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Part One “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening


“Those who do not fully know the situation felt it or know that there was an evil part of humanity that kept us in the dark. They have been using all possible means for centuries, it really has been for thousands of years. This enemy, a secret Satanic society called the Illuminati, has existed since the 17th century. And before that, it was the Roman Empire, an extension of which today is the Catholic Church. Today, many call it the Deep State or Cabal because they have bribed, threatened, killed or usurped people, churches and governments in order to maintain control over everyone on the planet. Of course, all people understand that this was done for the sake of power, money and control over everyone and everything on the planet.


In many published articles about the unbalanced financial statistics of the world, public articles say that the 1% controls 60% of the world’s wealth. I have to enlighten everyone that 0.1% of the super-rich control 99.9% of wealth, and most of it is hidden in tunnels and deep underground military bases (DUMB) underground, about three, five and ten kilometers under our feet around the world. These places hidden from the world were used to hide their main “crimes against humanity” from the public eye, so that they could do their evil, almost without seeing it. This was done in order to keep the ordinary population in ignorance and ignorance.

在许多发表的关于世界不平衡的金融统计的文章中,公开的文章说1% 控制着世界60% 的财富。我不得不告诉大家,0.1% 的超级富豪控制着99.9% 的财富,而且大部分财富都隐藏在地下隧道和地下深处的军事基地(DUMB)里,这些地方大约在我们脚下3、5和10公里的地方。这些隐藏在世界之外的地方被用来隐藏他们主要的“反人类罪行”,以便他们可以做他们的邪恶,几乎看不到它。这样做是为了让普通民众保持无知和无知。

Please understand that this “Greatest War in History” is a war completely different from the storming of the country’s lands and its return. This is a war of information and penetration. This war is kept secret from the general population. They used behind-the-scenes deals, money, blackmail, threats and murders to support the evil will. But good people all over the world took a firm stand, and God’s Will to free this planet from all evil was planned for millions of years. Darkness will turn into Light, as God’s Will will forever stand for humanity. For one of the greatest laws of God is to have freedom of choice. For most of humanity, we were told lies from all sources to keep us in slavery, and even made us think that we have freedom in many countries, but we didn’t have it, even in America. For even our great Constitution was usurped in 1871 and turned into a corporation owned by the Vatican, like all countries on the planet.


Two great documents have become truly precious: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Of course, God or the Creator – the First Creator sent his son, Jesus or Yeshua (real name), to PREVENT the Earth from becoming too dark or evil and to help save it before the time of the “Great Awakening”. This time is now and in the near future. The beginning of the “Great Transition in the history of mankind”.

两个伟大的文件已经变得真正珍贵: 美国独立宣言和美国宪法。当然,上帝或造物主——第一造物主派他的儿子耶稣或耶稣(真名)来阻止地球变得太黑暗或邪恶,并在“大觉醒”之前帮助拯救地球。这一次就是现在,而且在不久的将来。“人类历史大转折”的开端。

Understand, the real story is that the Roman Empire was transformed into the Catholic Church because the leaders of the fading Roman Empire needed a way to maintain control and used the Council of Nicaea, the real Son of God, to use the name of Jesus and the history of the dark side to maintain control of the planet.


Understand that people who do NOT have consciousness and still have a two-dimensional mind cannot think independently and need guidance.


The conscious mind thinks for itself, explores, guides itself.


The decisions taken at the Council of Nicaea in 321 AD were supposed to allow “to betray Jesus and begin to worship him.” They decided which chapters or books should be allowed in the Bible and which should not. This led to a totalitarian Catholic Church that decided most things in Europe at that time; who was good and evil, who was supposed to be king or queen, until by the 1500s many groups separated from Protestant churches, as did many governments.”

公元321年在尼西亚会议作出的决定被认为是允许“出卖耶稣并开始敬拜他。”他们决定哪些章节或书籍应该被允许出现在圣经中,哪些不应该。这导致了极权主义的天主教会,决定了当时欧洲的大部分事情; 谁是好人谁是坏人,谁应该是国王或王后,直到16世纪许多团体脱离了新教,许多政府也是如此

I. Part Two: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening

第二部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”,世界觉醒

“The Catholic Church really ruled during the “Dark Ages” and committed many “crimes against humanity,” including leading a 199-year war with crusades for its truth about who is right — Muslims or Catholics, about how they should worship the same God. It’s the same in our time: shame on the pedophile priest who still commits the same crimes, and most of them are not prosecuted. Many priests had children born to nuns who were killed at birth, and there are many graves around some churches. This is part of the unholy true agenda of the Catholic Churches. In the highest layers of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, they worshipped Satan. The Romans learned about this from a small group they conquered many years ago. It was in order to get power and money. They really worship Satan. Plain and simple, if you do your own investigation.

“天主教会确实在“黑暗时代”统治着世界,犯下了许多“反人类罪”,包括领导了一场长达199年的战争,为了争取关于谁是正确的真理——穆斯林或天主教徒,争取他们应该如何崇拜同一个上帝。这在我们的时代也是一样的: 对那些仍然犯下同样罪行的恋童癖牧师感到羞耻,他们中的大多数人都没有被起诉。许多牧师的孩子出生时就被杀害的修女,并有许多坟墓周围的一些教堂。这是天主教会邪恶的真实议程的一部分。在天主教会的最高层,他们崇拜撒旦。罗马人从他们多年前征服的一小群人那里了解到了这一点。这是为了得到权力和金钱。他们真的崇拜撒旦。简单明了,如果你自己去调查的话。

Let’s go back in time to the American Revolution. The war was won by farmers against the English Crown in 1776. Then the great Founding Fathers of America created two of the greatest documents for government in history, and everyone knows what they are. But the Crown of England was not going to release a large monetary income or land without further hostilities, hence the “war of 1812”, when they burned the White House and one of the greatest documents in history. People should “wake up” from the fact that the European elite and the monarchy were NOT going to let America go, the next step was penetration. Therefore, in 1871, President Grant transfers power to the Illuminati and the Republic of the United States becomes a Corporation owned by the Vatican and governed by the Queen of England. See what B.A.R. is. It means “British Accreditation Register”. He should tell you all about the “Maritime Law” in the American judicial system, independent of the Crown of England.

让我们回到美国独立战争时期。1776年,农民们战胜了英国王室。然后,美国伟大的开国元勋们创造了历史上最伟大的两个政府文件,每个人都知道它们是什么。但英国王室不会在没有进一步敌对行动的情况下释放大量货币收入或土地,因此爆发了“1812年战争”,当时他们烧毁了白宫和历史上最伟大的文献之一。人们应该从欧洲精英和君主制不会放弃美国这一事实中“觉醒”,下一步就是渗透。因此,在1871年,格兰特总统将权力移交给光明会,美利坚合众国成为梵蒂冈拥有的公司,由英国女王统治。看看什么是 b.a.r. 。它的意思是“英国认证登记册”。他应该告诉你关于美国司法系统中的“海事法”的一切,独立于英国王室。

Next comes the “Federal Reserve System”, which belongs to the Rothschilds and is not part of the American government at all. The federal government was bribed and usurped in 1913 to gain control of America’s money by the Illuminati.


The Titanic was sunk to destroy the opposition to the Fed. Consequently, the Rothschilds and the Illuminati controlled the printing of the US currency, as well as how it was created and used.


All wars, including the Civil War, were created by the Illuminati. It is said that one member of the Illuminati predicted three world wars. Albert Pike showed in 1871 that a world led by the Illuminati would have three world wars in the future. We really had two. They made a big profit because their banking system supplied money to both sides. They got the desired results: they created great grief and harm in order to maintain control over the world’s population. We can call the tragedy of 9/11 a false flag created by both Presidents Bush, the CIA, the Mossad of Israel and the owners of the twin towers themselves. More than six trillion dollars have been spent on fake terrorists who were hired to carry out tasks by the CIA and the Illuminati to go around the world and find a few people with bombs or weapons that could harm a few people. This war was to go on forever; that was their plan. So, the Third World War that Albert Pike was talking about was supposed to be a fake alien invasion with real anti-gravity ships with robotic Gray aliens inside the ships, and Special Forces were really operating on the ships that controlled the ships. The powerful Alliance has completely stopped this plan.”

所有的战争,包括南北战争,都是由光照派发起的。据说光照派的一个成员预言了三次世界大战。阿尔伯特 · 派克在1871年指出,一个由光明会领导的世界在未来会有三次世界大战。我们真的有两个。他们获得了巨额利润,因为他们的银行系统为双方提供了资金。他们得到了预期的结果: 他们制造了巨大的悲痛和伤害,以维持对世界人口的控制。我们可以把9/11的悲剧称为布什总统、中央情报局、以色列的摩萨德和双子塔的拥有者自己制造的假旗帜。超过6万亿美元被花费在假恐怖分子身上,他们受雇于中央情报局和光明会,在世界各地执行任务,找到一些携带炸弹或武器的人,这些炸弹或武器可以伤害一些人。这场战争将永远持续下去,这是他们的计划。所以,阿尔伯特 · 派克所说的第三次世界大战应该是一场假的外星人入侵,真正的反重力飞船里面有灰色机器人外星人,而特种部队实际上是在控制飞船的飞船上作战。强大的联盟完全阻止了这个计划。”

J. Part Three: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told” World Awakening

第三部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”世界觉醒

“Now we will talk about things that are difficult for many people to perceive – human trafficking, pedophilia and the production of Adrenochrome, as well as where it all came from. There was a great evil on this planet; the sacrifice of children by the Catholic Church and Satanic cults, as well as the murder of children for the sake of a chemical that prolongs their life, called Adrenochrome. Do you still think that these are stories from the Internet, born from scratch? In that case, you are wrong. It is here that they get the maximum profit, and the sale of drugs on planet Earth and beyond is an Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is produced from the blood of a child, and the younger the child, the better. To get Adrenochrome, children are electrocuted to increase the quality of adrenaline, and then they kill toddlers to extract blood with more stem cells. Blood with a high content of adrenaline and human stem cells will preserve the youth of the blood drinker.

“现在,我们将谈论许多人难以理解的事情——人口贩卖、恋童癖和肾上腺素红的生产,以及它们的来源。这个星球上存在着一个巨大的罪恶: 天主教会和撒旦教派牺牲儿童,以及为了一种叫做肾上腺素红的化学物质而杀害儿童,以延长他们的生命。你是否仍然认为这些故事来自互联网,从无到有?在这种情况下,你错了。正是在这里,他们获得了最大的利润,而在地球上以及更远的地方销售的药物就是肾上腺素红。肾上腺素红是从孩子的血液中产生的,孩子越小越好。为了得到肾上腺素红,孩子们通过电击来提高肾上腺素的质量,然后他们杀死幼儿来提取更多干细胞的血液。含有大量肾上腺素和人类干细胞的血液能够保存饮用血液的年轻人。

What is Adrenochrome? From a scientific point of view, it is a chemical substance that is produced in the human body during the oxidation of adrenaline. How is the chemical extracted? The potential victim is terrorized, thereby increasing the amount of adrenaline flowing through his body. Then she is killed, and the Adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe at the base of the back of the neck and spine. After collection, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices. Bring it to your consciousness; these are hidden REAL events on this planet. This is pure evil. They really existed out of sight on the planet all this time. The powerful Alliance stopped all this by September 2021.

什么是肾上腺素红?从科学的观点来看,肾上腺素红是人体在肾上腺素氧化过程中产生的化学物质。这种化学物质是如何提取出来的?潜在的受害者被恐吓,从而增加了肾上腺素红流经他的身体。然后她被杀害,用针头和注射器在颈部和脊椎后部收集肾上腺素红。收集之后,这种化学品可以在黑市上以高价出售。把它带到你的意识中; 这些都是这个星球上隐藏的真实事件。这是纯粹的邪恶。他们真的存在于这个星球的视线之外。强大的联盟在2021年9月阻止了这一切。

The rescue of children from Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) over the past five years, which were used to make Adrenochrome, child sacrifice to the satanic cult of the Illuminati and for sex, was led by Special Forces of the Alliance. Pedophilia is the norm for many criminals of the Deep State – Hollywood celebrities, politicians around the world and even many royal families. Epstein’s Island is proof of this, although there are still many places and islands where this happened.

在过去的五年里,拯救来自深地下军事基地(DUMBS)的儿童,这些基地被用来制造肾上腺素红(一种儿童用来向光明会的邪教仪式献祭并用于性交易的物品) ,是由联盟的特种部队领导的。恋童癖是许多罪犯的标准深州-好莱坞名人,政治家在世界各地,甚至许多皇室家族。爱泼斯坦岛就是证明,尽管仍有许多地方和岛屿发生了这种情况。

Let’s go back to the chronology of history, in the 1960s, President Kennedy was assassinated trying to dissolve the Federal Reserve System, and the Deep State killed him for it. Control over money and the media is their main weapon. There are thick notebooks: the Alliance has an exact scenario for the destruction of the Cabal. But it has been in full swing since the fake 9/11 terrorist attack. During this time, a Plan was developed. The alliance dates back to Howard Hughes and Nikola Tesla in the 1920s. The Q Team was formed by John F. Kennedy in the 1960s, and after his assassination, 200 US generals and admirals joined the Alliance and began implementing a Plan to destroy the Cabal of the Deep State. It has been in development for six decades, and the current Plan was created and modified with the help of the military and using quantum computers for future timeline scenarios.

让我们回顾一下历史年表,在20世纪60年代,肯尼迪总统在试图解散美联储系统时被暗杀,深层州政府为此杀了他。控制金钱和媒体是他们的主要武器。有厚厚的笔记本: 联盟有一个精确的方案来摧毁阴谋集团。但是自从假的9/11恐怖袭击以来,这一切就一直如火如荼。在此期间,制定了一项计划。这个联盟可以追溯到20世纪20年代的霍华德 · 休斯和尼古拉 · 特斯拉。1960年代,约翰 · f · 肯尼迪成立了 q 小组,在他被暗杀后,200名美国将军和海军上将加入了同盟,并开始执行一项摧毁深州阴谋集团的计划。该计划已经开发了60年,目前的计划是在军方的帮助下制定和修改的,并使用量子计算机对未来的时间表进行设想。

The QAnon group of 200 loyal generals was concerned that Americans would be swept up in socialism.


After September 11, Group Q is plotting to win, no matter what the Deep State does to counter it. Understand, with Operation Mockingbird in the 1950s, created by the CIA, the Deep State controlled 90% of the mainstream media and major Internet companies. Know that they have been slowly destroying the image, reputation, and heart of conservative Republicans in the fake news media.

9月11日之后,无论深州如何反击,q 组都在谋划胜利。20世纪50年代,美国中央情报局发起了反舌鸟行动,深度国家控制了90% 的主流媒体和主要互联网公司。要知道,他们一直在慢慢破坏假新闻媒体中保守派共和党人的形象、声誉和核心。

The Mafia media of the Deep State did the same with the QAnon group, which followed the drops (messages) of “Q” published on 4 Chan or 8 Chan from October 2017 to December 2020. People need to understand that this was a way to circumvent fake news, and to convey truthful information to the military and the public. President Trump was the first to announce “FAKE NEWS” to the public, which is just one of his main achievements.”

2017年10月至2020年12月期间,深州的黑手党媒体对 QAnon 集团也采取了同样的做法,在此之前,在4 Chan 或8 Chan 上发布了下降的“ q”(信息)。人们需要明白,这是一种规避假新闻的方式,并向军方和公众传达真实信息。特朗普总统是第一个向公众宣布“假新闻”的人,这只是他的主要成就之一

K. Part Four: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told” World Awakening

第四部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”世界觉醒

“Trump’s election in 2016 was a big victory for the good side. Trump’s loyalty to the real people of the United States has dealt a serious blow to the Deep State. Hillary should have won. When the Dominion computer was launched, the Deep State believed that if 20% of the vote switched to Hillary, she would win the election. They just didn’t understand how to wake up the American people to the same old shit that Hillary was offering. I’ve never seen so much dirt in an election, and Hillary paid for it, the American people were finally able to see through it.

“特朗普2016年的当选对于好的一方来说是一个巨大的胜利。特朗普对真正的美国人民的忠诚严重打击了“深渊之州”。希拉里应该赢的。当自治联盟计算机启动时,深度之州相信如果20% 的选票投给希拉里,她将赢得选举。他们只是不知道如何唤醒美国人民,让他们意识到希拉里提出的那些陈词滥调。我从来没有在选举中看到过这么多的丑闻,希拉里为此付出了代价,美国人民终于看穿了它。

Military action was necessary to cut off the snake’s head as soon as possible, which happened even before Trump’s inauguration, when 13 selected Illuminati families were destroyed.


Let me tell you about the first major measures taken by the Alliance, and these were multiple raids conducted simultaneously on December 24, 2016. Understand, President Trump was first elected on November 8, 2016. Trump met with military generals and admirals on November 9, 2016 to discuss the liquidation of the thirteen largest families of the world’s most powerful mafia called the Illuminati. Know that President Trump was chosen by our great military, and Admiral Rogers met with him in 2014 to convince him to run. Since Admiral Rogers was the head of the NSA (National Security Agency), he knew that Trump was clean and without corruption.


Let’s go back to the first raid, which determined the direction of the planet – to Light (Good) or darkness (evil). All members of these families lived in Venice, Italy. Why it was the perfect time to destroy the best families. It was the last day of the three-day Satanic festival, and the Alliance knew that they would all be at home. The military knew that the culmination of the ritual was the sacrifice of a child; then the criminals were vulnerable.


The Alliance has assembled the best Special Operations teams, Delta Forces and Navy Seals.


All the leading criminal clans were to be liquidated that night, and no operation could fail. The fate of the whole world depended on these operations that night. All operations were successful in a miraculous way. Many thanks to the military who participated in this wonderful operation. I hope that they will be honored and the world will eventually see a film about this most important part of human history.


You should also learn about the evil underground shelters for Illuminati operations. Worldwide, there are more than 3,500 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) with 10,000 miles of Mag-LEV trains in tunnels built by the Illuminati connecting most of the major DUMBs for the trafficking of children, people, drugs and the production of Adrenochrome. The mighty Alliance has been destroying tunnels and DUMBs really since the 1980s, but the real push has been given since President Trump first took office.

你也应该了解光照派运作的邪恶的地下庇护所。全世界有超过3500个深地下军事基地(DUMBS) ,其中包括10000英里的磁悬浮列车,这些列车位于光照派修建的隧道中,连接着大多数主要的 DUMBs ,这些 DUMBs 用于贩卖儿童、人口、毒品和生产肾上腺素红。自20世纪80年代以来,强大的联盟一直在破坏隧道和 DUMBs ,但自特朗普总统上台以来,真正的推动力已经出现。

Gene Decode (blogger-decoder of encoded intelligence — approx.trans.) for many years informed all of us about the progress of the destruction of tunnels and DUMBs around the world, by the nature of earthquakes that occurred at a depth of about 3, 5 and 10 kilometers around the world. His “transcripts” were perfect to keep up with the secret war with the Illuminati. What is the proof?

Gene Decode (智能编码的博客解码者ー approx.trans.)许多年来,我们所有人都知道世界各地发生的地震的性质导致了隧道和倾覆体的破坏,这些地震发生在地球周围大约3、5和10公里的深度。他的“抄本”完美地跟上了与光照派的秘密战争。证据是什么?

Well, an ordinary earthquake has P&S waves in the signal; a tactical nuclear bomb used to blow up tunnels wouldn’t do that. The bomb blast has only one wave, so you can notice the difference. When they are exactly at these depths, it is clearly not a fake. In addition, we would get earthquakes at negative depth, which means that the explosions occurred in the Earth’s atmosphere, these were disguised anti-gravity Illuminati ships that were destroyed by Alliance weapons as soon as they tried to escape. Recently, geysers with salt water started working in the center of Greece, because there used to be a Mag-Lev railway tunnel destroyed by the Alliance forces.”

普通的地震信号中有 p & s 波,但是用于炸毁隧道的战术核弹不会有这种效果。炸弹爆炸只有一个波,所以你可以注意到不同。当它们正好在这个深度时,它显然不是假的。此外,我们会在负深度发生地震,这意味着爆炸发生在地球的大气层,这些是伪装的反重力光照派飞船,被联盟的武器摧毁,一旦他们试图逃跑。最近,带有盐水的间歇泉开始在希腊中部工作,因为那里曾经有一条被联盟部队摧毁的磁悬浮铁路隧道。”

L. Part Five: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told” World Awakening

第五部分: “最伟大的战争故事”世界觉醒

“At some point, during the dismantling of tunnels and DUMBs, the Alliance lost about 200 commandos in an underground tunnel near Iceland. They thought that the agents of the Deep State were going to surrender, but as soon as the Alliance forces got there, they detonated bombs and everyone who was there, including themselves. We need to pay tribute to their great sacrifice.

“在某个时候,在拆除隧道和 DUMBs 的过程中,联盟在冰岛附近的一个地下隧道中损失了大约200名突击队员。他们以为深州的特工会投降,但一旦联盟部队到达那里,他们就引爆了炸弹,所有在那里的人,包括他们自己。我们需要向他们的巨大牺牲表示敬意。

The real reason for the Notre Dame fire was to stop the child sacrifices that were supposed to happen over the Easter weekend. The Alliance warned the people inside to take valuables out of it, and five days before Easter Sunday, the Alliance hit it with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons – Laser Weapons) from a space satellite or a USAF TR3B anti-gravity ship. This happened on April 15, 2019 and was a major victory in the secret war with the Illuminati. It was a warning to the Vatican to stop all child sacrifices. Later I found out that about 600 children were planned to be sacrificed that weekend to try to resurrect Lucifer himself in the body. Don’t you think this could happen in reality? Ask yourself again and explore the question.”

圣母院大火的真正原因是为了阻止本应在复活节周末举行的儿童祭祀活动。联盟警告里面的人把贵重物品从里面拿出来,在复活节前五天,联盟从一个太空卫星或美国空军 TR3B 反重力飞船上用定向能武器(定向能武器-激光武器)攻击了它。这发生在2019年4月15日,是与光照派的秘密战争中的一个重大胜利。这是对梵蒂冈停止所有儿童祭祀的警告。后来我发现那个周末大约有600个孩子计划被牺牲,以试图复活路西法的身体。你不认为这在现实中会发生吗?再问自己一次,探索这个问题。”

M. Part Six: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told” World Awakening

第六部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”世界觉醒

“Biden didn’t win the election in 2020, it was a major fraud that Trump and the Alliance allowed to happen, not only to arrest people who had been doing this for decades, but also to never let it happen again. This should be revealed to the American people and the world, because it has been going on for hundreds of years in every country.


President Trump actually won with 80.4% of the real votes, also tracked by QVS (Quantum Voting System). This will soon become known in the near future, and President Trump will take office again, and in a solemn atmosphere. As soon as the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) is activated.

特朗普总统实际上赢得了80.4% 的真实选票,量子投票系统(Quantum Voting System)也对此进行了跟踪。在不久的将来,这一点很快就会为人所知,特朗普总统将在庄严的气氛中再次就职。紧急广播系统一旦启动。

We know that Biden has indeed just sworn in the old American corporations that Ulysses S. Grant allowed the Illuminati to create in 1871.


The original Constitution was changed by these traitors. Currently, the fake corporation has gone bankrupt and ceased to exist, many patriots do not know this.


The fake Biden is president of absolutely nothing but 10 square miles of the District of Columbia, which is not really part of America.


About 80% of members of Congress were arrested and charged, as were all members of the Supreme Court. The military determined that the two organizations (Congress and the Supreme Court) that allowed Biden to take office without due process of law were “hijacked organizations.”

大约80% 的国会议员被逮捕和起诉,最高法院的所有成员也是如此。军方认定,允许拜登在没有正当法律程序的情况下就职的两个组织(国会和最高法院)是“被劫持的组织”

The Deep State threatens tactical nuclear weapons in the form of 6 suitcases if Biden is not allowed to take office. The Alliance did not allow Biden to have a Nuclear Football (a suitcase for controlling nuclear weapons) and any access to the Pentagon or the intelligence data of the NSA (National Security Agency) or the Department of Defense.”

如果拜登不被允许就职,“深层国家”将以6个手提箱的形式威胁使用战术核武器。北约不允许拜登拥有核足球(控制核武器的手提箱) ,也不允许拜登接触五角大楼或美国国家安全局(NSA)或国防部的情报数据。”

N. Part Seven: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening

第七部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”,世界觉醒

“In early September 2021, Gene Decode reports that the Alliance controls the Cabal’s tactical nuclear weapons. On September 21, the Ministry of Defense reports that it “discovered and neutralized 11 nuclear warheads of the Cabal, which they used as leverage to prevent their arrests.”

“2021年9月初,Gene Decode 报告说,联盟控制着阴谋集团的战术核武器。9月21日,国防部报告说,他们“发现并拆除了阴谋集团的11枚核弹头,他们利用这些弹头作为阻止逮捕他们的筹码。”

It’s over for the rats of the Deep State, do justice and arrest them, let the special forces descend on these bastards!


Understand, in our Constitution there is a way to make sure that the change of the so-called newly elected president is legal and lawful, the military had to seize power in the country, and by March 6, 2021, it was established that there was massive voter fraud, and the Ministry of Defense reinstated President Trump as commander-in-chief on March 11, 2021.


The Illuminati are behind the American seizure of power, and the CCP is infiltrating our government and seizing power. This has been in their plans for decades, because the US military is “aware” that the Illuminati are financing both sides of the war in order to benefit and cause enormous suffering to the population. The US military is no longer playing these games.


In the period from January to February 2021, the CPC allegedly had troops on the Canadian and Mexican border that were supposed to move to America after Biden took office, numbering from 250,000 to 300,000 troops. The CCP bought real estate in Oklahoma to deploy troops there. The Alliance fulfilled its threat to the Deep State to “destroy them” when the CCP troops passed through underground tunnels into New York State, and as we think to Pennsylvania, from the intelligence received. The first 25,000 Chinese soldiers were destroyed in an underground DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) by an F-16 bomber that dropped a bomb to destroy bunkers.

在2021年1月至2月期间,据称中国共产党在加拿大和墨西哥边境部署了部队,在拜登上台后,这些部队将移师美国,人数在25万至30万之间。中共购买了俄克拉荷马州的房地产,在那里部署军队。当中共军队通过地下隧道进入纽约州时,联盟实现了对深州的威胁,“摧毁他们”。我们认为,从情报来看,宾夕法尼亚州也是如此。第一批25000名中国士兵在一个地下 DUMB (深地下军事基地)被一架 f-16轰炸机炸毁,该轰炸机投下一枚炸弹摧毁了掩体。

The F-16 was hit by counterstrikes and after release flew over Michigan, where the pilot ejected to safety somewhere in upper Michigan.


DUMB, which housed 50,000 soldiers, was a deeper tunnel, and the Alliance military used “God Rods” launched from a satellite, representing “shells in the form of tungsten steel telephone poles” that can penetrate to a depth of up to ten kilometers without using any explosive devices, the impact is enough to destroy at great depth.

有5万名士兵居住的 DUMB 是一条更深的隧道,联盟军方使用了从卫星发射的“上帝之棒”,代表“钨钢电话杆形式的炮弹”,这种炮弹可以在不使用任何爆炸装置的情况下深入10公里,其冲击力足以摧毁很深的地方。

According to sources, the Alliance forces took care of the Chinese troops on the border of Mexico and Canada many months ago.


The destruction of these underground DUMBs has been confirmed by several military sources.”

一些军事消息来源已证实这些地下 DUMBs 已被摧毁。”

O. Part Eight: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening

第八部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”,《世界觉醒》

“The exact time of the battle of the Taiwanese and American troops with the CPC in mainland China is not known, but according to information received from a source from the government of Taiwan, it was in early February 2021.


We know that an American carrier group was operating in the South China Sea, and an air-to-air battle really took place, and on that day the Red Air Forces of China suffered many losses. We know that three US Navy carrier groups (about 100 ships) were off the Western Pacific Coast and two US Navy carrier groups off the eastern Atlantic coast at some point in time to protect our borders.


The Alliance forces had clearly destroyed tunnels and DUMBs under mainland China months before; the information is taken from reports and updates on so-called earthquakes that occurred at a depth of ten kilometers, and Jin Decode knows that the destruction of underground evil shelters took place during decades of major criminal activity by Deep State operatives. The leader of the Alliance of Canada (Romana Didulo — approx.trans.) confirmed that the CPC is kaput, as she says. That was two months ago. She also stated on 09/22/2021 that if you report that there are Chinese troops in Canada now, you will be arrested so that you go there, which she calls a spa. (SPA = Military Firing Squad/Hanging)”.

几个月前,联盟部队显然已经摧毁了中国大陆地下的隧道和 DUMBs ; 这些信息来自有关在10公里深处发生的所谓地震的报道和更新。金基德知道,地下邪恶庇护所的摧毁发生在深层国家特工几十年的重大犯罪活动期间。加拿大联盟的领导人(romanadiduro ー approx.trans.)正如她所说,C*P已经垮台。那是两个月前的事了。她还在2021年9月22日表示,如果你报告说现在有中国军队在加拿大,你会被逮捕,然后你就会去那里,她称之为温泉疗养地。(SPA = 军事行刑队/绞刑)”。

P. Part Nine: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening

第九部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”,世界觉醒

“The container ship Evergiven, stuck in the Suez Canal in March 2021, was a major victory for the Alliance.


The powerful Alliance stopped many things on the way to their destination, including: weapons of mass destruction (nuclear and biological weapons), adrenochrome, aborted fetal tissue of infants for use in vaccines, and live babies in ship containers. All containers were searched on the ship by Alliance Special Forces. The Evergreen ship stuck in the Suez Canal is stuck there to uncover many things, including child trafficking. More than 1,245 children were rescued in containers on this ship. About 1,200 children were also found dead in the containers. This is the Illuminati’s worldwide human trafficking system.

强大的联盟在前往目的地的途中阻止了许多东西,包括: 大规模毁灭性武器(核武器和生物武器)、肾上腺素红、流产的用于疫苗的婴儿组织,以及船运集装箱中的活婴。联盟特种部队搜查了船上所有的集装箱。这艘被困在苏伊士运河的常青船被困在那里,以揭露许多事情,包括贩卖儿童。超过1245名儿童被集装箱救出。约1200名儿童被发现死于集装箱内。这就是光照派的世界性的人口贩卖系统。

The navigator of the ship was a member of the Alliance, and the “holes” in the Microsoft software allowed the Space Forces to hack the ship’s software, take control and run it aground. He also transported WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Many other ships that were blocked were carrying weapons to start a war in the Middle East, the weapons had to be handed over to Muslims by the Israeli Mossad.


The plan is to reveal everything in the news. The Deep State is losing 400 million an hour due to stuck ships, have you heard? With this and 10 days of truth on TV, as soon as EBS is activated, everyone will know about child trafficking and crimes against humanity, evil and real.

这个计划是要把新闻中的一切都公布出来。深州每小时因为船只被困损失4亿美元,你听说了吗?有了这个和10天的电视真相,一旦 EBS 被激活,每个人都会知道贩卖儿童和反人类罪行,邪恶和真实。

The Alliance’s special forces were used to search for and prevent any Deep State cargo, as the Clintons were co-owners of the Evergreen shipping lines.


From about April to September 2021, Myanmar and Afghanistan are now under the control of the Alliance, they burned the entire “Poppy Field” there, which was the main source not only of the illegal drug trade. Gene Decode also revealed a 50% content of all Big Pharma drugs using opium and oil derivatives in their tablets. How sick are these rats of the Deep State.

从2021年4月至9月,缅甸和阿富汗现在处于联盟的控制之下,他们烧毁了那里的整个”罂粟田”,这不仅是非法毒品贸易的主要来源。吉恩还发现,在所有使用鸦片和石油衍生物的大型制药公司药片中,有50% 的成分含量。这些深州的老鼠病得有多重。

Afghanistan is currently the first country in the world free of the Deep State. The reason why America had to leave Afghanistan was to comply with the NESARA/GESARA laws prohibiting the presence of foreign troops on the territory of someone’s country. Remember, the peace agreement is all over the world.”

阿富汗目前是世界上第一个没有深层国家的国家。美国不得不离开阿富汗的原因是为了遵守 NESARA/GESARA 的法律,禁止外国军队进入某个国家的领土。记住,和平协议是在全世界达成的。”

Q. Part Ten: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told,” World Awakening

 第十部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事”,世界觉醒

“The last major push for the Illuminati was to create a fake Covid-19 crisis and vaccinate everyone with the aim of reducing the world population to 500 million worldwide for their final control push. It will tear them to pieces. EBS will tell you everything about Covid-19, many doctors, nurses and real researchers have a lot of information on the Internet in the form of articles or videos. Simply put, Covid-19 is a bacterium, and it can be easily cured with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.

“光照派的最后一个主要推动力是制造一个虚假的2019冠状病毒疾病危机,给每个人接种疫苗,目的是将世界人口减少到5亿,作为他们最后的控制推动力。它会把他们撕成碎片。会告诉你关于2019冠状病毒疾病的一切---- 许多医生、护士和真正的研究人员在互联网上以文章或视频的形式拥有大量信息。简单地说,2019冠状病毒疾病是一种细菌,它可以很容易地用伊维菌素或羟氯喹治愈。

In addition, vaccines are a poison with a lot of harmful chemicals inside, they slowly kill you, the more injections you get, the closer you are to death!


Be aware that medical professionals promoting this “experimental chemical mixture”, which is NOT a vaccine, will be prosecuted in the international judicial system “Nuremberg 2.0” in the future.


Understand, the patient NEEDS to be informed that any medication or injection is EXPERIMENTAL, otherwise the caregiver may be charged with this crime and he will be held accountable.


Understand, arrests have been going on for the last five years, and military tribunals are continuing all over the world. By September 2021, 2.7 million Cabal members had been executed.


With regard to the security of money and every person’s finances, there will be a complete takeover of the Planet’s finances — this is QFS (A Quantum Financial System that cannot be hacked. Everyone in the world will have an account in this system. To reset, GCR (Global Currency Reset) and RV (Currency Revaluation) will be reset, countries that have been completely unfairly devalued, such as Iraq, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. More countries will be involved, but these are just examples.”

至于金钱的安全和每个人的财务,地球的财务将被完全接管ーー这就是无法被黑客入侵的 QFS (a Quantum Financial System)。世界上的每个人都将在这个系统中拥有一个账户。为了重新调整,GCR (全球货币重置)和 RV (货币重估)将被重新调整,这些国家已经被完全不公平地贬值,如伊拉克,越南和津巴布韦。更多的国家将参与其中,但这些只是例子。”

R. Part Eleven: “The Greatest War Story Ever Told – the final one.” World Awakening

第十一部分: “有史以来最伟大的战争故事——最后一部”,《世界觉醒》

“What awaits us in the near future?


EBS will be included in the coming months, none of us knows the exact date.

在接下来的几个月里,EBS 将会被包括在内,我们没有人知道确切的日期。

From this moment, the final destruction of the Deep State rats around the world will begin.


That’s why Lin Wood announced that everyone should stock up on food for three to four weeks for their family. The Alliance will use the weapons of the Space Forces to completely cut off electricity, cell phones, and the Internet. In large cities, Alliance forces will use a complete shutdown, perhaps even for two weeks, to get rid of them and capture them, or to stay in the shadows and track them inside the military quarantine zone to their hideouts. The Alliance already knows who they are. Understand that in most areas with a very small number of Cabal members, for example, in rural areas or small towns, there will probably be no interruptions in services.


Gene Decode used Melbourne, Australia, as a city with a strong power of the Deep State. Expect tougher ways to corner these rats on these strengths. In America, we know Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and New York as possible strongholds. The alliance will be there to impose martial law around the world and surround the rats of the Deep State, as Roman Didulo says, “Unmarked planes (without the flag of the country) are our/allied forces.”

吉恩把澳大利亚的墨尔本作为一个拥有强大的深州力量的城市。预计会有更强硬的方式来迫使这些老鼠利用这些优势。在美国,我们知道芝加哥、费城、洛杉矶、西雅图、波特兰和纽约是可能的据点。联盟将在那里在世界各地实施戒严,并包围深州的老鼠,正如罗曼·迪杜罗(Roman Didulo)所说,“没有标志的飞机(没有国旗)是我们/盟军的力量。”

For the New Earth, humanitarians will pave the way to restore the planet with the help of technologies that have been hidden, and stop hunger, poverty, so that no one is left homeless and so that children will never suffer again.


We will do it with zero-point energy; a way to get free energy, hydrogen or electricity, food replicators, anti-gravity technology and medical beds or sky capsules to heal all human diseases. No one will be left out on the planet, and everyone will share the wealth and abundance of this great planet.

我们将利用零点能量来实现这一目标; 这是一种获得免费能源、氢气或电力、食品复制机、反重力技术、医疗床或天空胶囊来治疗所有人类疾病的方法。这个星球上没有人会被遗忘,每个人都将分享这个伟大星球的财富和富足。

The first major transition of the planet will occur in the next three to six weeks (obtained from various sources), but the exact time is unknown. We know that this is an important transition period for humanity.

该行星的第一次主要转变将在未来三到六周内发生(从各种来源获得) ,但确切的时间还不得而知。我们知道,这是人类的一个重要过渡时期。

In the statement of the first Creator of “Crimes Against Humanity and Children” there is the phrase “Enough is enough.” For God will always prevail over Darkness, because the “Greatest War in History” on planet Earth is the victory of Light over Darkness. EBS will reveal the crimes of the Deep State against humanity, humanity will weep.

在”危害人类和儿童罪”的第一个创造者的发言中,有一句话是”够了”因为上帝将永远战胜黑暗,因为地球上“历史上最伟大的战争”是光明战胜黑暗的胜利。EBS 将揭露深层国家反人类的罪行,人类将哭泣。

This is the “Great Awakening.”


But with this information, we will understand that humanity has reached the next stage of evolution in order to become closer to God, and to learn the truth about what happened, to learn more about hidden technologies and the truth about the Galaxy and other worlds. For humanity is the beginning, a big step towards what is really real and true. For in this way God will illuminate humanity with Light and allow the truth to be told. The war against darkness has been won! May Freedom reign throughout the cosmos, and may the light of God shine for everyone!


God bless you!”


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