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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

June 29,2021 2021629


We've done our best to inform the public about what has been happening on our planet—under our noses—that many ignored.Those who refused to look will no longer have the option of avoiding the ugly truths and it's going to get a little crazy.


Simon Parkes stated on his blog,confirming what we're watching unfold and it confirms my suspicions:


Podcast this weekend,along with quite a few of us we have been asked to think very carefully about what we should say.


This week is developing into a tit for tat between black hats and white hats…


Because of the above,perhaps this is as good a place as any for this.My first reaction was,"here it comes".They're going to cut off water and electricity in select areas.I hope I'm wrong.


Can you imagine those poor folks in the heat waves in the Pacific NW and the Northeast without power and/or running water?Seriously,folks,I hope you prepared as best you can for any eventuality.It's going to be a challenging summer for some of us.

你能想象 Pacific NW 和东北地区那些可怜的人们在没有电和/或自来水的热浪中生活吗?说真的,伙计们,我希望你们做好最充分的准备,以防万一。对我们中的一些人来说,这将是一个充满挑战的夏天。

And this just happened today—again,in Florida.Flying used to be the safest way to travel but not any more.


Small plane crashes at Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St.Augustine 

小型飞机在 St.Augustine 东北佛罗里达地区机场坠毁

Besides the planned ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter incursions,the elevated energies aren't tolerated well by a lot of people.We're going to see some of them"losing their shit".

除了计划中的ANTIFA /黑人生命贵,许多人并不能很好地容忍高能量。我们将看到他们中的一些人"失去他们的狗屎"

Those who believed movies,television and video games were strictly entertainment will get a wake-up call.



When those 8-hour loops of pre-recorded videos start streaming via Space Force satellite to everyone in every country across the world in all languages,it's going to be a stunning leap toward our ascension.


Once we go through that darkness,we can triumphantly emerge into the Light after the Ten Days of Darkness or Ten Days of Disclosure."Emergence is coming."We will emerge a changed civilization.


After all,how can you progress spiritually when you don't even know who you are or whence you came;your true history,lineage,origin or place in the galaxy or beyond?


How will the masses take it when they learn that nearly every institution and organization was set up to support their way of life;as predators and parasites on our civilization?


What is coming will show the world that thanks to legion armies of benevolent Beings,we are the victors,not the victims,and we won the timeless battle of good over evil.When you consider that the majority of our planet didn't even know there was a war,it's a miracle.



Humanity is about to learn that children have been the currency on our planet and beyond,and that our DNA is prized by some off-world civilizations.

人类即将了解到,儿童一直是我们地球上和地球以外的货币,而我们的 DNA 受到某些地球以外文明的珍视。

Second FBI Agent in Two Months Arrested for Raping,Molesting Children(VIDEO)



RT International on Telegram published the following at this link:

RT International on Telegram 在这个链接上发布了以下内容:

Ex-MoD employee who sourced BABY RAPE photos from the DARK WEB is jailed


A former UK Ministry of Defence(MoD)employee has been jailed for 16 months after being found guilty of storing and sharing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


Authorities discovered Phillip Nutt,51,had 445 online folders containing 18,641 files,including indecent images and"hundreds"of child porn videos–stored in cloud-based overseas accounts,according to the National Crime Agency.


Nutt frequented a forum in the Dark Web,dubbed the"PedoPub."Nutt boasted to fellow users about hiding his content using a secure image storage facility while also lamenting in another conversation about his LACK OF ACCESS to children during lockdown–when schools were closed.



Kevin Annett reads an open letter to all people of conscience.This is shocking,even when you know.11 min.


A Call to the World:Prosecute and Punish Canada for its genocide!


We're going to see extraordinary news headlines break in rapid succession now.Like this,again from RT on Telegram.

我们将会看到连续不断的头条新闻,就像这样,同样来自 RT on Telegram

Beirut bank STORMED:Protest group claims$180K of STOLEN CASH for the people of Lebanon amid MAJOR economic crisis(Report–Watch!)


Dozens of angry protestors have reportedly LAID SEIGE to the Lebanese Swiss Bank in Beirut,attacking 3 staff–including 1 who was hospitalized with facial fractures,according to a statement from the bank on Monday.


Footage from the scene purportedly showed people throwing bank documents from the building's windows.


In a Facebook post,the Banin Charity Association said it had recovered some$180K,which it claimed the bank had"looted"from poor people.

巴宁慈善协会(Banin Charity Association) Facebook 上发帖称,它已经追回了约18万美元,并声称该银行""了穷人的钱。

Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl

Whiplash347 shared the following.Distractions a-plenty.


US Navy@12:00pm on Jun 28,2021


TS 12:00pm=Qp 1200

SR June JA


JA=Julian Assange?

Julian Assange could be RELEASED from UK prison


朱利安·阿桑奇有望于2012 https://www.express.co.UK/news/UK/1455662/Julian-Assange-latest-news-RELEASED-belmarsh-prison-london-labour-party-richard-burgon 从英国监狱获释

Amazing.They are literally opening the door for you to drop all the information as evidence in a court of law.


How do you'legally'…….


12:00+(ESB 4)+M4=12:08

Over the target.

Expand further.

12:00+(ESB 4)+M4=12:08在目标上方。进一步扩展。

12:08=0128=Qp 128

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Graphic is necessary and vital

Timestam(s)and order[is]critical.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

12:08=0128=Qp 128[c]错误引导的协同努力。图形是必要的和重要的时间和秩序[]关键。学会区分相关/非相关的新闻。

Think mirror.

Attention on deck.(71<>17)


There is an active war on your mind.



Ope[r]ations underway.



Exercise Sea Breeze where+30 countries join together interoperability training


D.O.N.E.in 30 decodes


30解码 https://t.me/freethewillpatriots/22816


No surprise here,is right.The deep state willingly investigates itself when it's an inside job.The cunning fox is guarding the hen house;a plum job if you can get it.


Same agency to'investigate'the Florida building collapse as 9/11…?Nothing to see here,folks.🤡

Agency that investigated fall of Twin Towers could probe Florida condo collapse


A federal agency that investigated the fall of the Twin Towers is on the ground in Florida to determine whether to probe last week's deadly collapse of the Champlain Tower,a new report says.

一份新的报告称,一个调查双子塔倒塌事件的联邦机构正在佛罗里达州进行调查,以决定是否调查上周发生的 Champlain Tower 倒塌事件。

Scientists and engineers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology arrived at the site on Friday to begin collecting data,the Miami Herald reported.





Attorney Lin Wood said:Link to Telegram


Our legal system is overwhelmed by corrupt judges and lawyers who care more about money than clients and principles.


The love of money is truly the root of ALL evil.Power and influence come with wealth.Too many wealthy people believe they are above the law.For too long,too many have been.


The rich and powerful are NOT above the law.


Many of them need to go to jail.


It is time to lock them up.



What's up in the Great White Gulag?See the video on Telegram.

大白色古拉格有什么新闻?请看 Telegram 上的视频。

Canadians at the Border of Nova Scotia/New Brunswick blocking the Truck carrying"poison injection cocktail".

加拿大人在 Border of Nova Scotia/新不伦瑞克拦截了装载"毒药注射鸡尾酒"的卡车。

We're seeing the buildup of troops all over in preparation for the scheduled world war scenario.


Here is a brand new And We Know video from LT.52 min.

这里是一个全新的和我们知道从 lt 52分钟的视频。

6.29.21:Where's Durham?Is there a REPORT?This STORM is HUGE!Hold on!PRAY!


I have said that there is a reason Romana Didulo was given the[odd]official titles she has.This partially explains one of them.It's just paperwork,folks.It's all lawful and legal.Whatever her titles,she is more legitimate than any of the other turds who have been running the Republic into the ground and sacrificing Canadian People.That is my opinion.The fact that they are censoring her Telegram channel so some folks in Canada cannot see it speaks volumes,does it not?

我曾经说过,罗曼娜·迪杜洛被授予(奇怪的)官方头衔是有原因的。这部分解释了其中的一个原因。这只是文书工作,伙计们。这一切都是合法的。不管她的头衔是什么,她比其他任何一个把共和国推向深渊、牺牲加拿大人民的混蛋都更合法。这是我的观点。事实上,他们正在审查她的 Telegram 频道,所以一些加拿大人看不到它,这说明了很多问题,不是吗?




Queen Romana,why did Parliament pass bill C-10(banning free speech in Canada?)and done at 1:30 a.m.?

:罗曼娜女王,为什么国会在凌晨1:30通过了 c-10法案(加拿大禁止言论自由?)


In Canada,for any bill to become law,requires#RoyalAssent.


I,@romanadidulo,am the current reigning"Queen of Canada,Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government/President".


#Zero bill passed by#Parliament and ratified by#Senate since this February 2021 has become law–they are without my prior informed written consent(a.k.a.Royal Assent).


The same applies to any and all"Order in Council bills/laws".They have zero lawful authorization from yours truly,Queen Romana.


Do not be fooled by these#Politicians,#PAYTriots,and#Controlled_Oppositions,#fear_mongers masquerading as champions of freedom appearing on TV,etc,etc.


Any Canadian with a half functioning brain especially those masquerading as champions of freedom must know about this(Royal Assent)fact.


The Queen Elizabeth II of England you see on TV,is an actress/body double/look alike/actress wearing 3D printed mask/CGI.


The real Queen Elizabeth II of England has been executed for crimes against humanity.


Elizabeth with her fake Royal Family Members have also been stripped of their titles,power,authority,money,and all assets seized.


The UK Royal Family headed by Elizabeth and Co are finished.


*As Queen of Canada,I have not appointed a Governor General.And,will not be appointing one in the foreseeable future*


Peace and Prosperity.Or perish.


I don't play Politics.


HRH Romana Didulo,@romanadidulo

Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,

Head of Government of Canada,

Queen of Canada



Bloody hell.How do these uncivilized"things"function in their daily lives?Disgusting pisoshitos.


The following explains what is happening,for those who are unaware or want an update.Not sure what the"Q Comms"source is.Link to Telegram.

下面为那些不知道或想要更新的人解释正在发生的事情。不知道"q Comms"的来源是什么。链接到 Telegram

United States are no longer under Civilian control.Pete Gaynor the head of FEMA is as is Christopher Miller and the US Military.Both were put in charge by President Trump and activated by executive order.Gaynor is a combat infantry expert with Marine Forces.

美国不再处于文官控制之下。联邦应急管理局局长 Pete Gaynor 是克里斯·米勒和美国军方的首脑。两人都由特朗普总统负责,并通过行政命令被激活。盖纳是海军陆战队的作战步兵专家。

Whats going on in DC with the fema tents right now?Be ready for a real wide awake soon.So now we have Christopher Miller,expert in unconventional warfare,and now Pete Gaynor with FEMA.

现在华盛顿的联邦应急管理局帐篷怎么了?准备好很快进入一个真正的完全清醒状态。所以现在我们有了克里斯·米勒,非常规战争的专家,还有联邦应急管理局的 Pete Gaynor

Christopher Miller is 100%in charge of the Military right now.And Pete Gaynor in charge of FEMA.In the absence of a functioning government,who takes charge???Who runs America?FEMA and the Military..Who leads both of those?Christopher Miller and Pete Gaynor.BOTH OF THEM put in place by Trump.

克里斯·米勒现在100%地掌控着军队。皮特·盖纳负责联邦应急管理局。如果没有一个正常运转的政府,谁来负责?谁来管理美国?联邦应急管理局与军队。.谁来领导这两者?和 Pete Gaynor 克里斯·米勒。这两个都是特朗普安排的。

So what do you see going on in DC right now?FEMA tents,FEMA Personal,FEMA vehicles,and also National Guard troops,have become FEDERALIZED,once the insurrection act is about to be unveiled.All in one swoop.Washington DC is going to be under control not by Trump,but under control by a contingency government,run by FEMA and the US Military….We are in an active Military coup.But its a coup to restore the republic.Its against the fake Biden and Harris Election.


Its taken alot longer than most people would have liked,but this operation was not put together thinking about the peoples timing,of when we want arrests,and when we want things to happen.Its out of Trumps control now,and has been for a few days..Its now under FULL control of the US Military and FEMA authority.


FEMA Admin Pete Gaynor takes over DHS as acting head,in-charge of D.C.


Don't believe your lying eyes.DC is a federal entity on sovereign land….the military is in control.Biden is a fraudulent president in charge of the defunct USCorporation.Congess is null and void as well..They have lost thier powers to do anything since the US Corporate status is dead and no longer exists.


A New Republic is being born.Back to Constitutional law Military does it's constitutional duties to protect the constitution and the nation.Trump stays isolated from it.We are about to become a country that we have never known in any living person's lifetime.A restoration of'We,the people'republic.


AMAZING.More amazing will be to see how this ripples out across the planet.Corruptions,extortion,crimes,…exposed,called out and judged.Sovereignty of nations restored with self governance by it's peoples,not controlled and manipulated by central banks and elites.A real opportunity for human prosperity.


It's quite the saga,isn't it,my friends.And we're here to watch it all,while others sleep.For those who haven't seen it,an inspirational quote that's been making the rounds from Bobby Kennedy Jr.,a tireless warrior.



Charlie Ward has a very brief,uplifting message for us.1 min.(after the ad)


Beware:Red Flag Events This Week 



However this goes down,my friends,I've no doubt it will be spectacular.Just be savvy.Prepare,maintain situational awareness,remain calm,and help others who need it.We've got this.~BP





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