X22报道|第2888集: 整个经济结构即将转型,世界并没有变得更加黑暗

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X22报道|第2888集: 整个经济结构即将转型,世界并没有变得更加黑暗

Ep. 2888a – The Entire Economic Structure Is About To Transition To Benefit The People


Ep. 2888b – The World Is Not Getting Darker, The Veil Sheltering You From ‘Reality’ Is Lifting


X22报告 发表于2022年9月30日


New York is not following California, they are ready to push the Green New Deal and ban all gas powered vehicles by 2035. The corrupt politicians always provide a way to make money illegally while convincing the public they are not. The world is changing, bills are being introduced to change the economic structure.



The world is not getting darker, the curtain is being pulled back so people see the truth. This is what has been in the shadows, Trump just brought out into the open so people can see the reality of it all. The [DS] is panicking, they are losing the information war and now they are going to push everything they have, but as they do this it will fail because it exposes their true agenda. The grass is not greener on the other side when it is fake. 

世界并没有变得更加黑暗,窗帘被拉开了,所以人们看到了真相。这就是一直隐藏在阴影中的东西,特朗普刚刚把它公之于众,这样人们就可以看到这一切的真相。DS 正处于恐慌之中,他们正在输掉信息战,现在他们正在竭尽全力,但是他们这么做的同时也会失败,因为这暴露了他们真正的计划。如果是假的,另一边的草不会更绿。


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