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"People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it."


Greatness would never be found in possessions,power,position,or prestige.It would be discovered in goodness,humility,service and character.As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world,remember that you are a Child of God who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through consultation with your Father in Heaven who sent you here,could decide what that great mission would be.



Judy Note:On Sat.6 June even though protests over the death of George Floyd took place across the country,the once-expected two week shutdown of the nation evidently has been deemed unnecessary.Trump and the RV teams were pushing things forward to expedite all according to Fleming’s Military Intel Contact.


There was no evidence indicating that RV Plan had changed–liquidity was still a go for Tier 4b(us,the Internet Group)to receive 800#s on Sun.or Mon.7,8 June in order to set redemption appointments beginning Mon.8 June.


Liquidity for exchanges at Contract Rates would begin on Tues.9 June forward,continuing for the next five days until Sun.14 June.On Mon.15 June foreign currency exchanges at the new,but lower than Contract Rates,International Rates would be open to the general public.


Over last Wed.and Thurs.3,4 June Trump,Xi and Putin agreed to release all GCR/RV liquidity next Mon.8 June.They also agreed that if there was a delay that Trump and the RV teams had until midnight Mon 15 June to start the process.Otherwise,China would start their version of the RV release on Tues.16 June.Trump has already told the banks that they would be making people liquid starting next Mon–Tues.8,9 June.


The 200 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in the nation’s cities have been joining the Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Fire Arms and Explosives(ATF)agents and Drug Enforcement(DEA)agents to find and arrest over 3,000 Antifa organizers.US Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice were said to have proof that Deep State Democrats have been directing Antifa criminal activities.Last Tues.night 2 June Trump signed off on some high level arrests so that the Global Currency Reset could go forward.


If there was a spike in rioting,agitator looting and violence,then Trump and the Department of Defense may invoke a higher level of Martial Law under an Insurrection Act of 1807.


We would have only six days to exchange/redeem.It was advised to make your appointment quickly and stay ready to go in next week.They hoped to process Zim holders in the first four days after release of the 800#s,while we would have six days to exchange/redeem at the Contract Rates,or until Sun.night 14 June.


Homeland Security representatives would be present in exchanges/redemptions to observe currency holder’s responses and to flag signs of ties to Deep State Cabal connections.It was advised to be transparent,cooperative and answer questions honestly so that the exchange/redemption would be a positive experience for you and all involved.


By Mon.15 June the general public would be able to exchange at the new international rates,at which time the Zim Bond and certain currencies such as the Dinar,Dong and Rupiah would greatly lose value.Announcements of GESARA/NESARA and the gold/asset-backed US Note and Chinese Yuan also were expected on that same Mon.15 June.


Meanwhile,there was rumor that those Military troops rescuing children from underground tunnels were very busy this last week on another very large scale mission.Could that mission be the Mass Arrests?Or,was it because they found more tunnels and traumatized children?


Also last week a lot of huge explosions,or so-called“earthquakes,”(that usually followed rescue missions to blow up the tunnels)took place under Lone Mountain,Nevada and on down to the Nevada National Security Site under Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada.https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/#%7B%22autoUpdate%22%3A%5B%22autoUpdate%22%5D%2C%22basemap%22%3A%22grayscale%22%2C%22feed%22%3A%221day_m25%22%2C%22listFormat%22%3A%22default%22%2C%22mapposition%22%3A%5B%5B37.54022177661216%2C-119.454345703125%5D%2C%5B38.78192246873938%2C-116.5814208984375%5D%5D%2C%22overlays%22%3A%5B%22plates%22%5D%2C%22restrictListToMap%22%3A%5B%22restrictListToMap%22%5D%2C%22search%22%3Anull%2C%22sort%22%3A%22newest%22%2C%22timezone%22%3A%22utc%22%2C%22viewModes%22%3A%5B%22map%22%2C%22settings%22%5D%2C%22event%22%3Anull%7D



President Trump said in a Press Conference,“I may have to buy one of those things,drive around town.Maybe I’ll drive back to New York with our First Lady in a trailer.What do they call that?An RV,an RV.”


Trump was definitely signaling the RV was being released by mentioning it in his news conference about five times this morning Fri.5 June.He said it was intentional and a signal that it's a go.Buying an RV=Recreational Vehicle was a definite play on words to let everyone waiting for the RV/GCR know that it is a go and Trump will not be outdone by the Chinese do their version of the release on Tues.16 June due to the failure of the USA to get it done.

特朗普在6月5日星期五上午的新闻发布会上五次提到RV,绝对是在暗示RV将被释放。他说这是故意的,这是一个信号,这是一个行动。RV=Recreational Vehicle(露营车)是一个明确的文字游戏,让每个等待RV/GCR的人知道这是一个行动,特朗普不会被中国人超越,他们在6月16日星期二发布的版本,由于美国没有完成它。


1.Over the weekend there would be a one million person protest descending on DC.Prayers were requested that agitators were arrested in DC and any other city before they could start any more violence,plus that protestors remain peaceful to that the Deep State could not delay the RV release beyond this Mon.into Tues.8,9 June.


2.The 200 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces in the nation’s cities have been joining ATF and DEA agents finding and arresting over 3,000 Antifa organizers.AG Barr and DOJ have proof that Deep State Democrats have been directing Antifa criminal activities.Last Tues.night 2 June Trump signed off on some high level arrests so that the GCR could go forward.


3.If there was a spike in rioting,agitator looting and violence over the next 24 hours,then Trump and the Department of Defense may invoke a greater level of Martial Law under the Insurrection Act of 1807.


4.This week money has been moving to stage funds for liquidity release.On Thurs.4 June about$70 sextillion dollars in USN moved out of the global collateral accounts(Heritage Funds and Rodriguez Trust,St Germaine Trust)to global Central Banks for the global release.They wanted Paymasters to see money-of-account in their accounts so that they could get procedures done to prepare to move money downstream to their payout recipient accounts–with verification of funds in USN.On Fri.5 June many higher level recipients received notices to take care of their pre-exchange and exchange procedures.


5.North Korea,Iran,Cuba,Venezuela,Argentina,Ecuador and three other countries which were disconnected from the Deep State SWIFT system were transitioned to the QFS digital ledgering system as of Sat.6 June.


6.The current plan was that there would be a final release algorithm on Sat.morning 6 June at 3 am EDT and a final release algorithm Sun.midnight 7 June,and then one that locked in all rates and procedures.Then the banks would be updated as to final procedures to start everyone Mon.-Tues.8,9 June.


7.On Sun.7 June at 8 pm EDT HSBC Hong Kong would update the banks&HSBC North America as to whether or not there was a security green light.If so,the Admiral would be going in to release monies some time Sun-Mon 7-8 June.This green light would give instructions and security codes to Wells Fargo so they could disburse the 527,000+800#notification emails.


8.On Mon 8 June the RV teams would be doing security checks and final audits for liquidity release to all tiers by Tues.9 June.Tier 4b would be setting appointments on Mon.8 June for access and exchanges on Tues.9 June forward.


9.Department of Defense teams and US Treasury expected up to 5%of currency holders in Tier 4b would act for Deep State Cabal criminal cartels in trying to deceive exchange bankers to get exchange proceeds for criminal/terror purposes for Deep State organizations.Homeland Security representatives would be present in exchanges/redemptions to observe currency holder’s responses and to flag signs of ties to Deep State Cabal connections.It was advised to be transparent,cooperative and answer questions honestly so that the exchange/redemption would be a positive experience for you and all involved.

9.国防部团队和美国财政部预计,多达5%的第4b层货币持有者将为深州集团犯罪集团行事,试图欺骗交易所的银行家,为深州集团的犯罪/恐怖目的换取收益。国土安全部代表将出席交易所/赎回,观察货币持有者的反应,并标记与深州阴谋集团(Deep State Cabal)关系的迹象。它被建议是透明的,合作的,诚实地回答问题,这样的交换/赎回将是一个积极的经验为您和所有参与。


We've been fighting the Deep State's unconstitutional,deceptive tactics to undermine the conservative agenda for years.Now the spying,unmasking,and bureaucratic abuses are coming to light.Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just testified before the Senate about spying on Americans,FBI deception,and numerous Deep State abuses.


Rosenstein even testified he would not have signed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act(FISA)warrant to spy on an American citizen if he knew then what he knows now.Then former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe accused Rosenstein of perjury.Deep State actors are turning on each other.


We're in court against the Deep State in multiple corruption cases RIGHT NOW.And we're winning.But as we work to expose and defeat the Deep State in court,we need YOU.


















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      Over last Wed.and Thurs.3,4 June Trump,Xi and Putin agreed to release all GCR/RV liquidity next Mon.8 June next Mon

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