Ep. 3043a – The Direction Is Clear, The [CBDC] Has Failed, Gold Destroys The Fed

方向清晰,[ CBDC ]已经失败,黄金摧毁了美联储

Ep. 3043b – Election Interference At The Highest Level, Biden Just Received The Death Blow


X22 Report
Streamed on: Apr 11, 5:44 pm EDT

X22报告流: 4月11日,美国东部时间下午5:44


Germany is preparing to discontinue their nuclear power plants, this is not going to go well. Business are now moving out of the blue cities, crime and economy have gotten worse. The push for gold and bitcoin is now on the table, the people are waking up and they are realizing we need sound money.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Apr 11, 6:06 pm EDT

X22报告 直播时间: 美国东部时间4月11日下午6:06


The [DS] are continually committing crimes, they are not following the rule of law because they are in the desperate phase, they know if they don’t remove Trump it is game over. Trump and the patriots know this and they want them to walk down this path, the more they do proves that they interfered in the election. Biden just received another death blow, documents report that he was involved in the raid of Mar-a-Lago. When you look at the 40000ft view the people can see the election interference very clearly.



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