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安德鲁·考夫曼医生可能是目前美国审查最严格的医生。他的视频很快就会从 YouTube 上被删除和审查。考夫曼博士是如此聪明,如此善于表达,以至于”主流”媒体和医学权威显然害怕他和他的信息,他们正在竭尽全力压制他。

Dr.Andrew Kaufman may be the most censored doctor in the U.S.right now.His videos are removed and censored from YouTube very quickly.Dr.Kaufman is so intelligent,and so articulate,that the"mainstream"media and medical authorities obviously fear him and his message,and they are doing everything in their power to suppress him.

安德鲁·考夫曼医生可能是目前美国审查最严格的医生。他的视频很快就会从 YouTube 上被删除和审查。考夫曼博士是如此聪明,如此善于表达,以至于"主流"媒体和医学权威显然害怕他和他的信息,他们正在竭尽全力压制他。

This video(below)he did with Spiro Skouras,for example,was immediately removed from YouTube,although Spiro's other videos remain for the most part(for now).

例如,他与斯皮罗·斯库拉斯合作的这个视频(下图)立即从 YouTube 上删除,尽管斯皮罗的其他视频大部分(目前)仍然保留着。

Andrew Kaufman is a medical doctor.Here is his full bio from his website:



Andy Kaufman,M.D.is a natural healing consultant,inventor,public speaker,forensic psychiatrist,and expert witness.


He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina,and has a B.S.from M.I.T.in Molecular Biology.


He has conducted and published original research and lectured,supervised,and mentored medical students,residents,and fellows in all psychiatric specialties.


He has been qualified as an expert witness in local,state,and federal courts.He has held leadership positions in academic medicine and professional organizations.


He ran a start-up company to develop a medical device he invented and patented.


Faculty Positions


Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry,SUNY Upstate Medical University

Vice President,Psychiatry Faculty Practice Corporation,SUNY Upstate Medical University

Medical Director of Faculty Practice,SUNY Upstate Medical University

Assistant Director,Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship,SUNY Upstate Medical University

Consulting Expert Witness,Syracuse University Law School




Medical University of South Carolina,Doctor of Medicine

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,BS in Biology




American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Board Certification in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry(2011)

SUNY Upstate Medical University,Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry

Duke University School of Medicine,Resident in Psychiatry




Knoll JL and Kaufman AR.Suicide in Correctional Settings:Epidemiology,Risk Assessment,and Prevention.Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry edited by Richard Rosner,3rd edition,2017.

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Kaufman AR,Way BB,Suardi E:Forty Years after Jackson v.Indiana.States'Compliance with"Reasonable Period of Time"Ruling.Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law,40:261-5,2012.

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Kaufman,AR:More on DSM-5:Will"Cross-Cutting"Butcher Clinical Psychiatry.Correctional Mental Health Report,2010;12(2):p.21.

Kaufman AR:Are Psychiatrists Lexa-Professionals?Correctional Mental Health Report,2010;11(5):p.71

Kaufman AR:Should We Use Law Enforcement for Emergency Transportation of People With Mental Illness?American Journal of Psychiatry 2007;164(3):Residents'Journal p.3

In this interview with Spiro Skouras,you will most likely learn things you have never heard before about the COVID-19 pandemic.Dr.Kaufman will explain why this is all planned,and is not really about a dangerous virus at all,but a way to control people's lives.

在这次 Spiro Skouras 的采访中,你很可能会了解到一些你以前从未听说过的关于新型冠状病毒肺炎流行病的事情。考夫曼博士将解释为什么这一切都是计划好的,并且根本不是关于一种危险的病毒,而是一种控制人们生活的方式。

He will explain things about the new type of vaccine they are rushing so fast to develop,and what he believes is the real objective for this vaccine.


Dr.Kaufman has already paid a steep price to be a whistle blower,and he only expects it to get worse.


He states:


This is the only important thing for me to do now,is to get this information out,so that we can prevent ourselves from living in a horrible,horrible future.


I have two young children,and they are my main motivating factor,that I don't want them to live in a world where they have no freedom.And that's where we're heading right now.


And so whatever risks there are,they're risks that I simply have to take.That's why I am doing what I am doing.


There have been things that have occurred.I have had consequences.I was let go from my regular psychiatry job because I refused to wear a mask.


I have had several friends who are doctors or other health care professionals who have been very upset with me.(They're)disappointed and won't talk to me anymore.


I knew that those risks were part of this.But that's not what's important.


I'll tell you that I would be happy to risk being taken to jail as well,because I'm not going to participate in any of these measures.


I don't wear a mask.I don't stay at home.


I respect other people's rights to make their own choices.So I don't go and get in people's faces.


But if anyone is willing to make eye contact and interact with me,I don't observe any social distancing,(and so)any opportunity to hug someone,especially in public,I always take advantage of that,because I want to show people that actually all of these measures are really voluntary.


Even Governor Cuomo has made a public statement that there's nothing that they can do to enforce any of these measures and that they are voluntary.


And I would like to encourage other people to make that decision,because if we rely on the authority to give us approval of how to exercise our freedom,they're going to take more freedoms away,as they've been doing.


So while I respect people that to go and protest at the City Hall or State Capital,they are coming from the right point of view,they're just asking the authority figures,the government,to give them permission,when they don't need permission from the government.


They already have permission because they have inalienable rights.


It's not really a decision for me.It's just what I feel that I have to do to preserve the way of life that I want to live for me and my children.


At the time of this publication,this interview has been viewed just over 15,000 times.


It needs to be MILLIONS!Please watch and share this information that they are trying so hard to censor.





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