X22报告|第3011集: 他们需要曝光他们的计划,牺牲公众信任只是为了摆脱特朗普

2023年3月3日13:41:06最新动态X22报告|第3011集: 他们需要曝光他们的计划,牺牲公众信任只是为了摆脱特朗普已关闭评论3651字数 1313阅读4分22秒阅读模式


X22报告|第3011集: 他们需要曝光他们的计划,牺牲公众信任只是为了摆脱特朗普

Ep. 3011a – [CB]/[WEF] To Reach Their Goal, They Will Need Expose Their Plan, Game Over

[ CB ]/[世界经济论坛]为了达到目标,他们需要暴露他们的计划,游戏结束

Ep. 3011b – [DS] Exposed Themselves, Sacrificed Public Trust Just To Get Rid Of Trump, Down She Goes

[ DS ]曝光自己,牺牲公众信任只是为了摆脱特朗普,她倒下了



As the [CB]/[WEF] continually pushes their agenda their agenda is being exposed to the people and the people are losing trust in these individuals. The economy is collapsing which is waking people up and as people wake up they will not believe these people.

随着[ CB ]/[ WEF ]不断推进他们的议程,他们的议程正在暴露给人民,人民正在失去对这些个人的信任。经济正在崩溃,这正在唤醒人们,当人们醒来时,他们不会相信这些人。


The [DS] has pushed everything at Trump, he baited them in and they used almost all their ammunition, but in the process to get Trump they made stupid moves, the exposed their system and the people saw the truth and they have now lost trust in many of the agencies, companies and Hollywood. The people are on the side of Trump and in the process he allowed the [DS] to destroy themselves. 



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