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Herd Immunity


In early March the Zetas predicted that by mid-Summer 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic would be dramatically easing.The middle of Summer is approaching,but the news seems filled with reports of increasing numbers of Covid-19 Positives and worry.But there are many factors to consider,including increased testing,false numbers,deliberately infecting the US public with fomented protests,and the desire of the Democrats in the US to hold back recovery and force the 2020 elections to require mail-in ballots.The Zetas explain.



De Blasio Shamelessly Bans all Large Gatherings except BLM Protests after Painting its Moniker on the Street

白思豪厚颜无耻地禁止所有大型集会,除了在街上粉刷名字后的 BLM 抗议活动



Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that only one group in New York City will be allowed to exercise its First Amendment rights over the summer.The Democrat told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that,although all large events in the city are canceled through September,Black Lives Matter protesters can keep marching and demonstrating because they are too important to restrict.

市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)宣布,今年夏天,纽约市只允许一个团体行使第一修正案赋予的权利。这位民主党人告诉 CNN 的沃尔夫·布利策,尽管九月份城市里所有的大型活动都被取消了,但是黑人生命至关重要的抗议者可以继续游行示威,因为他们太重要了,不能被限制。

ZetaTalk Clues 7/18/2020:We stated in early March that the Covid-19 pandemic would be"dramatically eased by mid-Summer 2020 due to aggressive quarantined practices and the emergence of effective anti-virals and several new vaccines".Summer technically runs from the June 20 Solstice to the Fall Equinox on September 22,so we are approaching the mid-point.Many anti-virals have emerged and are in use throughout the world.And though several vaccines are now in the human-trial stage,they are not yet in use to reduce the pandemic.Are there signs on this July 18 that the pandemic is about to dramatically ease?


The normal course of a pandemic is a sharp upward peak with a drop that mirrors the climb.This is obviously because almost all the population is infected and either survives or is immune.When lockdowns and quarantines are put in place,this"flattens the curve"so that it takes longer for this state to arrive.Instead of a mountain,the peak,there are a series of foot hills,but eventually the same state arrives.The pandemic is past.In the US a deliberate resurgence was engineered during the Floyd and Black Lives Matters protests and fomented riots.


The Covid-19 pandemic is notable for being mild in the young,but devastating for those who are older and have an immune memory for coronavirus infections.The cytokine storm,the body's over-reaction by an aggressive immune response,gets stronger with age as the immune memory increases.Thus nursing homes are hit the hardest.At first there was virtually no testing in the US,then limited testing,but when testing became more widespread it was startling how much of the population had survived the virus but was unaware.Too mild to be noticed.



Texas Health Department Removes Thousands of'Probable'COVID Cases from Total Positive Count




The Texas Department of State Health Services has seen to it that some 3,600"probable"coronavirus cases have been removed from the state's total positive COVID case count.


Fatal Motorcycle Crash listed as'Covid-19 Death'in Florida




A man who died in a motorcycle accident in Florida was listed as a Covid-19 death,according to a state official,adding to the growing skepticism over Florida's"record"numbers after hundreds of labs in the state claimed that every person who was tested was'positive'for COVID-19.


ZetaTalk Clues 7/18/2020:The Democrats,who desperately want to unseat President Trump,hope a continuing pandemic will ensure an economic collapse.Thus,with much statistical and empirical evidence,several Democrat states put Covid-19 Positive individuals into nursing homes amid the vulnerable elderly.Democrat states allowed Black Lives Matter protests without restrictions,which was certainly the cause of the renewed outbreaks that followed.To inflate the disaster,anyone who dies is counted as a Covid-19 death,and test results are as manipulated as the polls.


It is evident that with the lifting of the lockdowns and the riots and protests encouraged in many cities that the Covid-19 pandemic is now being allowed to run its course in the US.Other countries such as Brazil who were late arrivals to the pandemic are now also having their peak and the reduction that follows.Tourism has returned.Business and industry are returning to their normal rhythms.So given the political hype in the US,how to determine the resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic?



Coronavirus in Italy'Clinically no Longer Exists'




The head of a hospital in Milan,Italy claims the novel coronavirus no longer exists in the country—clinically speaking."The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago."In other words,the disease has weakened in Italy.


Cuomo Advises Vigilance amid COVID-19 Hospitalizations Drop




Daily statewide statistics show New York with 754 newly confirmed cases,representing 1.08%of all tests performed.The number of people hospitalized Friday was down 22 from the previous day.New York,once a pandemic hotspot,has so far avoided a surge in new cases like those plaguing other states in the South and West.Cuomo announced Friday that New York City is set to begin a scaled-down version of the fourth phase of the statewide reopening process.


Georgia's COVID-19 Hospitalizations Drop by a Third




Current statewide hospitalizations for COVID-19 dropped by about a third in the last two weeks,according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of data published by the Georgia Emergency Management&Homeland Security Agency.Georgia began to re-open at the end of April.



ZetaTalk Clues 7/18/2020:What are the true trend lines to watch?Hospitalizations and legitimate Covid-19 deaths.President Trump took extraordinary measures at the start of the pandemic to ensure that hospitals had sufficient ventilators to treat those who were afflicted with a cytokine storm,the body's overly aggressive immune response.He achieved that,and has even assisted other countries in this regard.Hospitals in the US are thus able to treat their Covid-19 victims.The rise in overall Positives are thus obviously due to increased testing.


Resolution of the Covid-19 pandemic will,as with all pandemics,rely upon herd immunity,which is now building worldwide.Covid-19 is estimated to require a herd immunity of 60%.Per the Zetas,the US is at 50%and most of the rest of the world far higher.Even with the Democrats pushing to have the pandemic worsen and last longer,herd immunity in the US is spreading among the population.Relief is at hand.



The Tricky Math of Herd Immunity for Covid-19




While much about the Covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain,we know how it will likely end:when the spread of the virus starts to slow(and eventually ceases altogether)because enough people have developed immunity to it.At that point,whether it's brought on by a vaccine or by people catching the disease,the population has developed"herd immunity."In June the journal Science published a study that incorporated a modest degree of heterogeneity and estimated the herd immunity threshold for Covid-19 at 43 percent across broad populations.We're getting to the conclusion that the most affected regions,like Madrid,may be close to reaching herd immunity.


COVID-19:Achieving Herd Immunity may Occur Sooner than Previously Thought




The classical model that epidemiologists use to predict herd immunity estimate that the threshold for COVID-19 is around 60%of the population.


ZetaTalk Clues 7/18/2020:Herd immunity is already greater than 50%in the US and far greater in those parts of the world where the pandemic first emerged.New York City is reopening,and tourism worldwide is proceeding during the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere as though the worry about infection were a figment of someone's imagination.With the pandemic finally allowed to run its course and with the pending advent of proven vaccines,mankind will soon see Covid-19 dramatically easing,perhaps even by mid-Summer 2020.


Doubles Lists


Lately there has been a splash of interest on the Internet to determine who has or has not been replaced by a Double.For months,the Dark Judge has tweaked curiosity with his comments,and many replacements are obvious to the public.ZetaTalk has confirmed 45 Doubles.As the numbers have grown,many Doubles lists have appeared.The Dark Judge,who has a direct line to Tribunals in process,has stated that"half of Hollywood is gone"or words to that effect.The Zetas state that the Doubles are in the hundreds.The list of sealed indictments keeps growing,space at Gitmo was increased to house more prisoners,and air traffic to and from Gitmo has been heavy.

最近在互联网上有一个兴趣点,来确定谁已经或没有被替换的克隆。几个月来,黑暗法官用他的评论扭曲了好奇心,许多替换者对公众来说是显而易见的。齐塔人之声已经确认了45个替身。随着数量的增长,许多克隆名单出现了。与正在进行中的法庭有直接联系的黑暗法官说,"半个好莱坞已经消失了"或者类似的话。齐塔人说克隆有几百人。被密封起诉的名单不断增加,Gitmo 的空间被扩大以容纳更多的囚犯,来往于 Gitmo 的空中交通一直很繁忙。


As of mid-July,Kamala Harris has started to look very different during her interviews.What was her crime?Maxine Waters likewise appeared different during the Covid-19 lockdowns.What was her crime?Satanism?The plethora of celebrities on speculative lists could be explained by Satanist practices in Hollywood.It should be recalled that Hillary went to Hollywood regularly when she was the wife of Bill as the then Governor of Arkansas,as she was a member of a coven of witches there,per Bill.Satanism and Moloch child sacrifice in Hollywood has a long and deep history,apparently.

7月中旬开始,卡玛拉·哈里斯在接受采访时看起来已经大不相同了。她犯了什么罪?同样,Maxine Waters 在新型冠状病毒肺炎停摆期间也表现得不一样。她犯了什么罪?撒旦崇拜?投机名单上名人过多,可以用好莱坞的撒旦崇拜行为来解释。我们应该记得,希拉里经常去好莱坞,那时她是比尔的妻子,是当时的阿肯色州州长,因为比尔说她是那里女巫集会的成员。显然,好莱坞的撒旦崇拜和摩洛克儿童祭祀有着悠久而深刻的历史。


Maxine Waters Net Worth:5 Facts about the Politician




As of 2018,Maxine Waters net worth is estimated to be around$1 million.Her net worth is still a question of debate as she has many assets as well as liabilities whose value is very volatile and subject to change on a daily basis.Along with her husband,she currently owns property in Los Angeles,Palm Springs,Kern County and Washington D.C.Maxine Waters Net Worth compared to fellow Democrats:Nancy Pelosi Net Worth$120 million.


ZetaTalk Clues 7/31/2020:We at ZetaTalk have no desire to be used to verify every suspected Double,to satisfy curiosity.We have privately told Nancy that there are hundreds of Doubles in use at present,and this includes those run by the Tribunals in the US,by the European equivalent of the Tribunals,and by the Black Hats installing their own replacements.The 2020 Presidential election is significant in that the US Military is as large as all others in the world,combined.Thus control of the US is desired,and the 2020 candidates and their backers are key to the Earth's future.


What does it mean,legally,when the current Biden Double,who is a Black Hat Double,is running for the position of President of the US?His handlers have the real Biden in hand,in case a DNA sample is demanded,and could claim that the Double is only a stand-in and the real Biden in charge.But this is all certainly a fraud on the public,and thus illegal.Kamala Harris is highly ambitious,and willing to do anything to promote herself.But it is not her ambitions that doom her,it is her past as a prosecutor.She took funds to bend the law,which is a crime.In that she was being considered by the Biden campaign for the VP position,her criminal past became an issue.

从法律上讲,当现在的拜登替身,一个黑帽替身,正在竞选美国总统时,这意味着什么?如果需要 DNA 样本,他的经纪人手里有真正的拜登,他可以声称替身只是一个替身,真正的拜登才是掌权者。但是,这一切肯定是对公众的欺骗,因此是非法的。卡玛拉·哈里斯野心勃勃,愿意做任何事情来推销自己。但是,并不是她的野心毁了她,而是她作为检察官的过去。她利用资金违反法律,这是犯罪。在拜登竞选副总统的过程中,她的犯罪记录成为了一个问题。

Maxine Waters is famous for her constant cries to"impeach 45",but this is not a crime.As the ranking member of the House Financial Services,she controlled the outcome of US finances approved by the House.The issue is not her professional track record,but her personal finances.Where her public net worth is modest,given her long career in Congress,this account is deceptive.She and her husband used front companies to hide their stolen funds,which were directed to her slush funds by her actions as ranking member.Though hidden,these moves were bold and obvious,and quite illegal.

玛克辛·沃特斯以她不停的哭喊"弹劾45"而闻名,但这并不是犯罪。作为众议院金融服务委员会(House Financial Services)的高级成员,她控制着众议院批准的美国财政结果。问题不在于她的职业履历,而在于她的个人财务状况。考虑到她在国会的长期职业生涯,她的公共资产净值并不高,但这个账户具有欺骗性。她和她的丈夫利用幌子公司来隐藏他们偷来的资金,这些资金是通过她作为高级会员的行为流向她的贿赂基金的。虽然这些行动是隐蔽的,但却是大胆而明显的,而且是非法的。


The crimes for this plethora of Doubles includes Satanic child sacrifices or support of this practice,treason,attempted coups,sedition,theft of public funds,crimes against the state or against humanity,or criminal behavior by an official.In the case of Black Hat Doubles the person replaced was merely in the way,not cooperative,or about to leak a secret.Some Doubles such as Soros or Erdogan emerge because they are considered necessary for a criminal enterprise to continue.And some Doubles are a stand-in to protect an individual from assassination.



The Doubles extravaganza has been confirmed by the Zetas since August,2019,and relevant ZetaTalk and images can be found in the Newsletter Archives.See Issue707 for an overview on 23 individuals including Obama,Pelosi,Hillary Clinton,Adam Schiff,John McCain,Ruth Bader Ginsberg,Queen Elizabeth,Meghan and Harry,Prince William,Prince Charles,Gloria Vanderbilt,Elijah Cummings,Madonna,Elton John,Bibi Netanyahu in hiding,Dutch King and Queen in hiding,Soros and Erdogan heart attacks,Bill and Melinda Gates,and Trudeau,

20198月以来,齐塔人已经确认了这场克隆盛典,相关的齐塔人之声和图片可以在《通讯档案》中找到。23个人的概况,包括奥巴马,佩洛西,希拉里克林顿,亚当希夫,约翰麦凯恩,Ruth Bader Ginsberg,伊丽莎白女王,梅根和哈里,威廉王子,查尔斯王子,格洛里亚·范德比尔特,伊莱贾卡明斯,麦当娜,埃尔顿约翰,比比内塔尼亚胡隐藏,荷兰国王和女王隐藏,索罗斯和埃尔多安心脏病发作,比尔和梅林达盖茨,和特鲁多,


See Issue708 for Tom Hanks and Marina Abramovic;Issue709 for Boris Johnson,Jeb and George W Bush,and Prince Phillip;Issue710 for VP Pence,John Kerry,and Jared Kushner;Issue711 for Angela Merkel,John Podesta,Princess Beatrice,and Buhari;Issue714 for Elon Musk;Issue715 for Lindsey Graham and Poroshenko;Issue717 for Don Lemon;Issue719 for Chuck Schumer;Issue710 for Joe Biden and Pope Francis;and now this Issue723 for Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris.

参见《玛莉娜·阿布拉莫维奇708;709》给 Boris JohnsonJeb and George w Bushand Prince Phillip;710》给副总统 PenceJohn Kerryand Jared Kushner;711》给 Angela MerkelJohn PodestaPrincess Beatriceand Buhari;Issue714》给 Elon Musk;Issue715》给 Lindsey Poroshenko;717》给 Don Lemon;719》给 Chuck Schumer;710》给 Joe Biden Francis;以及现在这本《723》给 Lindsey Waters Kamala

Crop Circle Season


2020 season started off with a bang with an analysis of a Hooper's Wood design discovered on June 11.A Caltech Phd stated this looked like a drawing done by an ET electrical engineer.Crop Circle Connector was sure it represented a lineup of the planets and the coming Solar Eclipse on June 21.The Zetas gave all this a thumbs down and stated the design was a hoax designed as a clever lure.

2020赛季在611日对霍珀森林的设计进行了分析后轰动一时。一个加州理工学院的博士说,这看起来像一个 ET 电气工程师画的图。麦田圈连接器确信它代表了一系列的行星和即将到来的日食在621日。齐塔人对这一切表示反对,并声称这个设计是一个恶作剧,是一个聪明的诱饵。


Hooper's Wood,Dilton Marsh,Wiltshire




We see in this elegant crop circle a representation of the alignments Sun,Moon and Earth within the period of the June eclipses,namely,lunar eclipse(5th of June)and solar eclipse on the 21st of June.We see the central Sun,the sequence of two orbits(Mercury and Venus)and the Earth,followed by the Moon(in crescent shape).Evaluating the map of the solar system for the day of the solar eclipse,we notice that most planets are reasonably aligned in a single direction of space.Breaks representing faults in the magnetic field.And the angle between the two breaks may represent that shift from the pole from Canada to Russia.



ZetaTalk Clues 6/30/2020:Clues that this is a hoax are the placement along the rows.The exact center of each circle can be placed in a row,which makes running equipment in an exact circle possible.The second clue is the lack of woven grain,which hoax masters have never mastered.The grain in this hoax is mashed in many directions.And third,the symbolism in this hoax encourages various human interpretations.The goal of such hoaxes is to confuse the public with a non-message,thus discouraging the public from pondering valid circle designs.


This was followed with a couple more hoaxes with a Smeathe Plantation design on June 25 and a Cheesefoot Head design on June 29.The Zetas lost no time pointing out how one could tell they were frauds.Frauds have improved over the years.At first they were crudely laid with boards,the grain smashed down.Then they graduated to designs where a rope was fixed in the center of an intended circle,so the perimeter could be evenly drawn.



ZetaTalk Clues 7/31/2020:The Stonehenge and Solstice designs were so compelling,and so well understood by those contactees who viewed them,that those in the establishment who would deny mankind knowledge of the alien presence and knowledge of Nibiru set out to turn heads.Both these designs are frauds.One clue is the utter regularity of the design.This,during a time when the Earth and her daily rhythms are anything but regular.The sunrise and sunset times are off.The compass is off.And the seasons have become jumbled.


A second clue that this is a hoax is that the center of the circle is basically on a tractor line,and thus the initial footprints can be hidden at the start.The third clue is that the grain is crushed rather than woven.For Cheesefoot,it is as though a man stepped into the center of a smash point,twirled around,and then swept the edges of the smash point with a broom.Not woven.For Smeathe the grain has been raked in one direction but is sticking up all over,not perfect.


The frauds may have arrived on the scene first,but they did not get the last word.On July 14 a legitimate design was laid at Cley Hill which was neither boringly regular nor showing crudely smashed grain.Per the Zetas,this design shows the halted orbits of Earth,Venus,and the Dark Twin,and a clash point that will occur when Nibiru crowds them close together.

这些欺诈者可能是第一个到达现场的,但他们并没有得到最后的结论。714日,一个合法的设计被放置在 Cley Hill,它既不是枯燥无味的规则,也不是粗糙破碎的谷物。根据齐塔人的说法,这个设计显示了地球、金星和黑暗孪星停止运行的轨道,以及一个当 Nibiru 将它们挤在一起时将会发生的冲突点。


ZetaTalk Analysis 7/31/2020:This legitimate design is showing the effects of the stopped orbits that occurred in 2003 when Nibiru entered the inner Solar System.It came inward from the direction of the Constellation Orion,to arrive within the orbit of Venus by the Spring of 2003.It then proceeded to round the Sun in a retrograde manner,clockwise,pushing the Earth and Venus back in their respective orbits.The Earth is currently at its August position,and Venus is being pushed back and forth in front of the Sun to simulate the orbit that humans on Earth would expect to see.Mercury escaped being blocked,and continues as usual.


What is clear from Cley is a sense that a clockwise blockage occurred,growing larger as Nibiru is coming into Earth's orbit now.This is represented by the sweeping blades coming from Nibiru in the center of the design,with the largest blade aligned with Earth's orbit.Venus is represented as a smaller planet as with Nibiru leaving its Orbit it will be free to escape,moving along in its orbit.The Dark Twin is shown as a notch approximately 3 months behind the Earth in their shared orbit.When the clash point occurs during the Last Weeks it will be forced to escape by ducking behind the Earth,into the break shown at this clash point.

克莱清楚地感觉到,随着 Nibiru 进入地球轨道,顺时针方向的阻塞物正在变得越来越大。在设计中心,来自 Nibiru 的旋转叶片代表了这一点,最大的叶片与地球轨道对齐。金星被描绘成一个较小的行星,因为 Nibiru 离开了它的轨道,它将自由地逃离,沿着它的轨道移动。黑暗双星在它们共同的轨道上距离地球大约3个月。当冲突点发生在最后几个星期,它将被迫躲到地球后面,进入这个冲突点所显示的突破点。

Then on July 16 another stunning design was laid at Luxenborough.This one also spoke to the halted orbits.Of note is the impeccably woven circles and half circles,where the grain is so closely interwoven in an over and under cloth weave that it could not have been done by human hand.Take that,fraudsters!

然后在716日,另一个令人惊叹的设计被安置在 Luxenborough。这张照片也对停止运行的轨道进行了说明。值得注意的是编织得无可挑剔的圆圈和半圆圈,其中的纹理紧密地交织在布料的上面和下面,这是人工编织不出来的。接招吧,骗子们!


The Over&Under of Cloth Analysis




To begin,determine the direction of warp versus weft.The warp yarns will not stretch as readily as the weft yarns.Next,find the epi and ppi.This step is important for finding the ratio between the warp and filling systems,which maintains the pattern scale.

首先,确定经纱与纬纱的方向。经纱不像纬纱那样容易拉伸。接下来,找到 epi ppi。这一步对于找到经纱和填充系统之间的比例很重要,这样可以维持图案的比例。


ZetaTalk Analysis 7/31/2020:Luxenborough is making several statements.Due to the number of frauds lately,this legitimate design has woven grain in several places that simply could not be matched by the human fraudsters.The message is that Nibiru has affected the Solar System from one side to the other.As an interloper with a retrograde orbit,it pushed 3 lesser planets back in their orbits.The Earth,Venus,and the Dark Twin are currently blocked and halted.The 2020 Crop Circle season has emphasized these blocked orbits because this fact will soon become evident to the public,who have been denied the truth by their establishment.

齐塔人之声2020731日分析:卢森堡正在发表一些声明。由于最近欺诈的数量,这种合法的设计已经在好几个地方编织纹理,根本无法与人类欺诈者相比。信息是 Nibiru 已经从一边影响到另一边的太阳系。作为一个带有逆行轨道的闯入者,它把3个较小的行星推回了它们的轨道。地球、金星和黑暗孪星目前被阻挡和停止。2020年麦田怪圈季节强调了这些阻碍轨道,因为这个事实很快就会变得对公众显而易见,他们已经被他们的建立否认了真相。


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