X22报道|第3186集: 人们现在质疑中央银行制度,人们将有选择知道

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X22报道|第3186集: 人们现在质疑中央银行制度,人们将有选择知道

Ep 3186a – The People Are Now Questioning The [CB] System, It Has Begun

人们现在质疑[ CB ]系统,它已经开始了

Ep 3186b – The Door Is Being Opened, People Will Have A Choice To Know, END


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Streamed on: Oct 13, 5:45 pm EDT

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The [WEF] is moving forward with their GND, the people can see what they are about to do, this will not end well for the [WEF]. The people are beginning to question the Fed and those that support the Fed. The statistical information does not make sense. By next year this will be game over over for the FED.


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Streamed on: Oct 13, 6:15 pm EDT

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The patriots are now showing the people the truth, the people saw the 2020, 2022 election they know there was cheating. People have seen the covid lies, the Ukraine lies, the gun control lies, now they are seeing the final battle, which is war. For those to be brought to justice, the people need to understand who the players are and who they support. All roads lead to Obama, Soros, Clinton etc. The door is being opened, people will have the choice to know, this will be the END of the [DS].

爱国者现在正在向人民展示真相,人民看到了2020年,2022年的选举,他们知道那是作弊。人们已经看到了冠状病毒的谎言,乌克兰的谎言,枪支管制的谎言,现在他们看到了最后的战役,那就是战争。对于那些被绳之以法的人,人们需要了解谁是球员,他们支持谁。条条大路通奥巴马、索罗斯、克林顿等。门正在被打开,人们将有选择知道,这将是[ DS ]的结束。


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