X22报道|第2668集: 经济道路开始形成,深层国家已被战胜

2022年1月5日16:21:11最新动态X22报道|第2668集: 经济道路开始形成,深层国家已被战胜已关闭评论2431字数 1289阅读4分17秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2668集: 经济道路开始形成,深层国家已被战胜

Ep. 2668a – Melania Sends Message, The Economic Path Is Beginning To Form

Ep. 2668a – 梅拉尼娅发出信息,经济之路开始形成

Ep. 2668b – The [DS] Has Been Outmaneuvered, They Are Only Now Figuring It Out

Ep. 2668b-[ DS ]被操纵了,他们现在才弄明白



The policies that the [JB/[CB] put into place has now destroyed the job market. More people are quitting because of mandates and other factors. Wages are not keeping up with inflation. It has begun, China has moved forward with the digital yuan. Melania sends a message about Bitcoin.



The [DS] agenda is now coming to an end. The people are no longer believing the pandemic hoax, it is falling apart rapidly. The patriots have outmaneuvered the [DS] and they are only now figuring it out. The pieces are now being put into place. The show is about to start and the [DS] is panicking. [NP] is already signaling that she is now retiring. The entire corrupt system is about to come down around them.



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