X22报道|第3212集: 经济崩溃聚焦美联储,伊朗打开了拜登家族之外的大门

2023年11月16日16:54:27最新动态X22报道|第3212集: 经济崩溃聚焦美联储,伊朗打开了拜登家族之外的大门已关闭评论73字数 1391阅读4分38秒阅读模式

绿色新政进展不顺利,他们希望用冠状病毒资金支付气候议程,但德国宪法否决了该计划。J6假起义现在正在分崩离析,我们现在知道幽灵巴士被用来公共汽车在 MAGA CHS。特朗普和爱国者们让 [DS] 每走一步都感到痛苦

X22报道|第3212集: 经济崩溃聚焦美联储,伊朗打开了拜登家族之外的大门

Ep 3212a – Green New Deal In Germany Imploding, Economic Crash Focus On [CB]/[JB]

德国绿色新政内爆,经济崩溃焦点集中在[ CB ]/[ JB ]

Ep 3212b – J6 Ghost Buses, Iran Next, Iran Opens The Door Far Beyond The Biden Family


X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 15, 7:45 pm EST

X22报道: 11月15日,美国东部时间下午7:45


The green new deal is not going well, they want to use the covid money to pay for the climate agenda but the German constitution strikes down the plan. The economy is falling apart and the Republican are keeping the government funded which means all eyes are on Biden, [CB] and the treasury.

绿色新政进展不顺利,他们希望用冠状病毒资金支付气候议程,但德国宪法否决了该计划。经济正在分崩离析,共和党保持政府资金,这意味着所有的目光都集中在拜登,[ CB ]和财政部。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 15, 8:15 pm EST

X22报道: 11月15日,美国东部时间下午8:15


The J6 fake insurrection is now falling apart, we now know that ghost buses were used to bus in MAGA CHS. Trump and the patriots are making the [DS] feel pain every step of the way, the more the people know the more pain they feel. Iran is going to open the door way beyond the Biden family, this will lead the people to the Obamas. Soon people will see how treasonous these people are.

J6假起义现在正在分崩离析,我们现在知道幽灵巴士被用来公共汽车在 MAGA CHS。特朗普和爱国者们让 [DS] 每走一步都感到痛苦,人们知道的越多,他们感到的痛苦就越多。伊朗将打开拜登家族之外的大门,这将把人们引向奥巴马家族。很快人们就会发现这些人是多么的叛逆。


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