Planetary Dyson Sphere being constructed in Space. Courtesy of Ileana.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

来源: 行动披露官员 | 作者: Mark Baughman,特约作者

Submitted on April 5, 2023


A Real Look at Earth’s Technical Future and the Path to the “Star Trek” Civilization! 4/6/2023

地球科技的未来和通往“星际迷航”文明之路的真实写照! 4/6/2023



For people who love change, embrace technology advancements; humanity and Earth will be like Candyland to them. For myself, I feel I missed out on the technology revolution from 1960’s to the 1990’s for I was not on the cutting edge of major consumer products. I was in the medical field and but did contribute. I will not miss out on the “Greatest Technology Shift on Planet Earth” this time. My job as a technical humanitarian is to take Earth’s Humanity into the “Star Trek Civilization” in the next 25 years! This will happen very soon, as a major shift of the planet Earth! The way we restructure our governments, banking, manufacturing and even our medical industry worldwide, will be for all, not just the people that have money. Real medical care will be free for all! Peace, harmony, and happiness for all. We will stop all poverty, homeless and hunger worldwide.

对于热爱变化的人们来说,拥抱科技进步; 人类和地球对他们来说就像是糖果乐园。就我个人而言,我觉得自己错过了20世纪60年代至90年代的技术革命,因为我当时并不处于主要消费品的前沿。我在医学领域工作,但确实做出了贡献。这次我不会错过“地球上最伟大的技术转变”。作为一个技术人道主义者,我的工作是在未来25年内将地球的人类带入“星际迷航文明”!这将很快发生,作为地球的一个重大转变!我们重组政府、银行业、制造业,甚至全球医疗行业的方式,将是为所有人服务的,而不仅仅是那些有钱的人。真正的医疗保健对所有人都是免费的!人人享有和平、和谐和幸福。我们将在世界范围内消除贫困、无家可归和饥饿。

Understand, with NESARA/GESARA (National Economic and Reformation Act) and the QFS (Quantum Financial System) enabled, this will stop all corruption, drug money and money laundering worldwide. For the QFS system and see the corruption and stop it! NESARA is the release of money to the “people and not the governments”. Money will be release for humanitarian projects too. All countries worldwide will be a “Republic” government and not a democracy. This is what the “Founding Fathers” created at first. We can advance safely, without the Cabal interference, to the suppressed technologies after the QFS & NESARA.

要知道,随着 NESARA/GESARA (国家经济和改革法案)和 QFS (量子金融系统)的启用,这将阻止全球范围内所有的腐败、毒品资金和洗钱。对于 QFS 系统,看到腐败,并停止它!NESARA 是向“人民而不是政府”发放资金。资金也将用于人道主义项目。全世界所有国家都将是一个“共和国”政府,而不是民主政体。这就是“开国元勋”最初创造的东西。我们可以在没有阴谋集团干扰的情况下,安全地推进到 QFS & NESARA 之后被抑制的技术。

Second, is we must share technology with all people and all countries, no more secrets. This is called “open sourcing” all designs. With money being released for humanitarian projects and to all people. We will not have to do it for profit. To do it for profit, does not work to an advance civilization. The people will learn quickly to cooperate for all advancements, even to the smallest of groups, if they want to manufacture something new.


The Technical picture of what it will look like in 25 years.


What some people do not know is that many new technologies that have graced humanity in the last 60 years, is “reverse engineering from crashed alien crafts”. All the major shifts; Vacuum Tubes to Transistors & IC’s, laser technology, computer age, many medical tools like X-Ray, A.I., Fiber optics, and even the advanced Apple Cell Phone was alien or our Star Brothers/Sisters technology. If you have a hard time with this news, please read “The Day After Roswell” by U.S. Army officer Col. Philip J. Corso. And please read the whole series of books by Dr. Michael Salla too. Gene Decodes videos are great technology truths too. Everyone can understand that governments hid this technology under the “cloak of National Security”, but most of the over 6,000 classified patents in America were really classified to keep the “old technology” like oil to line the pockets of the controlling elite. This is the same illuminati/cabal that is being taken down as our controllers. Of course, they would “allow the general slave population” to have high cost internet/TV cable or the cell phones with a large bill at the end of the month, for profit! These technologies objective was also to monitor us or brainwash us too.

有些人不知道的是,在过去60年里,许多给人类带来荣耀的新技术,都是“来自坠毁的外星飞船的逆向工程”。所有的主要变化: 晶体管和集成电路的真空管,激光技术,计算机时代,许多医疗工具,如 X 射线,人工智能,光纤,甚至先进的苹果手机都是外星人或我们的星际兄弟姐妹技术。如果你对这条新闻感到不适,请阅读美国陆军军官菲利普 · J · 科尔索上校的《罗斯威尔事件后的一天》。也请读一下迈克尔 · 萨拉博士的整个系列的书。吉恩视频也是伟大的科技真理。每个人都能理解,政府把这项技术隐藏在“国家安全的外衣”之下,但是美国6000多项机密专利中的大多数实际上是为了保留像石油这样的“旧技术”,以便让控制精英们的腰包鼓起来。这是同一个光照派/阴谋集团作为我们的控制者正在被拿下。当然,他们会“允许一般的奴隶人口”在月底拥有高成本的互联网/电视有线电视或手机,并支付大额账单,以获取利润!这些技术的目的也是为了监视我们或者给我们洗脑。

Now for the list of the most important or urgent technologies coming after the “Great Shift”, listed in order of importance;



Celestial Chambers – Jared Rand’s and most people’s top priority. The general population health is mostly in the toilet. This has to be priority #1. The Alliance’s Med-Beds with frequency technology will be available first. Though, very good technology to much better health. From my briefings, the celestial chambers are the better and more comprehensive technology. One can get re-atomized in three minutes. The Med-Bed technology can take up to two hours depending on one’s health. We expect the Med-Beds available about six months after the shift and Celestial Chambers about one to 1.5 years after the shift.


Food Replicators and Broad-Range Replicators to make just about anything. Of course, there will be software to inhabit the making of a weapon like a gun. The mantra or rules of the New Earth is “to do NO harm”. We will be able to replicate flying cars (anti-gravity personal vehicles) our houses, food, clothes and furniture. Just about anything that is in the database. And we can update the database too. Understand, that the database will include “off-world” technology to advance Earth to the level of many of our Star Brothers/Sisters.



Real Clean Energy Technology – Top priority is the “Zero-Point Device” that can supply endless energy from the “Quantum Realm” in a compact box, smaller than a dehumidifier of today. The Air Forces TR3B flying antigravity craft, first made in 1981, has a zero-point device that produces a trillion watts of power, that is basketball size device. Wind, nuclear, dirty coal, and solar power will go by the Dodo bird, as these technologies should. We can rid ourselves of having power companies and wires to look at going down the street. The Zero-Point devices can supply electric power to road traveling cars that never run out of fuel or have harmful batteries. Of course, it can supply boats and anti-gravity crafts to NEVER burn fossil fuels too.

真正的清洁能源技术-当务之急是“零点设备”,可以提供无穷的能源从“量子王国”在一个紧凑的盒子,比今天的除湿器小。空军 TR3B 飞行反重力飞行器,首次于1981年制造,有一个零点装置,产生万亿瓦特的功率,这是篮球大小的设备。风能、核能、肮脏的煤炭和太阳能将被渡渡鸟所取代,正如这些技术应该被取代一样。我们可以摆脱电力公司和电线的束缚。这种零点装置可以为在公路上行驶的汽车提供电力,这些汽车永远不会耗尽燃料或使用有害电池。当然,它也可以提供船只和反重力飞行器,以避免燃烧化石燃料。


Anti-Gravity Personal Air-Craft – They will be powered with clean energy like the Military’s crafts too. The Anti-Scooters can take you in across the entire planet Earth in 15 minutes, by warping space-time. No need to worry you will have collisions either. It is all extremely safe. Recently, President Trump talked about vertical take-off vehicles for the general population and stated that twelve companies in America are working on this now. President Trump called these five new realities or objectives, Agenda # 47.


Automated Technology to clean our Earth and Waters Worldwide – I do know of drones that can go out and clean out the plastics in the Oceans and like. They just “de-materialize to an inert module that does harm to the environment. This can be done with past oil-spills even at the bottom of the ocean, to make the oil inert. Like the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was done by Dark Cabal elements with a World War II torpedo via a same era submarine. We have chemicals to make the oil inert to the environment too. We can clean our soil with similar technology too.


De-Materializing Trash and Water Waste – We have the ability to vanish toilet water and waste back into the “Quantum Realm”. This goes for normal trash too. The Food Replicators will have a recycle the solid waste, for example plates for food, back to “Plasma Energy” to be used in the next round of the Food Replicator.


Star Ships for Space Travel – Please understand, the U.S. Navy has had Star Ships since the 1950’s The Solar Warden Program for the Navy is well recorded. The U.S. Air Force produced an Anti-Gravity “Scout Ship” call the TR3B, but Gene has told me it is up the TR3G version now. You can find many video and pictures of the wonderful technology achievement on the internet. Please know, they have achieved “faster than light speed”, for I have a copy of the U.S. Navy patent, as proof.

用于太空旅行的星际飞船——请理解,美国海军自1950年以来一直拥有星际飞船。美国空军生产了一种称为 TR3B 的反重力“侦察舰”,但是吉恩告诉我它现在已经升级到 TR3G 版本了。你可以在互联网上找到许多关于这项伟大科技成就的视频和图片。请知道,他们已经实现了“超光速”,因为我有一份美国海军专利的副本,作为证据。


Light Beams to carry Energy & Communications in your Galactic Home or Business – Many of the Science Fiction movies and TV show was done for “soft disclosure” of real technology. This was to bring up humanity to an understanding of the universe, even if they thought is was all “Fiction” at the time. This put the possibility in the mind, even though many people laughed at the real possibility. The light technology can be walked through without harm to one’s body. It converts the communication and energy particles to the “Quantum Realm” and converts back to the device that needs power or the communications, without a wire or plug in. Please watch the movie “I Robot” starring Will Smith, it shows these light beams.



Magnetic Levitation Trains – Yes, the illuminati have them underground, like the D.U.M. B’s (Deep Underground Military Bases). They have built tunnels everywhere all over the planet. I have been informed of speeds up to 1700 MPH; The mighty Alliance has taken down the underground network, and even saved the Maglev train tracks from New York to London and from Texas to China. One can see another version of these trains in the movie, “The Black Panther”.

磁悬浮火车——是的,光照派把它们藏在地下,就像地下军事基地一样。他们在地球上到处建造隧道。我被告知最高时速可达1700英里; 强大的联盟已经拆除了地铁网络,甚至挽救了从纽约到伦敦和从德克萨斯到中国的磁悬浮列车轨道。人们可以在电影《黑豹》中看到这些火车的另一个版本。

Understand, with the benevolent Star Brothers/Sisters out there in the Cosmos are 100,000 years ahead of us in technology. They have already invented everything you can think of for life, and a clean environment. We just need to copy it, and use it. Another point with the Galactics is, and most importantly; Spiritual Relationship with Prime Source Creator or God, we humans have a lot to learn to be apart of the Peaceful Galactic Federation of Light.

要知道,有了宇宙中仁慈的星际兄弟姐妹在科技方面领先我们十万年。他们已经发明了一切你能想到的生活,和一个干净的环境。我们只需要复制它,然后使用它。银河系的另一点是,也是最重要的一点: 与主要源头创造者或上帝的精神关系,我们人类有很多需要学习的地方,以成为光的和平银河联邦(消歧义)的一部分。

Please, Get over it!! Yes, there is other intelligent Life in the Galaxy and the Universe. Would God “only place one intelligent life on one planet”? Human scientists have confirmed there is trillions of Suns, planets and solar systems out there. To be positive, it is an irrevocable truth, that there are other civilizations out there in the cosmos, and many have visited Earth, and some live among us. To be honest, only the human ego, the bad part of the human being, could come up, with “we are the only ones in the universe”, and “pound their chest like apes” that humans are alone! God, please help those people! There is evidence everywhere, and only the illuminati/Cabal control over educational systems & most religions have convicted some people it is true. 95% of the other Star Brothers/Sisters are benevolent and only 5% is malevolent. Both sides have helped or hindered humanities progress, but no more! Just the good ones are helping now! Humanity is going to the 5th dimension, with the help of God’s will! And thou shall be done!

拜托,别纠结了!是的,在银河系和宇宙中还有其他的智慧生命。上帝会“只在一个星球上放置一个智慧生命”吗?人类科学家已经证实有数以万亿计的太阳、行星和太阳系。积极地说,这是一个不可改变的事实,宇宙中还有其他文明存在,许多人造访过地球,还有一些人生活在我们中间。老实说,只有人类的自我,人类的坏的一部分,可以提出,“我们是唯一的一个在宇宙中”,并“拍打他们的胸部像猿”,人类是孤独的!上帝,请帮助那些人!到处都有证据,只有光照派/阴谋集团对教育系统和大多数宗教的控制使一些人相信这是真的。其他星际兄弟姐妹中95% 是仁慈的,只有5% 是恶意的。双方都帮助或阻碍了人文学科的进步,但仅此而已!现在只有好人在帮忙了!在上帝的帮助下,人类将走向第五次元合唱团!你就完了!

We humanitarians are NOT alone in our quest for Technical Leaps. Many good companies have started manufacturing some of them. And many new technologies will be released starting in 2023. As humanitarians after the financial shift, we will work together to solve problems & work together to get a new product out. We are planning to share manufacturing on many needed items. We will get help form our Galactic friends, thank God. For their knowledge & experience will be invaluable! Everyone will share and help one another in the 5th Dimensional Earth. For the real mantra is “Service to Others”. Let peace, love, harmony and oneness be a part of everyone’s lives.



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