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I told you in my last article that the release of the second transcript would be devastative.


Prophecy fulfilled.The Maestro carpet bombed the Cabal and its DC Swamp big time.


Who can tell me which military aircraft was selected for this mission?


Peruvian Coffee for those who answered the legendary B-52!

秘鲁咖啡为那些回答了传说中的 B-52

The Maestro announced it the day before the release of the transcript right here:until 3:20


To make sure we are on the same page,let's go near the Barksdale Air Force base mentioned by POTUS and watch what a B-52 bombing mission looks like:video

为了确保我们达成共识,让我们走近美国总统提到的巴克斯代尔空军基地空军基地,看看 B-52轰炸任务是什么样子:视频

You got that?


That's the first clue you had to detect to solve why the Maestro keeps calling his conversation with President Zelinsky a"PERFECT"call.


Value for PERFECT?73.Value for BARKSDALE?73!

完美的价值?73.BARKSDALE 的价值?73

Next,we notice that in his Nov 3 2019 press gaggle,he started by saying:'I AM SHOCKED'and qualified the call as'PERFECTO':until 0:57


Then,we notice that in his Nov 8 2019 press gaggle,the Maestro announced that the transcript of the first call was'VERY REVEALING':until 14:14


Puzzle coming together?Did you solve?


Big big big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who assembled the pieces and saw that this whole conversation is about saving the CHILDREN,Epstein,HUSSEIN and HRC!Here's the solution:Img1





With PERFECT, BARKSDALE, PERFECTO,I AM SHOCKED and VERY REVEALING, the Maestro sends us the secret message that the whole conversation about the calls with President Zelinsky and the transcripts is about HUSSEIN, HRC, Epstein and their crimes against the children.



Knowing the context,we can now decode the transcripts.


Let's start with the transcript of the first call which is the one that the Maestro qualified as'VERY REVEALING'and that was released on Nov 15 2019.


For those who want to test their decoding skills,I will first give the transcript with color coded highlights serving as hints.Knowing the context is the fight against pedophilia,try to decode the conversation:Img2-Img3-Img4


Ready for the solution?


Learn how President Zelinsky codes that Ukrainian authorities have collected evidence implicating very high level US officials:Img5



POTUS: Congratulations. The Clinton camp in Ukraine has done everything in their power to stop you but there are Patriots everywhere.
We helped and know that you will join us in our fight against pedophilia.
President Zelinsky: Thank you. We are an independent country and will not continue to tolerate what they have done to Ukraine. Through surveillance, we gathered evidence implicating HRC and other very very high level US officials in horrific crimes against babies and extremely young children.



特朗普总统:祝贺你。 克林顿阵营在乌克兰已经做了他们力所能及的一切来阻止你,但是到处都是爱国者。


泽林斯基总统: 谢谢。 我们是一个独立的国家,不会继续容忍他们对乌克兰的所作所为。 通过监视,我们收集到了证据,证明人权委员会和其他非常高级别的美国官员涉嫌对婴儿和极其幼小的儿童犯下可怕的罪行。


The horrific video:Img6




President Zelinksy offered to establish a data link to share with POTUS the evidence he had on crimes against children that were committed by very very high level US officials. He warned no word could describe what he was about to share and confirmed that POTUS had to see it for himself. When POTUS saw what he saw, he expressed his great shock and President Zelinksy also confessed watching this evidence was a very difficult experience for him.



总统提出建立一个数据链路,与美国总统分享他掌握的关于美国高层官员对儿童犯下的罪行的证据。 他警告说,没有任何词语可以形容他将要分享的内容,并证实,美国总统必须亲眼目睹这一切。 当总统看到他所看到的,他表达了他的巨大震惊,泽林斯ad总统也承认看到这些证据对他来说是一个非常困难的经历。

More confirmations and we also notice that the tweets before AND after the call are about the children:Img7



Not only the transcript confirms through various means that the subject matter is pedophilia, child sacrifice and national security, but the Maestro surrounded the call with President Zelinksy with
2 tweets announcing that it was time to 《 level the playing field.s.
Future proves past, we saw the Burisma damage caused by the release of the first transcript.
With the second transcript, we are going upa notch.
With the evidence gathered through ways like Sessions/Barr investigations and Epstein singing like a bird, HUSSEIN and the Clinton's crimes against the children will soon reach public awareness and be punished.



不仅通过各种方式证实了电话的主题是恋童癖、儿童牺牲和国家安全,而且这位艺术大师还在电话的周围用各种各样的语言表达了与总统 Zelinksy 的对话


未来证明了过去,我们看到了 Burisma 第一次发布的文字记录所造成的损害。


随着通过塞申斯 / 巴尔调查和爱泼斯坦像鸟儿一样歌唱等方式收集到的证据,侯赛因和克林顿对儿童犯下的罪行很快就会引起公众的注意并受到惩罚。

Just in case you still have doubts,POTUS and President Zelinsky provided an ultimate confirmation at the end of the call:Img8



Knowing it was already 23:29 in Kyiv, diplomatic protocol would have required POTUS to mention the night instead of the day.
This is done on purpose to cause the analysis of the last 2
expressions GOOD LUCK and GOODBYE.
GOODLUCK=88=EPSTEINGOODBYE=73=CHILDREN The 2 Presidents ' signed their conversation in an unequivocal way: the subject matter was indeed crimes against children.
This is the ultimate confirmation.






两位总统在他们的谈话上签了字,语气明确无误: 谈话的主题的确是针对儿童的犯罪。


Let's now take a look at the transcript of the second call


From my previous articles,you already know that one of the main purposes of that conversation was for the Maestro to insert deadly keywords like"Biden"or"prosecutor"to put the other side in a state of trance as the boomerang was making its way back to them.

从我以前的文章中,你已经知道那次对话的主要目的之一就是让这位艺术大师插入致命的关键词,比如"拜登"或者"prosector",把对方拉进 A State of Trance,而自食其果的人又回到了他们身边。

We can therefore focus on the specific areas of the transcript that add a new component to the story.


Same method:we first look around to gather clues and notice that on Nov 15th 2019,the Maestro gave a speech about healthcare pricing transparency.Let's watch:until 4:43


Knowing Ukraine is in the news and that the secret conversation is about the children,did you solve why he insisted on good doctors?


Were you aware that the C_A used the Ukrainian embassy in DC as a child trafficking hub with the complicity of rogue doctors that falsified medical documentation to fly babies out of Warsaw?Here is W.Kruger interviewed by T.Holmseth:until 23:48

你是否知道中央情报局利用乌克兰驻华盛顿大使馆作为儿童贩卖中心,与伪造医疗文件的流氓医生串通一气,将婴儿空运出华沙?以下是 t.Holmseth w.Kruger 的采访:截止到23:48

The day the Maestro made that speech,former creepy US Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch was testifying before Congress.Let's watch how Shifty swears her in:until 58:28


Did you solve?Did you notice her scarf and her band-aid?Did you triangulate with the transcripts?Here is the solution:Img9



President Zelinsky agrees with POTUS to refer to their first call.
This was a TRAP to force the Dems to ask for its transcript which would reveal the explosive pedophile crime component.
Q3598"Whistle Blower Traps"
President Zelinsky refers to Poland and to planes, he's hinting at the C_A flying babies from Warsaw and the Ukrainian embassy child trafficking hub in DC.
In the first transcript, POTUS called Yovanovitch
"THE WOMAN. This was code for EVERGREEN.
Yovanovitch is involved in the Clinton's EVERGREEN criminal activities ranging from children, blood and organ trafficking to pedophilia and other crimes.
By calling Yovanovitch BAD NEWS, POTUS also revealed she was a HUSSEIN C_A asset.
Future proves past.
Thinking she is clever, Yovanovitch appeared inCongress with a HERMES scarf and a band aid to send the message to her network that she was still loyal to the HUSSEIN C_A cause and that she was fired because of her involvement in child trafficking operations in Ukraine.






总统泽林斯基提到了波兰和飞机,他暗示来自华沙的C_A 飞行婴儿和在华盛顿的乌克兰大使馆儿童贩卖中心。




通过称尤瓦诺维奇为坏消息,美国总统还透露她是侯赛因C_A 的线人。


自以为聪明的约万诺维奇戴着一条 HERMES 的围巾和一条创可贴出现在国会,向她的网络发出信息: 她仍然忠于侯赛因C_A 事业,并且因为参与乌克兰的儿童贩卖活动而被解雇。

Are you shocked that high level diplomats are involved in human and organ trafficking and crimes against children?You should not.Mainly for 2 reasons.First,HRC was once our First Diplomat and you know very well what she's about.Second,look at these drops:


Q717 Public:FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD Private:Clowns Clowns Clowns Expand your thinking.Q

Q717公共: FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD 私人:小丑小丑小丑拓展你的思维。Q

Q1395Clowns wear masks. Q


Most of them were clowns.Most of them used their diplomatic status to conduct their illegal activities.And if you expand your thinking as hinted by Q,you'll get to see it's actually worse:most of them were given high level diplomatic positions because they were already clowns and criminals validated by secret society oaths.Worldwide.


Expand.Visit Rome…


Is there a way to confirm the decode is accurate?


Always listen to the clowns.It may save you some time.If you watch TV,start with CNN Anderson.Chris Hayes is also a good stop especially when you want to know what Comey is up to.He knows a lot and is not subtle.At all.Jimmy Kimmel is also a wealth of information that you can easily decode because he's emotionally defeated and consummated by his hate for the Maestro.Hahaha!Never miss BBC,NY Times or the WaPo's take on current issues.They are directly connected to the Cabal and they often set the tempo for the important lies.Did you catch the Wapo's Yovanovich decode and the subsequent message they sent to the C_A network?Here is the coded article.. And here is the Img10

永远听小丑的话。这可能会节省你一些时间。如果你看电视,从 CNN 安德森开始。克里斯海耶斯也是一个很好的停止,尤其是当你想知道什么科米是打算。他知道很多,而且不含蓄。完全没有。吉米·基梅尔也是一个丰富的信息,你可以很容易地解码,因为他在情感上挫败了,并完成了他的仇恨大师。哈哈哈!千万不要错过 BBC、纽约时报或者《华盛顿邮报》对时事的报道。他们直接与阴谋集团联系在一起,他们经常为重要的谎言设定节奏。你有没有看到华盛顿邮报的约万诺维奇解码和他们随后发送到C_A网络的消息?下面是编码文章。这是解码:Img10


The WaPo C_A decoders pick up the message sent by Yovanovitch through her scarf and her band-aid.
They realize that Schiff is about to hit the fun for us and that she needs serious help.
They send a distress message to the Rothschild, Clinton and James Comey.
They have no clue these 3 entities have more problems then Yovanovitch does...
The Maestro has heavily nuked the Cabalis positions in our power infrastructure. Secret socities have lost the power they had. They are on the run. The head of the snake is gone.
Indictments coming.



Wapo C_A解码器通过约万诺维奇的围巾和创可贴接收她发出的信息。


他们向罗斯柴尔德家族、克林顿家族和詹姆斯 · 科米家族发出了求救信息。


迈斯卓重度核爆了我们的电力基础设施的卡巴里阵地。 秘密社团已经失去了他们曾经拥有的权力。 他们在逃亡。 蛇头不见了。


Did you enjoy how they coded Comey's full name in the image size?Use this door to decode why I wrote EXPANDABLE instead of EXPENDABLE without changing the number count in my previous article.

你喜欢他们把科米的全名按照图像大小编码的方式吗?使用这扇门来解码为什么我写 EXPANDABLE 而不是 expanable 而不改变我上一篇文章中的数字计数。

Q1140 Coincidence?Has the error been corrected?Why not?Q


Did you also solve why I used the archaic verb‘Interpretate’ instead of'interprete'when referring to the Beautiful Rex Equation?Hint:time in mineral life is more elastic than in organic life and we know from the Maestro that REX IS DUMB AS A ROCK.

你也解决了为什么我用古代动词'诠释'而不是'解释'来指美丽的雷克斯方程吗? 提示: 矿物生命中的时间比有机生命中的时间更具弹性,我们从大师那里知道 REX 就像石头一样愚蠢。

Ready for the Yovanovitch Grand Finale?


It's in the Maestro's tweet posted as she was testifying.Let's watch Shifty:video


As you can see,Low IQ Shifty and Creepy Yov colluded to imply that the purpose of the Maestro tweeting about her was to be intimidating while she was testifying.How can that be Shifty?If you hadn't read the tweet,she wouldn't have known about it until after her testimony.Hahaha!

正如你所看到的,低智商的诡计和诡异的 Yov 串通起来暗示这位大师在推特上谈论她的目的是为了在她作证的时候吓唬人。这怎么可能是诡计多端?如果你没有读过这条推特,她在作证之前是不会知道的。哈哈哈!

How do I know Shifty and Creepy Yov colluded?You can solve it through Q2657 and Q1148 which connect Brennan to Shifty and to BC through the murder of Scalia.That's the logical path.But there's another way.Let's see if you can find it.Watch how Stefanik DESTROYS Creepy Yov:video

我怎么知道诡计多端和诡异的约夫串通好了?你可以通过 Q2657 Q1148解决这个问题,这两个问题通过谋杀斯卡利亚将布伦南和希夫联系起来。这是合乎逻辑的道路。但是还有另外一种方法。看看你能不能找到。观看史蒂芬尼克如何摧毁令人毛骨悚然的 Yov:视频

Did you catch it?Here's the solution:Img11



At3:07, Stefanik nukes Yovanovitch by reminding her that she was extensively interviewed about Hunter Biden by HUSSEIN's administration.
The hit is so hard, Yovanovitch coughs at 3:34 and randomly adjusts her mic at 3:36. Nervous?
Stefanik continues her strike and Creepy Yov realizes she's using fragmentation bombs. The implications of Stefanik's point are massive.
At 3:47 she can't take it anymore. The fake diplomatic glitter she's been trying to sell suddenly disappeared and she gave Shifty the nastiest look that emerged from the real her. THE WOMAN. EVERGREEN.
Let's call it a day Stefanik. Well done.



3点07分,斯蒂芬尼克用核武器提醒约万诺维奇,侯赛因政府曾就亨特 · 拜登一事广泛采访过她。

这个打击太大了,约万诺维奇在3:34咳嗽,3:36的时候随机调整麦克风。 紧张?

斯蒂芬尼克继续攻击,克里皮 · 约夫意识到她在使用杀伤炸弹。 斯蒂芬尼克的观点意义重大。

3点47分,她再也受不了了。 她一直试图出售的假外交亮片突然消失了,她给了希夫从真实的她身上显露出来的最令人讨厌的表情。 女人。 常青树。


Q350 These people are really stupid.Follow the husbands.


By doing so,we learn Creepy Yov never got married and has no children.Okay…

通过这样做,我们了解到 Creepy Yov 从未结婚,也没有孩子。好吧。

Creepy Yov is a nomad who travels alone and has only a theoretical knowledge of what it is to start a family and raise children.This should not surprise you.Satanists hate the Family because it's the building block of the very human society they want to destroy.

Creepy Yov 是一个独自旅行的流浪者,对于建立家庭和抚养孩子只有理论上的知识。这不应该让你感到惊讶。撒旦教徒憎恨家庭,因为家庭正是他们想要摧毁的人类社会的基石。

We can now decode the Maestro's tweet about her:Img12



There is a wealth of information about Yovanovitch confirming that everywhere she went, turned bad.
Major child abuse scandals also occurred while she was at post. Coincidence? Seek and you shall find.. Crosscheck timeline with examples above. You' ll be surprised..
Yovanovitch is a family Y asset tasked to collect as muchblood as she can for their satanic rituals and to use her positions to facilitate the smuggling of children.
Conspiracy? These people are pure evil.
They know indictments are coming. Executive Order. Panic.




在她任职期间也发生了严重的虐待儿童丑闻。 巧合? 寻找,你就会找到。用上面的例子交叉检查时间线。 你会吃惊的。 .

约万诺维奇是 y 家族的资产,她的任务是为他们的撒旦仪式收集尽可能多的血液,并利用她的职位为走私儿童提供便利。

阴谋? 这些人是十足的恶魔。


Did you enjoy the ride in the Maestro's B52?

你喜欢坐大师的 B52吗?

Let's make a U-turn and fly over the bombed targets.


Knowing what HUSSEIN was up to with Shifty and Nancy after his surveilled SCIF meeting,I let them advance their whistleblower pawn until the file reached Congress.

在监视完 SCIF 会议后,我知道了侯赛因对希夫和南希的所作所为,于是我让他们把告密者的爪牙提前,直到文件送到国会。

Q3596 What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook?


By releasing the first transcript,I killed in the bud their prepared smear campaign that was supposed to last for months with the purpose of changing the polls with the complicity of the Fake News.Bonus:thanks to deadly keywords inserted in the transcript here and there,people were aware of Burisma,Biden and the Dem's corruption.While they were dealing with it,Republicans united like never before and my campaign contributions went through the roof.When I made sure the gearing of impeachment could no longer be avoided by the Dems,emphasis was put on the identity of the whistleblower who learned the hard way that he was a target in the FISA report.Whistleblower(s)atomized.Next.It was time to move to HUSSEIN's second layer.The"witnesses".They can't stop.They have to go all the way.They have crimes to hide and I agreed with President Zelinsky to mention in our second call that we had one before it.Dems had to also know what was in that call.They did not learn from the Biden/Burisma experience.


Q2161 Timing is everything.


Since President Zelinksy and I coded the crimes against children in the first call,I waited until Yovanovitch testified to release its transcript.I did it the same day.Yovanovitch was the link.In addition to her role in Spygate,she was a HUSSEIN/Clinton C_A asset posted in Ukraine to serve as a liaison for their horrific criminal activities targeting children.

由于泽林斯基总统和我在第一次通话中编写了针对儿童的罪行,我一直等到约万诺维奇作证公布了通话记录。我在同一天做的。约万诺维奇是联系人。除了在 Spygate 的角色,她还是侯赛因/克林顿在乌克兰的一个线人,为他们针对儿童的恐怖犯罪活动提供联络。

With the first transcript and Burisma,the conversation was about corruption and the Bidens.


With the second transcript and THE WOMAN=EVERGREEN,the conversation is now about the children and the Clintons.


Q1104 The stage had to be set.


Q3587 Indictments coming.[2019]Q



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