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We are continuing our analysis of the events that occurred at the G7 in Biarritz.

我们正在继续分析比亚里茨G7峰会上发生的事 件

In part1,we went back to the roots of our war against the Cabal under POTUS'command and reviewed the weapons used today by both sides.


We also went through how the Cabal supports China in the trade war against America through the activation of the Federal Reserve and how they instrumentalized French President Macron to systematically oppose Trump and create controversy.

我们还讨论了阴谋集团如何通过启动美联储(Federal Reserve)来支持中国与美国进行贸易战,以及他们如何利用法国总统马克龙(Macron)系统性地反对特朗普并制造争议。

You are also aware of the special ties President Macron has with the Cabal for leaving his government job as Inspector of Finance to work for the Rothschild&Cie Bank from 2008 to 2012.After receiving this 4-year Rothschild anointing and a brief transition at the Elysée,he became the youngest Finance Minister since former president Giscard D'estaing in 2014 and was elected president of France in March 2017 with 66,06%of the vote and a unanimous support of the MSM.

你也知道马克龙总统在2008年至2012年期间辞去财务督察的政府职位为罗斯柴尔德和塞伊银行工作,与阴谋集团有着特殊的关系。在接受了罗斯柴尔德四年的任期和 Elysée 的短暂过渡之后,他成为了自2014年前总统吉斯卡尔·德斯坦以来最年轻的财政部长,并在20173月以66,06%的选票和 MSM 的一致支持当选为法国总统。

You know what's going on right?


This is the man hosting the G7 in Biarritz and with whom the Maestro had to deal with.


First,let's notice that according to his official schedule,POTUS arrived in Bordeaux on August 24 2019 at 12PM local,and had a private lunch with Macron at 1:27 PM in Biarritz and tweeted later about it with 2 typos on the name Emmanuel Macron that he spelled Emanuel Macrone.The lunch was supposed to be private but Macron chose to have the media around at the beginning.Let's watch how it went:video

首先,让我们注意到,根据他的官方日程表,总统于2019824日当地时间12点抵达波尔多,并于下午127分在比亚里茨与马克龙共进私人午餐,随后在推特上发布了关于此事的消息,在推特上输入了两个拼写为伊曼纽尔·马克龙(Emanuel Macrone)的名字。午餐本应是私人的,但马克龙一开始选择了让媒体在场。让我们看看它是如何发生的:视频

Did you catch at 2:33 how the Maestro looked around to clearly show that he did not give a single nugget about what Macron was talking about?


Macron talked in French for 86 seconds and in English for 165 seconds.He talked about Lybia,Syria,Ukraine,North Korea,Iran,the economy,gender equality,climate and Amazonia.The Maestro answered with a 52 second speech reminding Macron how he enjoyed their Eiffel tower dinner and focusing on the weather,the beautiful location and the guests being fantastic!Hahaha!

马克龙用法语讲了86秒,用英语讲了165秒。他谈到了 Lybia、叙利亚、乌克兰、朝鲜、伊朗、经济、性别平等、气候和阿马佐尼亚。这位艺术大师用52秒的演讲回答了这个问题,这让马克龙想起了他是如何享受埃菲尔铁塔晚宴的,以及他是如何关注天气、美丽的地理位置和美妙的宾客!哈哈哈!

The second thing worth noticing is that the Maestro tweeted about arriving in Biarritz roughly 7 hours after tweeting about the lunch he had with Macron in…Biarritz!


For your training,I will give you the tweets you need to decode to explain this diplomatic oddity.An important clue is that right after the tweet with the typo on Macron's name,the Maestro tweeted about tax cuts.Try to solve the riddle:Img1


Here is the EXPLOSIVE solution with the capital letter counts decoded:Img2




I did not announce my arrival in Franceuntil I had lunch with Macron because l had some pre-cleaning to do beforel started my real G7 meetings.
As usual, he was boring and I let him do his thing in front of the press.
I intentionally misspelled his name to extract the word ME to signify the lunchl had with him was a lunch with ME: when the press left, he was not allowed to talk and only had to listen.
I gave him a crash course on tax cuts and how they relate to undisclosed off shore accounts like the one mentioned in the Macron Leaks that were put under the rug by the Fake News and never properly investigated.
I told him I had it all about buried comms and transactions and our conversation became as easy as 123. He promised to transform and make a change I can believe in: he will look for an excuse for not seeking a second term, will reverse most of the positionshis Cabal masters told him to take, will shut his mouth and return to the very basic things I' ll graciously allow him to do.
After this pre-cleaning work was done, I officially arrived in France with FLOTUS.
By the way, how do you like her dress?









How did I know Macron was not going to seek for a second term?Yes,I analyzed the Q drops pulled by the corresponding timestamps and this information appeared with other doozies:Img3


As you can see,since DONALD J.TRUMP=148 and=EMMANUEL MACRON=148,there are chances Macron can become a better version of himself.The trick is to not focus on letters like ME and alter his name count…

如你所见,自唐纳德·j·特朗普(DONALD j.TRUMP)=148和埃马纽埃尔·马克龙(EMMANUEL MACRON)=148之后,马克龙有可能成为一个更好的自己。诀窍是不要把注意力集中在像 ME 这样的字母上,改变他的名字计数..

Ah,ego quand tu nous tiens!*


So let's recap:the very first day of the G7 summit,Macron is poured cold water and is forced to cut his ties with his Cabal masters and satisfy the Maestro.A good question is now what happens to all the things he was dreaming of doing like forcing his way to becoming a middle man in an Iranian issue he fails to understand?Can you believe Macron was hoping to get somewhere by inviting the Iranian Foreign Minister that the US Department of Treasury sanctioned just a month ago?Even Merkel took her distance from this initiative.Watch:video


Now you are equipped to understand why the Maestro randomly wished Happy Birthday to Sean Connery,Regis Philbin and Vince McMahon between 2 meetings at the G7 causing the low IQ Fake News to mock him as illustrated here:here.


The key to solve this was to know some French and notice that Connery is the same pronunciation for the French word CONNERIE,which means BS.Then,since we are in phonetic territory,Philbin translates to FILL BIN.Puzzle coming together?What happens when a president is stripped from his power and becomes empty?Yes:he fills the bin with BS and that's exactly what Macron did by inviting Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif and talking so much.Now we need to solve why the Maestro also wished Vince McMahon a happy birthday.That was a little tougher nut to crack.Here is the solution of this beautiful riddle:Img4

解决这个问题的关键是要懂一些法语,并注意到 Connery 和法语单词 CONNERIE 发音相同,后者的意思是 BS。然后,因为我们处于语音领域,Philbin 翻译成 FILL BIN。拼图拼好了吗?当一个总统被剥夺了权力,变得空虚时会发生什么?是的:他把垃圾桶装满了废话,这正是马克龙邀请伊朗外交部长扎里夫并进行了如此多谈话的做法。现在我们需要解决为什么这位大师还要祝福文斯·麦克马洪生日快乐。这个问题有点棘手。这就是这个美丽的谜题的答案:Img4



McMahon deceived Hussein lIbn Ali by promising him something he knew he could not deliver because the United Kingdom had already made secret arrangements with other allies.
In correspondences, McMahon pushed Hussein Ibn Ali to rebel and wage war against the Ottoman Empire in 1916 and promised him independent Arab lands that he knew were already shared between the UK, France and Russia under the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement. When the new Bolshevik Russian Government made the agreement public in November 1917, Mc Mahon resigned.
Through the above "random"birthday greetings, the Maestro is linking to this episode in the history of the Middle East and is subtly sending signals to the Iranian people inviting them to accurately assess if Macron is not another McMahon and if their Foreign Minister Zarif he invited is not another Hussein Ibn Ali.



在通信中,麦克马洪迫使侯赛因·伊本·阿里(Hussein Ibn Ali)在1916年反抗奥斯曼帝国(Ottoman Empire),并向他承诺,根据秘密的赛克斯-皮科协议,英国、法国和俄罗斯已经共享了独立的阿拉伯土地。1917年11月,当新的布尔什维克俄罗斯政府公布该协议时,马洪辞职了。


Macron's ordeal was not limited to this unexpected cold shower and the isolation he inflicted on himself with his Iranian solitary escape.A few hours later,the Maestro doubled down by tweeting and misspelling his name again and removed an extra M for the road.Through these typos,he coded that France was freed and that major policy changes were about to occur.Read very carefully:Img5

马克龙的痛苦经历不仅限于这次意外的冷水浴,以及他在伊朗孤独逃亡给自己带来的孤独。几个小时后,大师又发了一条推特,又把自己的名字拼错了,把路上多余的 m 去掉了。通过这些拼写错误,他预示着法国获得了自由,重大的政策变化即将发生。仔细阅读:Img5



POTUS codes ME in the deleted tweet to confirm his control.He adds the loss of an extra M=13 to signify that the 13 Family Cabal has lost its control over France.Bye Rothschild.
Oct 8 is coded in the capital letters to link with the cabinet change initially scheduled at that date after the resignation of the Minister of Interior on Oct 2 2018.
This date, in conjunction with Executive Orderinitialed in the next tweet, is code for major policy changes in France in the coming days.
Vive la France!


美国总统在被删除的推文中对我进行编码,以确认他的控制权。他补充说,额外损失了一枚 M13,意味着13家族阴谋集团已经失去了对法国的控制。 再见罗斯柴尔德。




You thought the Maestro would stop here?No no no.there's more.On the last day of the G7 summit,Macron launched the session on climate and biodiversity and of course you know the Maestro did not attend but something very interesting happened:until 1:25

你以为大师会就此罢休?不不不。还有呢。在 G7峰会的最后一天,马克龙发起了关于气候和生物多样性的会议,你当然知道这位艺术大师没有出席,但是一些非常有趣的事情发生了:直到1:25

Did you notice he was reading a document to present the watch and that at 0:40 a piece fell from his box?These are clues all this was new to him.He was forced to present the watch and to read a script.Why?Because the name of the watch is AWAKE!The French MSM picked up on it and asked the right questions:Img6


If you investigate this watch further,you will discover it's made out of recyclable fishnets.Do you know why?Because:


Q1840[Fish]ing is fun.These people are stupid.Q


The president of France is a pretty big fish to recycle after a cold shower don't you think?


Can you solve why the Maestro had the watch solar powered?I'll give you hint.Look at this image taken from part1:clue..Do you see it?Peruvian Coffee for those who saw the pyramids is about worshiping Ra the Egyptian sun god while solar power is about using the sun.Do you see what the Maestro is teaching these secret societies with this watch?I told you,I'll tell you again:God created us for Him and created the universe for us.


Just to make sure we are all on the same page,Macron gave an interview the day after the summit.Even if you don't speak French,try to decode what you see:until 8:09


I'm sure many of you picked up he was wearing our famous AWAKE watch.But did you see the other clues?Look:Img7

我相信你们中的很多人看到他戴着我们著名的 AWAKE 手表。但是你看到其他的线索了吗?看:Img7

France,Welcome to the Great Awakening!


Ready for the icing on the cake?


Do you remember the major policy changes announced by the Maestro in Img5?Well,President Macron delivered big time.After 18 months of consultation,his initial plan was to confront unions like CFDT(French Democratic Confederation of Labour)and satisfy his friends from the MEDEF(Movement of French Companies)by setting the retirement age at 64.Well,during the interview mentioned above,he made a major announcement on the subject and did a spectacular 180 that surprised the entire French nation.Here are the headlines:Img8

你还记得大师在 Img5宣布的主要政策变化吗?那么,马克龙总统做出了重大贡献。经过18个月的磋商,他最初的计划是面对像 CFDT(法国公司法国工人力量总工会)这样的工会,并通过将退休年龄设定在64岁来满足他来自 MEDEF(法国公司运动)的朋友们。那么在上面提到的采访中,他就这个问题发表了一个重要的声明,并且做了一个惊人的180度大转弯,震惊了整个法国。这里是头条:Img8

Challenge:who can tell me why the Maestro picked the issue of the French retirement age to initiate the major positive changes that are set to occur in France?


What is the current retirement age in France?Yes:62 link.


Value for COVFEFE?Yes:62.

Covfefe 的值?是的:62

Maintenant vous savez…**


Vive la France!



Q3430 大觉醒Q


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