X22报告|第2990集: 美联储对拥有数字资产的人感到恐慌,深层国家计划悄悄进入

2023年2月7日12:55:47揭露宇宙X22报告|第2990集: 美联储对拥有数字资产的人感到恐慌,深层国家计划悄悄进入已关闭评论3201阅读模式

[DS] 用更多的谎言来掩盖他们的谎言。气球议程暴露了他们,人们看到了真相。特朗普是一个代理总统,爱国者在控制,他已经扭转了局面。

X22报告|第2990集: 美联储对拥有数字资产的人感到恐慌,深层国家计划悄悄进入

Ep. 2990a – Fuel Prices On the Move, [CB] Panics Over People Owning Digital Assets


Ep. 2990b – [DS] Planning To Sneak One In, Trump Turned The Tables On The [DS], Proxy President




The Scottish power admitted that 71 windmills are being powered by fossil fuels. The GND is falling apart. The fake news is getting ahead of the story of why fuel prices are moving up again. The [CB] is now panicking over digital currency, they want to know who has it.

这家苏格兰电力公司承认,目前有71座风车使用化石燃料。GND 正在分崩离析。这个假新闻已经超越了燃油价格再次上涨的原因。CB 现在对数字货币感到恐慌,他们想知道谁拥有它。


The [DS] is covering their lies with more lies. The balloon agenda exposed them all and the people are seeing the truth. Trump is a proxy President, the patriots are in control, he has turned the tables on them. The [DS] is now prepping to sneak one, if [JB] announces he is running they will remove [KH] and bring in another person. This is going to get interested, buckle up.

[DS] 用更多的谎言来掩盖他们的谎言。气球议程暴露了他们,人们看到了真相。特朗普是一个代理总统,爱国者在控制,他已经扭转了局面。DS 现在正准备偷偷带走一个人,如果 JB 宣布他参选,他们将移除[ KH ]并引进另一个人。这会引起注意的,系好安全带。


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