本杰明|20200317 随着教皇的消失,麦加在历史上第一次关闭,越来越多的圣经人物出现

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本杰明|20200317 随着教皇的消失,麦加在历史上第一次关闭,越来越多的圣经人物出现


The events that are now unfolding have gone beyond black swan and become biblical in their proportions.


In the Islamic world,Mecca has shut down for the first time in history.



Among the Christians,the pope has vanished and Queen Elizabeth has gone into hiding(see the very revealing letter to the editor following this report that may explain the real reason she is hiding).


Meanwhile,the Jews are being liberated for the first time in 5,780 years as they oust Satan-worshipping Benjamin Netanyahu from power.



The trigger for these events was a refusal by the Chinese people,on February 16th,2020,to pay any further tribute to the ancient Satanic bloodline families.This happened when Chinese leaders told the United States Corporation they would not ship any more physical stuff unless they are paid with things that actually exist in the real world.In other words,they broke the ancient Satanic money magic illusion.


The so-called pandemic that ensued was a combination of a biological and electromagnetic warfare retaliatory attack on China.Although the attack apparently caused mass casualties in Wuhan,it failed to intimidate or bow the Chinese people.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian publicly asked:


"When did patient zero begin in the U.S.?How many people are infected?What are the names of the hospitals?It might be the U.S.army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan.Be transparent!Make public your data!The U.S.owes us an explanation!"


For a government spokesperson to say such things is tantamount to a declaration of war(See the late-breaking news below for the answer by the U.S.white hats).


What people are now witnessing is a desperate battle by the ancient ruling Satanic bloodlines to scare people back into submission with pandemic fear porn.For example,when I looked at the first 40 stories on the international news Reddit feed,35 of them were about the so-called pandemic.

人们现在看到的是古代统治撒旦血统的一场绝望的战争,目的是用流行病恐惧色情片来吓唬人们,让他们重新屈服。例如,当我看到 Reddit 上国际新闻 feed 的前40篇报道时,其中35篇是关于所谓的大流行病的。

One Pentagon source observed:


"The extremely long list of celebrities and first ladies(Spain,Canada)all coming out to announce that they allegedly have Covid-19.So many in fact it's absolutely ludicrous,considering that they never frequent the subway or mingle with the unwashed and the deplorable.The list included over 157 people,which doesn't compute with the true statistics of non-celebrities diagnosed with it."

"一长串名人和第一夫人(西班牙、加拿大)都出来宣布他们染上了 Covid-19。考虑到他们从不经常乘坐地铁,也从不与没有洗漱的人和可悲的人混在一起,这实在是太荒唐了。这份名单包括了超过157个人,这并不是根据非名人的真实统计数据来计算的。"

Let's stop for a minute to think rationally about this so-called pandemic.Every year about 15 million people die from respiratory ailments.Even conservative estimates say the flu kills over 300,000 people annually.And yet here we have extreme hysteria over a few thousand deaths of people whose average age is 80-years old.




What is really going on is a global slave revolt against ancient Satanic bloodline ruling families who are now being systematically hunted down by special forces,according to multiple sources.


Already,many of the ancient bloodline families are trying to negotiate surrender terms,P3 and WDS sources say."Old black nobility families are ready to surrender,"confirms Vincenzo Mazzara of the P3.The Rothschilds and other families hiding in Switzerland and New Zealand are also negotiating surrender,WDS sources say.

P3 WDS 的消息来源称,许多古老的血统家族已经开始试图协商投降条款。"旧的黑色贵族家庭准备投降,"确认 Vincenzo 马扎拉的 P3。据 WDS 消息人士称,隐藏在瑞士和新西兰的罗斯柴尔德家族和其他家族也正在就投降问题进行谈判。

We are also hearing tales from the Gnostic Illuminati and the P3 Freemasons of a war that has been raging for thousands of years.They say planet Earth was placed under quarantine thousands of years ago after a powerful entity fled to the surface and enslaved a group of humans.This entity is what is referred to in the Bible as Satan,according to them.The people they enslaved are what we refer to as the Jews,they say.

我们也听到来自 Gnostic Illuminati P3共济会的故事,这场战争已经肆虐了数千年。他们说,数千年前,一个强大的实体逃到地球表面奴役了一群人类之后,地球就被隔离了。根据他们的说法,这个实体在圣经中被称为撒旦。他们说,他们奴役的人就是我们所说的犹太人。

A more rational,scientific explanation is that an ancient group of human slavers has been running a monotheistic scam to enslave a huge percentage of the world's population.These families split into squabbling factions we know as Catholics,Protestants,Muslims,and Jews.That is why the ongoing revolt against their collective rule can be called biblical.


"We have been stuck on this planet for thousands of years and all we can do is repeat the same old strategies over and over again,"one senior Satanist admits.That is why they have tried bird flu,ebola,zika,and other pandemic scares one after the other in recent years to keep the population intimidated,he admits.


This has been going on at least since the engineered"Spanish Flu"pandemic of 1918,which only killed young soldiers who had been vaccinated.


For another example,take a look at the"CBS 60 MINUTES"documentary on the swine flu epidemic of 1976 in the U.S.It went on air only once and was never shown again.Listen to the testimony of people who experienced Guillain-Barré paralysis because of the swine flu vaccine.They sued the U.S.government for damages.The 500 cases of Guillain-Barré paralysis,including 25 deaths–were not due to the swine flu itself–but as a direct result of the vaccine.At the time President Gerald Ford,on advice from the CDC,called for vaccinating the ENTIRE population of the United States.

再举一个例子,看一看"CBS 60分钟"关于1976年美国猪流感疫情的纪录片这部电影只播出过一次,就再也没有播出过。听听那些因为接种了猪流感疫苗而经历格林-巴利麻痹的人的证词。他们起诉美国政府要求赔偿损失。500例格林-巴利麻痹症病例,包括25例死亡,并不是由于猪流感本身,而是疫苗的直接结果。当时,杰拉尔德·福特总统在疾病预防控制中心的建议下,呼吁为全美人口接种疫苗。

So please do not let them carry out(mandatory)mass vaccinations on the pretext of a(fake)"deadly pandemic"because that will cause a real pandemic.


Let's take a closer look at what's happening to their financial system.The chart at the link below shows what's happening now in red,as compared to what happened in previous bear markets.It's clear this is no ordinary financial crisis.



This quote from Zero Hedge illustrates how the Feds monetary illusion has evaporated:

Zero Hedge 的这句话说明了美联储的货币幻觉是如何消失的:

本杰明|20200317 随着教皇的消失,麦加在历史上第一次关闭,越来越多的圣经人物出现

After firing the biggest shock and awe bazooka in the history of Fed,which is not only partially but completely normal to the asset and liability financial markets should restore,the e-mini-futures are not only not higher,but are falling below the-5%mark



CIA sources say that the Dow Jones Industrial Average must fall to at least one-third of its peak to be in line with historical trends.As the US no longer gets ships full of real goods in exchange for its illusory money in the account that lends digital loans as a partial reserve,it is a mathematical certainty that the shops will run dry and the big US banks will go bankrupt.



Now let's look at the reports of the ongoing secret war from the Pentagon and to the CIA.


Here is a summary of the action from a Pentagon source:


The Zionists are on their deathbed when Harvey Weinstein,in New York at the age of 23.Prison,paving the way for convictions in LA.

犹太复国主义者在23岁的纽约哈维·韦恩斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)坐牢时已经奄奄一息,为洛杉矶的定罪铺平了道路。

Since Prince Andrew is a naval officer who helped Jeffrey Epstein but refused,with the DOJ,and the Queen was locked out of Windsor Castle,British royals can be transferred by the US military,as they are also officers.


Italy is apparently under the protection of the US military,while the country is under lock and key is…his army chief succumbed to a coronavirus infection,and the Vatican must be full of gays,Satanists and pedophiles are cleaned up.


Anti-family,anti-Christian Hollywood is under attack as Disney theme parks and cinemas will be closed and film productions discontinued.


Tom Hanks and his wife were infected with the corona virus,Nicole Kidman moves back to Down Under and Stephen Spielberg may be exposed for his crimes involving children.


Even more shocking is this report,which came from the CIA when this blog was about to go live:


At 4:30 this morning,Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was told by served a criminal complaint on the USA for corporate and financial crime.


The Media owners have been ordered to brainwash anyone who has infected Trudeau and his wife with the corona virus and they will not leave their homes for a while.


Tom Hanks was arrested for pedophilia 48 hours ago and is currently being held hotel room in Australia because he is not willing to fly back to the USA.


The next celebrity arrests will be Celine Dion,Madonna,Charles Barkley and Kevin Spacey.


All will claim coronavirus infection.


Italy's airports have been completely closed as more than 80 Vatican and tax officials have received the same charges for financial crimes,paedophilia,child trafficking and sexual abuse.


The United Arab Emirates has completed the mass arrests of its own Royal Family and its subsidiaries.


Convicted Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein agreed to a deal in exchange for his testimony against hundreds of Hollywood celebrities for their involvement in drug dealing,pedophilia and child trafficking.


Instead of a 55-year prison sentence,he received only a 23-year prison sentence.


In return,he testified against some of the greatest and most powerful names,including Prince Andrew of Great Britain,former President Bill Clinton,former Vice Presidents Joe Biden,Tom Hanks,Oprah,Ellen DeGeneres,Quentin Tarantino,Charlie Sheen,Bob Saget,Kevin Spacey,John Travolta,Steven Spielberg,John Podesta,NXIVM and PIZZAGATE,all of whom were directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein.


Jeffrey Epstein was also allowed to make a deal and have his suicide faked in prison in return for his testimony.


CEOs of several major global corporations have been charged or arrested,and some have been forced to resign–all in the last 30 to 60 days–such as the CEOs of the NBA,Harley Davidson,the Bill Gates Foundation,Intel,McDonald's,Cesar Awards,Disney,and the Vatican's Chief of Police,among others.

一些大型跨国公司的首席执行官已经被指控或逮捕,一些人被迫辞职——所有这些都发生在过去的3060天内——比如 NBA、哈雷戴维森、比尔·盖茨基金会、英特尔、麦当劳、塞萨尔奖、迪斯尼和梵蒂冈警察局长等等的首席执行官。

In the next 3 months about 700-800 more resignations will follow.


The novel coronavirus developed in the laboratory is the cover story for a compulsory vaccination agenda.


Now it's the biggest covert operation in the of U.S.Intelligence the world has ever seen.


This massive operation–158,000 arrests–will be the greatest evil and corrupt politicians,celebrities and CEOs,including the global elite and bankers like George Soros,UN officials and the founders of GRETA Inc.

这次大规模行动——逮捕158000——将是最大的邪恶和腐败的政客、名人和首席执行官,包括全球精英和银行家乔治·索罗斯、联合国官员和 GRETA 公司的创始人。

President Trump will win the election in 2020,and in early 2021 the former US presidents will be arrested.


All major arrests will be presented by the media as accidental or conspiracy theories.All arrested persons will receive the Rommel death,which means that they will have the choice of having their death portrayed as suicide or accidental death when they receive the assurance,that her reputation will remain intact.Alternatively,they may choose to submit to a a criminal case that would lead to public disgrace.


Some leading religious leaders are arrested or forced to resign,and some suddenly become ill.


The Vatican will be the first,and the Pope will be removed in 2020.


The distribution of the extracted human adrenochrome is uncovered,and Hollywood and the Vatican are exposed as directly responsible.


There will be a two-month complete shutdown of the world's most common operations,such as schools,the stock market,some banks,airports,shipping,travel,events,galas,exhibitions,sports games,sports championships,music awards,NBA/NHL/baseball games and boat cruises.


There will be food shortages and staged blackouts.


Gas prices will fall,food costs will rise,insurance will increase,the Gold and silver stocks will fall,and many companies will either go bankrupt or suffer a significant financial loss,as in the case of what happened to Air Canada,Disney and Coca-Cola will happen.

油价会下跌,食品价格会上涨,保险会上涨,黄金和白银股票会下跌,许多公司要么破产,要么遭受重大财务损失,就像加拿大航空(Air Canada)、迪斯尼(Disney)和可口可乐(Coca-Cola)的遭遇一样。

Other unconfirmed tidbits from intelligence sources are as follows:


"Nancy Pelosi died within the last 24 hours.The coronavirus will most likely be reported as the cause of death when the public announcement is made."


"Steven Mnuchin will be removed very soon.He is an agent of the Khazarian cabal.The time has come to cut him loose as he knows too much about their inside dealings,including thefts from the U.S.Treasury.Will he succumb to the coronavirus?"

"史蒂文努钦(Steven Mnuchin)很快就会被免职。他是卡扎利亚阴谋集团的特工。他对他们的内部交易了如指掌,包括美国财政部的盗窃案。他会屈服于冠状病毒吗?"

"Boeing Company will go under.It is finished.All aircraft service centers will be shut down globally.Maintenance facilities will be closed globally.Aircraft sales have already stopped.Leases canceled.Boeing will bring down Lockheed-Martin.They have their tentacles circling the globe.This will bring down the cabal".


"Oil can drop to$5 a barrel as nobody wants it anymore.New technologies are ready to be released."


It is finally happening,humanity is waking up from a long and terrible nightmare.




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