通过 GCR恢复的共和国特别报告(摘要)|2020年9月15日,星期二

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通过 GCR恢复的共和国特别报告(摘要)|2020年9月15日,星期二


Source:Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:Multiple sources still expected to start the Shotgun Release process on Tues.15 Sept,though full liquidity release to all tiers and Tier 4B notifications may come out any time over the next 48 hours.Bond and currency holders were being told by bankers that they expected to start exchanges/redemptions and payouts on Tues.15 Sept.The legitimate 800#Safe Link Website would be in notification emails that would also be given to Bruce,MarkZ,Fleming,Dinar Recaps,TNT and a few other Intel providers.

朱迪注:多个来源仍然期待着在915日星期二开始霰弹枪释放过程,尽管全部流动性释放到所有级别和第4B 级别的通知可能会在未来48小时的任何时间出来。银行家告诉债券和货币持有者,他们预计将在915日星期二开始交易/赎回和支付。合法的800#安全链接网站将在通知电子邮件,也将给予布鲁斯,马克兹,弗莱明,第纳尔资本,TNT 和一些其他情报供应商。

The 5G towers installed in the US and other countries were used to emit a very dangerous 5G microwave frequencies.The Deep State intended to use them to increase Covid-19 symptoms to sicken and kill off the general population.Over the past months Spec Ops have inserted magnets into those 5G towers and thereby neutralized the dangerous frequencies,making them harmless for new phones that would soon be on 5G networks.

在美国和其他国家安装的5G 信号塔被用来发射非常危险的5G 微波频率。深州政府打算利用它们来增加2019冠状病毒疾病的症状,使普通人患病并死亡。在过去的几个月里,特种作战部队已经在这些5G 信号塔中植入了磁铁,从而中和了危险的频率,使它们对即将在5G 网络上使用的新手机无害。


1.Multiple sources still expected to start the Shotgun Release process on Tues.15 Sept,though full liquidity release to all tiers and Tier 4B notifications may come out any time over the next 48 hours.

1.尽管在未来48小时内,所有级别和第4B 级别的流动性释放通知可能随时发布,但仍有多个来源预计将在915日星期二启动 Shotgun 释放程序。

2.The legitimate 800#Safe Link Website would be in notification emails that would also be given to Bruce,MarkZ,Fleming,Dinar Recaps,TNT and a few other Intel providers.

2.合法的800#安全链接网站将在通知电子邮件,也将给予布鲁斯,马克兹,弗莱明,第纳尔资本,TNT 和一些其他情报供应商。

3.Recent rumors"not to trust TNT,MarkZ,Fleming for the numbers were entirely erroneous and inaccurate guesses and speculation not demonstrated by any objective evidence proving the claims.

3.最近的传言"不相信 TNTMarkZFleming 的数字是完全错误和不准确的猜测和推测,没有任何客观的证据证明这一说法。

4.Watch who you listen to out there in Dinarland and ask for God-given discernment,as there was much misinfo by well-meaning but mistaken"Intel providers,"and there was still Cabal produced disinfo being put out to confuse and dishearten currency holders.

4.看看你在 Dinarland 听谁的,祈求上帝赐予的洞察力,因为有很多善意但错误的"情报供应商"提供的错误信息,还有阴谋集团生产的假信息被发布出来迷惑和打击货币持有者。

5.On Mon.14 Sept.certain currency and bond holders in Zurich,Reno and other banking centers were invited to go into the bank starting Mon.14 Sept.to receive 1-2%advances on their account funds(money of account).This was a prelude to the beginning of the Shotgun Release which led to our Tier 4B start this week.

5.914日,苏黎世、里诺和其他银行中心的某些货币和债券持有人被邀请从914日开始进入银行,从他们的账户资金(账户货币)中获得1-2%的预付款。这是一个开始的猎枪发布的前奏,导致我们的4B 级本周开始。

6.These advances were allowed to keep people in their respective banking centers till the Shotgun Release started this week.


7."I have heard customers in a certain bank have been called in to transact[exchange/redeem/process]currency on Mon.14 Sept.Not sure about liquidity."


8.Bond and currency holders were being told by bankers that they expected to start exchanges/redemptions and payouts on Tues.15 Sept.


9.Liquidity was supposed to be released fully to all tier accounts when Tier 4B notifications started at a particular time in the schedule this week.The schedule may only be adjusted minimally at this point,if it was necessary to fix any issues,but it was being pushed out now as Trump mandated to DoD security teams and the other RV teams last Thurs.10 Sept.

9.4B 级通知在本周的某个特定时间开始时,流动性应该被完全释放到所有级别的账户。如果有必要解决任何问题,这个时间表目前可能只会进行最小程度的调整,但由于特朗普上周四授权国防部安全小组和其他房车小组,这个时间表现在被推迟了。

10.He said he was not allowed to describe whatever he knew about the actual timing of the Shotgun Release&Tier 4B notifications going out,which he said could come any time over the next 24-72 hours(from Mon.14 Sept),but he could share that the beginning of the release process leading to the Shotgun Release coordinated with the Tier 4B notifications,was being started as expected by bankers,govt sources,bond holders,currency holders,group leaders and many others on Tues.15 Sept.

10.他说,他不能描述他所知道的关于霰弹枪发布和4B 级通知发布的具体时间,他说这可能会在未来24-72小时内(914日星期一开始),但他可以分享,导致霰弹枪发布和4B 级通知协调的发布过程的开始,正如银行家、政府消息来源、债券持有人、货币持有人、集团领导人和许多其他人所预期的那样,将于915日星期二开始。

11.The claim that"you get a certain set amount for each currency"in the exchange/redemption and that the rates would not be negotiable was misinformation.


12.One could ask for the higher Contract Rates on each currency,including Dinar,Dong and ZIM.


13.They were"hearing that the VND was showing on(Mexico and Canada verified)bank screens at$0.34 right now.Our guy said that was the International Rate,not the In-country Rates for USA exchanges/redemptions and certainly not the higher Contract Rates which each currency holder could and should ask for to make sure they were getting the best rate available in their exchange/redemption appointment.

13.他们"听说现在银行屏幕上显示的 VND 0.34美元(墨西哥和加拿大证实)。我们的人说,这是国际汇率,而不是美国外汇兑换/赎回的国内汇率,当然也不是每个货币持有人都可以而且应该要求的较高的合约汇率,以确保他们在兑换/赎回约定中得到最佳的汇率。

14.Government Contacts were saying that this week and over the next two weeks would be the beginning of significant disclosures and revelations of criminal cases against Brennan,Comey,and other Obama-gate officials who illegally spied on the President Trump&his campaign,accepted bribes from foreign powers to do so,obstructed justice by altering&destroying evidence[e.g.,Mueller&his team wiping their govt cell phones of incriminating text messages],and thereby committed treason(google"QAnon.pub,"see the last three days of posts and google"Praying Medic https://threader.app/thread/1305203856754708480 3,4,7").

14.政府联系人表示,本周和未来两周将开始重大披露和揭露针对布伦南、科米和其他奥巴马门官员的刑事案件,这些官员非法监视特朗普总统及其竞选团队,为此收受外国势力的贿赂,通过篡改和销毁证据妨碍司法公正(例如,穆勒和他的团队擦除了他们的政府手机上有罪的短信),从而犯下叛国罪(谷歌"QAnon.pub",查看过去三天的帖子,谷歌"Praying Medic https://threader.app/thread/13052038567547084803,4,7")

15.Q gave us a two-week window in which to watch for events related to Spygate.The dates ran from Mon.14 Sept.through Fri.25 Sept.

15.Q 给了我们两周的时间来监视与间谍门有关的事件。日期从914日星期一到925日星期五。

16.These disclosure soft-leak-events were deliberately coordinated with the RV release of exchanges/redemptions over the next two and a half weeks.

16.在接下来的两个半星期里,这些披露的软泄漏事件被有意地与 RV 交易所的释放/赎回协调在一起。

17.A thread written by@prayingmedic:This is my Q thread for Sept.13,2020 My Theme:The Future of Our Republic Is at Stake https://t.co/LeEzYfhg3T

17.这是我2020913日的 q 帖子我的主题:我们共和国的未来岌岌可危 https://t.co/LeEzYfhg3T

18.The 5G towers in the US were used to emit the very dangerous 5G microwave frequencies.The Deep State intended to use them to increase Covid-19 symptoms to sicken and kill off the general population.In order to overturn what the Deep State intended by misusing 5G against people,the 5G towers have now been converted as of the past months by Spec Ops inserting magnets into them neutralizing the dangerous frequencies and making the 5G harmless now for new phones that will be on 5G networks.

18.美国的5G 信号塔被用来发射非常危险的5G 微波频率。深州政府打算利用它们来增加2019冠状病毒疾病的症状,使普通人患病并死亡。为了颠覆"深度州"滥用5G 对付人类的意图,在过去的几个月里,"特种作战部队"(Spec Ops)已经将5G 信号塔进行了改造,将磁铁插入其中,中和危险的频率,使5G 信号对即将在5G 网络上使用的新手机无害。

19.Australia and New Zealand would be the first countries outside of America to implement the magnets to neutralize the harmful effects of 5G in those countries.

19.澳大利亚和新西兰将是美国以外第一批使用磁铁来中和5G 在这些国家的有害影响的国家。

20.Harmful 5G would soon be ended around the globe in every country post-RV by the Alliance,Trump and the White Hats in each country.

20.有害的5G 将很快在全球各国被联盟、特朗普和各国的白帽子终止。

21.Keep all in prayer,get your project presentation dusted off and practice it because it was expected that you would be going through it with exchange bankers this week.



Last Thurs.10 Sept.President Trump mandated that the Global Currency Reset begin,which it did as scheduled on 9/11 with initiation of RV liquidity just after 12 midnight Reno time Fri.11 Sept.Overnight payouts followed,including those to certain Tier 3-4A SKRs.

上周四,910日。特朗普总统授权全球货币重置开始,按计划于911日开始,在里诺时间911日午夜12点后启动 RV 流动性。隔夜支付紧随其后,包括那些给特定的3-4A SKRs

Sun.20 Sept.2020 would be another major Satanic Holiday entitled"Midnight Host Blood Celebration"where local Satanic covens would be torturing,raping and killing children.Beware of possible Satanic activities in your neighborhood


On Thurs.1 Oct:The Quantum Financial System and asset-backed USN would be fully online for the start of the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year and the Restored Republic Federal fiscal year would begin.The General Public would start exchanging at banks at the International Rates."Ten Days of Disclosure"would start with brief public service announcements where Trump would reference a need to move away from the fiat dollar to asset-backed,gold-backed currency,go over NESARA/GESARA measures,plus explain debt relief and political aspects of a transition to the Restored Republic.Later details of those Ten Days of Disclosure would be filled in through educational sessions,or media broadcasts that Trump and the White Hats would regulate.Google,YouTube,Twitter and Facebook were being brought under control of AG Barr and the Department of Justice so they could no longer censor the will of the people.

101日星期四:量子金融系统和资产支持的 USN 将在恢复共和国的联邦政府财政年度开始时全面上线,恢复共和国的联邦财政年度也将开始。公众将开始在银行按照国际汇率兑换。"十天披露"将从简短的公共服务公告开始,特朗普将提到有必要从法定美元转向资产支持、黄金支持的货币,研究 NESARA/GESARA 措施,并解释债务减免和向恢复共和国过渡的政治方面。这些"十天披露"的后续细节将通过教育会议或特朗普和白帽将监管的媒体广播来填充。谷歌、YouTubeTwitter Facebook 已经被 AG Barr 和司法部控制,因此他们不能再审查人民的意愿。

Wed.Oct.28 2020 would be the anniversary of Q's first two posts,plus the appointment of John Durham to lead a criminal investigation into the origins of the Obama administration's phony Russia investigation referred to as"Obamagate."Were we in a Calm before the Storm?

20201028将是Q的前两个职位的周年纪念日,另外还将任命约翰达勒姆(John Durham)领导一项刑事调查,调查奥巴马政府所谓的"奥巴马门"(Obama gate)对俄罗斯的虚假调查的起源暴风雨来临之前,我们是否处于平静之中?

NESARA/GESARA Charlie Ward:https://youtu.be/aK8bptbHasQ Takes control of the monetary system away from the Central Banks and gives it back to the people.It would take up to six months to roll out.The Federal Reserve was now under control of the US Treasury.Excuses debt.Creates new tax code with 14%to 17%tax on new items only,no tax on food or medicine.Returns Constitutional fair Law.Judges and lawyers have already started training on it.The Bar is no more.Royals are no more.Trump will step down and establishes new elections within 120 days that will be fair and transparent.Prevents illegal election activities.Creates new asset-gold backed currency.

NESARA/GESARA 查理沃德:https://youtu.be/aK8bptbHasQ 从中央银行手中夺走了对货币体系的控制权,并将其还给人民。这将需要长达六个月的时间来推行。美联储现在处于美国财政部的控制之下。借口债务。建立新的税法,只对新产品征收14%17%的税,不对食品和药品征税。返回宪法公平法。法官和律师已经开始就此进行培训。律师协会已经不存在了。皇室也不复存在了。特朗普将下台,并在120天内建立公平透明的新选举。防止非法选举活动。创造新的资产-黄金支持的货币。


CV-19 Tests:Tests cannot test for CV-19 because no one has replicated the virus in order to develop a test,much less a vaccine for it.The CV-19 test that involved sticking a swab up your nose has been known to be infected with CV-19 virus:https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/04/cdcs-failed-coronavirus-tests-were-tainted-with-coronavirus-feds-confirm/

CV-19测试:测试不能测试 CV-19,因为没有人为了开发测试而复制这种病毒,更不用说为它研制疫苗了。CV-19病毒检测包括将拭子粘在鼻子上,已经被证实感染了 CV-19病毒

Masks:Tulsa Oklahoma Doctors were suing to abandon masks,alleging with irrefutable evidence that masks don't help the wearer or others,and cause O2 deficiency,harming health.A Court decision would have far reaching implications:https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1303808076127047682?s=20


640名医生说 cv-19是一个全球性的骗局:https://www.awakeningchannel.com/post/640-doctors-cv19-is-a-global-scam





Divide They Try,Fail They Will,WWG1WGA to Support POTUS,Follow Q&Trust Plan


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.


Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.Judy



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