered invalid,just like the EU is not legitimate.

Thierry Baudet 仍然可以做的是公开承认我们不再是荷兰,正如 Maxima 2012年告诉我们的那样,宪法在1940513日到期,那么紧急状态法也将被视为无效,就像欧盟不合法一样。

Thierry,just be honest,tell the truth,what everyone is afraid of,then the loss of face will turn into a victory.


So Rutte and his cartel parties who would like us to hold the people hostage than to explain anything.

所以 Rutte 和他的贩毒集团想让我们扣留人质而不是解释任何事。

Let's get down to the middle of how we're going to be called as a country,whether it's going to be the Batavian Republic or it's going to be renamed.


Since there shouldn't be any symbolism on flags anymore,and we are going to be a new Republic,I adapted the VLAG after criticism from several people.

由于国旗上不应该再有任何象征意义,而且我们将成为一个新的共和国,经过几个人的批评,我改编了 VLAG

Orange,White,Light Blue,with doves of peace as a unique recognition.


你怎么能让你的对手暴露自己|Rinus Verhagen

My intention and the previous design was to show the change for our future,people who have a better proposal are allowed to make and propose their own design.


We are going to break with the past en masse,we have had bad experiences with it in the past 80 years.


It is always a new start for a golden future without the Great Reset of the Globalists.


Everyone thinks that through the false MSM one can choose a US president abroad.

每个人都认为,通过虚假的 MSM,人们可以选择一位海外的美国总统。

Joe Biden is just his Pedophile like most who are now shouting that Biden will be the new 46th President of the US.


Without the U.S.no Great Reset from the NWO.

没有美国,NWO 就没有大重置。

Whatever the outcome of the elections,the new elections for the NESARA/GESARA reform will be around March 2021,Trump has already confirmed this with an Executive Order,one day before the fake fraud elections.

无论选举结果如何,NESARA/GESARA 改革的新选举将在20213月左右举行,特朗普已经在虚假选举的前一天以行政命令证实了这一点。

He has twice eliminated Joe Biden and the DNC.


Many of the Corrupt Deep State politicians will now be quickly apprehended,and it has also been revealed that Corrupt Biden stole 150 million taxpayers'money from a cancer research fund.


Dear people have confidence in the Deep State Swamp of corrupt politicians in Europe,like Merkel,Rutte,Macron,Kurz,will soon be gone.


By now giving Biden the illusion that he can move on,his actions for the transfer to the CCP come more to light.


Both Biden,Harris,or any Democrat is going to have the power to further dismantle the U.S.and hand it over to Ch*a.


As far as the timing is concerned,the playing field is now so wide,and we don't have the roadmap.


So it's a matter of watching the globalists go under and waiting to see how they go down.


Because Trump and the military can never and will never allow themselves to fall victim to a communist world government,the fascist NWO.

因为特朗普和军方绝不会也绝不会让自己成为共产主义世界政府——法西斯 NWO 的牺牲品。

There is unrest about the outcome among many,one loses hope because of all the lies spread by MSM.

许多人对结果感到不安,一个人因为 MSM 散布的谎言而失去希望。

It is precisely the intention that they now lie what they have been doing for years,because now reality will overtake their lies.


People who ask me if I want in future politics,who needs masters,if you are free,don't give up your freedom by giving it back to a dictator.


Politics is for liars and nerds who really can't do anything but lie and cheat.


I go my own way,and stay out of politics,because I rule myself and don't allow slave-drivers anymore.


The Euphoria of the Deep State rats will soon turn when they notice that they are trapped,then they will realize that they are happy with a dead bird.



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