2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

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 March 7, 2022 2022年3月7日

2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

Dave Hayes/Praying Medic put out a short video about the controversial posts from “Q”??? and some background on that. Some have been freaking out over Q’s post about “no outside comms”. They forget about purposeful “disinformation” as a tool in information warfare. You might recall Q saying it’s time to return publicly. It didn’t make much sense then… but now?

Dave Hayes/Praying Medic 发布了一个关于“ q”? ? ? 中有争议的帖子的视频?还有一些背景资料。一些人对 q 发布的“不允许外部通讯”的帖子感到恐慌。他们忘记了信息战中有目的的“假情报”是一种工具。你可能还记得 q 说过是时候公开回归了。这在当时没什么意义... ... 但现在呢?

Q March 5, 2022 2022年3月5日

Clif High has a very interesting update from March 5 the crew recommends. You can read a summary and watch at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

克里夫高中有一个非常有趣的更新从3月5日的船员建议。你可以在 Forbidden Knowledge TV 上阅读摘要和观看节目。


While Clif and others are predicting and worrying about a food shortage, I don’t anticipate it being as bad as they are thinking. For one thing, there is currently excess food on this planet; it just isn’t distributed well because of the interference from the psychopaths.

虽然克里夫和其他人都在预测和担心食物短缺,但我不认为情况会像他们所想的那样糟糕。一方面,这个星球上现在有过量的食物; 只是由于精神病患者的干扰,食物分配不好。

We heard that Bill Gates [who has already been dealt with] has been snapping up land at record rates and reducing the food-producing areas, and that farmers have been paid to plough under their crops and that truckloads and rail cars of fresh produce have been left to rot at food terminals but there is something they don’t talk about and is not spoken about in the news.


According to some accounts, the White Hats have secured years worth of food from DUMBs which the “elites” stashed there to live on while they destroyed the surface of the planet and us with it.


IF, and it’s an “if” the situation developed where true food shortages approaching famine arose, since we know the Earth Alliance has prepared for this time for many years already, I expect they have a plan to mitigate the problem. Why go to all the trouble to help us overthrow the cabal and purge them from the planet if millions of Humans will be allowed to starve to death? It makes no sense.


2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

Most of us could do with a lot less food anyway. Much of the current food is deficient in real nutrition and laced with harmful ingredients, chemicals, etc. and the entire food chain needs an overhaul.


Speaking of food, did you hear the Russian soldiers have been feeding the pets left behind by Ukrainian people fleeing their war-torn country? That’s a far cry from Fauci torturing and murdering puppies, isn’t it? There’s a 30-sec video of that for animal lovers at this Telegram channel.

说到食物,你听说过俄罗斯士兵一直在喂养乌克兰人逃离他们饱受战争蹂躏的国家时留下的宠物吗?这与福奇折磨和谋杀小狗的做法相去甚远,不是吗?在 Telegram 频道有一个30秒的动物爱好者视频。

Seth Keshel/Captain K spoke of the NWO agenda on Telegram.

Seth Keshel/k 上尉谈到了 Telegram 上的 NWO 议程。

With the news about Bio Labs…


Starting to sound like COVID was a drill not only to rip off the presidency but to gage how segments of the population would react to a world engulfed with disease, as an impetus to pit nation against nation to distract from the deprivation of rights, crushing debt, and overall tyranny encroaching on mankind.


Who is Captain K? He is travelling America compiling election data.

谁是 k 上尉? 他正在美国旅行,收集选举数据。

Once I get it back from my mapper, I think I’m going to have a very clear picture of the actual trend of the election, had it been left to run clean. I will share some of these precincts in great detail with you and you’ll see the true magnitude of the Trumpian victory.


2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

Dan Scavino Jr. posts the best stuff. People are going to learn how foolish and revenge-minded they are.

小 Dan Scavino 发布了最好的东西。人们将会知道他们是多么的愚蠢和报复心强。

Here’s a certain train wreck. They’ll be talking about the “women” who will run the country, when only one is—a woman, that is. It will be too gruesome to watch a tranny representing Clowns in America and a literal satanic witch. I’ll pass.


Elon Musk posted about the advanced state of AI available now, and this article goes into the history of DARPA and the Internet development and why the military spent so much money researching how it could be used “to exploit basic vulnerabilities in the human psyche.”

埃隆 · 马斯克(Elon Musk)发表了关于人工智能现在的先进状态的文章,这篇文章探讨了美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)和互联网发展的历史,以及为什么军方会花这么多钱研究如何利用人工智能“利用人类心灵的基本弱点”

We’ve been used, abused, accused, and perused for decades, folks. We have been far too trusting and naïve and are now paying the price. We are now forced to end our innocent childhood and become the adults we were destined to be; to take responsibility for ourselves and cease to rely on others to run the show. You can read the full article at the link below.

我们已经被利用,被虐待,被指控,被仔细研究了几十年,伙计们。我们过去太过轻信和天真,现在正在付出代价。我们现在被迫结束我们无辜的童年,成为我们注定要成为的成年人; 为我们自己承担责任,不再依赖他人来主宰一切。你可以在下面的链接阅读完整的文章。

In the 1960’s, Lick oversaw DARPA’s strategic interest in the new frontier of information technology called Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). In his famous paper, considered one of the most important in the history of computing, Lick put forward the then-radical idea that the human mind would one day merge seamlessly with computers. He was anticipating the evolution of AI and the role that DARPA would go on to play in funding just about every major advancement in BCI technology over eight decades, including Elon Musk’s fully-implanted, wireless, brain-machine interface company, Neuralink.

在20世纪60年代,里克负责监督美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)在信息技术新领域——大脑计算机接口(Brain Computer Interfaces,BCIs)的战略利益。在他的著名论文,被认为是计算机史上最重要的论文之一,里克提出了当时激进的想法,认为有一天人类的思想将与计算机无缝结合。他期待着人工智能的进化,以及 DARPA 在过去80年间几乎为 BCI 技术的每一项重大进步提供资金方面所扮演的角色,包括伊隆 · 马斯克(Elon Musk)的全植入式无线脑机接口公司 Neuralink。

Lick was essentially predicting how the Internet would go on to evoke real-world social processes that would radically transform how we communicate, organise and process information. It is no coincidence that a psychologist of Lick’s calibre was at the vanguard of a new technology designed to exploit basic vulnerabilities in the human psyche.


How the West Was Won: Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet, Part 1

西方是如何胜利的: 反叛乱,心理战术和互联网的军事起源,第一部分

The crew points out that this is where AI is going—and has already gone in some respects. Volunteers?


They can hack a computer, our phone, our car, an airplane—and our brain.


Klaus Schwab’s WEF: Humans Are Now ‘Hackable Animals’ And Will Be ‘Re-engineered’

克劳斯 · 施瓦布的世界经济论坛: 人类现在是“可被破解的动物”,将被“重新设计”

2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

LT at And We Know did a very revealing summation of his discussion with Sheila Holm and as we suspected, it appears from drone footage that there indeed was at least one sacrifice on top of the Georgia Guidestones—probably more. We learn the fascinating origins of “Georgia” as it relates to Ukraine and the sleight of hand the controllers used to hide their true movements in the shadow world of their manipulative cult—and much more.

和我们知道的中尉对他和希拉 · 霍尔姆的讨论做了一个非常有启发性的总结,正如我们所怀疑的,从无人机的录像中看来,在乔治亚导游石上至少有一个人牺牲了ーー可能更多。我们了解了“格鲁吉亚”的迷人起源,因为它与乌克兰有关,以及操纵者用来在他们操纵邪教的阴影世界中隐藏自己真实行动的花招——等等。

We can see why this time is called the great apocalypse. Never-before known and seen things are being revealed daily and as a result, our view of the world is changing.


3.6.22: Sheila Holm connects GA Guidestones, Ukraine, HELLywood, Cronkite & the EYE! PRAY!

3.6.22: Sheila Holm 连接了 GA 导向石,乌克兰,HELLywood,Cronkite & the EYE! 祈祷!

There is something I have been wondering about for awhile and finally someone has offered an explanation. You might recall the metamorphosis of the Wal-Mart logo to its current appearance. Is it a cheery daisy, a new-fangled star? They just can’t help it, my friends. These arrogant, smug criminals have to paste their symbolism everywhere. Don’t shop at Wal-Mart—please! [Or Sam’s Club]. Link to Telegram.

有些事情我已经想了好一阵子了,终于有人给了我一个解释。你可能还记得沃尔玛现在的商标变形记。是一朵欢快的雏菊,一颗新生的星星吗?我的朋友们,他们就是忍不住。这些傲慢、自以为是的罪犯不得不到处张贴他们的象征符号。请不要在沃尔玛购物![或者山姆俱乐部]。链接到 Telegram。

2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

The Walmart yellow emblem represents the drilling machines that dig the underground tunnels.


2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

What else do they do out of the oversight of honest people? You should see all the ‘fact-checker’ articles about this one. They have to try to cover up their crimes. This article came out in 2017. People-smuggling. Cargo ships, tool boxes on trucks, crates of “artwork”… it’s disgusting the lengths to which these sickos will go to support the exceptionally lucrative Human sex-trafficking trade. This is what they told us, but we don’t know what they held back.

他们还能做些什么不受老实人监督的事情呢?你应该看看所有关于这个的“事实核查”文章。他们必须设法掩盖他们的罪行。这篇文章发表于2017年。人口走私。货船,卡车上的工具箱,成箱的“艺术品”... ... 这些变态为了支持极其有利可图的人口性交易而不择手段,真是令人恶心。这是他们告诉我们的,但我们不知道他们隐瞒了什么。

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided At Port Of Baltimore Reveals Sick Secret

爆炸新闻: 美国克林顿基金会货船在巴尔的摩港遭袭,揭露了一个病态的秘密

Folks are talking about an Instagram post from Britney Spears that appears to contain comms. She was trafficked but survived and I’m sure has fascinating tales to tell—and names to drop. Link to Telegram to see the images.

人们正在讨论布兰妮 · 斯皮尔斯在 Instagram 上发布的一个帖子,该帖子似乎含有通讯内容。她虽然被拐卖了,但还是活了下来,我敢肯定她有很多迷人的故事可以讲ーー还有很多名字可以去掉。链接到 Telegram 查看图片。

Oliver Stone did a documentary on Ukraine I suspect is excellent because I recall the riveting interviews with Putin he published. Kanekoa the Great dropped the link to this video on his Telegram channel and I’m looking forward to watching.

奥利弗•斯通(Oliver Stone)制作了一部关于乌克兰的纪录片,我觉得这部纪录片非常出色,因为我记得他发表过的对普京的精彩采访。金光大帝在他的 Telegram 频道上放弃了这个视频的链接,我很期待看到它。

Ukraine on Fire | Oliver Stone | Documentary

火烧乌克兰 | 奥利弗 · 斯通 | 纪录片

Phil G linked to this TikTok video which is unverified info but very interesting, if true.

菲尔 g 链接到这个 TikTok 视频,这是未经证实的信息,但非常有趣,如果真的。

Kazakhstan Government has collapsed. Link to Telegram for video.


2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

I am so glad I don’t live in California. This is insane—and Trump warned us.


Some might be wishing they had listened and relocated a few years ago. Arizona is a key destination state for displaced and disillusioned California residents. It is a stunning state, with jaw-dropping scenery including everything from pine trees and snow to palm trees and sand and fabulous weather.


People are friendly and happy here in my experience, most of our roads are in tippy-top shape, and unfortunately, there aren’t enough homes for everyone who wants them and it’s driving the price through the roof. We didn’t have the worst governor, and the next one is sure to be Kari Lake so everything is looking rosy here.


Gas is higher than it used to be but in comparison, not bad at $3.89/gallon which is well below the national average. I think when we moved here 18 years ago gas was around 1.47/gallon.


I feel sorry for some of these truckers as diesel has been higher than regular gas here in the valley at times. Look at this quagmire of freedom truckers near DC!


To round out the information available to us, here is Dr. Michael Salla’s latest article and video from Exopolitics.org, courtesy of the crew.

为了更全面地了解我们所掌握的信息,这里是迈克尔 · 萨拉博士在 exopolitics 网站上发表的最新文章和视频,由全体船员提供。

Space Arks, ET fleets, Ukraine & Human Liberation


2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be taking Eli back to our holistic vet for a re-check so I may take the day off. Our furniture from Canada will be delivered on Wednesday, our ceiling fan light is being installed as we speak, and Hubby gets home from Yemen Wednesday night so it’s an exciting week. It’s also “bulk pickup” week so I need to get my trimming done so they can pick up the branches.


Maybe I’ll take some time outside in the sunshine with Eli. For some reason he is wrecked this morning. We were playing tag last night and I just started leaving him in the kitchen in the big crate at night so I could get some sleep. Maybe he didn’t get any. His thrashing around in the plastic portable kennel next to the bed was disruptive for nearly two weeks and I had to change the routine. He did fine last night with no trips outside but I think he found some cat turds in the garden so it’s been difficult to keep him away from there. This too shall pass. He is growing fast and responding to training very well.


Regardless of whether I post tomorrow or not, I will approve comments as often as I think of it so everyone can benefit from the pertinent info the crew shares. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

不管我明天是否发表文章,我都会尽可能多地批准评论,这样每个人都能从船员分享的相关信息中受益。再见。~ BP

2022年3月7日: 进步中的进化|星际飞船地球

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