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While most of the top public Cabal figures are still alive,many of them are in hiding or being cornered more and more.The light forces confirm that both Jeffrey Epstein and Michael Aquino,the two worst child abusers and blackmailers of world leaders,are dead and that both their spirits have been taken to the Galactic Central Sun for a soul reset.Jeffrey Epstein has been killed by the Cabal because he was too much of a liability to them.Arturo Sosa has very recently been dismissed as the leader of the Jesuit Order,and they have appointed a successor,but they are looking for the right moment to publish this.There are currently just very few etheric(superposition state)toplet bombs left and as soon as they,the remaining Draco and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex are cleared the public Cabal leaders are next.

虽然大多数高层公共阴谋集团人物仍然活着,但他们中的许多人正在躲藏或越来越多地被逼入绝境。光明势力证实,杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)和迈克尔·阿基诺(Michael Aquino)这两个世界领导人最糟糕的虐待儿童者和勒索者已经死亡,他们的灵魂都被带到银河中央太阳(Galactic Central Sun)进行灵魂重置。杰弗里·爱泼斯坦被阴谋集团杀害了,因为他对他们来说是一个太大的负担。阿图罗·索萨(Arturo Sosa)最近被解除耶稣会领袖的职务,他们已经任命了继任者,但他们正在寻找合适的时机发布这一消息。目前只剩下很少的以太(叠加状态)顶夸克炸弹,一旦它们被清除,剩下的德拉科和光明会分离复合体将是下一个公共阴谋集团的领导人。

What I am starting to learn now is the extreme severity of the trauma that has been inflicted by the Chimera on the core lightworkers.Forget about past life and childhood traumas,what the Chimera did greatly surpasses any pain and suffering from hardships,wars and mistreatment we endured in our regular lives.It even makes the satanists and luciferians involved in child abuse,torture and human sacrifice look like boyscouts.All members of the 144,000 Army of Light as well as over 100,000 other powerful starseeds have been abducted to underground bases between 1996 and 2001 to be programmed through trauma.The purpose of inflicting the trauma was to disconnect the lightworkers from the Divine as much as they could,to close down their psychic abilities as much as possible and to dim their light so that they would develop a mindset similar to that of the Cabal and ordinary surface dwellers.The Cabal members themselves,including the Draco,reptilians and Archons,have been programmed by the Chimera.The Chimera are none other than the fallen angels,and by use of their abilities and technologies they have enormous powers to manipulate the 3D physical world as seasoned master magicians.A few things they would do is to crush your head with a heavy metal ball,put your head back together and repeat that process;slice you up in many pieces,put you back together and repeat the process;mutilate female genitals by use of rotating large drills with hooks and male genitals by cutting up the penis,putting it back together and repeat the process.That is one reason why we don't consciously remember anything of it,it is just way too much pain to handle.There are really no words to label it,it is off the charts of insane evil.But becoming aware of these programming and soul fragmenting techniques and sending light into it will allow for a modest start of the deep healing that can ultimately only be provided by the light forces after the Event.



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