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I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and also a member of the Earth Council. I greet you today with love and the utmost respect for all of the brave ones going through the turmoil on the earth right now.


We are concerned that many of you are stretched at this time. Little did you know that you would be experiencing the crossroads of Ascension in such an extreme way. However, we have faith in you, ground crew, and know that you are up to the task. You are the most masterful Masters of creation and the most angelic ones with courageous hearts.


We on the Earth Council take your temperatures, measure your emotions and blood pressure, and are constantly assessing your well-being. We know what you are going through and we have compassion. We are intervening where you are stretched and have needs. Please understand that with this monitoring as long as you stay out of fear you will have everything you need. It is your job to spread the blessings of love, calm, peace, and joy in your daily life. You live in higher dimensions than most of those on the earth. You can do this and meet the requirements as further steps along your Ascension pathway.


The Gateway is open and there is a separating of the wheat and the chaff. Most of you have completed your souls' desires in the third dimensional experience. As a result, your work is in the higher dimensions. We appreciate all that you are doing with us in the dream state as well as in the awakened.


Due to the rising consciousness, we will be able to show more of our presence. Please feel free to call upon me and your other Galactic friends to show themselves and to be of assistance. We are in this together. As this process continues, you may have your ups and downs. Please be assured that the downs be few compared to the ups.


We are pleased to see the healing that is occurring on the earth with out the trampling around. The earth needs to rest and so does humanity. You can take part of what is going on now with the confinement as healing for all. Even though there is fear and stress with much of humanity, you will get through it. The third dimensional lifestyle has taken its toll. It has only served those at the top although there has been a benefit for others, it has not served most of humanity.


Adjustments are necessary. For many they are being made begrudgingly. We understand your numerous disappointments and the necessity of finding new ways to meet your needs. Trust this will come to pass and the inconveniences that you are experiencing now will lessen so that you can thrive in the future.


I am Mira sending your, love, assistance, high level healing energies, truth and support. We are one.




通灵:Valerie Donner

翻译:Nick Chan

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    • 丫头 丫头 5

      还有 既然黑恶势力那么强大控制那么多高层还有巨星,光战士就轻易控制抓捕?而黑恶势力一点反抗能力也没有,几百年的计划就这么让光战士势如破竹的解决了?而且解决的时候还悄无声息没有惊动地球的普通人类?是在地球外面发动的战争么?

        • zhunbeizhuanbian zhunbeizhuanbian

          @ 丫头 再强大,也没有本源强大,黑与光其实都从本源来的,最终都要回到本源,顽固不化者,要送入中央太阳,重组,恢复成原始状态,重新进化。这是我的理解。其实,在幕后的战争进行了很长时间,只是表面淹没了,在了主流媒体中,人们没有看到,光显现出来了,人们才有些看到。

        • 丫头 丫头 5

          我朋友有问题让我问一下你,我介绍黄鑫老师的视频他看了,他问就是 难道坏人都是傻子么,筹备了上百年的计划,被光战士那么轻易的留给拆除了?他们不会狗急跳墙?只是任由光战士破除计划,还有那个炸弹,整个地球覆盖 然后就让光战士悄无声息的全部给拆除了?黑恶势力一点反抗能力也没有?