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马修·沃德信息| 保证的话With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Shake, rattle and roll aptly describes Earth’s energy field of potential, which is a reflection of light forces’ amped-up activity on the planet to dismantle the remnants of the Illuminati’s global network. 


Most of the populace have no idea what is underlying happenings that are causing them stress and fear, and they don’t know they have the ability to change anything.


A highly evolved soul, Arnold by name, recently spoke about this, and it is our great pleasure to share his words.


Earth’s people believe they are powerless to change situations they see as grave because they don’t know the power of the mind is boundless. That knowledge has been hidden from them by the darkness that also has kept them trapped for millennia in deception, delusion, fear and battles.


You volunteered to help them escape from that entrapment and you are eager for evidence that your mission is indeed bearing fruit. Dear souls, soon you shall have it. Puppets of the darkness will cause chaos for a short period before accepting that the light forces have defeated them.


During that period, anxiety and confusion will be widespread, but when the brilliance of the light—and yours is a grand part of it—shines through the settling dust and revelations come forth, Earth’s people will embrace the abundance of love energy and set about transforming their world.


You have the honor, gratitude and unconditional love of all light beings in this universe for your invaluable contributions to Gaia and all of Earth’s residents.


Thank you, Suzanne, for recording my remarks, and thank you, Matthew, for graciously offering to include them in your message.


[Arnold’s first message and Matthew’s information about him is in the September 16, 2019 message archived on http://www.matthewbooks.com.]

[阿诺德的第一条信息和马修关于他的信息是在2019年9月16日存档的 http://www.matthewbooks.com 上。]

We thank you, Arnold, for your stirring words of assurance and loving tribute to lightworkers.


Another indication of the effectiveness of your light, dear family, is this email that is similar to others my mother is receiving: “As a retired professor and avid reader, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable until a few days ago, when a former colleague sent me your newsletter. This is the first I have seen information like this and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am especially interested in knowing about ‘awakening.’ How will I know if I ‘awaken’? Does it come as a rush of enlightenment or in phases? Will I feel different emotionally?”

亲爱的家人,这封电子邮件与我母亲收到的其他邮件类似,这也是你的光明有效性的另一个迹象: “作为一名退休教授和狂热的读者,直到几天前,一位前同事给我发来你的时事通讯之前,我一直认为自己知识渊博。这是我第一次看到这样的信息,我不能停止想它。我对知道“觉醒”特别感兴趣。我怎么知道我是否“醒了”?它是作为一种顿悟的冲击还是分阶段的?我的情绪会有所不同吗?”

Our response to the dear soul who wrote applies to every soul-searcher, and thanks to ever-rising vibrations, their numbers are increasing by the day. Most simply stated, awakening is entering higher dimensions of spiritual and conscious awareness. For the writer, the process began by contemplating our information instead of dismissing it, but the beginning can come in a number of other ways.


You may doubt the accuracy of something in a newscast whereas formerly you didn’t question reports from that source. Possibly you read something that is startling, yet it rings true, and you feel motivated to learn more about that subject. Maybe someone’s perspective of an important issue suddenly seems much more insightful than you previously thought, and your view now seems short-sighted. You may come across a metaphysical book or Internet site that piques your interest in knowing more about what exists beyond the five senses. Or, maybe in a quiet moment the resolution to a baffling situation suddenly is clear, and you wonder what other information may be in the stillness of your mind.


However awakening begins, you will feel exhilarated by thinking more deeply and perceiving situations more broadly. You will experience a sense of Aha! as well as humility as you learn to trust your intuition in distinguishing truth from falsehood. The desire to know more about yourself and your world starts feeling natural, as if you have turned a corner and are excited about exploring new territory.


As you traverse this pathway of expanding spiritual and conscious awareness, you will come to know that you are a soul, not a person who has a soul, and you chose to experience this lifetime on Earth. You will learn about multiple lifetimes in various civilizations in this universe, and that between incarnations, you live in a spirit world. Learning about soul contracts and pre-birth agreements will let you understand why some relationships and circumstances are splendid and others are difficult.


You will learn that light and love are the same energy, consciousness emanating from Creator, the supreme being of the cosmos, and it is the most powerful force in existence. In this universe, the energy comes from God, by whatever name you call the supreme being of this universe. As an aspect of God, you are a unique, independent immortal soul energetically connected with every other life form throughout this universe and with Creator. Along with seeing yourself as a multidimensional member of the universal family, you will learn about your powerful innate abilities.


Every step along this pathway of discovery will evoke a profound sense of awe, fulfillment and gratitude for new knowledge. Yet, the reality of your experiencing is even more profound—it has been a process is self-discovery and what you have learned is not new knowledge. Everything is known at soul level, and by consciously tapping into that vastness, you are remembering what you already know.


The universal law of attraction—like attracts like—is bringing together awakening and awakened souls. This connecting of kindred spirits will continue until there is unity in the collective consciousness and Earth’s Golden Age can begin blooming in glorious earnestness.


Manifesting that sublime Age will entail establishing new systems, institutions, policies, methods and attitudes to replace the old that no longer serve any purpose. For millennia those ways that are rooted in harshness, ignorance, unjustness, divisiveness, prejudice, economic disparity and warring have enabled countless souls in this universe to experience what they chose to complete third density karmic lessons and attain balance so they could evolve to fourth density. The time for that is rapidly coming to an end on Earth. Then, souls who want to complete 3D karma will incarnate in some third density world that offers them those circumstances they need.

显示崇高的时代将需要建立新的制度、机构、政策、方法和态度来取代不再服务于任何目的的旧制度。数千年来,这些根植于严酷、无知、不公正、分裂、偏见、经济差距和战争的方式,使得这个宇宙中无数的灵魂能够体验他们选择完成的第三密度业力课程,并获得平衡,以便他们能够进化到第四密度。这个时代在地球上很快就要结束了。然后,想要完成3D 业力的灵魂将在某个第三密度世界投生,提供他们所需要的环境。

The transitional path from old ways to new will be a joyful, exciting adventure for all who choose to go in that direction. Still, some steps that are clearing the way to that path may not be easily accepted, and we thank the sensitive soul who wrote about one such step.


“I would like to know how souls at your station feel about condemning to death people who commit terrible crimes instead of life terms in prison. What does it say about us spiritually and evolutionary-wise if we sanction ‘legal’ killing even though the afterlife review will be severe punishment? Can you tell me why trials for some civilians are held in military courts instead of courts with a jury of peers? Can you explain why God lets any of His children become dangerous criminals and lost souls?”


That any members of our universal family lose their way to the extent that some have is a deep sadness for all of us at this station. However, that feeling cannot linger because its low vibrations would interrupt the continuous flow of light that helps keep the universe in balance.


Darkness in your world cannot be extinguished completely if persons who committed crimes against humanity are imprisoned. Individuals who planned and carried out the “pandemic,” are involved in sex-trafficking and pedophilia, participate in satanic rituals or commit other atrocities are puppets of the darkness. As long as they are living on Earth, their thoughts and feelings will continue to generate the lowest of vibrations.


Vibrations, high and low, are contagious. It is easy to see how quickly the high vibes of joy and laughter spread. The spread of low vibrations becomes noticeable only after it is too late to reverse its destructive course. That is why the dark forces were able to annihilate civilizations in other worlds and obliterate entire planets. It is why that force twice was able to take over ancient civilizations in your world and much later, send the planet spiraling down into deep third density. Gaia does not want that to happen again.


The civilians whose trials are in military courts are individuals who committed one or more of the aforementioned crimes. With good reason they are not tried in criminal courts, where bribery, threats, lying, strategic delays, withholding incriminating evidence, false accusations, technicalities that result in case dismissal, and plea bargaining are frequent. Also, guilty verdicts can be appealed. None of that occurs in military courts. When evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable, the verdict is guilty and a punishment that fits the crime. Everything is handled legally, judiciously and quickly.


Please do not interpret our addressing the death penalty for individuals who are guilty of committing unconscionable acts as our endorsement of souls killing other souls. It is that we understand why, in this situation, this is necessary. Manifesting Earth’s destiny, her Golden Age, requires the eradication of all darkness on the planet, and that cannot be accomplished if puppets of the dark forces—and they number in the many thousands—continue emitting the low vibrations that enable the forces’ influence not only to remain, but spread.


In last month’s message we talked about the power of forgiving souls. What we said in that message is especially relevant to the individuals we are speaking about today.


Now then, the life review process is not a replacement or substitute for your society’s lawful trials, and it is a misunderstanding that the review is punishment. It is the universal law of physics that pertains to the consequences of an individual’s free will actions and intentions, a lifelong “movie” that includes the very same feelings of every person whose life that individual touched. Many reviews are joyous occasions that can be reverently thought of as the grand finale of a kind, caring person’s lifetime on Earth. That is not the case for individuals the dear soul who wrote is referring to.


If God could prevent any of His children from becoming heinous criminals, surely He would. But He cannot—He is bound to honor Creator’s gift of free will to every soul in this universe. He is not permitted to interfere even when some of His children treat others in unconscionable ways, start wars or embark upon genocide. As “an amalgamation of every soul in this universe”—His words—He knows every thought and feels every emotion, from joy to grief, from safety to fear, of all His children, and He suffers the same physical pain they do. To us, that is an unimaginable burden, but He bears it willingly because His love for all His children is unconditional.


“Lost souls” are the province of Creator, the source of the love-light energy in which all souls in the cosmos originated and the only power that can declare a soul lost. If, after a soul’s myriad lifetimes in darkness and continuous offers of light forces’ help to break free of dark forces’ influence, it still chooses the path of atrocity, violence and fearmongering, Creator draws the soul’s energy back into Itself. When that happens, and it is extremely rare, it is as if that soul never existed.


Now, beloved brothers and sisters, we end our message with the love and upliftment of Arnold’s words: You volunteered to help them escape from that entrapment and you are eager for evidence that your mission is indeed bearing fruit. Dear souls, soon you shall have it. … You have the honor, gratitude and unconditional love of all light beings in this universe for your invaluable contributions to Gaia and all of Earth’s residents.

现在,亲爱的兄弟姐妹们,我们用爱和阿诺德的话来结束我们的信息: 你们自愿帮助他们逃离那个陷阱,你们渴望证明你们的任务确实结出了果实。亲爱的灵魂们,很快你们就会拥有它。... 你们拥有这个宇宙中所有光明存有的荣誉、感激和无条件的爱,感谢你们对盖亚和地球上所有居民做出的宝贵贡献。




Suzanne Ward

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