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We Learned The Peaceful Protests We Were Told About,

Were Actually Riots

We Learned The West Coast Fires Are Not Climate Change

But Are Arson

Who Is Behind the Flames Of Deception?



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)



Do you remember when the riots were considered a myth,a conspiracy theory?The reason the Deep State/Corrupt politicians/media had to address this was because the riots were true!The people weren't going along with their lies anymore.


Now,we have thousands of wildfires on the West Coast.The Deep State/Corrupt politicians/media are saying these fires are caused by climate change and are not arson-related.The people are not buying their lies anymore.They have lost.


In addition,the mainstream media pushed a narrative through'The Atlantic'saying,President Trump called a disabled veteran a loser.Then Digital Soldiers began flooding social media with the truth,contradicting their narrative.Within a couple of hours the lies streaming from'The Atlantic'were debunked.


The Silent Majority is growing like never before and it has the DS completely panicked!

沉默的大多数是前所未有的增长,它有 DS 完全恐慌!

ABC News posted,"JUST IN:By a 2-to-1 margin,most Americans think Joe Biden has more respect for those who serve in uniform than Pres.Trump does."Really?Joe Biden has more respect???We-The-People are not buying that narrative and believe most don't either.

美国广播公司新闻网(ABC News)发帖称:"最新消息:大多数美国人认为,比起特朗普总统,乔·拜登(Joe Biden)更尊重军人。"真的吗?乔拜登(Joe Biden)更尊重???我们人民不相信这种说法,大多数人也不相信。

The MSM has not figured out one very important thing.The media has built such a web of lies that Americans have begun looking elsewhere for their news.They have not figured out they are invisible to the general public.


Al Gore,Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi all said the military would drag Trump out of the White House right after elections because Trump would not concede if he lost the election.We know these anti-Trumpers are talking about themselves.They are giving away their plan for when they lose.They actually believe Nancy Pelosi will become President due to the chaos which will be created by them.

阿尔·戈尔(Al Gore)、希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)都表示,军方会在选举结束后立即把特朗普从白宫拉出来,因为如果特朗普输掉选举,。我们知道这些反吹号者在谈论他们自己。他们正在泄露他们的计划,以防失败。他们实际上相信南希·佩洛西会成为总统,因为他们制造的混乱。

The Hill stated,"President Nancy Pelosi?Don't underestimate what she might do in office."Will they create such chaos after the elections that we may not know who won?But remember,the Silent Majority is in control.The boat parades are boating by the thousands!The rallies,are all showing the Deep State/Corrupt politicians/media,they are no longer in control,but We-The-People are!


Trump is making peace deals all over the Middle East!Remember that fake news narrative over 4 years ago…if Trump gets into office,he'll get us into World War 3?What is happening instead?Peace Treaties!This is the DS's worst nightmare because they have been pushing our wars…they like wars.Wars line their pockets.

特朗普正在整个中东地区达成和平协议!还记得4年前那个假新闻故事吗......如果特朗普当选,他会把我们卷入第三次世界大战?相反,现在发生了什么?和平条约!这是 DS 最可怕的噩梦,因为他们一直在推动我们的战争...他们喜欢战争。战争填满了他们的口袋。

The people don't want wars.We want peace.It's the Deep State who wants wars.Their entire narrative is falling apart!



Actress Jennifer Garner,interviewed Dr.Fauci.Interestingly,he admitted he takes Vitamins C&D supplements to keep a healthy immune system.Did he ever tell this to the American public?Did he ever take that urine test requested by Dr.Stella,one of the front line doctors?

女演员詹妮弗·加纳采访了弗奇博士。有趣的是,他承认他服用维生素 c d 补充剂来保持健康的免疫系统。他有没有告诉过美国公众?他有没有按一线医生斯特拉医生的要求做过尿检?

On their website,ClinicalTrials.Gov,they are currently undertaking clinical trials on Vitamin C,Vitamin D,Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine.They are at Phase 2,right now.Could this be why Dr.Fauci is taking Vitamins C&D?Could he also be taking Zinc and HCQ?

在他们的网站上,ClinicalTrials。他们目前正在进行维生素 c,维生素 d,锌和羟氯喹的临床试验。他们现在正处于第二阶段。难道这就是福西博士服用维生素 c d 的原因吗?他是否也服用了锌和 HCQ

Trump acknowledged again,that he signed an Executive Order stating he lowered drug prices.How do you weaken organizations where they can't fight back?Remove their profits.


With Trump lowering drug prices and encouraging generic brands,Big Pharma cannot remain in power.Trump is dismantling their power over us.One of Trump's mottos is:'Restoring power to the people.'He certainly is!


The BLM group began by chanting,'Defund the police,'and now are saying'Death to police.'We saw this yesterday where a person ran up to a police car,shot the officers as they were just sitting inside,completely ambushed by the person.This is a completely coordinated attack by the BLM.

BLM 组织一开始反复呼吁"取消对警察的资助",现在又说"让警察去死吧"我们昨天看到一个人跑到一辆警车前,向正坐在里面的警察开枪,完全被那个人伏击。这是一个完全由BLM协调的攻击.

Many people have been told the BLM is for a good cause.Now that they are linked to'Death to police,'chants where do they take BLM now?The heroes become criminals and the criminals become heroes.BLM is now considered a hate-group.

许多人被告知 BLM 是一个很好的事业。现在他们和"警察去死"联系在一起了,他们现在把 BLM 带到哪里去了?英雄变成了罪犯,罪犯变成了英雄。BLM 现在被认为是一个仇恨组织。

If the officers die,there will be a swift,fast trial death penalty for the killer.Blue Lives Matter!The officers both survived their surgeries and are hopeful to make a full recovery.


KUTV 2News reported wildfires on the coast were started by arsonists,between 1:00 and 5:00 am Saturday morning.These fires were intentionally set.This information came from the U.S.Forest Service.Raptor Public 2D is a website which shows fire locations world-wide.Fires are numerous…looks like 1/2 of the U.S.is on fire.There is no way Climate Change could have done this!

KUTV 2新闻报道,周六凌晨1:005:00之间,海岸发生了由纵火犯引起的大火。这些火灾是有人故意放的。这些信息来自美国林务局。猛禽公共2D 是一个网站,显示世界各地的火灾地点。火灾数不胜数......看起来美国有1/2的地方着火了。气候变化不可能做到这一点!

FBI Portland says that'reports that extremists are setting wildfires in Oregon are untrue.Help us stop the spread of misinformation by only sharing information from trusted,official sources.'


The Portland FBI is saying the fires are only being started from natural causes.However,[Cue]gives us credible links of arrests being made for arson.YAKTriNews stated,"Eastern Washington woman arrested for starting fires while crews worked to fix fallen power lines."

波特兰联邦调查局称火灾只是自然原因引起的。然而,[Cue]给了我们可信的证据,表明有人因纵火而被捕。YAKTriNews 说,"华盛顿东部的一名妇女因为在工作人员修理倒下的电线时纵火而被捕。"


Why were power poles down?They were sliced with a chainsaw.Now,Police and FBI investigate power poles cut with chainsaws on the west side of Washington State,in Snohomish County.


KHQ.com stated,"Arson suspect arrested after allegedly starting multiple fires in Spokane on Monday."Spokane(pronounced,Spo-Can),is on the east side of Washington State bordering Idaho.

Khq 网站声称,"纵火嫌疑人因涉嫌星期一在斯波坎纵火而被逮捕。"斯波坎(发音为 Spo-Can)位于华盛顿州与爱达荷州接壤的东部。

In Oregon,OregonLive.Com broadcasted,"Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene,deputies say.""Man seen starting fires at Oregon State park,fire chief says,"NBC16.com.Another,KION 5/46 stated,"Woman accused of intentionally starting fires on Highway 101 arrested.

在俄勒冈州,俄勒冈人生活。通讯社广播:"代表们说,这名男子因涉嫌在尤金西部野火中纵火而被捕。""俄勒冈州立公园有人纵火,消防队长说,"nbc16网站。另一位,KION 5/46说,"被控在101号高速公路上故意纵火的妇女被捕。

WSPD1pio,says,"We got another one!Great job,Trooper Morefield.A pedestrian decided to match light the grass at SR-512 and SR-7.Citizen observed and alerted 911.After a short foot chase,one is in custody and on his way to jail."

WSPD1pio 说,"我们又找到一个!干得好,州警莫菲尔德。一位行人决定将 SR-512 SR-7的草坪点亮。市民观察并报警。经过短暂的徒步追逐,其中一人已被拘留,正在前往监狱的路上。"

Portland,being a heavy Democratic State,says 56%of their residents say Portland is on the wrong track,while 31%say it's fine.As the fires rage on,the 56%will rise!


Are all these arson fires a myth?Is it all a conspiracy theory?NO!These are people starting real fires?Why is the Portland FBI saying that the arson reports are untrue?More and more reports are coming out with arson arrests out west.


[Cue]knows the danger we are in and warns,"Be safe,stay vigilant!"


ANTIFA redirects to Biden's donation page.Similar to BLM redirecting to the DNC through ActBlue.Biden received 119 Million dollars for his campaign.Furthermore,data shows that half of 2019 donations to ActBlue came from untraceable'unemployed'donors.

重定向到拜登的捐赠页面。类似于通过 ActBlue 重定向到 DNC BLM。拜登的竞选活动获得了1.19亿美元。此外,数据显示,2019 ActBlue 收到的捐款有一半来自无法追踪的失业捐赠者。

How could it be that 346 Million dollars could come from unemployed sources to ActBlue for liberal causes?Welcome to the[D]Party!

3.46亿美元怎么会从失业资源中转移到 ActBlue 用于自由主义事业呢?欢迎来到[d]聚会!

ANTIFA is being used in small donations to fund Biden.BLM is being used in small donation to fund Biden.This skirts around the campaign finance laws of the FEC.ANTIFA and BLM supporters are being used to trickle funds this way.President Trump retweeted that The United States Of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

正在用小额捐款资助拜登。BLM 正被用于小额捐款,以资助拜登。这绕过了联邦选举委员会的竞选财政法。ANTIFA BLM 的支持者通过这种方式获得资金。特朗普总统转发说,美利坚合众国将把ANTIFA列为恐怖组织。


[Cue posts 4674&4675]:An Anon posted'James Comey Treason,'in a straight column many,many times.Then in the next post,'John Brennan Treason,'is listed in the same way.When both posts are placed side-by-side,they look like twin towers of Treason.This post was posted on 9/11/2020.Coincidence?


Treason for 9/11,Uranium One,E-mail Scandal,Clinton Foundation,etc.


Trump has been draining the Swamp!These individuals have been fired or let go since his arrival:FBI Director,James Comey;Chief of Staff,Jim Rybicki;Deputy Director,Andrew McCabe,Mark Giuliano;Office of General Counsel,Jim Baker;NSCLB Deputy General Counsel,Trisha Anderson;FBI Attorney 1,Tashina(Tash)Gauhar;FBI Attorney 2,Kevin Clinesmith;Special Counsel,Lisa Page;NSB EAD,Michael Steinbach,John Ciacalone;Lead Agent,Peter Strzok;Super Special Agent,Sally Moyer and AD Counter Intelligence Division(CD),E.W.Bill Priestap,Randy Coleman.

特朗普一直在抽沼泽的水!这些人自他到任以来,要么被解雇,要么被开除:联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米;参谋长吉姆·雷比基;副局长安德鲁·麦凯布,马克·朱利亚诺;总法律顾问办公室吉姆·贝克;NSCLB 副总法律顾问特丽莎·安德森;联邦调查局第一检察官塔什纳·高哈尔;联邦调查局第二检察官凯文·克林内斯密斯;特别法律顾问丽莎·佩奇;国家安全局环境保护总署,迈克尔·斯坦巴赫,约翰·西亚诺;首席特工彼得·斯特罗克;超级特工萨利·莫耶尔和反诉情报处(CD)副处长 e·w·比尔·科尔曼。

Harvey Weinstein,Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell,have tried to normalize pedophilia.But instead,they were arrested.On Netflix,they have launched a movie called,'Cuties,'exhibiting little girls.The people have spoken against this and is not welcomed by most.

哈维·韦恩斯坦、杰弗里·爱泼斯坦和吉斯兰·麦克斯韦尔都试图让恋童癖正常化。然而,他们却被逮捕了。在 Netflix 上,他们推出了一部名为《小可爱》(Cuties)的电影,展示小女孩。人民反对这种做法,大多数人并不欢迎。

The future of our Republic is at stake.What we are seeing here is Watergate x1000!During Sept.14-18&Sept.21-25,follow and track events.Bill Barr will receive a confidential report explaining the prosecution by the special counsel.Indictments and prosecutions are forthcoming.Justice is the only way forward.


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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